Raw Media CCTV Footage From Gas Station – Jessica Lane Chambers

Below are the four clips of CCTV footage taken by WMCActionNews5 for analysis:

Clip #1

Clip #2

Clip #3

Clip #4

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21 Responses to Raw Media CCTV Footage From Gas Station – Jessica Lane Chambers

  1. Tempest says:

    Video #1 – 1:27.

    Who is the woman with the blonde hair?

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    • Tempest says:

      Bottom Row. Second Screen Across.


      • Tempest says:

        Asking because she was holding a piece of paper.

        Shopping list? Letter?


        • Tempest says:

          Clip#2 has lots of interesting stuff happening in the background.

          A black car is parked there – when a white pickup pulls up.
          A person from the left of the screen (from the black car?) moves towards a person getting out of the pickup.
          They dissapear in the background for some time – when another black car pulls up.
          A woman wearing a white dress (party getup?) gets out of the black car and then seems to motion towards Jessica’s car (you can see her wave her arm towards it).

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  2. canadacan says:

    fourth screen very disturbing

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  3. Oh-My says:

    Clip 2, “the smoking gun” is not a handheld shot emanating from a DSLR in somebody’s hand. Notice in 1, 3, and 4 the hand is shaky, inevitable with handheld footage, but 2 is stabilized.

    At 11:12 a person walks around the white car who should be far more visible than they are. It looks like they are wearing all black, but looks can be deceiving. Duly noted: other people walking around that car are much more visible. That might be a midget passenger, but they don’t appear so once inside the car. Or they might be ducking down so as not to be on camera.

    30:27 looks like that same passenger, now “safely” inside the car is in black and white striped shirt. There looks to be a blur/obfuscation filter applied to the window that looks like a glare but may not be.

    Between 1:42:02 and 1:42:03 the digital zoom seems to “accelerate”, duly noted that in 1:42:03 the individual seen in 1:42:02 is no longer visible. Neither is the tiny bit of black and white in the car in the foreground, which now has more blur applied to just that spot. At 1:42:02 is that the continuation of a digital zoom, or the introduction of a jump cut? That glare is jumping all over the place, consistent with a blur being applied to hide movement underneath it, rather than a fixed glare from an overhead light.

    This clip stands out from the others in that it is far to stable with none of the wild movement of the camera, and no timecode on the bottom. The mouse movements direct the viewer to all the wrong places.


    • Oh-My says:

      Clip 4 missing frames 2:17:19-2:18:10, taken from a handheld shot of the monitor simply delete whoever it is walking to the car.

      From frame 2:19:18 to frame 2:18:19 too much ground is covered. Remember those last 2 digits are frames, not seconds.

      In clip 2 the exact same amount of motion takes many more frames.

      It’s an editing hack job.

      Compare clip 4 2:18:18-2:18:19 to exact same movement in
      clip 2 :17:29-2:19:09

      It takesone frame to move that far in clip 4
      It takes between 60 and 90 frames to do the same in clip 2, the stabilized clip with the blur on the person walking around to the white car.

      Different angles always yield the exact same number of frames for a movement. It’s an angle change, not a duration change.


    • Oh-My says:

      Clip 1 frame 3:33:02 on the right hand column, 3 videos down should be the exact same opening frame as clip 1 frame, 1:32:00, given Ali’s explination to the news crew that the security system reverts back to the “starting frame” with every new angle/view.

      clip 1 frame 1:32:00 depicts the opening frame from that camera angle and a timestamp of 6:25:37. If “the system reverts” argument were true, when he refereshes the screen, it should start at a new angle 6:25:37 with the players in the previous scene at their “start points” in the image in the right column, but instead the camera at the register shows a different configuration and a timestamp of 6:28:18.


    • Oh-My says:

      Also there is a continuity problem with the yellow light in the background in #2 and #4.


  4. yankeeintx says:

    Something I have just noticed for the first time. Clip #2 @ :17, how much gas did Gas Can Man buy? The container appears to be about 5 gallons, and most generators hold about 5 gallons. He sure it swinging the container easily considering that gas weighs around 6 lbs per gallon.

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  5. taqiyyologist says:

    30 pounds. Go pick up your vacuum cleaner with one arm, and walk around.

    Not a problem. Especially since Gas Can WOman seems to be, ah, thick.

    Guessing here, but I bet she could pick up, and casually walk with two of her chillren’s necks in her grip, their feet dangling.


