Four Hoodie “Teens” Decide To Rob A Shawnee Kansas Gun Store – Owner Murdered – The Media Refuse To Name Suspects Because….

mainstream-media-posterCultural Marxism strikes again. Four “hoodie clad” teens decide to rob a female oriented gun store.  The female owner is hit in the face by the first thug. The owner and her husband fight back. The husband is killed during the shootout. The media refuse to identify “the teens”:

[…]  No charges had been filed Saturday against the four suspects, all teenagers from Missouri. The Star is not publishing their names because charges have not been filed.

Gee, I wonder why:


kansas shooter

Missouri – The female owner of a Shawnee gun shop was released from the hospital Saturday, less than 24 hours after a violent Friday afternoon robbery attempt that resulted in the death of her husband, a co-owner of the business.

Becky Bieker, who was struck in the face when four men entered her She’s A Pistol gun shop Friday, was released from Overland Park Regional, a hospital spokesman said Saturday. Two other individuals — teenagers suspected of being involved with the attempted robbery — remained at the hospital in fair condition.

Another individual was taken on Friday to the University of Kansas Hospital. His condition was unavailable Saturday.

The incident occurred about 2:10 p.m. Friday at the gun store near 57th Street and Nieman Road. Bieker’s 44-year-old husband, Jon, was killed after shooting broke out during the robbery attempt.

The couple married in March of 2009, according to public records, before opening the store, which caters to female gun owners.

Meanwhile Saturday, Shawnee police were working with authorities across the metro area to determine whether Friday’s robbery was connected to other crimes in the area — including a string of recent convenience store robberies in Kansas City, Kan.

“We are definitely looking at any possibility,” said Maj. Dan Tennis of the Shawnee Police Department. “We’ve got a lot of agencies involved, including our federal partners, and we’ll look at all that.”

No charges had been filed Saturday against the four suspects, all teenagers from Missouri. The Star is not publishing their names because charges have not been filed. (link)

♦  LONDRO EMANUEL PATTERSON – Black Male, DOB: 01/13/95 Aggravated Robbery  (Booked 1/10/15)

♦  DEANTHONY ARMOND WILEY Black Male, DOB:01/28/95 Aggravated Robbery  (Booked 1/10/15)

♦  NICQUAN KE-AARON MIDGYETT Black Male, DOB:06/28/95 Aggravated Robbery  (Booked 1/09/15)

♦  HAKEEM WILLIE MALIK Black Male, DOB:08/23/96 Aggravated Robbery  (Booked 1/09/15)

Source: Johnson County, KS – Booking & Release Report
Look for: AGG Robbery   Dates: 01/09/15 and 01/10/15

*No Mugshots Yet Available*

nothing to see here

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185 Responses to Four Hoodie “Teens” Decide To Rob A Shawnee Kansas Gun Store – Owner Murdered – The Media Refuse To Name Suspects Because….

    • dan says:

      The owners should have had a buzzer entry system. Four “youfs” about to enter would have been a tipoff to get all employees with safeties off and ready to rock.

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      • BobNoxious says:

        In an area like Shawnee Mission, KS nobody would ever dream of such security systems being necessary.

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      • Daddio says:

        I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the cops take a look at the wife. More than one husband has been killed by proxy. Who better than “youts”?

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        • But if the allegation happens after your post, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest it was recycled via the CRS!


        • Sandra says:

          You really think a white woman hired 4 young black dudes to kill her husband?


        • whodoneit says:

          Daddio – What? You think she hired all four to take him out at his place of business in broad daylight? – taking a ridiculous chance that at least 1 or 2 might be caught and spill their guts like there’s no tomorrow. Better get off that limb before you break your neck.

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        • Chewbarkah says:

          No sale. We can assume the youts were stupid but to proceed as you imply, the wife would have had to be the idiot of the century. Once the party started, what would stop the youts from killing them both and robbing the store? They would face 1st degree murder/robbery charges anyway.


    • Jetranger says:

      Typical KCMO Degenerate low life Trash Thugs, KCMO Gang bangers for ya, absolute Black Thug Trash, some more of KCMO Mayor Sly James Thugs, he caters & panders to !


  1. Chip Bennett says:

    The original AP story also referred to the three armed robbers who got shot by their victim as “shooting victims”.

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    • John Galt says:

      “shooting broke out” is also prog speak.

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    • Oh swell.

