Two More People Burned Alive – During Possible Gang Related Violence…

Perhaps it’s just an increase in awareness, but since the night when Mike Brown’s step-dad Louis Head kicked off the local Saint Louis riots -with his requests to “burn these bitches”- there appears to be a marked increase in the numbers and scope of murder by fire throughout the Mid-Eastern part of the U.S.

Deandre joshua 2Jessica Chambers invest 11

♦  The first victim noticed was DeAndre Joshua who was burned in his vehicle in the Canfield Greens apartment complex not far from where Mike Brown was shot and killed. His late November autopsy results showed he was shot first and then lit on fire, in an apparent gang related attack on the same night of the grand jury verdict.

♦  On December 6th in Courtland, Mississippi, 19-year-old victim Jessica Lane Chambers was burned alive in her vehicle.

♦  A week later another burned body was found just outside Memphis on another roadway, with a pick-up truck set ablaze.  Unknown victim.

♦  Last night, in the Saint Louis area two more people were attacked with fire.  Just north of Saint Louis, a man was set ablaze in a portable toilet:

[…] The incident happened at around 8:20 p.m. Firefighters put out the fire, which was “pretty well-involved” by the time they arrived, a spokesman said. The man was transported urgently to a hospital, where his condition was unknown. It was not immediately known why he was inside the portable toilet or why it was on fire. (link)

♦  Approximately fifteen minutes later police responded to another car fire where they found another unidentified body:

[…] A body was found inside a burning vehicle in the Baden neighborhood on Friday night, and now St. Louis homicide detectives are investigating.

St. Louis firefighters were called to the scene in the 700 block of Thrush Avenue at about 8:35 p.m. They extinguished the fire and found a body inside, a fire department spokesman said. (link)

These seemingly disconnected events hold an eerily similar disposition.

Given the recent visibility of gang violence expressed in social media, specifically regarding the intents of violence using fire, the connections are perhaps somehow related.

While researching the issues surrounding the Jessica Chambers murder, Clash Daily’s Donald Joy outlines some of the visible spurs toward violence by fire:


[…] One week before, and on just the day before Jessica Chambers was carjacked and burned to death, certain blacks among her intimate circle and acquaintance were involved in Facebook exchanges wherein calls for the rape and burnings of white women and children, especially the families of white police officers, were posted.

[…] Just prior to her demise, Jessica Chambers is reported by numerous sources as having been trying to leave the gang and move on with her life, and had been telling people she was planning to write a book about having survived the gang lifestyle. She is also reported to have been in an altercation with someone at the same gas station a week before her murder.

[…] Particularly, we have just seen and heard Michael Brown’s mother’s boyfriend, repeat felon Louis Head, violently screaming “burn this bitch down!!!” over and over again, accompanied by blacks rampaging, burning, looting, and attacking — sometimes fatally, with hammers or other deadly means — random, innocent whites in St. Louis and elsewhere.

Speaking of Louises, Farrakhan just recently stood before a crowd of cheering blacks at a prominent Maryland college and renewed his nationwide public exhortations for blacks to mass-murder whites, whenever and wherever.

In philosophy and problem solving, there’s the principle of reasoning known as Occam’s (or Okham’s) Razor, which goes like this: Among multiple alternative explanations, all of which require various assumptions in order to arrive at possible solutions, often the simplest and most plainest answer — involving the least number of assumptions — turns out to be the right one. (continue reading)

So is this all just some random series of similarly horrific killings?

Or, could these burnings be a darker underpinning; and, like the “27 verified knock out game assaults” JUST THIS YEAR, the politically correct media will avoid discussing them?

Is this the beginning of a terrible trend now increasing in frequency?

Time will tell.

Well, more accurately, time and torches…

Louis head 2jessica chambers angel image

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73 Responses to Two More People Burned Alive – During Possible Gang Related Violence…

  1. carterzest says:

    “time and torches…” and pitchforks!
    No words…


    • TallWhiteGuy says:

      Last night 12/19

      ST. LOUIS • A man living in a homeless encampment near the Mississippi River downtown was in critical condition Friday night after he somehow caught on fire while inside a tent.

