African American Grand Jury Will Examine Evidence In Mike Brown Shooting Case…

Let it not be said the grievance community is nothing, if not, persistent.

SAINT LOUIS – (KTVI) – African-American community leaders say they’re taking action to put justice back into the hands of black people. They say they will convene a black grand jury on January 3rd and 4th to look at the evidence in the Michael Brown shooting.

angry black coalition

Those grand jury members will go over the evidence presented to the St. Louis County Grand Jury. They also say they will call Darren Wilson, County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles and Governor Jay Nixon to testify.

“What it does is educates and informs our people that two bodies came together, examined the same set of evidence, and were able to come to different conclusions. Therefore, the only thing standing between us and our ability to carry out the will of the people is to change this relationship that exists between us and the armed state apparatus that controls us.” said Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Regardless of the decision made by this grand jury, it will have no legal bearing on the case. (more)

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181 Responses to African American Grand Jury Will Examine Evidence In Mike Brown Shooting Case…

  1. ches1 says:

    Don’t believe for a second that this would not beIF a kangaroo court. They are not iinterested in justice, only their agenda.

    IF they were really interested in how blacks viewed the GJ evidence, why don’t they try to find out how those blacks, on the real GJ voted.

    For all they know, those blacks could have voted against indictment.


    • Pablo says:

      Well, they’ve already decided what the outcome will be, before reviewing the evidence.

      “What it does is educates and informs our people that two bodies came together, examined the same set of evidence, and were able to come to different conclusions.”

      If I was trying to make black people look stupid, I’d get these ones and put a microphone in front of them.

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      • Detroilet says:

        You really don’t have to work very hard to accomplish the goal of making colored people look stupid. You have millions of colored people working diligently on that goal everyday.

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      • pspinach says:

        IKR? Their conclusion will be Mike Brown was shot from the back while kneeling in prayer to Jesus for his life, pleading with KKK member Wilson to spare this po’ boy’s life, his mama needed the money. Think I’m kidding? I kid you not, they’ll come up with something. Barry et al are good at playing this game, hence 6 years and still at it. The results speak for themselves.


    • lurking2014 says:

      If the case to be made against Wilson were any good at all, Crump could bring a civil suit.

      If Crump is endorsing this sham “jury” in any way it is a sure sign that he knows the legitimate gig is up.


  2. Daniel says:

    The grand jury, I thought, was already majority black. At least there were black people on that grand jury. And beyond that, most of the witness testimony was black and most of that either agreed with the evidence or were proven to be deliberately false.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      I believe the make up of the grand jury was 9 white, 3 black. This group matched the population percentages for the county (which is apparently around 70 or 80% white).

      And you’re correct, most of the witness testimony were from black members of the community. Members that didn’t go in front of the media flaunting their story. Members that live in fear today for retaliation for telling the truth. Members that would be ridiculed and have their lives ruined by their own race, if their identities were ever released.

      In my mind, they are heroes. Heroes for telling the truth when doing so would put their own lives in danger. In the eyes of the country, these people betrayed the black communities.

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    • lurking2014 says:

      The witnesses that corroborated Wilson’s account — and the physical evidence — were by and large black.

      Somehow, not good enough.


  3. 1hear2learn says:

    I’d like to see those transcripts LOL!


  4. Betty says:

    Hay Black people you know what comes before Justice? Truth !
    Truth, Justice, and the American way !
    You people used to know that a long time ago.


  5. Les says:

    Extreme Immaturity Warning This Post Not For Grownups

    If you look at the shadows on his suit, the one on the left (your left while reading) is especially funny. haha

    Sorry, I’m a child.


  6. kc10lvr says:

    I really and truly hope this is not afforded media coverage come Jan. Relatively speaking, it has quieted down in the STL metro area…and after three long months, it’s nice to hear other news on the news! This group of folks, IMO, are a joke, as they’ve clearly stated, they’re merely going through the motion as their minds seem to be made up they will come upon a different outcome/conclusion…though I don’t see how that is possible. What bothers me though, is that many of the black community here, and perhaps nationally, will take their findings to heart, thus scraping away at the still forming scab of the wound this mess has become.


    • Les says:

      But they aren’t a joke. They feel like what they are doing is totally okay to do. That is a problem. And they haven’t thought out the idea of black justice too hard. Black justice usually includes gunfire. Lack of black justice because you are instituting black justice also usually ends in gunfire.

      I read somewhere that many Europeans think America is the New South Africa. That place is ate up now that it is under black rule. African countries are ruled by despots and murderers and “leaders” who take all the US aid and let their own people starve.

      They really don’t want African justice or black hood justice. They just want to yowl and get attention. That’s exactly why I don’t go to the movies much anymore. Needy people suck.

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  7. Gary says:

    The ‘jury’ hasn’t convened yet but they can say …

    “…and were able to come to different conclusions.”

    This really does say it all.


  8. Lucille says:

    They just want to get their hands on the names and addresses of all witnesses who corroborated Officer Wilson’s testimony to force them to change their testimony. Plus they want to expose Wilson to threats and evil intent. Certainly no one involved in the case has to show up.

