Professional Athletes Push The “I Can’t Breathe” Anti-Police Narrative…

lebron 1

(Via USA Today) Cleveland Cavaliers stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving wore T-shirts with “I Can’t Breathe” on them while warming up for Monday night’s game at the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets’ Jarrett Jack, Alan Anderson, Deron Williams and Kevin Garnett also wore the T-shirts. (more)

Meanwhile Gateway Pundit has published a copy of the Berkeley protest rules, which includes:  A handout sheet for the Berkeley Eric Garner riots contains language demanding people let Blacks beat up non-Black people at the protests and to not photograph Blacks committing crimes.

Berkeley rules

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75 Responses to Professional Athletes Push The “I Can’t Breathe” Anti-Police Narrative…

  1. BitterC says:

    Yup. Now I can say I’ve seen it all.

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      And yet those twits will probably obey these ridiculous “rules”.

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      • 7delta says:

        Amazing, isn’t it? But then, remember the white kid that got robbed by some black thugs then apologized for his white privilege? This country’s moral compass is spinning out of control. It’s about right and wrong, not civil rights or skin color.

        We know that in the last FBI stats (2012), a little over 400 deaths were due to police using lethal force. Around 130-some-odd were black. The rest were white. Even with the demographic percentages factored in, blacks are not being killed by cops disproportionately. Certainly, mistakes are made, but there is no epidemic of cops killing blacks. The narrative makers are claiming that the stats are skewed because police departments self-report. Weak argument, IMO. There’s been no reason for departments to lie. It serves them to get accurate stats.

        In fact, as far as violence is concerned: Whites are over 200 times more likely to be assaulted by a black person (per capita) than a white person, blacks commit five times as many violent attacks on whites (320,000) as white on black (62,593) and whites are attacked by blacks 25 times more frequently than a black person is likely to be assaulted by a white person. Black on white rapes in 2012, the last reporting period of the victimization survey, were 13,000. White on black rapes…rounded up to nearest whole number…zero. (See Bill Whittle’s video on this, if you haven’t already. Very informative.)

        The supporters of this narrative fail to examine whether the black person was engaged in behavior that warranted lethal force nor do they confront the obvious and documented violence in the black community. Blacks are killing blacks at an epidemic rate, but that doesn’t support the narrative. They want to talk about how black ‘feel’. It doesn’t matter how blacks ‘feel’. Feelings are not always based in reality, but in skewed perceptions and these perceptions are being promulgated by the liars. Their ‘feelings’ are based in falsehoods. They have been trained to see events as racist that no one of another race would view that way.

        The narrative parrots aren’t interested in dealing with the real issues. They are interested only in the usefulness of their narrative. Actual evidence destroys it. They are using black people…and white…but they’re using blacks as canon fodder to achieve goals that will literally destroy the black community in the end. That includes the blacks who are mimicking the lies. If they truly cared about the black community, lying and stoking civil unrest would not be the tactic of choice.

        We have to outsmart these liars, but other than repeating the truth over and over, I don’t know, at this point, how to pop the lie bubble. I do know we can’t let them goad us into doing what they want us to do…whatever that is at any given moment. That brings me back to it being about right and wrong, not civil rights or skin color. It’s not about blame. It’s about the truth and dealing with real issues, not contrived narratives or feelings. How do we pound truth, morals and principles and get heard?

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  2. ed greenr says:

    LEBENEdict James tee shirt on Xmas. For traitors visit to play Miami heat game would be great


  3. Phooey says:

    White guilt = white marginalization. Anyone who would go along with those rules is a doormat and has no self esteem, either naturally or through indoctrination. Here’s the latest published proof that the federal government sanctions the attack on white Americans (link was posted here in another thread), via the CRS preaching this garbage:

    And meanwhile, NBA players further alienate their dwindling Caucasian audience…

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    • John Galt says:

      There’s still hockey, right?

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    • steve says:

      All Whites need to boycott the NBA and NFL. Also, boycott the companies that promote these Over Paid Black athletes. Do not buy products that they endorse. Do not purchase products from companies that promote race mixing in their Anti-White commercials. It is long past time to take a stand. I do not expect to hear about any of this girls murder on Fox News. Thank God for the internet.


