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Smidgen Trails – IRS FOIA Release Shows Origin of DOJ and IRS Scheme in 2010…

For the average news consumer this entire scandal is too large and too complex to track.  Suffice to say, as we have outlined since mid-year, the investigative focus needs to expand from the IRS to the Dept of Justice.  – Backstory … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The Ferguson Song – Inspiration By Melissa Harris Perry: “Arson and Looting Are Not Violence”…

“Arson and looting are not violence“? Video Courtesy of Badger Pundit

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A Progressive Contrast – Empathize With Our Enemies?

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The Democrat Select Committee On Intelligence Releases Their “We Hate America” CIA Report… (Full 500+ Page pdf included)

The media is claiming CIA Director John Brennan is angry about the release of the CIA report…. Horsepucky! That is a complete and total ruse meant to deflect attention away from the real reasons why the former White House advisor, … Continue reading

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Gruber Goes To Washington – Video Segments of Jonathan Gruber Testimony…

Trey Gowdy – Did you apologize because you “said it”, or did you “meant it”? Jim Jordan – How much were you paid?

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“She Couldn’t Breathe” – The Brutal Murder of 19 Year Old Jessica Lane Chambers…. (With Video) *updated*

19-Year-Old Jessica Lane Chambers was brutally murdered in Mississippi two nights ago. Unfortunately the details of her murder are so horrific to comprehend they make the current racial anxiety in the headlines seem small, yet also potentially more explosive. …When the fire … Continue reading

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