      The incident happened shortly after 10 p.m. near North Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard and Carr Street, in what’s known as “Tent City,” said Captian Garon Mosby of the St. Louis Fire Department.

      Friends nearby dragged him out and started to put out the fire with water from the river, and firefighters responded to do overhaul.

      Police were investigating. Officials weren’t immediately sure how the fire started.


      • TallWhiteGuy says:

        ST. LOUIS • The city released a $9.4 million budget proposal on Wednesday to put more police officers on the streets to help fight a growing crime wave.

        “We have made great progress in reducing crime,” Slay said in a statement. “But, too many of our citizens live in fear. And since August, violent crime has been going up. We should not be satisfied until all parents feel comfortable letting their kids play outside after dinner, until all senior citizens feel at ease in their own homes, and until all neighborhoods are safe.”

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  2. smarty says:

    I glad to see you highlighted Don Joy, a conservative writer with a way with words (sometimes quite controversial! )…..the citizen journalism you all have going on is right now the heartbeat of freedom in these days of deception.


  3. Bobalou says:

    Hope & Change by a community organizer was never going to Hope or Positve Change
    Voting on race is exactly the same as not voting because of race.
    Justice and Civil Rights were supposed to be blind, once they were but now playing race cards is a national epidemic enjoyed by government, media and shakedown profiteering community racists
    Honesty, truth & competence no longer matter it’s now a vicious minority that now rules the majority with diversity and derisive malice
    Now we have boutique justice for the few and facts no longer matter it’s can we create a media narrative and push it so it is almost becomes true

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    • Massive upvote for “boutique justice”!

      Meanwhile, the PC Faux French aristocracy that fashions itself revolutionary oppresses with self-enriching corruption, and quietly fleeces the bourgeois sheep while telling them to eat less because royalty must help them be more sharing with the poor – who royalty has taught well to hate the middle class. In short, more deserving of a cart-ride to the guillotine than the last time.

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  4. doodahdaze says:

    Until there is a total zero tolerance crackdown on the black gangs this will continue. Maybe the next president will promote Law and Order instead of critical race theory and social justice.

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    • SHO NUFF says:

      Hitlery for 8 more years in the White House will be “Obummer Lite” so I don’t see anything getting better
      I take responsibility for the protection of me and my family and never depend on LEO as we live in a huge rural county in Ohio and it will take a deputy at least 45 minutes to get to our area

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    • We have a President who has promised to “fundamentally change America”. He left out the part that he would fundamentally change America to fit HIS agenda.

      He has filled his Administration with like-minded people who agree with HIS agenda.

      His agenda is based on Black Liberation Theology and rooted in Communism. The President, and the head of the Dept. of Justice have no interest in justice for ALL people, just for people of color, because of a perceived “payback” for past injustices.

      They indeed believe in an eye for an eye. I truly believe the deafening silence from top leaders is a way for them to silently condone what is happening. Michael Brown’s father incited this behavior.

      I also believe there is a psychological component to “burning white people”. It is literally turning white people black. So perhaps white people can feel the injustice they feel as a black person? Something to ponder.

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  5. Nanny G says:

    Isn’t there a legal case about Facebook and threats that is wending its way to the Supreme Court?
    I have to wonder, did Michael Brown’s mom’s boyfriend instigate burning or did he just openly repeat what gangstas had been putting in their Facebook posts for some time?
    Had there been many burnings of people BEFORE Mr. Head’s call for them?

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    • Nanny I’m not really certain. I do feel like what he said perhaps was a repeat of things that have been said on Facebook, more of an open call to what had been said in more quiet circles amongst them. But this is indeed becoming a problem.


