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Indiana Couple in Custody After Police Find Video of Toddler With Gun In Mouth… (video)

Unbelievable. Gladiator training while wearing onesies !! INDIANA – An Indiana couple was arrested after police found videos of a one-year-old placing a real gun in her mouth, authorities said. When police in Evansville, Indiana, arrested Michael Barnes last Thursday … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From All The Right Snark.

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What Was President Obama Doing Yesterday? Josh Earnest: “I didn’t ask him”…

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George Zimmerman Police Report – The Curious Case of A Broken Wine Bottle, and Swarm of Police Investigators Spanning Four Days

Apparently the Lake Mary Police Department made the decision to charge George Zimmerman despite the non-existence of an actual cooperating victim. The LMPD went to rather extraordinary lengths in order to generate an arrest.   Six police officers, two detectives etc. all … Continue reading

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Mike Rogers Joins CNN – Former Intelligence Gang of Eight Member

Like putting a tick on a butchers dog.  Mike Rogers joining the CNN team gives the cynically minded observer the appearance of a pending wave of distracting domestic terror alerts.  Obviously it also benefits team Hillary. CNN ANNOUNCEMENT 1/7/14 Former U.S. Representative Mike … Continue reading

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White House Damage Control – You Know Things Are Bad When….

…Alan Greenspan’s wife, Andrea Mitchell, is critiquing you on MSNBC. President Obama spent the day Sunday watching football. Joe Biden also spent the day at home watching the playoffs in Delaware.

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Day #36 – Jessica Lane Chambers Murder – Open Discussion/Research Thread

Day #35 is HERE DECEMBER 10th COURTLAND — Jessica Chambers’ mother said her daughter spent all day and early evening Saturday at their home here before heading to put gas in her car and clean it. Jessica left home a … Continue reading

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