    • Cherpa 1 says:

      Is basketball losing it’s white audience? Good news.
      Snow, rain, winds on East and West Coast. Mother Nature is clearly not on the side of the dope protestors. Think it is already Flu season. Lot’s of flu for dopes fooling around on the ground and getting pelted with snow, rain and wind. There is a G-d.


  4. Horsesoldier says:

    You can’t fix stupid. Nuff said….


  5. Ursula says:

    Whites have to stop buying tickets to these sports. We make them rich but money does not give them logic and reason. Time to DEFUND. I say No Peace No Tickets!!

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    • ytz4mee says:

      I have never gone to a professional NBA or NFL game, nor do I intend to start.

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      • partyzantski says:

        NBA & NFL are institutional racism. I will not go to/pay for/wear anything associated with these groups.

        For many thinking people, the only sports that matter are the combat sports… things that involve individual effort and ability, usually harsh weather, long distances, metal objects. Biathlon comes to mind. There are no “leagues”, no team locker rooms. There is just you, and the objective. It is an individual journey.


      • mazziflol says:

        …And in other news, NHL Games begin filling to capacity with thriving new fans.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I’ll never go to another one. When my nephew became one of the original Orlando Magic players I soon realized my ex hubby had bought us season tickets. I quit going long before he stopped playing for the Magic. These players are way over paid and there is continual increased violence associated with these players. They have injected themselves into the recent racial wars without considering any facts. Maybe they can’t read the evidence as they get eased on through college.


  6. PatrickSMcNally says:

    As far as the shirts go, I think the real problem is just leaving it at that. The officer who applied the apparent choke-hold was acting under the direction of others, and I believe that there was a black female cop in charge here. The death did not occur at the time of choking, but later on in an ambulance as I recall it. It seems that there is a lot of blame to go around, but that this one officer was singled out to be a poster-boy for “white racist pigs” and the jury rightly saw through the game. If these players were giving more elaborated views then I probably could find myself agreeing with them on a lot of things about the Garner death. But just wearing shirts is tantamount to recycling propaganda from Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. If that’s as far as they carry it then they should be ashamed of themselves. Anyway, I’ve never gone to such sports games in the last 3 decades so I can’t really say much about whether current sports fans should quit going to them.

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    • partyzantski says:

      Just ashamed of themselves? They are accomplices in all that follows. Consider how many joined the Nazi Party just out of convenience or to “get ahead”. How are the propagators of BGI-designed hatred any different than people hanging swastikas in the window, or wearing those snazzy arm bands?

      It is the same thing. Thinking men and women know that the Devil’s best trick was to convince people that he did not exist. It is the same with the BGI and all the Progressive Nazis (PRoZIs).

      As recently exhibited in Fergustan, every night was Kristallnacht (until they ran out of windows). That revolutionary movement has been exported to many American cities that may experience similar after effects. They burned places to destroy evidence, and in a primal recognition that the medium is the message

      If one takes a look at the very unsettling picture , consider it a Rorschach test- Where do you see yourself in the picture? Where do you see the BGI, the PRoZIs and their enablers?

      While I would dream of a day that such things were mere fantasy, a recent viewing of a documentary on Robert McNamara offers some insight: Lesson #11: You can’t change human nature. (see :”The Fog of War“, by Robert S.McNamara)

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      • PatrickSMcNally says:

        With regards to comparisons to Crystal Night, it would have been a dream come true for Joseph Goebbels if only he had had live-streaming videos of Rabbis standing outside of Synagogues screaming “Burn this bitch down!” The Night of Broken Glass was generally seen as bad public imagery for the Third Reich and Goebbels tried to distance himself from it retroactively. The funny thing here is that we really do have clear evidence of this kind and instead shows like The View are trying to bury it, whereas Goebbels would have wished to broadcast it.

