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Pravda Proud – Local CBS Station In Los Angeles Reports on Kwanzaa Parade That Never Happened…

This is rich… reporters went to see who showed up for the Kwanzaa parade and no-one was there parading so they left. But that didn’t stop the local CBS affiliate from reporting on it “as if” it did happen.  The … Continue reading

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President Obama’s NPR Interview Shows Massive Amount of Cognitive Dissonance…

• Race relations are better, • a U.S. embassy is possible in the “country of Tehran” (LOL – smartest president ever), • the mid-terms were poor because the Democrats failed to highlight the magnanimous magnificence of Obama’s administration, • Latinos … Continue reading

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Executive Privilege – U.S. Soldiers Forced To Relocate Wedding So Obama Could Play Golf…

WASHINGTON – One couple wanted to get married, but President Obama wanted to play golf. Army captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. knew Obama was headed to Hawaii for the holidays, so on a whim, they extended him an … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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Overnight – LAPD Assassination Attempt – Two Suspects Open Fire On Los Angeles Police Car… *update* One Suspect Captured *update* Second Suspect Avoids Capture..

By my rough estimate this is the sixth recent assassination attempt on random police officers:  Saint Louis – MO, New York – NY, Tampa – FL, Miami – FL,  Durham – NC, and now Los Angeles – CA    Update: 6:00am PST … Continue reading

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Jessica Lane Chambers Murder – Day #22 – Open Discussion / Research Thread

The prior thread contains a significant amount of data which portrays a dark and historical picture of issues within Panola County Mississippi relating to underage sex trafficking, exploitation, prostitution and worse. Indeed given the context of investigative resources we identified existing on the ground prior to … Continue reading

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One Tough Dude – Alaska Man Survives Three Days At Temps -35′ and Holds Off Stalking Wolverine Until Rescue…

You know this guy is strong to have survived 3 days under these conditions. You know this guy is Chuck Norris strong to have battled with an Alaska Wolverine and lived. (make sure you watch the video as he describes … Continue reading

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