      • SHO NUFF says:

        SCOTUS (Ginsberg) came out a few weeks ago I think and said making death threats is part of free speech and Ginsberg’s words were “You can’t tell what is in people’s minds” and you don’t know that they will go through with it, something along those lines
        I had to go through an Agg Menacing trial because I wrote something to another person about an entirely different group of people and in frustration I wrote “Ahhh I would like to kill them all”
        The computer was stolen, the email held for 8 months and then turned into the police
        I was found not guilty in 15 minutes of the jury walking through the court room door haa


    • Anbis says:

      Blacks burning whites alive doesn’t get covered by lame steam news. The 12yo white boy ,Jonathan Foster, burned to death with a blowtorch by a black sow, Mona Nelson, on Christmas Eve has never been covered by the news.


  6. the last surviving centrist says:

    Sundance has offered the following, above, from Donald Joy’s recent blog:

    “Speaking of Louises, Farrakhan just recently stood before a crowd of cheering blacks at a prominent Maryland college and renewed his nationwide public exhortations for blacks to mass-murder whites, whenever and wherever.”

    Can somebody please link to a video or transcript, if one exists, where Farrakhan offers these exhortations? I can only find the following, which takes place at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland:

    It’s not a comforting video, but in it he certainly doesn’t exhort “blacks to mass-murder whites, whenever and wherever.” Instead, he holds up a Bible and speaks about a “law of retaliation.”:

    “Like for like. The Bible says, An eye, a tooth, a life. See now, as long as they kill us and go to Wendy’s and have a burger and go to sleep, then gonna keep killing us. But when we die and THEY die, then soon we gonna sit at a table and talk about We TIRED. We want some of this earth. Cause we’ll tear this goddamn country up.”

    This is standard NOI talk; nothing has changed in the past 60 years. It deserves to be seen clearly and reported honestly. Donald Joy has reported it dishonestly.

    But perhaps Farrakhan said something else in the course of this same speech that Joy was referring to, and characterizing accurately. Please share, if so.


    • the last surviving centrist says:

      Just realized, from another thread, that Joy is a contributor to these threads. So I will happily dial back my language into the zone of collegiality: The last sentence of my next-to-last paragraph above should read “Donald Joy has characterized it inaccurately.” Invoking a Biblical law of retaliation is what most people would call proportionate response, not a call for 24/7 mass murder of whites.

      But as I say, perhaps Joy was talking about some other statement made by Farrakhan, at Morgan State or elsewhere.


      • dsp says:

        You are wrong. Justice requires dealing out a proportional response to the parties guilty of an actual offense. Farrakhan’s notion of “proportionate justice” is having blacks kill random, innocent white people in response to incidents like the Zimmerman and Wilson shootings where blacks died but there was no wrongdoing involved, much less wrongdoing by the whites Farrakhan wants blacks to kill.

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        • ytz4mee says:

          Farrakhan is very accomplished in the art of the dog-whistle exhortation to commit racial retribution.

          His minions are not nearly as subtle. They openly advocate for the senseless murder of “cracker babies”.


      • dsp says:

        I’m sure your concerns have been noted.


        • Les says:

          It would have been better if he didn’t have “white man hair.” All I can see is the hair. That’s a pretty wide part…


        • ytz4mee says:

          I found it interesting that this Prog found it necessary to carefully enumerate what he felt were his “bonafides” (interracial marriage, birarcial son, school teacher, lives in the south …) to make it clear to the rest of the unwashed heathens here his moral superiority. Once his perceived base line of supremacy had been established in his mind, he then began launching into various riffs on thought policing. It seems to be a constant on every thread he participates in. (and I use the term “participate” loosely). After all, he knows the benchmark for acceptable thoughts and speech and he is going to do his best to make sure we all hew to his worldview.

          We don’t go looking for them, yet they insist on wandering in here and stinking up the joint. It’s ridiculous.