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      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        The German Nazi Party was socialist and against communism go figure, which the people were all brainwashed in exactly the same way that we are seeing now into jumping in with both feet. The government through the media pushed the narrative and lies until they all believed.
        Oh it started out as utopia and all was grand at the beginning. They all loved having the government run and control everything until things started going south and they couldn’t get the basic necessities of life without a ration ticket. It got bleak fast and the gov really took over.
        It’s sad that these morons probably have never studied the history of this time. They don’t have a clue to what they are doing or what they want. They best be careful cause they just might get it and then we’ll really have a bunch of crybabies to deal with.
        Berkley is the one of the weirdest places in CA you couldn’t pay me enough to live there with those wackos.


    • Cherpa 1 says:

      Not a choke hold but a takedown.

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  7. Wizzum says:

    Safari Park rules.


  8. Tkim says:

    “Frat bros” ? Were the white guys wearing their Greek letters? Seems that fraternity members get blamed for a whole heckuva lot. Hope they didn’t also play lacrosse.

    And when it was stated that if one didn’t wish to be treated as a pig, one shouldn’t behave as a pig? It’s actually spelled T-H-U-G, not P-I-G. Easy fix if you saved the doc.


  9. ytz4mee says:

    The idiots are the white fans who continue to fork over money to these black grievance losers by buying tickets and fan merchandise.

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  10. ytz4mee says:

    Re: the Berzekely “Protest” Movement: This isn’t a “Black Liberation Movement”, it’s the extension of tactics used by a Cargo Cult mentality who use violence and extortion to extract tribute. We’ve seen this before. Back then, it was called the “Barbary Wars” and those who practiced violence to extract tribute from white Europeans and Americans were known as Barbarians. At one time, we had a fearless President who sent in our military to smash the piracy that preyed upon innocent civilians transiting the area, and put an end to the practice of whites paying tribute to “buy” peace and the right to be in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

    Everything old is new again. Feed the beast, and it is never sated, just hungrier for more next time.

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  11. PatrickSMcNally says:

    By the way, the Cleveland Cavaliers seems to have a feedback address where you can send ideas:

    Until the killer of Jessica Lane Chambers is brought to justice and convicted I think that the team should hold a minute of silence in tribute to her at the beginning of every game. Her killing was much more gruesome than most other violent incidents that receive media attention and fans should be able to see that their team takes notes of this and wants justice for Jessica Lane Chambers.

    Patrick S. McNally

    Obviously should use their own words if they send a message to the same address.

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  12. Lee Jan says:

    No wonder black athletes relate to Garner. His rap sheet is not so far from their own. Domestic violence, selling drugs, molestation, and assorted other laws violated. His family is relieved of a nightmare with his passing.
    His wife declared him lazy and unwilling to work at anything. She stated that she didn’t consider this a racist act by the police officer.


    • Les says:

      Do you have a link to his criminal history? Not that it matters, the lazy part is what caused his death.


      • Lee Jan says:

        Garner……domestic violence, sexual molestation, selling drugs, gun charges, etc. 30 arrests for selling loose cigarettes is the least of his crimes. Approx 80 arrests.


  13. my66 says:

    A recurring theme in seemingly every complaint about policing is an ethnocentric bias regarding non-Whites’ ignorance of “profiling,” yet there is nary a White kid from a small New Jersey city that wasn’t “profiled” if their hair was long or they wore a belt buckle with a skull & bones.

    [The false meme is easily spread through a minority population(13%) who aspire to Black “superstars” like TheBrown James while being told they are oppressed by an unfair majority.]

    The greatest irony in this feeling of being “special” is that so-called aggrieved, inner-city Blacks could not possibly know the truth of what it’s like to be profiled as a young White boy, yet the claim “YOU don’t know what it’s like” is stated as fact from an ignorant mass of mushy minds — trained by an industry of race-baiting profiteers to FEEL that life will never be fair for them.


  14. xschild says:

    LeBron James picked the wrong time to wear the “I can’t breathe” T. Jessica Chambers really, really could not breathe. This story will be covered up by the media. Done with all of the AA culture in this country and we can start with govt. and media. Sharpton says govt. should give more money to minorities so they won’t riot. Wonder if that money will keep them from burning and murdering white people. Black leadership is a monumental failure. As Mr. T used to say “I pity the fool”(s). Accountability will someday come knocking on their doors. Start with LeBron’s career.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Sharpton says govt. should give more money to minorities so they won’t riot.

