Saint Louis Shooting Has Signature of Attempted Cop Assassination – Berkeley Police Officer Shoot and Kills Suspect Who Drew Gun…. (video)

berkely saint louis 3At approximately 11:15 PM on December 23, 2014, a police officer with the City of Berkeley was responding to the Mobile Gas Station located at 6800 N. Hanley when he observed two male subjects on the side of the building. The Berkeley Police Officer exited his vehicle and approached the subjects when one of the men, Antonio Martin, pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officer. Fearing for his life, the Berkeley Officer fired several shots, striking the subject, fatally wounding him. The second subject fled the scene. The Berkeley Police Department requested the St. Louis County Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit to handle the investigation. St. Louis County Police Detectives have recovered the deceased subject’s handgun at the scene

Antonio Martin

Saint Louis – A Berkeley police officer fired at least three shots at a suspect who pulled a gun on him, the St. Louis County Police chief said at a Wednesday morning news conference.

Police Chief Jon Belmar said the officer was responding to a report of stealing at a Mobil on the Run station about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when the deadly shooting happened.

The officer saw two men on the parking lot in the 6800 block of North Hanley Road and began talking with them.

Belmar said one of the men approached the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The officer’s attorney, Brian Milliken, said one of the men spoke with the officer, while the other kept wandering away despite the officer’s commands to stay near him, Milliken said.

One of the individuals “produced a pistol with his arm straight out, pointing it straight at the officer kind of from across the hood,” Belmar said.

At that point, the chief said, the officer got his handgun, “and fired what we think is three shots.” Belmar said one round struck the suspect, Antonio D. Martin, 18, and one struck a tire of the police car. Police said they did not immediately know where the third round went.

The officer, who is 34 and white, is a six-year veteran of the department, Belmar said. He was placed on investigative leave, which is standard.

Milliken said his client recounted the details to him several hours after the shooting.

“The other guy was doing the talking, and as the cop starts talking, the suspect starts walking away again,” Milliken said. “At that point, the cop says, ‘Hey, come back here,’ and he turns around, pulls a gun from his left pant pocket.”

“He’s trying to process all of this, and the suspect raises it, points it at him. The cop pulls his weapon and starts backpedaling and fired three or four shots. It happened that quickly. He doesn’t understand why the suspect’s gun didn’t fire. I’m not sure if he tried to pull the trigger and it jammed.”

Milliken said it’s possible that his client was being set up for an ambush. Store employees called 911 after the suspects stole from the store, Milliken said.

“Their behavior is certainly bizarre, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, in the environment we are in, that’s for sure,” Milliken said.

Milliken would not comment on why his client was not wearing his body camera at the time of the shooting, “There could be some internal issues,” he said. He added that he was glad the incident was captured by surveillance cameras.

“Having video really helps in this situation because it puts to rest all of the false narratives that would be out there,” he said.

He did not reveal his client’s name. “It doesn’t do anything but subject him to threats and puts him and his family in harm,” he said.

Millken said his client was calm, but shaken.

“On the one hand, you know you have followed proper procedures and policies, and, on the other hand, these guys are human beings, and on the day before Christmas, he had to take somebody’s life,” Milliken said. “He’s no different than anyone else involved in the situation. It’s a traumatic experience and something he’ll be doing a lot of reflecting on for the rest of his life.

“He did certainly express remorse that the situation happened at all.”

Millken also represents St. Louis police officer Jason Flanery, who killed VonDeritt Myers, 18, in the city’s Shaw neighborhood in October.

From the videotape released by St. Louis County Police and Belmar’s description, the officer was near the front driver’s side of the vehicle and Martin was on the other side, near the car’s headlights, when the shooting occurred. Police first said the officer was making a routine business check when the shooting happened; Belmar later said he was responding to a stealing call.

As the officer pointed his gun, he was backing away and lost his balance, Belmar said. As he fell, he dropped his flashlight and fired his weapon.

Martin was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS units. Berkeley police called the county’s crimes against persons unit at 11:45 p.m., and they arrived at the scene at 12:15 a.m., Belmar said.

The body, which was covered and concealed from the crowd by a partition, was removed from the scene at 1:40 a.m., Belmar said.

He also said the 9 mm gun found on the suspect had five rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. He said the gun’s serial number had been filed off.

Police confirmed Martin’s name later Wednesday morning. Belmar said he had a criminal record, with charges including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action and multiple uses of weapons since he was 17.

A woman at the scene overnight, Toni Martin-Green, confirmed the victim was her son.

Police said they did not know who the second person was, but they called him a “person of interest” and asked for the public’s help to find him.

They said two bystanders on the Mobil parking lot were witnesses.

At a news conference later Wednesday morning, Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said, “You can’t compare this to Ferguson or the Garner case in New York.” He said the videotape showed Martin pointing a gun at the officer. He said the city would conduct its own complete investigation, separate from the St. Louis County Police investigation.

“Our overall goal is to project the truth to residents,” Hoskins said.

Among the department’s 31 officers, the mayor said, 17 or 18 are African-American. About 75 percent of the command staff are black, in addition to the mayor, police chief and other city officials, Hoskins added.

“At this point, our review indicates that the police did not initiate this, like Ferguson,” Hoskins said.