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          • Your point about bonafides is well-taken. This is a way that PC has changed behavior over the entire world – and demonstrates why PC needs to be challenged at every opportunity. The idea that people have to buy their free speech by anteing up liberal card payments is repulsive.


          • pspinach says:

            A prog calling himself a centrist. Quite a few libertarians are fakes too because they’re calling themselves conservatives is difficult although their small sub-conscious sees and understands every truth. The Bible is just another tool to them. Jesus is just a plastic head they call on in vain. The likes of Sharpton and Farrakhan are Satan masquerading as God’s helpers. There are true followers of God who are black, and we know them too. The rest are fake believers and abusers.


    • In the video he holds up the Koran, not the Bible.

      What dsp says below is accurate.


  7. Here is another burned body homicide (Bremen is just outside South Bend, an area saturated with violent gang activity):


  8. Matt says:

    Not quite to the level of violence seen else where but this week in New Orleans has seen a rapid increase in attacks by a certain group on similar victims. In the last attack they didn’t even bother to rob the victim who had on a Rolex. Seems he was was just targeted and beaten. All events happened within last week. Police are stepping up presence with holidays and sugar bowl on horizon.


    • manickernel says:

      I noticed the nola report on the description of the attackers was scrubbed or the lawyer decided to change it to be pc. Here is another coverage.


      • beth60497 says:

        great.. just great.. I’m heading to NOLA to the quarter for NYE.


        • Matt says:

          The nopd in the past did a great job protecting the quarter but in recent years they haven’t even been able to keep shootings from occurring on burbon street and canal street during Mardi Gras. Advise from someone who lives here, stay on the relative safe streets near the river and don’t go down streets that don’t have heavy traffic. The attacks have mostly occurred in the early morning and police will be out in force between now and the sugar bowl. It’s a great city that unfortunately has given ground to even its historic district to thugs. There used to be an understanding that violent crimes were not tolerated in the French quarter, then the nopd got investigated by the doj after Katrina and everything went down hill.


  9. In light of what is happening, I’ve had to change some of my behaviors.

    There is “No Smoking” anywhere on the property of where I work, so I have to get in my car and drive somewhere. During lunch, I usually park down a side street adjacent to the main drag so to speak. About twice a week, sometimes more often, I see a homeless man walk down the road, he cuts across the parking lot behind the Tim Hortons and then he comes out with a coffee.

    Often times he will stop and ask me for a cigarette if he sees me smoking. I always give him one. I was on the phone with my husband when I saw him coming and I mentioned it to him. Now I’m afraid to roll down my window and allow someone to approach my vehicle, conceal carry or not. Its pretty sad when I have to think about these things….

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    • ginger says:

      Don’t forget the burned vehicle with body inside that was found north of Memphis a couple of days ago when adding to your list of burned bodies. No real info about the situation yet.
      The Memphis Commercial Appeal is to run a front page article about the troubles in Panola County on Sunday, the 21st.

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    • partyzantski says:

      The homeless guy now knows you and expects certain behavior from you. Consider this – while you interact with the bum asking for a smoke, you can’t see behind you. If others have noticed this serial interaction, and they just may have, it can go badly very quickly.

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    • mscynlynn says:

      Time to quit smoking! I’m an ex-smoker and smokers are the nicest people. Sharing cigarettes, lights and conversation with everyone. In the current climate it’s no longer safe to be nice.

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  10. woody's uncle says:

    FYI a couple of weeks ago a body was found in a burning portable toilet in a Jackson county (Mo) park. Haven’t seen much if any follow up.


  11. MsCynlynn says:

    Amber DeLoach – Savannah GA September 30, 2012


  12. John says:

    Reminds me of Jessica’s long-term classmate, who did a YouTube tribute to her, who said (paraphrased)
    …we’ve heard about this stuff going on in Memphis, now it’s here in this little town…..”


  13. Texaspatriot says:

    Here is a link to a report about 16 cases of White people burned by Black people.