      That was the unspoken social contract that came out of the “Civil Rights Movement” of the 1960’s. Massive wealth redistribution (aka, “entitlements”) to blacks, acceptance into higher education institutions they weren’t qualified to attend or prepared to succeed in, affirmative action quota hiring uncoupled from any pretense of merit.

      It also is the same playbook that the Barbary Pirates of North Africa used to extort whites transiting the Mediterrean. White sailors were kidnapped and pressed into slavery by blacks and America and Europe paid “Tribute” to the black and muslim leadership of north Africa to be permitted to transit the Mediterrean unmolested – which just led to an escalation demand for even greater tribute. One of the reasons the US military is still in the Med and based in southern Europe is to provide security for shipping so that flow of international commerce and trade can continue uninterrupted. The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne documented prodigiously and wrote extensively that the “Dark Ages” in Europe were triggered by the massive expansion of Islamists into Europe and the historical fact that the Islamists eventually were successful in completely cutting off the trade routes between Europe and the rest of the world, plunging Europe into economic and cultural isolation.

      Everything old is new again. This is the same playbook – terrorism, violence, threats, extortion, tribute – that has been used by Islamists and blacks since the beginning of the first contacts between white Europeans and blacks/muslims from Africa. The way to end terrorism and extortion is not to capitulate to the terrorist’s blackmail and demands.

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      • Col.(R)Ken says:

        There was an article on Liberty News, about Al all about the Benjamin’s Sharpton, give us more benefits or the riots will continue. Sounds like extortion to me. Just like the ’60s, well this time people are awake, and the middle class in not going to take this BS.


  15. StormyeyesC says:

    The Ferguson Riots Are Nothing Like The Original Tea Party Protests

    There are four major problems with justifying the violence in Ferguson by reference to the Boston Tea Party and the Stamp Act Riots, either in moral terms or in terms of effectiveness.

    “And do liberals who regularly mock talk of the Second Amendment as a final bulwark against tyranny now embrace the idea of building armed militias to separate themselves from the United States, or even from the State of Missouri? Because if you’re citing the Revolution as your inspiration, you have to consider the full consequences of that choice.”

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  16. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    “This is not your movement…” writes the white ghostwriter.

    OK, quite possibly arab muslim.

    Then there are the gullible children playing pro sports who crave the acceptance of the black masses from whose culture of ignorance their obscene incomes can’t buy their escape. Parallels why MJJ expressed distain for the majority of his fellow nba players who sought acceptance instead of having the strength to stand out.


  17. Moishe Pipik says:

    Comic Sans? Really?


  18. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    The Berkeley handout contains several “Freudian slips” about the nature of these protests. Notice how it identifies them as a “Black Rebellion” and refers to non-blacks (who participate in the “protests”) as “Accomplices” rather than “partners” or “allies”? One would think that a college educated writer, even one educated at “Berserkley” would recognize the connotation of the word “accomplice” and select something less negative. Or, maybe, that choice reflects an internalized sense of shame on the author’s part?

    Other phrases, adjectives, and nouns leap off the page and give evidence of an author desperately seeking to evoke some sort of emotional response but, lacking any real foundation for his (her?) position, inserts random vitriolic invectives that make little sense in this, or any context.

    “…occupied indigenous territory…” Really? Are blacks “indigenous” people in America? Is this “Their” territory?

    “…Black Genocide…” Seriously? How accurate is this phrase in a nation with a predominantly white electorate that put a black man into the White House and then reelected him 4 years later?

    “…black comrades…” Wow. If I didn’t know better, I would almost swear that phrase was selected by a non-black communist. Oh, wait. This IS Berserkley, so it most likely WAS written by a non-black communist.

    And don’t get me started on the other garbage sprinkled thoughout, like so much fertilizer.

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  19. QuadGMoto says:

    Doesn’t the NBA have rules against political statements by players?


  20. HH (@hch242) says:

    Here is what the t-shirt should of said….”Can’t Breathe Don’t Resist Arrest”


  21. skeptiktank says:

    I have scoured the internet news sites, to find a story which includes crowd reaction to the wearing of the shirts, but have found nothing. Does anyone know what kind of buzz it caused?