  6. Clip #1 at the 4:13 mark, Jessica had left the store and walked around the front of her car, right at the end of the clip, someone approaches her from the other side of the gas tanks, stands in front of her while her back is to the driver’s side door and the clips ends. Looks like the person is dressed in white and it may be the white dressed party girl mentioned above, but the clip ends so quickly, it can’t be determined. Looks like someone cut the clip to soon.


  7. Guest says:

    It appears this system is a twelve camera setup. I would love to see the views from all the cameras during this time frame. Does Ali have a camera pointed at the side of the store where all of the “chicken activity” takes place? I think we are seeing 3 or 4 views at most. From what I can gather from the grid shots, it looks like most of the cameras are pointed at different views inside the store but there are some angles I can’t tell where the cameras are pointed.


  8. alan says:

    nice editing job…ooops, this is supposed to be RAW footage? Amazing. Someone is tampering wth evidence,and his name is….drum roll…Ali Babba and his 40 thieves.


  9. Diane says:

    Refer to Video #1 and 2:

    Video#1 at .04 time 06:23.57 white car#1 backs out of a parking area on far right and quickly drives past front of store (very difficult to get a got look even with a freeze frame)

    This is the first time I’ve seen this car! It was in a hurry and I wonder why it didn’t pull onto the highway instead of zooming through the lot.

    …06:24:03 whitecar#2 (white station wagon) is right behind and parks in front of the store.

    …06:24:04 white car#2 (station wagon) pulls in and parks. The driver qiuickly exits while the passenger takes more timme to exit. We do not see where either of them go.

    Video #1 – near the end at 3:54 we see two men walking slowly come into view from the right side of the screen…(not seen on any previous videos)

    …a large man wearing what appears to be another flop ear fur hat and dark clothing – this is not man we see inside the store with the flop ear hat since the man inside was wearing light colored pants.

    I believe this is the man we see in Video #2 at 0.44 who is walking way over by the parked car believed to be Kendrick Turner’s with the mag wheels. (First time for this scene, too)

    Also in Video #2 – when the white truck pulls in and parks behind the mag wheel car this flopear#2 heads over toward the driver…(First time for this scene, too)

    …as the driver of the truck exits this vehicle they appear to have an exchange.
    Flopear#2 rasies his arm and continues to walk past the white truck’s door and together they move, probably talking to an area near he pump n go out of sight.

    Then the two men comes walking slowly together on the far right side of the pumps heading toward the store. One of them could be/is probably the driver of the white truck.

    This second man appears to be is wearing blue and has dark shoes. It’s not the large man we’ve seen inside the store wearing the blue nylon jacket, since his hat is light colored and his shoes are white.

    Flopear#2 looks like a much larger man than flopear#1 from inside the store and his pants are dark in color; flopear from inside the store is wearing light colored pants.

    Lastly they stand in front of the store and talk when Jessica comes out to pump gas. The video ends before we see what happens next.


  10. Oh-My says:

    Upon slowing down clip 1,2, and 4 to 10% of their speed, there seems to be a heavy use of the blur filter when both drivers and passengers are getting in and out of the white car in the foreground. The person who gets out of the passengers side is not the same person who appears to get back in. At the point the person appears to get back in on the “return” trip, their is a clever blur/dissolve combination applied right at the door, almost looks like that person got in the back seat, not the front, and then whoever got in the front was blurred. Then there is quite a bit of activity in the front seat, 95% obscured but in the 5% that isn’t sure looks like a black and white shirt to me, and with movement around a jacket-taking it on or off or placing it over the shirt, and the hand is moving quite a lot.

    On clip 1, when car of concern pulls in, the playback is at 8x speed, so it is hard to catch the shenanigan editing at the drivers side that obscures who got in or out, but something is wrong there as the opening the door, person getting out, closing the door sequence is not at all what one would expect.

    As soon as the part is over, he slows the thing down to normal speed, just in time to see the person get out of the front passengers seat with clarity not seen at that view at any other time.

    I have a headache from watching this, there are so many things that don’t make sense. It has clearly been edited. There were a few creepy subtle things in there, but maybe from staring at it for too long. Front passengers window has stable ghoulish imagery in where those pixels are more white than the blurred pixels around it.

    It’s creepy, all of it.

    If somebody tells me where, I will upload the slowed down sequence. It’s 45 minutes long in the current state.


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