Mississippi Burning – Day #6 – The Murder of Jessica Lane Chambers Exposes Massive Problems In Panola County Mississippi…


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To say the last 24 hours of research has uncovered significant information would be the understatement of the year.

We are going to attempt to share the discoveries and keep the text digestible, but the depth here is really consuming. So we’ll start with a troubling outline of the investigation and then share more alarming evidence of big trouble in a small town.

Here’s a video of District Attorney John Champion and Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby, giving a press conference on Thursday. If you pay close attention you can hear cause for initial concern. What we outline after is jaw dropping:

I do not anticipate any arrests“..

First concern – given the current framework and national sentiment around racial crime, you can quickly identify why DA John Champion would be the absolute worst possible person to seek Justice for Jessica Chambers.  Once you know about his own racial issues, given his racial controversies in the Johnny Lee Butts case, well, you can see how he would be easily leveraged/pressured by the professional grievance industry.

Second, recently gang crime has exploded within the towns of Batesville and Courtland.  Apparently the gang culture from Memphis has spread to Panola County Mississippi, and metastasized into a local gang violence dominated by a group called “The Black Squad”.

In response to recent gang violence the law enforcement community, led by Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby, is relying upon “word of mouth” to lead their investigative efforts.  Two recent shooting events exemplify the LEO approach.

[Batesville] Police chief Tony Jones admits gangs are in and around Panola County, but says officers try to keep a handle on it.

“We’ve been able to solve those situations, most of ’em, It just happens unfortunately,” Jones said. (link)

Serious recent example #2:

[…]  ”Not much happens out here like this, not this far out in the County, so it’s a shock yeah,” Jerry Beaver said.

It comes as Panola County has struggled to gain the upper hand against gangs after a series of deadly incidents over the last few years.

”It’s obviously gang-related, you know. We’ve been going on three years working on gang relationships,” said Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby, who believes it’s a sign that gangs, which used to come from out of town, have begun to take root locally.

But as we found before in Panola County, those people were too intimidated by what happened to talk on camera about it.

Sheriff Darby says that continues to present a problem, but he’s making progress.

”We’ll continue to ask the general public to give us information. We’ll protect you regardless of who you are,” he said.  (link)

Those of you familiar with Roscoe P Coltrain can almost hear him shouting “get em’ flash” right about now.  But seriously, we share these recent examples of ‘do-little law enforcement‘ because it’s important to a larger understanding of what follows.

If you have followed this case you’ll note the timeline of Jessica Lane Chamber’s activity on the day she was attacked, brutalized and set on fire, is a key element of this entire investigation.

jessica chambers 8According to her Mother, Lisa Chambers, she left home shortly after 6pm to clean out her car, and then at 6:48pm Jessica called to say she was picking up something to eat and would be home thereafter.

Jessica was attacked on Saturday night December 6th, the fire department found her next to her burning vehicle at 8:13pm.  Jessica died in the hospital from her severe burns the next day, Sunday December 7th.

On Tuesday a local reporter “found” CCTV footage of her stopping at a local gas station midway between her home and the place she was discovered on fire.  M&M First Stop Gas is located at 8967 Highway #51, Courtland MS.   Her burned body was discovered at 2352 Herron Road, Courtland, approximately 2 miles from the gas station.

According to the reporter, and the original CCTV timestamps Jessica’s timeline can be displayed as follows:

1) Jessica arrived at M&M First Stop Gas at 6:25pm
2) Exits car, approaches store, then walks out of frame until 6:27pm
3) Enters store at 6:27:15 pays (for gas?) then exits store at 6:28:15pm
4) Arrives back at car 6:28:27pm
5) Opens car door, either places something inside or uses interior latch to access gas tank.
6) Pumps gas from 6:29pm to ? (news footage didn’t show timestamp)
7) Gets in car and drives away–estimated time now around 6:32pm?
8) Jessica’s mom, Lisa Chambers, has phone conversation with Jessica at 6:48pm (Jessica is going to get something to eat)
9) Fire Department respond to a 911 call at 8:13pm (Jessica Discovered)

This leaves approximately 90 minutes from the time she left the gas station, to the time the fire department found her burned over 98% of her body and barely conscious.

jessica chambers invest 5

jessica chambers invest 4

jessica chambers invest 9.1

Now, this is important.  VERY IMPORTANT.

According to a local reporter, the police did not locate the CCTV video, the reporter did. Tuesday afternoon, approximately 96 hours after the attack.  Why wasn’t the Sheriff looking for such CCTV?  (Note – they were interviewing a 31-year-old man named Derrick Turner for two days Mon/Tue)

Jessica  was seen on camera inbound from the North end of the screen/station traveling South to the gas pump.  She exits the gas station remaining headed in the same direction, headed South.

This gas station visit is FAR MORE than what is currently known.  The story now takes unbelievable twists.

On Thursday afternoon, the same reporter from Tuesday, who discovered the CCTV video, now reports the owner/operator of the gas station tells him the CCTV timestamps are incorrect and were never adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.  So 6:30pm on the CCTV recording is really 5:30pm, or so he claims.

“He Claims” – The CCTV video is part of a serious problem with this gas station.

It has been noted by several researchers that NO-ONE is seeing the raw footage from the CCTV system.  Instead what everyone is seeing is a video of a video monitor, not the actual footage contained in the system.

Why is this important?  Because the person playing back the recording is also controlling what is being displayed and recorded on the device.