    • Stormy says:

      The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William & Kate) were sitting courtside and participated in a staged meeting with Beyonce and Jay Z on the court between the 3rd and 4th quarters… so LeBron’s shirt was not the biggest news at that Net’s game.

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      • Irish Eyes says:

        Poor William & Kate are really slumming on this trip! First William had to try to make conversation with the commie in chief, then they have to hang out with sleazy rappers who consider themselves royalty.

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  22. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Maybe the police should not patrol anywhere near the stadiums and arenas gameday.

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  23. Mr. Izz says:

    It’s too bad, I used to have so much respect for LeBron, and I hate to see that he’s being lied to and tainted by his friends or media. He obviously hasn’t read about the cases he is speaking out about, and I don’t understand why.

    The commentators are always saying how smart these athletes are but then they do dumb stuff like this. No facts, no information, no 10 minutes of reading any sort of evidence, nada. Come on, you’ve got nothing else to do for a few hours while you’re flying from Cleveland to where ever!

    The ONLY professional athlete who is right on the money is Charles Barkley. Even he is getting blasted by blacks, other athletes, “professors”, and media analysts for talking about the ugly truth.

    Think about that. Charles Barkley is the voice of reason among the black community. Not our president, the attorney general, civil rights leaders, senators, representatives, or anyone else willing to take a stand and say what is actually going on and who has power to try and fix it. We get Charles Barkley. A sports analyst with no obvious political ties, and zero political power, that calls it like he sees it.

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  24. TwoLaine says:

    Next time there is a 9/11 aka 911, I hope they are all wearing their “special” t-shirts, and/or have their hands up, so the Law Enforcement Officers and Emergency Responders KNOW IMMEDIATELY who is NOT WORTHY of SAVING.

    An Officer’s Life
    December 7, 2014

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  25. Les says:

    He would have made a more helpful statement for his people if he would have worn a “Just Do It” shirt. Mr. Garner was too obese to lie down.

    I agree with the poster who said conservative people shouldn’t support these athletes financially, including the support of the companies who endorse them. If you look around your house, you have everything you need. Stop buying stuff until we have a new president.


  26. kinthenorthwest says:

    The other day I was in a store and some poor parent had to finally physically pick up their screaming child and take them outside. It was then the child started screaming about how their mother was abusing them. How many have you have witnessed this type of scene or had your own child pull a similar temper tantrum in at a store.
    Last night when I was re-watching the Garner video, I realized how similar Garner was to that screaming child in the store. For most of the video the police are asking Garner to just move along many numerous times. However, Garner just keeps screaming at the officers, sometimes screaming obscenities . Watch the video, Garner was putting on a show for his friends and the camera, however it backfired on him.
    If one is really having trouble breathing or having a heart attack they are barely rasping.
    If you all notice in the video, Garner’s tone and level of his screaming gets even louder when the police tell him he is under arrest.
    Garner is the screaming Brat in the Grocery store, yet the police did not give into his screaming.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      um, my kids know better than to throw a tantrum.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Oh my kids learned that too, my grandson did it constantly to mom, but never in front of Grandma.
        It was kind of like a ah ha moment when I remembered the kid that day throwing a tantrum. That is exactly what Brown was doing throwing a tantrum. …. Get enough people gathering and just maybe the police would give up, and him what he wanted and let him do whatever he wanted.

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  27. Chip Bennett says:

    Lebron James can’t breathe? Why? Is he pulling a Scrooge McDuck, and swimming in all of his millions, and suffocating himself?

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  28. Daniel G. says:

    Yet another pathetic example of how the race industry thrives on a non-story and uses it to suppress real stories.


  29. Stormy says:

    There was a similar set of “rules” for whites during the michael brown protests in Toronto, Canada, last month:

    Please refrain from taking up space in all ways possible. Remember that you are there in support of black folks, so should never be at the centre of anything.

    Refrain from speaking to the media. Black voices are crucial to this

    Stand behind black folks or between us and the police

    If you see a cop harassing a black person, come in and engage. (chances are they are least likely to arrest you)


  30. Ursula says:

    LeBron can’t breath nor can he think.
    He showed what a wimp he is when he played the elders on the Sputs team.