  14. Diane says:

    Atlanta rappers lose freestyle battle to woman, set her on fire
    Sep 22, 2014

    Three miserable rappers in Atlanta have also shown themselves to be miserable human beings. Joey Garron, 28, Robert Johnson, 23 and Ketorie Glover, 23, apparently thought they had mad skills when it came to freestyle rap. However, over the weekend at a house party they met their match in a 36-year-old black female rapper. During the freestyle battle she matched all three men, rhyme per rhyme, topping them each time.

    Finally, after the last exchange the three sore losers could take no more. One of the men pulled out a gun and forced her into a car. The other two men then jumped in the car and drove to a vacant lot. All three men then took turns gang raping the woman. After they had brutally sodomized her, they doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. But even then they were not finished tormenting the poor woman. One of the men shot her burning body three times and left her to die.

    Her smoldering body was discovered and she was taken by ambulance to a local hospital barely alive. All three men were found and arrested and are facing a list of serious charges. These charges include aggravated assault, rape, kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated sodomy, hijacking a motor vehicle and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.



    Teenage girl set on fire by gang after resisting attempts to molest her
    Nov 26, 2014

    A 15-year-old girl stepped outside her home but was dragged back into her house by SIX men. After she objected to their lewd gestures and attempts to touch her, the men doused her in kersosene and set her on fire as punishment. The girl was taken to a local hospital but died of her injuries a few days later. Four of the six accused have been arrested while police are hunting for the other two accused.



    • partyzantski says:

      First story happened in America. Reading the comments to it are quite unsettling… the apologetics and moral relativism… I thought #blacklivesmatter.

      Second story is from India. The Brits put a stop to the cultural burning of women by erecting gallows next to the pyres, they would allow local custom and they would then impose their own custom (hanging) on the perps. It tamped that down, at least for a while.

      It does appear that there is a campaign to create a “thousand points of light”, not in the Peggy Noonan sense, but that each point is a writhing exclamation of human horror alight. If this is indeed now a trend above a baseline and not merely an issue of “now it gets reported”, one is compelled to consider what force drives it, how is it sanctioned and what element benefits?


  15. czarowniczy says:

    Support the 2nd Amendment

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  16. Lars says:

    The gas can man and his “sweetheart” seems to me to be responsible for the Herron Horror, just some honest and thought-out speculation. Occams Razor Rules.


  17. Anon says:

    Why is the media/internet silent on this?

    Celebrities, Congressional Black Caucus: Let’s Nationalize Police

    ‘The Administration must appoint a federal Czar,’ the letter states, ‘housed in the U.S. Department of Justice, who is specifically tasked with promoting the professionalization of local law enforcement, monitoring egregious law enforcement activities, and adjudicating suspicious actions of local law enforcement agencies that receive federal funding.’

    The letter is signed by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), and her fellow members Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), Steven Horsford (D-Nev.), John Lewis (D-Ga.), Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.). Also signing on to the letter are the leaders of the ACLU, several labor unions (AFL-CIO and SEIU), Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, and several dozen others….

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  18. myopiafree says:

    Ferguson Prosecutor – says that some witnesses LIED.
    Shocked, I say, SHOCKED, that witnesses lied under oath in the Thug Brown case.

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  19. notasmidgeon says:
    More “entitled behavior.” This occurred in Fl. on the 17th? Short story, 911 call, pics.


    • mscynlynn says:

      Wow. Back in the 80’s I waited tables in the South. Now I see why the manager would comp the bills when a large group of blacks complained. I guess letting them walk on the bill was less expensive than having a trashed restaurants and a loss of good paying customers.


    • Eskie Mom says:

      Y’all don’t neglect the comments. Lots of good heads on people’s shoulders to balance out the crazy. I am as outraged, or maybe even more/ have been for longer- but it is past time for the silent to be seen & heard. I’m really glad to hear their voices in these comments!


  20. aprilyn43 says:

    Gang related or just the new form of the Black “knock out” crimes; have murdered over 20 innocent people.