Belmar said he notified St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch of the shooting, and McCulloch assigned a prosecutor to the case.

An estimated 200 to 300 protesters gathered at the scene after the shooting, and conflicts broke out between officers and protesters, Belmar said.

berkely saint louis 1

berkely saint louis 2

Four people were arrested for assaulting officers, and at least one officer was injured when he tried to get away from some sort of firework device set off on the parking lot, Belmar said.

Protesters also threw bricks at officers, Belmar said. Police used pepper spray on the crowd but did not use any tear gas, the chief said.

He said several police cars were damaged, and some protesters brought bags of rocks to the scene.

As for suggestions that the officer should have used a Taser instead of his gun, Belmar said: “Frankly that’s unreasonable.” The officer had a body camera issued to him at the start of his shift, but he was not wearing it. The car’s dash-camera was not activated.

The suspect could have complied with the officer, but made “bad choices” instead, Belmar said.  (read more)

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236 Responses to Saint Louis Shooting Has Signature of Attempted Cop Assassination – Berkeley Police Officer Shoot and Kills Suspect Who Drew Gun…. (video)

    • BitterC says:

      I was just going to post this video. AM appears to be carrying a large purse, or beach bag on his left shoulder, as well as a back pack. He also tried to leave off to the left when the cop first gets out of car, no doubt since he illegally carrying.

      I thought it looked like the boyz might have been standing there in front of the store waiting for the girls with the stroller since it looks like they had joined them for the walk home, or wherever. I wondered if one was the girlfriend since it looks like she has the same pink hat as the gf in the huffpo interview posted above. BUT, it appears the girls continue walking away on the back side of the squad and off screen to the left. Course they may have kept walking cuz they knew there would be trouble.

      It almost looks like white pants pushes AM away right before he draws, too.

      I think cop took off running cuz he wasn’t sure if he had hit AM and thought he still posed a danger.

      White pants ran back in the store. They must have a good picture of him. Guess he managed to escape in the chaos following? Hope they got him before Crump or Shahid get to him.

      AS for twitterverse complaining they called the riot squad, have they forgotten the after shooting CSI workers that were attacked and “run off” (Basstard’s words) after Shaw? That’s when Bass spat at the cop.


    • Thanks for that! Some remarks….

      (1) The suspect is suprisingly close at the point where he makes a decision to leave / flee / move away / stop complying.
      (2) Is he wearing a backpack, or does his jacket just look that way?
      (3) The enhanced video sure looks like he’s shooting with the left hand. It is very clearly a one-handed shot.
      (4) When the suspect begins moving away from the officer in the second video, his friend begins high-tailing it toward the store. He clearly knows that something is up. There has to be a second or two before the gun is pulled, just based on distance. It looks like the perp is trying to get out of tackle distance before pulling the gun.
      (5) When the suspect pulls the gun and aims in the first video, he seems to have moved some feet away from the officer. I think it’s clear that as he begins moving away from the officer and the friend begins moving back toward the store entrance, the officer knows something is up, and is beginning to react. He had the flashlight in his right hand – I suspect that he is beginning to transfer it to his left hand off-camera, to clear his right hand for a gun-grab if needed.
      (6) They have some good footage of the friend. Suprised he’s not in custody already. Or maybe the “community” will protect him because of his automatically innocent ethnicity. But based on his flight pattern, he clearly expected a shoot-out. I will bet money he knew his buddy had a gun, even if it can’t be proven.

      Wow. Wild West stuff!


  1. benzy says:

    It’s interesting (and sickening as well) as this story begins to unfold a little more. how those close to the dead youth manage to “massage” the story. His mother said he was walking to the store with his girlfriend. (Of course the surveillance video shows no girlfriend, only two guys). The girlfriend tells how he looked at her so scared and told her to step between them and save him. Then, later in her account, she tells how Antonio was at her place and decided to walk to the store. When he didn’t come back, she got worried and went looking for him… only to find him lying alone on the concrete, bleeding. Which was it? Did she go with him, did he ask her to step between him and the cop, or was she sitting at home when this all happened? And it would be hard to believe he was lying all alone after being shot. She also then tells how the police wouldn’t let her go to his side to help him. “It was proof that they didn’t care about him, they left his body lie there”. Also she claims she called 9-1-1 and they hung up on her. Why would she need to call 9-1-1 if the police were already there, he was dead and a crowd was forming? I guess she forgot that she wasn’t there when he was shot. I wonder if his mother has Al Sharpton on speed dial.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. benzy says:

    I’m thinking we need to get to the lead in this “end the violence” movement. I’ve studied recent violent events and one thing has become quite clear. We need to BAN convenience stores. Look at recent facts: Trayvon Martin went to a convenience store and died on his way home. Michael Brown went to a convenience store and died on his way home. Vonderritt Myers went to a convenience store and died on his way home. Antonio Martin went to a convenience store and died on his way home. Two QuikTrip convenience stores in the St Louis area have been the location of violence and arson in recent weeks. Four people were shot outside a convenience store in suburban St Louis this past week. Clearly, legislation MUST be enacted banning these dangerous businesses, (Especially the high-capacity convenience stores and magazine racks) /sarc

    Liked by 4 people

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