This comes into play when you realize the video playback is being specifically manipulated to avoid the viewer seeing ALL OF THE ACTIVITY at the time in question.

Rather than try to explain in detail here’s a video from U-Tube by a person we don’t have any affiliation with, who is sharing this aspect of the concern.  You’ll see why this is so important after the u-tube presentation.   Please pay no attention to the insane conspiracy angle the presenter is playing, he obviously does not know the aspects of the case and people in it, but the beginning of the video does explain well the CCTV recording issues.  Again, pay only attention to the recording issues he outlines (about 5 minutes).  Skip the rest:

Now again, remember the police didn’t find this CCTV video, a reporter did. The reporter then shared that he contacted the police department to inform them of its existence. The construct of the original reporters footage therein has been widely distributed to various outlets who also share it in their news stories.

According to the same reporter, two days later the owner/operator then tells him the CCTV timestamp is off. Yet, if you align the original time with Mom, Lisa Chambers, saying Jessica left shortly after 6pm it doesn’t seem like the CCTV time is off. So why would the owner/operator now be changing the timeline.

Now you might say “big deal, the cops would be smarter than a reporter”, you might think the cops and investigators from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation would demand the raw feed copy via DVD data download, or memory stick.  You might say no investigator would be stupid enough to allow the possibility of filtered information for his investigation.  You might think all of those things.

You might think that, but you’d be wrong:

Jessica chambers invest 23 keystone cops

Here’s the State and Federal Marshall investigators doing the exact same thing.  And consequently getting the exact same corrupted footage.

This is where you pause reading and go to the restroom because the next part is going to drop your jaw even further.

The man who is controlling what they record, is the same man in all of the news stories about Jessica’s visit to his gas station.  His name is Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai.  We’ll call him “Ali” for short:

[…]  The gas station owner who helped her said nothing seemed out of sorts.  “She seemed normal,” Ali Alsanai told CNN affiliate WREG. “She didn’t seem like something was going wrong, you know? She just seemed normal. She just pumped some gas, we had a talk and she left.”  (link)

Ali Alsanai is in just about every story regarding the CCTV system.  Another HERE.  And this guy appears to have every reason in the world to distance himself from this story.

Jessica Chambers invest - ali-alsanai-facebook

jessica chambers invest 22 ali-alsanai-facebook-5

Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, is surrounded by key players in the local “BlackOutSquad” gang community.  BIG TIME.  Ali Alsanai is also what would easily be defined as a muslim radical who posts pictures of dead jews gleefully upon his social media and advocates for extremist Islamic positions.

But wait, it gets better.

The guy who owns the gas station, the guy who is the geographic hub of the gang activity, the guy who is filtering information to investigators, Ali Alsanai, is also only 19 years old.  Yes, you read that correctly, he’s only 19.  Quite the entrepreneur, no?

Not quite.

That “gas station”, well let’s just say it appears to be the conversational hub of drug and illicit activity surrounding the drug and crime community.  Social media shows numerous conversations attached to and associated with principle agents engaged in various dubious activity, and Ali Alsanai participating along with them.  This perhaps helps to explain what that nice female clerk was doing delivering small envelopes to the outside crowd no?

Jessica Chambers scene M-M first stop gas station

How does a 19-year-old handle/afford a business note (loan) to operate a gas station?

We’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s first share some other aspects of Ali Alsanai so you get a firm grasp of how “connected” this guy, this big boi, really is.

jessica 3jessica 2Jessica 1

Nice hardware section, no?

Did you notice the first person to “like” and comment on the AR-15 upload?  Yes, that’s former Atlanta Falcons star Peria Jerry – who is also closely intertwined inside the “Black Squad” social media network.  Perhaps that’s why he walked away from $890,000 final contract year in 14′ and retired.  When you see the kind of money we’re talking about below, you’ll understand.

Back to our intrepid entrepreneur, Ali Basem Alsanai.  A self made thug man.

Able to purchase $5,000 watches by the tender age of 16:

jessica chambers invest 21 ali-alsanai-facebook-7-cash

And able to carry $10,000 in “walking around money” by the age of 17:

Jessica Chambers invest 20 ali-alsanai-facebook-money-fan

Which explains how somehow, at the age of 19, he’s the owner/operator of M&M First Stop Gas Station at 8967 Highway #51 in Courtland, MS.

Ali is also skilled in the art of publicly downplaying the real activity of the same business.

jessica 2

So perhaps now you’ll understand the next element.

Mr. Alsanai has been quite open in the media about how well he knew Jessica Chambers.  He even went so far as to say “if she were having any trouble, she would have told him about it“, as he explained her demeanor in the gas station last Saturday.

He remembered what she did, he remembered how much gas she purchased, he remembered some really obscure details about Jessica’s visit.  Ali even told reporters what Jessica normally purchased when she stopped by. 19-year-old Mr. Alsanai is obviously very interested in providing his customers exceptional and personal service.

jessica chambers invest 7

But we havn’t answered the question of why Mr. Alsanai would want to divert attention away from the time of Jessica’s visit.  Perhaps the following will lend some of that needed clarity.

And why, when a shopkeeper is so concerned about customer service, would something so important as notifying law enforcement of the victim’s visit minutes before her death slip the mind of someone so attentive?  She was in his store talking to him on Saturday evening 12/6, yet by Tuesday 12/9, according to the local reporter sharing the CCTV discovery, he had never told investigators or police?