  21. mscynlynn says:

    Amber DeLoach, 18 year old, white female was raped and her body was found in a burning car on 30 September 2012.


    • manickernel says:

      Hear the State Patrol came in a couple of weeks ago to stay in Savannah for awhile due to the increase in shootings there. Giving Memphis a run for the money these days.


  22. al says:

    You guy’s are starting to get it, but most of the population don’t, especially the main stream media. Groups like the Black Muslims that morphed into Farrahkins Nation of Islam have been teaching hate toward white’s all the way back into the 1930’s. And now there in the real power. I’ve repeated this over & over. Google Nation Of Islam or Black Muslim with or without almost any black leaders of today like the Obama’s, Charles Rangel, Valarie Jarrett, Al Sharpton Ect.. First it’s dimensioning white cops then it’s christians. READ there agenda’s, it’s no secret & it’s working. They have slowly taught their communities to violently hate you.

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  23. dizzymissl says:

    Is that Jessica’s car in the right side photo? If yes, where did it come from? I hadn’t seen that one.


  24. Les says:

    It’s hard to overcome ignorance and a complete lack of shame in crappy behavior. The only option we really have is to cut the purse strings. 1.) Seriously check your w-4 withholding against last year and stop letting the government “hold on” to your money for you. Change the form and keep the extra you would have had withheld into an account to pay at the end of the year. Then file an extension. haha 2.) STOP buying stuff. Just stop. Buy necessities only. I wish a big group push would do this so people start to realize who is paying for all those a$$holes to have time to cause trouble.

    We really need welfare reform. We need a five-year cap on services. That would solve about 80% of this. Working people don’t have as much time to complain.

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    • On Fox now. The dissembling is already starting, I’m afraid. The point is, the perp may be an idiot, but he was pushed by useful idiots, who were pushed by pot-stirrers linked all the way back to the White House and their War on Cops. It’s no surprise where this happened. Thanks to the Americoms, NYC is a bubble of cop hatred right now.


  25. Somebody needs to rape all they kids, Now when you read that do you have to ask what color the person was that wrote it? No you don’t, There are some whites who talk like that but all blacks in urban areas all over the country talk like that. In the black community the dumber they are the more they are liked and respected. I have seen that all across the country in the last 20 years. If a person goes away for a couple of years and he was away at college when he comes back very few respect him but if he was in prison he is the talk of the neighborhood. To them that is a badge of honor. They are taught to not marry and do not sign the child’s birth certificate so they won’t have a problem getting welfare. They b***h and moan that the unemployment rate among young black males is 25% ” actual number is much higher” and it is the white peoples fault but truth be known most of them have never and probably couldn’t fill out a application. I know some good black people but as time goes on I’m beginning to believe that the % of good ones are a lot lower than I wanted to believe. We better start looking at what is going on and like some convicts I’ve talked to over the years has said, when it all jumps off we better know what side of the yard we belong on.


  26. Jeff Traube says:

    Middle Eastern or African part of US, given the perps ? Immolation is also used against Europeans in Rhodesia and South Africa.


  27. Les says:

    0Hour1 has been making the point about the country now caring more about black lives than non-black lives and I had to laugh out loud at this exchange:

    oc‏@ocblues·23m23 minutes ago

    JessicasLight‏@0Hour1·21m21 minutes ago
    @0Hour1 *Ferguson is down the hall *


    Keep posting these burn crimes. Spread link on your fav chat boards. Get a twitter account if you are retired. (Maybe don’t do that if you work, not a great idea.)


  28. NEWS SCOOP says:

    “The Bremen Community is reeling over the discovery of a white female’s body in a rural area known as Little Egypt.”


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  30. Alaskagurl says:

    4 Blacks Torture, Kill White Couple (Knoxville, TN)
    Why wasn’t this Knoxville story, “4 blacks kill white couple” on the TV network news for months? How does the media decide which murders to sensationalize?