  31. Ursula says:

    I meant Spurs!


  32. lovemygirl says:

    I don’t follow b ball but didn’t LeBron have a history of “choking” in the playoffs before becoming a champion? If so was that what his shirt was meant to convey.


  33. ed357 says:

    “Second Ferguson Witness Reportedly Found Dead”……via Moonbattery


  34. StormyeyesC says:

    The 2013 LEOKA Report- Studying the Cop Killers
    Posted: 03 Dec 2014 04:00 AM PST
    Written by: Greg Ellifritz

    The FBI recently released its annual Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report. According to the FBI webpage:

    “The FBI publishes Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted each year to provide information about officers who were killed, feloniously or accidentally, and those officers who were assaulted while performing their duties.”

    I find the report to be a treasure trove of information about cop-killing violent criminals. It should be mandatory reading for every police officer. Armed citizens will also find the information useful as the criminals who prey on cops also regularly attack citizens in a similar manner.

    The report is long. It doesn’t matter. Take the time to read it. You may learn something that will save your life.

    One of the most interesting sections is the chapter of Summaries of Officers Feloniously Killed. The chapter provides short descriptions of the circumstances involved in all 27 felonious police deaths last year. Take your time to analyze each situation. If you are a cop, figure out how you might use the lessons presented in this report to improve your tactics and awareness. Don’t let these officers’ deaths be in vain. They would want you to learn from their mistakes.

    Several interesting facts jumped out at me this year. While I’m only barely scratching the surface of the report, here are some of my thoughts…

    – Numbers of officers killed. This table shows that for the last 10 years, LE deaths have hovered in a very narrow range. During every year in that time frame LE deaths averaged around 50 per year. Last year the police felonious death rate was the lowest it has been in 10 years at 27 officers killed. I would like to think that it’s a step in the right direction, but more likely it is a statistical anomaly similar to the unusually high number of officers killed in 2011. The preliminary stats for 2014 already show 47 felonious deaths year to date.

    – Very few officers die from knife assaults. Only three officers were stabbed to death in the last 10 years of reporting. The statement “I’d rather be shot than stabbed” truly displays the ignorance of the speaker.

    – The age of the average officer killed has not changed. It has hovered around 39 for more than a decade. It’s not the rookies or the old guys who are getting killed. The ones dying are experienced officers in the prime of their career. They tend to feel more comfortable with their abilities and have years of good outcomes under their belts. This confidence can hurt them.

    – Over 7% of the officers killed were female this year. This was the down from last year’s high of 11%, but still almost double the historical average. Historically, less than 5% of officers killed are women. I don’t know if criminals are being more aggressive with female officers or if the number merely reflects the fact that there are more women than ever working the streets.

    – Only one officer last year was killed with his own weapon. The 10-year average is almost 10%. This is one of the few positive data points in this report. Either officers are getting better weapon retention training or are using better quality retention holsters. Both are good developments.

    – 7% of officers killed were off duty during the attack. Why would any police officer choose not to carry his gun off duty? Some officers’ laziness and apathy are astounding to me. Please choose carefully if you really need to get involved in any off duty encounter. You probably won’t have your vest, your radio, your rifle, or your friends.

    – Two-thirds of officers killed did not even attempt to use their duty weapon to stop the attack. That means that the attacks on the officers happened very suddenly or unexpectedly in most cases. Police trainers need to do a better job teaching the importance of pre-assault indicators and body language. Historically less than half of officers killed did not attempt to fire their weapons. We are getting worse at picking up assaultive cues. I think it’s because we tend to hire officers now how have never been in a fight or experienced any real aggression outside police academy training.

    -Officers were involved in more long distance confrontations this year than ever before. Historically, about half of all officers killed have been closer than five feet from their attacker at the time of death. This year that number was much smaller at 33%. This year a stunning 26% of officers killed were greater than 21 feet away from their attackers. How good is your long distance pistol shooting?

    -30% of officers killed by firearms were not wearing body armor. It’s clear that body armor works. If you don’t wear your vest on duty, you need to adjust your attitude. Blood is way worse than sweat.