Hmmm,  then another jaw dropping discovery.  During research into the murder, and specifically into the burned vehicle as it sat atop a wrecker, something clicked.

See the flag in the background:

jessica chambers invest 18 tow truck

We’d seen that flag before.  Guess where?

jessica chambers invest 18.1 gas station flag

Yup.  Right in front of Ali Alsanai’s gas station.  There’s actually a couple of them.  The one in the picture of Jessica’s car appears to be this one:

flag 1

Which leads to the natural question:

Where did the picture of the tow truck come from?

Oh boy… ya don’t say…. FACEBOOK:

helps 1

And who posted it on facebook?  Yep our 19-year-old shopkeep, Ali Alsanai:

chambers FB conversation 3

Mere hours after the attack, Ali Alsanai had pictures of Jessica’s burned car taken in front of his business en route to the police impound lot.

But what’s that final comment?

chambers FB conversation 2

How would Ali know that little detail?

So let’s recap before moving on:  Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, is a 19 years old muslim member of “The BlackOutSquad”?  He operates a gas station which, by all accounts, appears to be both a legitimate business, and a possible front for the local drug trade?  He saw Jessica on the night she died, took pictures of her burned vehicle, knew details of how she died, and posted to social media.

However, he didn’t tell anyone she was there?  When questioned about it by a reporter he plays selectively edited CCTV footage, missing key moments of her visit; and waits until four days after he death to talk to law enforcement?  Who, oddly,  do the same recording method, and subject themselves to the same editing process as the reporter two days earlier?

ali 1

ali 2

Ali is well liked inside the community he serves.  Well liked.

We could go into other details about Ali Alsanai and how he is connected to New York and Yemen, and how it actually appears he was “assigned” to Panola County Mississippi? ..by family/recruiters who live in Yemen? …but we’d rather divert attention to how it circles around Jessica.

At an earlier stage in life, sometime around 2012, Jessica was involved with a guy in this Black Squad gang circle named Bryan Rudd.  Jessica would have been around 17 years old.

jessica chambers invest bryan rudd

This appears to be how Jessica became familiar with the thug lifestyle and drug culture. In addition there appears to have been some gladiator abuse. In a few of the pictures around this timeframe Jessica is noted with deep bruises.

jessica chambers convo 5 - Bryan

Jessica chambers convo 6

jessica chambers convo 7

We don’t know what happened but it appears Jessica was somehow removed -or got out- from the culture, Bryan Rudd left town, and Jessica went into some form of intervention, perhaps for addiction, counseling, dependency, or all of the above.  UPDATE 12/16/14 Jessica’s father says she was in a residential shelter for abused women (link):

While “inside” she penned this letter to her niece:

jessica chambers 4

Perhaps her familiarity with the sketchy side of society, and some of the players she would have encountered that evening, is why she was less fearful of her surroundings.

The local social media amid Mr. Alsanai’s customer base shows two aspects.  #1) that a majority of people are sad that Jessica was beaten, brutalized and killed.  #2) that a similar majority think the people who did it “went too far“.

The second point implies a concerted effort to “punish”.

…. And that’s where this circle comes back around to these two guys:

jessica 7 DA John ChampionDistrict Attorney John Champion (left) who is not well regarded by the black community, and is already under scrutiny from the DOJ/CRS for his prior failure to press “hate crimes charges” against the murderers of Johnny Lee Butts.

So him saying “and we don’t anticipate arresting nobody“, is essentially saying – move along, move along now folks… y’all just keep moving on along.

And Sheriff Dennis Darby, who delivers his “we are all one people and we believe in Jesus here” speech, while saying that, “well, people just ain’t talking right now“….

…. “and talkin’ is how we’ll ketchim”!

It would appear Mr. Ali Alsanai has nothing to fear.


ADD: My apologies for forgetting to add an important detail:

In the video of Jessica pulling into the gas station it is obvious there is no damage to the rear of her 2005 Kia Rio:

Yet, after it was set ablaze, it is also obvious there was rear end damage not caused by fire, which necessitated the use of a Tire Iron to pry open the trunk. AND the key (including a heart shaped key chain) is in the ignition, the gear shift is in the park position, and the emergency brake is pulled up.

Jessica Chambers invest 11

jessica chambers invest 12

jessica chambers invest 13

jessica chambers invest 14

jessica chambers invest 8

jessica chambers invest 9

So what does the key in the ignition, the transmission being in park, the emergency brake being activated/engaged, and rear end damage, prior to the fire – indicate to you?



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  1. tim says:

    They need to waterboard Ali .

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  2. tim says:

    So why dont they show the front of the car if thats any help


  3. michael says:

    Why is peria jerry (an ex atlanta falcon and Mississippi native) commenting on the store clerk’s picture of himself with the ar15? Why would they even know each other of this kid wasn’t doing something “out of the ordinary”?

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  4. Tom Guteryer says:

    This is how diversity works.
    She was apparently in bed with the punks, so this is her final reward.

