FNS Panel – George Will Says Egyptian President Fatah Al-Sisi Deserves Nobel Peace Prize…

If they keep talking al-Sisi up, eventually someone is going to notice that -despite Obama immediately calling Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi on the day of his election- Obama never called al-Sisi to congratulate him on his national election win.

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12 Responses to FNS Panel – George Will Says Egyptian President Fatah Al-Sisi Deserves Nobel Peace Prize…

  1. bullnuke says:

    Nobel Committee would surprise me if they awarded Al-Sisi the peace prize. They proved their ideology when they gifted it to the POS.

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  2. freepetta says:

    I think they should take the Nobel Peace Prize and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Since they gave it to His Royal Highness 0bama, they have ZERO credibility. You know whoever 0bama is siding with, it’s America’s enemies.

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  3. I’ve got an even better idea. Demand Obama’s prize back, and give it to Al-Sisi. Double the justice.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Yet another closet moderate Muslim who’s nominated for the Peace Prize on the hopes that he’ll do something. Makes me wonder when the Big Bad Wolf will get the nomination.
    This guy must have the same PR firm that Alanis Morissette has.

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    • I agree that giving Al-Sisi the prize would probably jinx him and make him ineffective. It also would continue the shameful demeaning of the prize into a political anticipatory gift for a quid pro quo (and yet another way that Obama destroys everything – even when he simply sends out his flacks, bearing “hope”).

      But I really think Al-Sisi is a good guy. He’s killed and chased out-of-country the same thousands of radical Muslims than Obama invited to come out of the woodwork. He’s done far more to battle Obama’s foreign policy, than anybody on the planet – maybe even Netanyahu.


      • czarowniczy says:

        He’s useful to our needs as long as he’s useful. I generally look at the world as ‘good for us’, ‘not good for us’ and ‘pending’. Once we have all of the bolts torqued in place here, everyone’s fed, housed and medicalated (I was going to say ‘medicated’ but far too many are already that) then we can go around fixing the holes in everyone elses’ roofs. Sisi has the tools he needs to fix a lot of Egyptian problems, just like Mubarak did but I’m wondering if he’ll adopt that Egyptian leader trait of padding an off-shore account before he fixes the pothole in Saliba Street.


  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    Nah. The Nobel is reserved for Jew-haters like Arafat and Obama.

    Will is right tho, in a perfect world, el-Sisi would be getting medals.

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