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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The UVA Scandal – It Was All Made Up Ideological Nonsense Sold By A Like-Minded Reporter With An Ideological Agenda….

We have withheld a discussion thread on the entire Rolling Stone / UVA Rape Scandal because, well, quite frankly, we’ve got our hands full just dealing with the inbound hate from the professional grievance crowd. The last thing we would … Continue reading

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Smidgen Mail – Justice Department Was Involved In IRS Targeting, Lerner Emails Reveal…

Forbes picks up on the IRS scandal being coordinated by the DOJ… (Via Forbes)  Sadly, the 18 month investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups isn’t over, and it may be worse than anyone thought. A federal judge has … Continue reading

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Cruzian Hubris

Here’s a Thought from Scott Ott of PJ Media:

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Oakland Brown/Garner Protesters Loot Black Owned Businesses…. (w/ Video)

Nothing says “justice for Eric Garner” quite like looting a 7-11 in honor of Saint Swisher of Sweets… CALIFORNIA – After marching through Oakland, protesters went up San Pablo Avenue into Emeryville Tuesday night, where police said businesses including a … Continue reading

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Report: More Americans Favor Gun Rights Than Gun Ownership Restrictions…

Even the New York Times is forced to admit gun control activists have gone too far. The landscape has shifted, more Americans now favor gun rights and gun ownership. Pew Study – For the first time in more than two … Continue reading

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*UPDATE* – A Mississippi Burning – The Murder of Jessica Lane Chambers – Searching for #Justice For Jessica…

VIA CNN – On Thursday, a CNN crew saw a man in a Panola County Sheriff’s Office pickup truck collect something from the ground, less than 50 feet from the tree, place it in a paper bag and drive off. … Continue reading

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