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  5. kendra says:

    This article notes that the punk gangbanger owner of the gas station made a comment on Dec. 7 about her being burned with gasoline in her mouth – however, if you read the FB long list of comments, he actually makes that same statement on the night of her death – providing quite a bit of information mere h ours after she was found, when it is likely not clear that she had gasoline poured into her mouth and then set on fire – that would seem to be info gained AFTER her death or while under medical attention before she died. That one tiny bit of information seems far more damning than the entire gist of the article. This tiny town in nowhere MS seems to be overrun with gangbangers, drugs, and terrorist front punks. If this can happen in nowhere MS, it can happen anywhere. And where pray tell is Sharpton, Obama, the DOJ, and all the other outraged defenders of justice in America? Oh that’s right, the victim is white – she does not count, especially since her atrociously vicious murder was conducted by black and muslim gang bangers, otherwise known as Sharpton/Obama/DOJ peeps! The whole thing is sickening and people of that county need to rise up in fury against these two fat pigs overseeing the so-called investigation.


    • kendra says:

      Oh yes forgot to mention – those gangbanger hand signs? They are similar to the same as the ones being flashed by the white house girls in various photos! Hmmmmmm


      • Miz Stacey W says:

        Oh yeah? Which photos? Kindly point me in the right direction to find the “Obama daughters throwing gang signs” pictures please.

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            Thank you for sharing. Now shut up, Stacy.


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            That’s not a gang sign unless the hippies were all in violent gangs, lol! It’s a peace sign, otherwise known as deuces, and it means “peace out”, “see ya later”. It’s an urban symbol, but not gang related.

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            • GetItRight says:

              A peace sign doesn’t include the thumb. However I am not implying that they are throwing signs either way.


            • auscitizenmom says:

              Whether it is a gang sign or not. Those expressions on their faces do NOT go along with a peace sign. Those girls are definitely doing a thug sign (real or not) along with their expressions.

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              • vin1vid1vic1 says:

                I’m sure the Obamas do not support their daughters hanging out with thugs. They are from Chicago. Young kids worship these rapper gangsters who use music industry to promote an anti establishement mentality cloaked in supposed “music”. The lyrics are vile,degrading and a platform to induce young wannabes to admire the lifestyle of money worship and sexual degrading of women. These young kids are too easily led astray and worship these idiots with their pants falling to their ankles as some type heroes. Sad but true. To what extent is it . Just take a look. That is not a peace sign. It is a sign representing the rap culture and it’s gestures and all that goes with that sub culture. Not saying that those Obama girls are maybe just imitating it in jest. None of us can read their mind. There are thousand of kids out there who have been influenced by this crap rap.

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                • auscitizenmom says:

                  The only part of what you said that I might differ with is “I’m sure the Obamas do not support their daughters hanging out with thugs.” Their mother holds Beyonce up as a role model to them and I think she is as vile as all the others. Imagine using her as an example of how to act.


              • Lee Jackson says:

                Really? Have you ever had teenagers? Those girls are doing what pretty much all teenagers do now. There is nothing here for you to judge. Remember, auscitizenmom, judge not LEST YOU BE JUDGED.


                • auscitizenmom says:

                  Their mother, Michelle, holds up Beyonce as a role model. She encourages this thug attitude. Beyonce acts like a tramp.


                • allmonitored says:

                  Don’t get me started on beyonce and her vile husband Jayz.

                  For anyone who is not aware, both openly condone domestic violence. No surprise, since Jay Z frequently abuses Beyonce and they both sign about it joyfully in “Drunk in love”, where Jay Z refers to Ike Turner beating up Tina.

                  Of course, rather than distancing herself from this kind of lyrics, miss Knowles just plays along and contributes to a hit containing messages most people are not even aware of.

                  They are, without a single doubt in my mind, throwing SOME kind of gang sing. A gang sign does not have to be something we can recognise as outsiders, it’s an INSIDE thing. Those who are in the know, know full well what these girls are saying when signalling their hands.

                  Anyone condoning this behaviour is as much part of the problem as the people performing it and contributing directly to the destruction of society as we know it.


            • ImpeachEmAll says:

              Spahn Ranch your idea of peaceful hippies?



              • allmonitored says:

                A shame that you feel the need to censor, dear editor. As much as I support your article, I can’t support your censoring my opinion, which, as far as I was aware, was formulated in the most polite manner.

                I’m only posting this since it became apparent that comments are first read. I’m fine with that, but I would like to also express my disappointment. I’m sure this doesn’t bother you, but where I was enticed to follow your blog earlier on after reading what I thought was a most excellent article, I now feel a lot less compelled to subscribe to someone who will censor honest civilised opinions such as that I posted earlier. Unless you could of course elaborate on why you felt the need to simply mute me..

                Good luck in your further endeavours, I hope this article can contribute to catching whatever scum perpetrated this.


            • that is NOT a “peace” (READ: “one who supported the commie regime during the cold war”) sign. The “peace sign” looked like this:



            • kim haynes says:

              Yep! Just like the other responders here, that definitely is NOT a peace sign. Like someone else said the peace sign does not include the thumb, plus another fact noone else seemed to pick up on is the peace sign was the opposite side of the hand. The peace sign was two fingers, the index and the middle finger and the underside of the hand shown to whom you were giving the peace sign to. Did you live in the 60′ s and early 70’s? I did, i was born in 1960 and most of us born in the very late 50’s and very early 60’s were too young to be in the hippie crowd, but most of us were wannabe hippies. And like everyone else, I am not condemning the Obama girls here, but considering who their parents are, remember during his first presidential campaign, mom said she never much liked America, but just gained a new respect for America. And considering dad’s hidden agenda as president, maybe these girls were taught or just learned from their role models, as all kids do, not to like or respect America much either. Just sayin. But again, it could be as others here said the rap culture, kids just following the crowd, who knos?


