Candy Crowley Leaving CNN – Making Room For David Gregory?…

… or Katie Couric. Moonbats gotta stick together.

CNN Announces Candy Crowley leaving:

candy crowley[…]  To say she lives and breathes politics is more than an understatement. She has an innate ability to sense its nuance, push its limits, and ask questions that others won’t. She is beloved in Washington even by those that she so skillfully takes to task on Sunday mornings. And she’s an award-winning journalist – taking home everything from a Peabody and Emmys to an Edward R. Murrow award. She is a television news icon.

Thus, it is with mixed emotions, that I wanted to let you know that Candy has let us know that she has made the decision to move on, so she can embark on the next chapter of her already prolific career. As difficult as it is for us to imagine CNN without Candy, we know that she comes to this decision thoughtfully, and she has our full support. There will be more time in the weeks ahead for all of you who have been lucky enough to work with Candy to share your own thanks for all she has done. But for now, on behalf of everyone at CNN, I want to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Jeff [Zucker]

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35 Responses to Candy Crowley Leaving CNN – Making Room For David Gregory?…

  1. auscitizenmom says:


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  3. michellc says:

    Maybe she’s moving on to WH Press Secretary or some other cushy Washington job where she gets a nice fat pension for 2 years of being on the payroll.

    Oh well, I don’t watch CNN, so I can’t even say good

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  4. John Galt says:

    So who will be the next debate punching bag for Ted Cruz?

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  5. angie says:

    After her epic meltdown on election night, people who care about her may have suggested she take a break.

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  6. True Colors says:

    If I had a nickle for every time that this Candy Crowley woman said “Ummm….. uhh…… ummmm….. uhhh” during her reporting on the air then I would have a lot of nickles.

    I never understood how Crowley kept her job at CNN, or how she even got hired in the first place. CNN likes to hire pretty faces who can speak clearly. Crowley is the opposite on both counts.


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  7. John Galt says:

    Swap in Monica Crowley.


  8. your tour guide says:

    A possible opportunity is being missed here. Someone needs to find out where
    Candy films from before she leaves. Get some people together. Get some signs.
    Get someone to film it for youtube.
    Hold up some going away signs:
    ” Bye, Candy Crowley. Thanks for moderating the Presidential debates” ( only
    cross only moderating, and replace it with “throwing”.

                   " Candy: Amazing  how Obama knew you had a transcript."
                      Or   " Tools. Black and Decker. Craftsman. Candy Crowley."
                          Others might have other suggestions. Just a though.


  9. rashomon says:

    Almost as good as those 50 editors that left the communist rag, The New Republic, today.

    I can’t stop laughing.


  10. Col. (R)Ken says:

    Did Romney buy CNN?

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  11. Kitty Smith says:

    When Candy leaves, there should be room for both David AND Katie.

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  12. Anton says:

    “Candy lives and breaths politics”—-now I get it–politics is high caloric, very fattening…Candy eats her politics…and spits out bile and lies…Tubs gave us Obama…


  13. ZurichMike says:

    I have often wondered what leftist media whores do after they’ve passed their “use by” date. I guess we’ll soon find out.

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  14. YayYay says:

    Ozzy Osbourne’s lyrics about her husband sum on things nicely.


  15. moe ham head says:

    she is going to be obozos news czar


  16. J.D. says:

    Now that she is no longer a ‘current journalist’ can Romney sue her big A** off for single handedly bringing Romney’s Presidential campaign to it’s unjustified end?


  17. True Colors says:

    I do understand the hostility about Crowley in that presidential debate.

    However, I wish that Romney would have been quick enough on his feet to put her in her place in that moment. If he had dropped a good zinger on her while she was trying so hard to help Obama.

    Back in 1988 Dan Rather tried to embarrass George Bush on national TV. Bush completely turned the tables on Rather and put the egg on HIS face.

    Conservative politicians should always be ready on a moment’s notice to deal with the likes of Dan Rather and Candy Crowley. Beat them at their own game and embarrass them.



  18. Lee Jan says:

    Replaced by David Gregory……..Shirley, you jest!!!!


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