      People shot while committing a robbery are “shooting victims.”

      Carry on, nothing to see here.

      Oceania has never been at war with Eastasia…

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      • 1American1st says:

        4 of Obama’s sons (if he had some) on their way to enroll at K State, just stopped in the gun store to ask directions, then the owners made racial slurs & started shooting at the innocent unarmed young men.

        That’s how I expect the Liberal Main Stream Media will spin it… Huffington Post will probably devote a page to them under their “Black Voices” section to proclaim their innocence.

        PS- Huffy Puffy also has Gay Voices & Latino Voices, but no White Voices.


        • Mike Smithy says:

          4 of Obam’ssons (if he had some) were trying to buy some skittles on their way to enroll at KU……..

          K-State frowns upon enrolling hoodlums.


  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    The suspects must have a combined IQ of less than 100 because everyone knows: full frontal gun store robberies never work for obvious reasons.

    Even rodents pass on learning to their young. Apparently not the parents in the suspects’ community.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      You know, I had to wonder about the wisdom of robbing a gun store, too.

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      • whodoneit says:

        aus – At least during the day when the store is open and there’s people around. The great majority of attempted/successful gun store robberies take place after hours at night.


    • stella says:

      I wrote my comment without reading yours first, but I absolutely agree!

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      • kpm58 says:

        I remember a few years back, two fellows walked past three marked police cars to enter a gun shop with the intent to rob the gun shop. Luckily no law abiding citizens were hurt. My prayers for Mrs. Bieker.

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    • John says:

      MY SO has a theory about why this segment of the society is particularly cognitively challenged. Not all, of course. The theory is most have been fed a diet of sugary drinks and saturated fats since babyhood. Plenty of fast foods and Kool-Aid.

      This rings true even further if mama was down at the corner bar every day, and daddy was….well who knows…because he’s never around.

      Hence, the sensitive brain tissue did not get the nutrients it needs for optimal development.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Let’s see. Gee, I wonder if they are Swedish youths??

    And this information was included why, “The couple married in March of 2009, according to public records, before opening the store, which caters to female gun owners.?” Not that I care that it was published, but for what reason was it included in a report that gave so little information about what actually happened?

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  4. stella says:

    Sound like Darwin Award winners. Why would you pick a gun shop for an armed robbery? A breaking and entering after hours would make more sense, if you are the criminal sort.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Now, maybe they will qualify for Obola’s Free 2 years at a local Community College. Hope you are warm, in your AOR. My wood stove is a permanent cherry red.

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      • stella says:

        Warm enough, here in the house. Unlike you, I don’t have outdoor chores this time of year.


      • wondering999 says:

        Col Ken…. 2 free years at a local community college could be a far better investment than the last two years of a crime-ridden, gang-ruled high school.

        Many local homeschoolers enroll in community college at age 16. They achieve college credit for community college classes that are equal to high school AP classes.

        The Memphis DA has been exhorting parents to make sure their teenagers are “in school, on time, every day” — without considering parents’ and students’ problem — those high schools are overrun by violent gangs. Teens who don’t belong to gangs are at risk of getting hurt/shot/beaten/assaulted/robbed, just like the kids who are in gangs. Let kids go to work at age 16, to school if they CHOOSE, and shut down mandatory attendance at the gang schools.

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        • kathyca says:

          Community college will be the same as the crime-ridden gang-ruled HS when it becomes free. Plus I’m sure there are plenty of other freebies that come with it, plus exemptions easily turning two years into six. Mark it.

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          • CurlyDave says:

            The more I think about this, the more correct you are. Obama’s REAL plan is to cut off the best chance that white and asian middle-class kids have to get a superior education at modest cost by filling the community colleges with gangs and crime.


          • sophie1150 says:

            Community colleges lowered their standard some time around the 70’s to accommodate some students. If Obama gets another form of welfare passed, it will turn some CC’s into dangerous schools. Tax payers will foot the bill. People don’t appreciate free stuff, they end up demanding it.


            • wondering999 says:

              Agree that free stuff often goes underappreciated. However, forcible stuff is even more repellent.

              I’m old enough to remember when a lot of kids dropped out of high school at age 16 to get married/go to work full-time. Meantime, over decades, education lobbies have worked overtime to push all 16-18 year-olds to the diploma (never mind if the graduates can read, or not…) and away from a GED (which is the right thing for some people, not all).