    • Bill says:

      Amen Brother!! Or the father should take a gun n clean house!!


  6. Excellent reporting.


  7. My Lady Queen of Martyrs says:

    Growing up in North Georgia, I’m baffled to realize that, not only has this country become completely insane with #blacklivesmatter, but that they’ve taken over the south, too. Well, here: #whitewomenslivesmatter.

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  8. Graves says:

    After reading this ENTIRE post and being from “Nowhere, Mississippi;” it appears to be much more likely that someone with hate/jealousy/race issues towards these “thugs” and young entrepreneurs befriending and dating white ladies is the true culprit… And, you all keep saying the same thing… “How did he know all this information the night of the accident?” Well, another blatantly obvious fact that you’ve mentioned over and over. The Gas Station is the ONLY one in town! Being from Nowhere, Mississippi, I KNOW THAT THE GAS STATION IS THE HUB OF CONVERSATION OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN LITTLE TOWNS! You all know this too. Sirens, a girl walking down the road in flames after she was just at the gas station speaking with her friends; I’m gonna wager that Alsanai got the first bits of information before anyone in the community, naturally… You mean to tell me that no one stopped into this gas station and started talking about what was going on in town??? C’mon….. I mean, the man might even have a scanner if he is indeed part of an underground drug circuit… If I were in that line of business, I would probably invest in the same contraption to safeguard my actions. But, truly, no one could have known if the young woman’s mouth had been filled with gasoline on the night of the crime. That would take extensive medical testing and work to prove and I’m guessing everyone was trying to save the poor girl’s life… Laboratory testing would take days to uncover this truth. It seems much more likely that this is small-town gossip catching to fire and spreading at an incredible pace. But, you know; well done, Mississippi. In light of all this horrible press concerning race in America, you’re all going to make this a claim about race… When, at point blank; it’s a horrible crime. No matter who is responsible, the sadness of the truth of the incident is overwhelming… Someone set a young woman to fire… But, I’ve got it. It’s all black and white to you….

    And, Tom Guteryer…. Goodness! You judge her choice in lovers and condemn her to death as her reward… UGH!!!

    God help us all if you folks can’t gain a bit of awareness…

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  9. mdb says:

    I don’t get it . Law enforcement as they put it down there are trying to make it like this treasure trove is not relevant. Ha! Long live anonymous! It is Crystal now.

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  10. Bella says:

    OMG this is horrifying. Where is the justice?!


  11. jimmyjon says:

    Civil war can’t come soon enough.

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  12. Timothy says:

    To die the way Jessica did is just unbearable horrible pain and to survive an extra torturing day is just inconceivable!
    So sorry but it is no meaning to what and how age suffered poor Angel.
    In hope the monster of this atrocious crime will be caught and brought to justice.

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    • vin1vid1vic1 says:

      She was said to be put in a medically induced coma in her last hours. Her mother and other family were said to be there. They knew she would not make it. Memphis is only less than an hour from Courtland,Ms.


  13. Analyzer says:

    Why was he able to take a picture of the car so soon after the event? The tow truck driver should have taken that evidence straight to the police station and it should have been draped with a tarp so as to preserve the condition of the car. The tow truck driver had no business stopping by a gas station.

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  14. TheTruth says:

    This is not the Panola county I recall from the 70s and 80s. What a bunch of bottom feeders. They’re just so cool. I have no idea how people think this nonsense is righteous or defendable. Playing the race card to excuse reprehensible, obnoxious, criminal predator behavior by thugs is simply a homer act of cowardice. These clowns deserve prison and whatever else is coming. Gang signs and gun pics and all that crap. Youth culture has taken a bad downward turn. Let’s glorify it all. Gimme a break. I respect those that contribute to society rather than spread malice and pain. These wannabe tough guys should go serve in the army or marines and do something different with their desire to be Tony Montana. Pretenders. Grow the f##k up. Maybe prison is a cool badge of honor also. Go for it. It’s the best place for your hobbies. Burning a girl alive is not an act of courage. Despicable. Same would go for white thugs murdering a black woman. Disgusting is disgusting. Human behavior…..incredible. These are the types that poison Halloween candy for kicks. Some people just should be deselected from the genetic pool based upon their lack of humanity. Society would be safer. Victims rights over thug rights all day.

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  15. Up2Late says:

    Mr. Bibb said that the investigator said that “Derrick” or “Eric” did it. My money is on Jerrick Todd. His Facebook posts seem to be overcompensating and disingenuous…and his name rhymes with the names provided by a girl on fire.

    As for Ali, I would imagine he’s heavily involved. That said, I don’t think his comment about gasoline being poured in her mouth is necessarily damning. If she told a firefighter that’s what happened, Ali could’ve heard it from a firefighter or the tow truck driver.


    • Firelight says:

      If she told a firefighter that’s what happened You think?
      It’s difficult to talk with a frog in your throat. I don’t know how much more difficult it would be to talk with half a gallon of lit gasoline in there.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        I had a friend who was involved in a very bad fire which burned his mouth and throat badly. He could speak for a short time and didn’t really feel much. By the time he got to the hospital his throat was swollen almost shut and he had to be intubated. It is possible to speak for a short while.