    James Patrick Riley says, “. . . If there is any racism in the system, it is skewed so far in the favor of blacks, that, frankly, it should be an embarrassment for those in the “race industry.” FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white. Just last week, in St. Louis three black men were arrested on a “kill whitey” crime spree. Was Rachel Maddow wringing her hands over that? No. As to the case in question, I’d have to look, but I would defend anyone who was forced to defend themselves — even a gung ho neighborhood watch guy who was getting his head slammed on the cement.”

    Here’s one of the racially motivated “hate crimes” the Mainstream Media refuses to report, let alone turn into a 6 month story;

    “Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were raped, tortured, and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Christian’s vehicle had been carjacked. Five suspects were arrested and charged in the case. The grand jury indicted four of the suspects on counts of capital murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and theft, while a fifth was indicted at the federal level. Of the four charged at the state level, three (Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and George Thomas) had multiple prior felony convictions. After a jury trial, Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death by lethal injection and Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas were sentenced to life in prison, Cobbins without the possibility of parole and Thomas with the possibility. Vanessa Coleman has been convicted of facilitating the crimes and sentenced to 53 years in prison, and Eric Dewayne Boyd has been convicted of federal charges as accessory after the fact to carjacking and sentenced to 18 years in prison. . .”

    “Christian and Newsom were leaving an apartment together to go to a friend’s party when they were abducted from the apartment complex parking lot. Christian’s parents found her abandoned Toyota 4-Runner two blocks away from the Chipman Street house the following Monday with the help of her mobile phone provider. An envelope recovered from the vehicle yielded fingerprint evidence that led police to Lemaricus Davidson and 2316 Chipman Street. When police went to the address on Tuesday, January 9, they found the house unoccupied and Christian’s body in a bin in the kitchen.

    According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was sexually mutilated, shot in the back of his head, neck and back and his body was then set on fire.

    According to the testimony of the medical examiner, Channon’s death came after hours of torture, having suffered injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was raped with an unidentified object and beaten in the head. It was also reported that her body was scrubbed with bleach which was also poured down her throat, in an attempt by her attackers to remove DNA evidence, while Channon was still alive. She was then bound with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered with a bin liner and her body stashed within five large bin bags, before being placed inside a residential waste disposal unit and covered with sheets. The medical examiner said there was evidence that Channon slowly suffocated to death.

    There were no cars overturned, no spray-painted police cars, no crashed-in store windows, no fires, and no angry mobs when these white people were killed by black people.


  31. Alaskagurl says:

    2-Black Thugs Identified that set a man on fire in Memphis, TN (Memphis, TN)
    A Memphis man remains in the hospital at the burn unit after police say he was set on fire. Authorities identified two suspects wanted for the crime.

    Police say the man suffered injuries to most of his body.

    Prior arrests meant Memphis police already had mug shots on file for 26-year-old Robert Glasper and 19-year-old Renard King. Police identified the two Thursday for allegedly being responsible for a horrific crime two weeks ago.

    It happened in the 700 block of Glankler Street. A man was doused with gasoline and set on fire in a vacant lot behind an abandoned house.

    Neighbor Robert Pearson could not recall the victim’s name but remembers his screams.

    “He was in the weeds. And I just came home from getting groceries. He was over there hollering, his skin peeling off,” said Pearson.

    Pearson had no clue who committed the crime, but said the devil himself would not deserve such treatment.

    The victim was burned over 60 percent of his body and was initially hospitalized in extremely critical condition.

    Arrest warrants have been issued for both Glasper and King charging the pair with one count each of criminal attempt first degree murder.

    Anyone with information on where those two men might be should call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH or the Tillman Station precinct at


  32. pspinach says:

    Brother Barry set up a dominoes effect from the White House. Rome burns while he plays golf. He’s taken a liking to this. I have not a doubt that Barry and his higher level minions set upon the arson concept as he is getting angry at his loss in November 2014 and desperate to take over America within two years.


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