              The community college where Obama made his announcement is solid, backed by local businesses who need trained employees. The CC students are often older, and generally attend of their own volition, which makes all the difference in the world. Voluntary beats mandatory schooling every time — why enforce 4 years of high school as ideal, instead of offering relevant, voluntary community college to the willing of whatever age?

              This CC initiative (which isn’t originally Obama’s, but Republican Haslam’s baby) may yet turn out to be a disaster — but by God, I’ll do my best to assist anyone who wants to learn. Community colleges are a good thing in my experience.


    • partyzantski says:

      Door is unlocked, alarm system off. They probably figured she was alone and were surprised.

      The after hours attempts usually are done with a ramming vehicle into the front, or B&E in an adjoining lesser secure unit and they go through a wall. Look at the next gun store, you’ll likely see concrete filled steel pipes in front to prevent some of that rascality.

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      “…would make more sense..” Considering whom we’re speaking of, there lies the flaw in your reasoning.

      Impulsive acts committed for immediate gratification of a perceived need or want, not sense, rule the day for this ethnicity.


  5. kingnosmo94 says:

    This happened not too far from where I live. Local news showed one of the thugs being stretchered into an ambulance. He did not look Swedish to me.

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  6. Obama’s son at it again. Gee, what a surprise.


  7. Rap listeners? Could it be? Without parents, without honor, without scruples, without brains…


  8. smarty says:

    Two of them have muslim sounding names, converts?

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  9. freepetta says:

    So let me get this straight: 4 black “Youths” break into a gun store and kill the owner’s husband, and they have 3 of their pathetic butts in the hospital with gunshot wounds and they won’t identify these “gentlemen” and I use the term extremely loosely. If they report on these “youths” what are they afraid will happen? The Black Lives Matters crowd will show up? Hmmmmmm could be.


  10. Lori says:

    meanwhile they blasted Darrin Wilsons name and face all over the news and he was never convicted.


  11. WeeWeed says:

    TEA Partiers, no doubt.

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  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Cute One on the Racial Issue.

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  13. doodahdaze says:

    I wonder if Devils Island is on the market? A chain gang in the Swamps for 40 years might help their attitude.

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  14. waltherppk says:

    The news didn’t describe the suspects who are all future astronauts because it would convey an unfavorable impression and bring disrepute to NASSA

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  15. Murse says:

    Hakeem Willie. Really! Jeesh, a team of Hollywood sitcom writers couldn’t have come-up with a name that funny. Hey, Hakeem Willie what you doing with that gun in your hand?


  16. (1) “We’ve got a lot of agencies involved, including our federal partners, and we’ll look at all that.”

    (2) No charges had been filed Saturday against the four suspects, all teenagers from Missouri.

    CRS at work?

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    • Stormy says:

      Two were charged Friday, the other two were charged today. The Kansas City Star (a Missouri city and newspaper) which is very Democratic (It’s Emanuel Cleaver’s district); the crime was committed in Shawnee, (Johnson County) Kansas, which is decidedly a Red State. I believe Johnson County will get this right.

      I actually talked to someone who was in booking when Hakeem Malik was being processed. I learned that I have the ability to ask many, many questions that cannot be answered.

      I finally arrived at one question that could, “So did he have blood on him?” “Yes, until the nurse came in and cleaned him up at bit.”

      That’s how I know it was Hakeem that was in there, because Nicquan Midgyett was shot and was taken to a hospital to get treated, before being booked at 11:15 pm last night according to the JoCo Booking website.


    • Stormy says:

      There could be pressure coming from the Missouri side, but it’s a Kansas crime. I do not believe Johnson County, KS would bow to any pressure from MO. They would take their time to make sure they had dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s.

      FWIW, when Frazier Glenn Cross shot those people last year, attempting to kill Jews, the crime was also in Johnson County, KS and I don’t think they had a mugshot of him on the booking website for over a week.


  17. jello333 says:

    I would have never noticed it before moving into the Treehouse, but thanks to you, now it stands out bright as day: When the race of a suspect/criminal is NOT mentioned in a news report, you can be about 95% certain he/she is gonna turn out to be black. If THAT ain’t racism (on the part of the media), I don’t know what is.

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  18. Casper says:

    Muslims….take them all back to where they came from.