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        • vin1vid1vic1 says:

          Jessica Chambers was between life and death as she was poisoned by whatever those animals poured down her throat. Gasoline of lighter fluid either would be poison even if it weren’t ignited. Adding to the fact that her body was ignited,it was pure attempt at survival and heavenly intervention that she managed to maintain consciousness at all. She was said to have a strong spirit and was physically athletic. The timing was crucial that she could still speak even in a whisper before all the forces of her ultimate demise overwhelmed her.


  16. Kay Stamper says:

    I have a question..if she and the car were obviously totally consumed with fire then, how on earth did the flag sticking from the rear of the car survive. Also, notice it not in the pictures released to the media. It’s only pictured in the Facebook photos on the parked tow truck. Just makes me wonder if Ali was trying to send out a subtle message or a calling card by placing the flag on the car after it was brought back on the tow truck. which is why he took pictures of the car and quickly placed it on his FB.


    • stella says:

      I’m going to answer this one more time. Please pay attention. Read the evidence and look closely at the pics of the gas station. The flag is not attached to the car. It is sticking into the ground behind the car in this pic. The flags are in front of the gas station.

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      • elf says:

        I thought it was interesting that the FB pic of the outside of the car only had the last half of the car. The first thing I would have done was to get a long view of the whole car since it was torched and obviously quite a sight to see. Why take a portrait shot that doesn’t run the length of the car? How many pics do you think were taken and why do you think this was selected as one of the “best” ones for FB? I have no idea about any of it but the flag does seem well placed and surprisingly in focus… although that could be a total coincidence.


  17. mdb says:

    Want to say thank you to this site and anonymous doing God’s work here on earth!😅truly awsome.to those living the American dream dishonestly can get what they got coming to them.and those breaking there Ass to be an honest human stay conservative! It is all that is left.I really hope they round up and shut down that town!


  18. tim says:

    if we only new where she was going to get a bite to eat.


    • Katy says:

      I believe this is maybe just what she told mom, I think if mom knew where she was actually going she would not let her leave or try and stop her. I read she just recently or at least not long ago was released from a battered woman’s shelter. I also read a post where someone posted texts I believe from a friend of hers that said she was with a guy and was having an argument in a church parking lot. Don’t know if the texts are true or what but if so could be why she said she was going to get a bite to eat to mom. I know my mom wouldn’t let me leave with an ex abusive boyfriend. Hell I’m 28 and she would still tell me where to go.


  19. tim says:

    Why dont the officials confiscate the computer that has the footage even if it was erased it is still in the harddrive.


  20. Jeff says:

    The trunk being damaged could be from firefighting. Sometimes we need to pry the trunk open.


  21. tim says:

    in order to pry open the trunk u need to pop the lock, not pry on the corner.


  22. tim says:

    So why aren t we getting anything on what she said to the firefighter. I betcha hes gonna forget what exactly she tried to say to him.


  23. Jenny C says:

    Peria Jerry
    #97 DT
    Atlanta Falcons | Official Team Site
    Height: 6-2 Weight: 295 Age: 30
    Born: 8/23/1984 Memphis , TN
    College: Mississippi
    Experience: 6th season
    High School: South Panola HS [Batesville, MS]; Hargrave Mil. Acad. [Chatham, VA]


  24. Katy says:

    I’m not sure how the police department works in this community, I do know how it works in mine. When an accident has been dispatched to 911 ( like a car accident ) police are also dispatched to that location. Now the police cars where I’m from each are equipped with a camera, this is installed in each car. My question is this, does anyone know if police were dispatched? If so did they arrive befor the Fire Department? The reason I ask this is because I have heard some say she was walking down the road, she was laying by her car, then of course her whispering a name to the Fire Chief (who in my opinion is a sorry excuse for a fire chief, also seems shady to me). If police did dispatch to crime, and if they do in fact have police car cameras then maybe that could clear some questions up. I for one would not watch them, I have a hard enough time just thinking about this poor girl and what she went through. But I think it would answer some questions. So does anyone know the police was there at the crime scene and if they have patrol camera’s?


    • vin1vid1vic1 says:

      Not that this Ali character gets my vote for truthfulness but it’s easy enough to verify some of this. He has said that the local Sheriff and deputies came to the M&M around the time the tow truck also stopped after leaving the scene of the murder around 11 pm. He said the Sheriff said that Jessica Chambers had died and stated about gasoline poured down her throat.. Also that they asked to see the cameras at the store. So, if some have said he didn’t say anything for several days about the video.. Maybe he was told to keep quiet.


  25. CR says:

    I smell lots of rats!

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  26. PLaw says:

    I’m strongly assuming Podunk Town doesn’t have traffic cameras.


  27. The Sheriff says they are trying to nail down the timeline. Then he says they have the timeline nailed down. Then he says they are trying to nail down the timeline. Wtf?


    • mechanized says:

      He’s just a terrible liar.


