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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Hank Johnson’s Latest Hit – “I Don’t Think Regulations Are Hurting You”, We’ve Had Them Since Kindergarten….

We rarely ask anyone to do anything specific. However, at the end of this article there are three short videos. Please watch them, and ask anyone in the house to join you.  You will find them enlightening, revealing, and quite … Continue reading

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Hoodrat charged after pretending to shoot NYPD officers in Harlem

A Brooklyn man terrorized two NYPD cops when he pulled alongside their squad car in Harlem and pointed what appeared to be a weapon at them to show his friends how easy it would be to “shoot a police officer,” … Continue reading

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“FTP” Protestors Block I-93 In Boston During Morning Rush Hour – Release “Black Lives Matter” Propaganda Statement…

FTP and BLM protestors wearing adult diapers chained themselves to large concrete filled oil drums near Boston blocking traffic and also blocking emergency responders. BOSTON — Activists protesting what they call “police and state violence against black people” chained themselves to … Continue reading

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Four More Teens Arrested In Carjacking and Robbery Ring – The “Dindu Nuffin” Gang…

Four more members of the Dindu Nuffin’s were arrested today, with one suspect still on the run. This brings the total captured to 7, with one still running – and more arrests expected.  Mississippi – Jackson Police arrested four more … Continue reading

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Two Terror Suspects Confirmed Dead in Belgian Anti-Terror Raids – Officials Concerned “Imminent” Attacks In Europe

Belgium (AP) – Two people were killed when Belgian police halted what local officials are calling “a second Paris,” a reference to last week’s terror attacks in the French capital. The deaths occurred Thursday evening as anti-terror police carried out … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo Attack A “False Flag” Just Like 9/11…

HatTip Weaselzippers:  The article has been deleted (Hi Rand!) but you can still see it via Google cache.  Obviously someone at the Ron Paul institute realized how looney this appears – but not before it was widely read and shared. … Continue reading

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