  19. lovemygirl says:

    I’m just guessing the Kansas City Star was worried about people’s opinion on their coverage of this story:

    “Comments have been disabled for this story.”

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  20. tovex11 says:

    Probably the gun stores fault somehow, sitting there looking all racist and stuff.

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  21. TheLastDemocrat says:

    This is a terrible event for these entrepreneurs. If the shop somehow can keep carrying on, online purchases could be considered to show some support.

    It looks like they are set up to do online sales.


  22. czarowniczy says:

    This is why we need STRONGER GUN CONTROL!!!!!! If these kinds of stores wholesale profiteering by pandering to the irrational fears of women these innocent children wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be in these circumstances!

    “MS Brady, I’m ready for my close up…..”


    • czarowniczy says:

      “If these kinds of stores wholesale profiteering by pandering to the irrational fears of women didn’t exist,…” Best I not write sarcasm when really pissed – I don’t edit well.

      Earlier tonite we had a news piece on the NOLA Chief of Police showing up in the Lower 9th with a project to rebuild a playground to help stomp out crime. Usual ‘this is all we got?’ kind of outing, press is there, about twenty officers out of the 100ish they have on a shift city-wide are there – about four on shovels trying to figure out which end actually goes into the dirt – a few residents with nothing better to do wandering through. Also an announcement that the new and higher standards imposed on prospective police hires are probably going to be lowered as they can’t find enough candidates who meet the new ones.
      And the shootings and murders go on. A major business owner who lives in the Quarter has paid for a string of commercials scolding the mayor for his lack of initiative in lowering the crime rate in the Quarter, one of the city’s major tourist $$$ draws. The commercials are backed by the Quarter’s business association members, one member saying she walks to-and-from her home and business in the Quarter with mace in her hand. The commercialeer says that it would take about $2,8-million a year to hire enough off-duty police to patrol just the Quarter 24/7-365. Mayor gets on TV and says that if the businessman thinks it’s such an effective and cheap plan, as the businessman has made so much money in the city and is so rich, he should pay for it himself. Meanwhile individual Quarter businesses are paying individual off-duty police to sit in their businesses during peak crime hours.
      We have a huge tourist area where you’re allowed to drink on the streets, being drunk on the street’s no big deal unless you’re rowdy, and drunken tourists with pockets full of cash are walking all over, frequently into rather unsavory areas immediately adjacent to the big fun areas. If you have a CCW that Louisiana recognizes you really can’t take it into any venue that receives 51% or better of its total revenue from alcohol sales and if you shoot that piece and have a blood alcohol of .08 or better – whoopsies.
      Home invasions are up, car jackings on the rise, shootings up (murders down, we have better ERs now) with muggings becoming a growth industry. The city has (finally) indicted a slug of gang members but there aren’t enough public defenders to handle all of the cases and even if there were the void will soon be filled. Looks about time for another of those ‘prayer vigils for peace’ where the mayor and city council come out and pray for divine intervention to solve a problem they don’t want to take the political risks to solve themselves.


  23. whodoneit says:

    What’s with the “aggravated robbery” routine? They walked in armed and intentionally killed an innocent man. Where’s the “second degree murder”? A man is DEAD!

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  24. True Colors says:

    It takes a special kind of stupid to try to rob a person who sells firearms for a living.


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  25. archer52 says:

    The above email was sent to the author of the article. Posting from mobile phone. God help me, I’m a geek now!

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  26. triggerstep says:

    Increasingly, young black males view whites as being unable to fight .
    Unhappily this is generally true.
    This situation leads to the arrogance necessary to rob a gun store.


    • janc1955 says:

      Unable? Or unwilling?


    • C Below says:

      More UNWILLING than unable, as the law-abiding, reasonable general populace is dumbfounded when it witnesses the inherent savagery and irrationality of negros and intimidated by the ridiculous notion propagated by negros and their apologists that it is racist to acknowledge its existence. Gun sales skyrocketed in the aftermath of the Michael Brown, etc. incidents. It is unfortunate that it required the display of violent negro rioting and the imminent threat of more nationwide to precipitate this, but at least it drove the point home. I think the citizenry finally understands that the most vociferous grassroots supporters of the Michael Brown, Vonderrit Myers, Eric Garner, etc. protest movements are the negro criminal element, who seek only to weaken law enforcement, thereby diminishing its crime-fighting ability and consequently emboldening and empowering negro criminals. Hopefully people will come to appreciate that law enforcement is the only thing standing between them and rampant, unchecked mass negro crime. The media must lift its ban on reporting the ubiquity, racial disproportionality and savagery of negro crime nationwide and open a dialogue to acknowledge and discuss it. Only an informed public will act to implement stern measures to combat this fifty-year epoch of negro street-criminal tyranny in America.