    • Katy says:

      The whole town stinks to high heaven. The way they act, and the way they answer questions really raises my eyebrows. When first learning about this I was thinking that maybe she had info she was going to/had already, put out there. Her dad being a convicted drug distributer and now somehow working for the local LE makes me wonder if this was a known attack between the high rollers in that town, they thought it will only make it to the 8 o’clock news and we will be home free. Then us ( couch fbi is what they call us) smart people new hey somethjng ain’t right here, we take action. They all get scared and can’t keep their story’s straight. That goes for the dad ( who when ggiving an interview trys to bring potty on himself by saying “sorry daddy couldn’t protect you”), that goes for the mom ( who instead of looking for answers on her daughters murder, choices to be on social media saying how she is tired of reading the negative comments. ) The police department ( for giving out crucial information hours after the crime), the fire chief( I mean if you have seen this clowns FB you would know what I’m talking about), the gas station owner ( for not telling the police he saw her, for pretty much bragging on social media about the crime, and to me him posting pics and letting everyone know how this poor girl died is bragging. For changing the video footage, he knows something I can bet money), the friends of jessicas ( where are you guys at? Why are you not asking questions? Everyone is so hush hush about this), why is it that if this was any other government controlled racial issue we would have live broadcast, but a young girl is burnt alive and we get nothing but ” we don’t see any arrest in the future “.

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    • jimmyjon says:

      They KNOW who done it. The perps have the local authorities very deep in their back pockets


  28. tim says:

    if a name was mentioned by jessica ,why dont they have any1 detained? Yet the authorities will not discuss what she had said.


    • angie says:

      Jessica was supposed to have said someone named Derrick or Eric was responsible. Never in my life have I have I seen so many men who have names ending in ric or rick. I guess they have to interview each one and that could take a while.


  29. tim says:

    I bet she said his last name but the fire boy wont give it up


  30. Robert says:

    It seems to me that Ali said she bought more gas than usual. Like 14 dollars worth. Perhaps he allowed her to have the gas w/o charge. Maybe someone on the side of the gas station in the footage gave her additional money to purchase extra gas. Because either Ali or the person on the side of the gas station wanted her to be sure to have enough gas for her vehicle to catch fire. He seems fairly sketchy and why would anyone edit the footage or fail to come forward with info about her visit to the gas station until days later? And the law enforcement is a joke. How can you say you do not anticipate any arrests except that you do not plan on pursuing any person of interest? I hope someone else has asked this question? And thought of this possibility.


  31. waiting1979 says:

    A doc told me that burns are fatal at 85%. So hard to believe someone could suffer 98% burns such as these, specifically to the lungs, and talk, or walk, even a tiny bit.
    Still without ID on:
    2 firepeople ‘securing the crime scene’
    towtruck driver
    dispatcher of towtruck driver
    911 caller

    Not expecting ID on the last one.

    looks like 4 gouges of removed as much as it does tire ruts. I can’t understand why I see 4 ruts instead of two. The tow truck maybe.. but then it still seems wrong to the eye. I’m expert not.


    • waiting1979 says:

      also, i like being stupid with my eyes, so i must ask.. that is NOT a gas tank on the ground below the four ruts, right? of course not.. i cant understand the squareness of the discoloration.. dim computer or eyes no doubt.


  32. Race this in not about. If it were why the hell are the blacks working with Mr. Ali who is Muslim.? When did he get to the states or was he born here? In life we all have made some mistakes whether it be dating, work, relationships with parents siblings or another. Who she was, she was human, a daughter, aunt, sister and lots of others loved one. Who commented on post, who talked, does it matter? She lost her life from dating a low life gang banger in which was known for domestic issues, whom she got away from and in turn she paid the ultimate price with her life. What is the law enforcement working with these f***** up people living in such ways doing covering it up? Shut that force down now United States. I believe that Jessica not matter when, where but at some point was targeted not only by her ex. and Mr. Ali but I believe the towns officials as well because they wanted her mouth shut in case of her freeing herself of all trouble and turmoil in her life that she did play in part of. How could the car be burnt and cool within 90 mins? I doubtfully think it could. I believe she was chased by another in a vehicle that rammed her by the rear end never even getting gas and whatever else the mother says. Ali says there was another attendant at the station in which would give him away of being freed for however long he wanted as I am sure the one working with him is a low life f****** thug like him and her black ex. They could have taken her car brought it in themselves to get “gas”. The time was off on the cameras? I believe they all have automatic time change. If the time is off like he said then I would say “it wasn’t the right time of the year on that tape it had to be from months earlier and he had saved it for this day!” All in all I am sorry and sickened by what our government and civil protectors handle these demonic, evil people like and yes they are involved. They wouldn’t want the U,S. citizens to find out that about our pigs and there brood and their families be put out there so something like Jessica’s death to happen to their f****** kids, partners or even themselves. For a young woman trying to clear who past within herself and do right by which she felt to have to die this way SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, especially in a town of this size. For goodness sakes, I am sure there was talk around about her being taken out. If Mr. Ali knows so much of her death then why hadn’t he heard about her being killed. ALI, the pigs (cops), and the punk a** gang bangers all need *** ****** **** ***** ****** and see what difference that would make with our United States Government if any. Our system has been corrupt since the first dumb f***** wanted to be a cop or control freak of everyone in the country. I belong to one maker and have to only answer to one, and that is the one that our country says we are all under. One nation under GOD, Those who murdered this beautiful girl and think they will not be held responsible are only fooling themselves and those who want to believe such low life f**** will as well. God Bless you Jessica. You were taken out of this messed up world for only good reasons and that was to forgive yourself from what you did in previous time so you could be at peace with yourself. Rest in peace in heaven above.