    – Only 17% of killers were drunk or high at the time of the officer’s death. Only 7% were mentally ill. Police deaths can’t generally be blamed on these factors. People who kill cops are usually sane and sober. They are just exceptionally violent psychopaths. Everyone needs to acknowledge that people like this exist.

    – I noted several killers first shot officers in the body or limbs. When the officers went down, the killers approached and fired multiple head shots to finish the officer. If you are shot, stay in the fight! Be able to draw and fire your weapon from the ground as well as from standing positions. Ensure that you are equally proficient with either hand. If your dominant hand is injured, be sure you can draw and fire a weapon with your off hand as well.

    – 2,266 officers were assaulted with a firearm last year, yet only 10.9% of them were injured. That means a lot of criminals fire shots at cops, but miss. Assuming that multiple shots were fired in at least some of the incidents, criminal hit rates are well under 10%. That’s a good thing for the cops being shot at, but may not be a good thing for anyone else around. Those bullets have to hit something! If you see cops with drawn weapons, get out of the area or seek cover. Don’t hang around to watch or you might get hit by one of the 90% of bullets criminals fire that miss the intended target!

    – 9.3% of officers in the USA were assaulted last year. If you are a cop and your firearms/DT skills aren’t up to par, get some training!

    Most of these observations are directed at my police officer readers. If you aren’t a cop, what does this report mean for you?

    I would assert that this report is just as important for the armed citizen as it is for the police officer. 71% of the offenders in the study had prior criminal records. 21% were actually on probation, parole, or conditional release at the time they killed a cop. Who do you think were victimized by the killers’ previous crimes? You guessed it…people like you. The same criminals who kill cops also victimize armed citizens. Study your enemy and be prepared!

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  35. StormyeyesC says:

    ST Louis Cop Talk sad……………but true
    Posted by Mall Cop on 12/5/2014, 9:03 am, in reply to “Where is the line?”
    Street level cops are extremely frustrated by the decisions to let protesters break the law. The “leaders” (Chiefs and high level politicians) send the cops just to monitor the situation for safety purposes. While monitoring, the cops are verbally abused and threatened. It’s frustrating to standby, get insulted/threatened, and then have our hands tied from taking action when the protesters are breaking the law.
    The Chiefs are setting a dangerous precedent by giving up the streets to protesters. Some hate group like the Westboro Baptist Church could come to town soon and test this precedent. How will we tell them that they can’t have the streets if we allow it for the Ferguson protesters? What happens if extreme hate groups like the klan or Aryan Nation come to town? The consequences of our inaction are clear.
    There are plenty of sidewalks and public spaces for protests, nobody is stopping them from doing it legally.
    If you’re a citizen and you’ve had enough of the illegal protests in the streets and the stores, you need to raise hell with local mayors’ offices, police chiefs, and store management. Tell your friends and families to do the same. It wouldn’t take long to call them or send emails.
    The high level commanders should stand with us on the front line and receive the same threats and insults if they’re going to send us in to do nothing.


  36. MTeresa says:

    Who do you think this idiot would call if he were the victim of a crime? What a tool.


  37. invisible8woman says:

    Why don’t some white athletes stand up and take the field looking like they are on fire?


  38. roux says:

    I don’t regularly watch the NBA but I guess I’ll never ever watch again. Sheesh….


  39. whodoneit says:

    As far as this handout goes – the painstaking effort to phrase everything to appear as though there’s actually some legitimacy to the utterly asinine ‘rules’ is a riot. (oops – did I say ‘riot’?) I find the wording “- comrades who choose to engage in forms of resistance that are not sanctioned by the police.” particularly amusing, (in a pathetic way) which simply translates “-blacks who commit crimes and break the law.” Now, excuse me – but isn’t that the law that’s supposed to apply to EVERYONE? What ever happened to the EQUALITY thing these people are always ranting about? What hogwash!


  40. whodoneit says:

    You can’t breath? Well – get off the court and sit down.


  41. Pingback: News: What’s Really Going on with Holder’s Civil-Rights Crusade against Police Departments | Pitts Report

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