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  9. whodoneit says:

    These “black grievance” groups only accomplish making themselves appear utterly ridiculous. These people live in a little “pretend world” where reality simply doesn’t exist. It’s pitiful.


  10. And they REALLY expect Darren Wilson to show up for this?? Now that’s comical!


    • kihn says:

      They can cite him for contempt/ failing to appear and have the New Black People’s Police Department arrest him for ignoring their subpoena. Take him before the judge of the New Black People’s Court to rule on it and hand down a verdict.

      All legit.

      We are so screwed as a country when this is given any legitimacy in the media.


  11. Monkeywench says:

    Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party. Now that says it all.
    And do they practice making those faces in the mirror?
    How difficult it must be for these people to keep up the anger day in and day out. They must wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “What can I get mad about today?” And if nothing comes immediately to mind, there is always that old slavery issue.


  12. eastern2western says:

    did any one paid any attention to the speaker’s Russian fur hat with the communist star on the front? Is it beyond obvious that this grand jury is made up of some really radical socialist communist members?


  13. Tish says:

    So now we can have all white juries as well….right !


  14. TyroneAxeMeDis says:

    The ‘collective’ IQ of the whole group must surely reach 100 – especially if the considerable cognitive abilities of Congressman Hank Johnson is on board with this – right?


  15. “We’d lynch if we could get away with it.”
    That is what this is about, isn’t it? Not justice–but revenge and race hatred.


  16. thestorm says:

    They will have to form a Citizens Grand Jury,not so easy to do. 2 of the black witnesses are already dead,Shawn Gray found dead in a channel & DeAnder Joshua shot in his car that was set on fire. The other 4 would not testify again if they live through their 1st testimonies. Those 6 witnesses who testified in defense of Wilson are considered snitches in the black community no matter what the truth happens to be.


  17. thestorm says:

    That would be Double Jeopardy,wouldn’t it? Isn’t that unlawful in America? They want Wilson dead. You can bet your life that bho & holder are behind this!!!!


  18. CM says:

    Am I mistaken in recalling during the PA press conference announcing the verdict- it included the phrase “unanimous decision” by the jurors not to indict? Just wondering if I misheard it, & he said something similar. But swear it was just before or after verdict.

    There is a fatal flaw with their discriminatory jury plan. As well as having no ethical or legal standing to justify their issues with the grand jury’s makeup.
    Darren Wilson is the one who was under investigation- NOT Mike Brown. But even if it had been Brown as the defendant- the jury would have consisted of much the same in distribution of race, sex, & national origin. Bc impartial reflects the cross section of the population in the community- As a whole. Not your neighborhood, nor ever is it to be based upon that of the race/sex of the Alleged “victim.”
    Same bs was claimed after Zimmerman verdict. Again without any basis. But pretending “peers” meant how these morons are misinterpreting. GZ was on trial- NOT TM! So it’d STILL be reflective of GZ’s (r/s/n.o.)
    It amazes me they continue to promote such ignorance of the judicial process. And an exclusively black jury’s opinion has no legal value in this case.

    | The 6th Amendment guarantees the accused the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury. The phrase “jury of one’s peers” is not included in the Amendment, however, the courts interpret peer to mean equal, i.e., the jury pool must include a cross section of the population of the community in terms of gender, race, and national origin. The jury selection process must not exclude or intentionally narrow any particular group of people.
    A jury of one’s peers does not mean a black defendant must be tried by an all black jury or a female defendant must be tried by an all woman panel. The objective is to select an impartial jury from a randomly selected juror pool who will be fair, listen to the facts of the case, and render a just verdict based on the evidence. |


  19. TwoLaine says:

    Isn’t this a slap in the face to Rosa Parks?
    She fought for desegregation.
    They seem to want segregation.
    We are always hearing about “the black community” this and that.
    I thought we were supposed to be one community.


  20. doodahdaze says:

    I rather have an all white Tea Party Grand Jury and call Crump, Holder, Obama,, Shahid, and the NAACP


  21. revbacon says:

    This shows that it’s not enough in our very Brave New World to convince intelligent people that you’ve done nothing wrong. Nope, it seems that one also must convince stupid people.

    As I’ve posted before, life often imitates jokes. It seems that there was a missionary who went to Africa and lived among the indigenous people for some time. One day, a white baby was born to one of the locals. Since there was only one white man in the whole village, the chief assumed the worst, but asked the missionary for his side of the story.

    “It’s called an Albino, Chief. It happens rarely, but it happens. It’s an accident of nature. Look, see that flock of sheep? There are a few black sheep mixed in with the flock. Every so often there will be a black sheep born to two white sheep parents. ”

    The Chief considers this for some time and then says, “OK, you no tell, I no tell.”

    My point, if it’s not clear, is that it’s not enough for that missionary to be innocent of sleeping with the mother of the albino; he must be able to dumb it down so that the savages understand it. And judging by the chief’s reply, that ain’t gonna happen. Nor, it seems, will a different set of savages understand that Michael Brown committed suicide by Darren Wilson’s hand.


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