    (Edited by Admin…)


    • waiting1979 says:

      such an awesome question: How could the car be burnt and cool within 90 mins? hooray for you!! (us, cuz I wus thinkin the same.. frankly two explosions in my neighborhood took several hours to cool)

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    • jimmyjon says:

      Hi Glendolyn, there’s a documentary showing on Netflix right now concerning the James “Whitey” Bulger organized crime case. It uncovers an example of high level government corruption that is absolutely second to none. Anyone who can watch that and not come away from it with an absolute total fear of government is completely brain dead. It shows how the FBI was involved in mob murder and mayhem in the Boston, Ma. area for 30 long yrs. Not just at the field operative level, but all the way up through and including the highest level bosses. Absolutely unbelievable! Or not, should I really say. Everyone should watch that documentary, it would give a clear concise example of just how much of a formidable foe we actually have in our very own gov’t. Some might say that documentaries lie, but the court proceedings into that case tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The saying that “people should not have to fear their gov’t, but gov’t should fear the people” gets tossed right out the window after watching that crazy unbelievable chit!


  33. tim says:

    was there any gas left in her tank?

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  34. nota says:

    no one is going to rat out local lodge members, that is why the cops are covering it up. gangs and cops work together for profit


  35. tim says:

    Why hasnt the Hacktavist Group hacked into the stores video yet?


  36. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Peace March
    Sunday, December 28th
    Courtland, Mississippi Post Office

    Wonder if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will attend?


    • Pookie says:

      No, Sharpcoon won’t be there. He is rather busy extorting a large check from Sony.


      • rmnewt says:

        Can you give the guy a break, he needs (strike that) is entitled to the money so that he can pay off the IRS. Heck, he is also teaching the Hollywood writers about creativity. Their fictions are less imaginative than his extortion and other successes. He’s raised the bar yet again.
        Act II, Al Sharpton to star in the remake of “Mr Smith goes to Washington.” He’s pretty much like James Stewart war hero and all, but can help balance the racial bias in Hollywood.
        Finally, Sony is reaping what they sew.


      • ImpeachEmAll says:

        Perhaps spending time contemplating an explanation

        for Sergeant Kizzy Adoni actions.


  37. ImpeachEmAll says:

    12 PM (High Noon) Sunday DECEMBER 28th

    Courtland Post Office

    Peaceful March #JusticeforJessica

    Spread the word

    Retweet Over & Over


  38. ImpeachEmAll says:

    12 PM (High Noon) Sunday DECEMBER 28th

    Courtland Post Office

    Peaceful March #JusticeforJessica

    Spread the word

    Retweet Over & Over



  39. tim says:

    Why doesnt any of the FBI, police,and other departments hold ali for tampering w/ evidence of video footages?


  40. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Jessica has not been forgotten.

    Have patience – all good things in time.


  41. Robert says:

    We have not heard anything about this in the State run Media. Have watched the papers and nothing. Why are they keeping this so quiet? Maybe Eric Holder has given orders.


  42. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Did you mark your calendar?

    Please remember Jessica in your thoughts and spread the word.

    12 PM (High Noon) Sunday DECEMBER 28th

    Courtland Post Office

    Peaceful March #JusticeforJessica

    Spread the word

    Retweet Over & Over


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  43. tfclan.de says:

    When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new
    comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I receive 4 emails with the same comment.
    There has to be a means you can remove me from that service?


    • Ad rem says:

      YOU can turn off the notifications to email. Click on your name/avatar in the upper right on the black ribbon to go to “My Account”. On the right side of the page is a list of “Settings”. Select “Notifications”. Turn off “Email me when someone Likes one of my comments.”


  44. what a pitiful community to busy taking care of thugs to take care of there own god Bless you Jessica to bad you where born into this


  45. sally says:

    that child could not have done nothing on this earth to any one for her to be treated that way RIP”


  46. tim says:

    Check this out, {The gas station owner who helped her said nothing seemed out of sorts.
    “She seemed normal,” Ali Alsanai told CNN affiliate WREG. “She didn’t seem like something was going wrong, you know? She just seemed normal. She just pumped some gas, we had a talk and she left.”
    He said Thursday that one thing struck him as odd: Chambers pumped $14 worth of gas. She was a regular in the store, popping in every day or two, and she rarely pumped more than $5 in gas, he said.
    “I asked her about it, and she said she was going somewhere,” he said. “She was quiet that day, real quiet.”} he said nothing seemed out of sorts, then he says it was odd that she pumped $14 not $5 , then he says she was real quiet that day real quiet. but nothing was out of sort. Figure that 1 out.hes full of sh it.


    • stu says:

      I’ve heard that Ali has offered to supply the 55 gal. drums, and the necessary gas, to burn the perps alive, as they did to Jessica, if their identities become known. That seems to tell me whose side he’s on.


  47. Bill says:

    Why isn’t the FBI involved,or are they? Drug trade and terrorism go hand and hand..???


  48. tim says:

    I bet Ali had a chat w/ her so to distract her while some1 was getting inside her car.


  49. SlimPickens says:

    I’ve been following this event since the first day. I believe the investigation has been flawed since the beginning. For some reason no one wants to get the answers on this terrible crime. i.e.: I believe the place where Jessica was burned is not the place where she was raped and hit over the head. The pouring gasoline in her mouth was to destroy DNA. After she was assaulted they moved back toward Courtland and stopped at that spot to burn her. This moved the crime seen away from the place of the assault and possible evidence. I believe the area of the assault was never investigated and of course the window to easily retrieve evidence is long past. The extreme pain of the burning brought her to consciousness. I do not believe she was assaulted at the burn site but about a mile on down the road at a better concealed area.

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  50. SlimPickens says:

    Where is the autopsy report??????????????


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