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        It is posts like these, from C Below, that I believe cross the line from productive discussion to frank racism.

        This post basically says “Negroes” are inherently violent, and are more vicious than other groups of humans. This is patently false. The 99.9% of African-Americans who carry on their lives as decently or poorly as the rest prove this is false.

        What is true is that it matters how children are raised, and it matters what values are floating around in a culture. The Marxists seek to find potential aggrieved communities, then to trump up whatever charges, raise consciousness, and “organize.” The goal is to develop yet another group that is disgruntled with the prevailing society. Why? To get closer to the downfall of the prevailing cultural hegemony, and usher in the Communist revolution.

        This has worked very well with the African-American community since this community has had an continues to have reasons for being disgruntled.

        We can work to address those problems within our current system. Or, we can scrap all of modern society and become like China and Soviet Russia. The Marxists want the latter. Their plans have been sold very well to segments of the African-American society.

        Not to those with whom I live, work, and go to church. My friends and neighbors who are “Negro” are not any more inclined to violence than the rest of us.

        This is a social phenomenon. Not genetic.
        To think otherwise is ridiculous.

        I would like it if racism were called out more consistently at this website. I know that the hosts would generally agree with me, and most regular commenters would.

        And, as anyone promotes race-based views, you are feeding into the hands of the Marxists, including Holder and Obama, who genuinely do want to change the U.S. to be Communist. It really helps to have reactionary racists share their views. They will find your comments and run a mile with them.

        So, just go ahead if that sounds appealing to you.


        • Dixie Darling says:

          Mr/Ms Centrist: Aren’t you being a bit holier-than-thou?


          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            If the dixie darling post is to me:
            The post from C Below sez:
            “…the inherent savagery and irrationality of negros…”

            You go ahead and swim along with that if you want. I judge it to be patently racist. In my opinion, I am not as racist as anyone who would seriously write about “the inherent savagery and irrationality of negros.”

            Yes, I am placing my views regarding race as better than the writer of that post, based on that statement.


  27. shipley130 says:

    Possibly trying to arm themselves for a jihad attack?


  28. Pingback: Kansas City Gun Shop robbery / shooting

  29. John says:

    Londro Patterson


    • janc1955 says:

      Looks like a real sweet child, doesn’t he? Like so many of Obama’s sons and Holders people, he’s got that special full-of-hate, yet dumb as a box of rocks light in his eye.


  30. C Below says:

    I think everyone already knew the race of the perps. It is nice, though, to be able to racially profile them on the basis of their names, since the media intentionally omits to report their races.


  31. BobNoxious says:

    The Johnson County, KS prosecutor just filed first degree felony murder charges against all 4 suspects.

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  32. BobNoxious says:

    They are also checking to see if these suspects were responsible for some gas station robberies around the KC Metro recently.


  33. John says:

    1/2 Million $$ bond. JOCO not messing around!


    • CurlyDave says:

      Not true.

      Zimmerman’s bond was $1 million, and even from the start, there was far less evidence of guilt.

      Trayvon’s family collected $ millions from various fund raisers.

      Bail must be high enough that even a social media campaign can’t reach it. Evidence of guilt is strong and there is great incentive to flee.


  34. Damn – this could have been an airtight opportunity to rid the world of four vermin. Now they will just sit in prison for a while and get indoctrinated, get let out on good behavior and join jihad to kill more of us.


  35. Da Troof says:


    Eskimos no doubt.


  36. Jake1 says:

    I think this media issue with race and the medias perspective on Islam are very much the same. . Black names withheld., Not saying Islams are terorrist. .Am I just imagining this?


  37. Erik says:

    It would appear Nicquan Midgyett was booked into the Jackson County Detention Center on Sept 19th, 2014… but it doesn’t say for what.


  38. tim says:

    More crime from 4 black teens, go figure. I’m sure it was someone’s else’s fault. The gun owner probably provoked it. I wonder why people are racist? Not. Its obvious why. Its 200%;wrong, ignorant, etc….. But if it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, its a duck.


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