Two Teens Murder Saint Louis Bosnian Visitor With Hammers – Police Do Not Release Motive…

Police say “motive not released”.  Gee, I wonder why.  However, if the method sounds familiar, it should (see here).  And (See Here) and Justice for Trayvon (see here)

Louis head 2ST. LOUIS (AP) – Two juveniles are in custody in St. Louis after a Florida man was beaten to death with hammers.

Police say 32-year-old Zemir Begic of Miami suffered injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth in the attack. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Authorities say Begic was in his car about 1:15 a.m. Sunday when several young people approached and began damaging it. When Begic got out, he was attacked with at least two hammers.  The two juveniles in custody are ages 15 and 16. A motive for the attack has not been released.  (link(additional report here)

update-1UPDATE:  This is about to get VERY UGLY – The Bosnian Community is active and engaged in Saint Louis.

update-1In 2012 A group of five black males murdered a white twenty year old pizza delivery man, Daniil Maksimenko, in what the race censoring media called an “attempted robbery”. However, no money was taken.

The victim was a Bosnian (Bosnia-Herzegovina). The murder took place in a 97% black census track near Martin Luther King Dr in the Hillsdale area. Police believed that the suspects ordered a pizza to a neighbor’s address. When the victim arrived, they shot him while he was still sitting in his car. The suspects then left.

A police officer on duty later spotted the victim’s car drifting across the middle of the road. The driver was unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head. He later died at the hospital. The Murder was a racially motivated “Thrill Killing”.  (link)

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293 Responses to Two Teens Murder Saint Louis Bosnian Visitor With Hammers – Police Do Not Release Motive…

  1. Aslan's Girl says:

    Guess we’ll see how people like angry white people. I wouldn’t think Bosnians are anyone to mess with, honestly. Maybe it’ll put a stop to this. Some pushback maybe isn’t such a bad thing. Since the police aren’t showing limits…

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  2. ka says:

    Rest in peace, you were a good person


    • Dixie Darling says:

      A young man who suffered an undeservedly violent painful death. How awful. It makes me cringe. May God rest and soothe his soul.


  3. moogey says:

    I hear sweat dripping from the foreheads of Obama & Holder.


  4. beth60497 says:

    I can’t copy/paste the tweet because I don’t know how to photo shop out the cuss word and I don’t want to get my fingers swatted again.. (I am trying to be good MODs)….
    anyway.. saw a tweet
    “Hands Up
    Don’t beat me in the head with a F-ing Hammer”

    This incident has made me so mad. What a horrible horrible thing to happen. What a terrible way to die. As someone else posted, there was another hammer attack, ironically enough, up at the Home Depot in Ferguson.. A couple other model citizens attacking someone for a cell phone.
    What in the world has the world come to.


  5. Les says:

    I hope no ofther “protester” has the gall to complain about white people locking their car doors when they are in certain neighborhoods. I no longer care if it offends them. If they care to discuss it, they can speak to the members of their own community who make it unsafe to go about daily business in urban areas.

    I grew up in a less diverse town. We didn’t have to lock our cars. Or our homes. We could hear at the movies and learn at school. We weren’t surrounded by filthy music and trash on the streets and theft and violence. We knew right from wrong. I’m sure there were “white trash” families in my town, but even those people were mostly decent humans and made their children behave in public. We weren’t angels, we partied, but we NEVER caused harm to each other or to other people and their property (maybe a lil’ TP’ing if I’m being honest).

    What happened in the last 25 years? Who ARE these people who live in my country? I’m tired of paying for them. They are a really bad investment.

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    • tovex11 says:

      Weapon used by Hell’s Angels. No waiting period and cannot be considered weapons. Unless we start regulating knifes and hammers.I wish the parents peace, although it is stupid to say.


  6. raiders1972 says:

    I plan to email Rush’s show, Hannity’s show, Laura Ingram’s show, etc. about this story and hope for interest.

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  7. Attorney says:

    Savages engaging in variants of the knockout game. I would not blame the Bosnians for raising a little hell. It is time somebody had the guts to put down this vicious black grievance mafia.

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  8. SouthCentralPA says:

    “Bosnian” is an identity that is useless without a religious identification. If they are Bosnian muslims, this is going to lead to a really interesting game of “PC Twister”. If they are Orthodox Bosnians, maybe Serb refugees from the Clinton “wag-the-dog” jihad, things could get reeeeeal interesting. Unless NATO is planning on surgical airstrikes in St Louis, I don’t see them backing down.

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    • Mrs. Carifidy says:

      From a family member’s FB page, it looks like they’re Muslim. I’m surprised their women do not dress like any Muslim women I’ve ever seen. What ever they are, prayers for him, his family and his lovely bride.


      • Zhytamyr says:

        Most of the Bosnians in STL are Moslem – they are not observant at all – if they don’t eat pork they’re probably the most pious in their neighborhood. The Bosnian population in STL is the biggest one in the US. There are a fair amount of them that are bad bad people & for a long time one would get snatched up for war crimes during the Bosnian War about every 2 years. This will not end well.

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      • jello333 says:

        I agree with most of you guys here that Islam is an overall bad religion that causes way more harm than good. And far too many Muslims excuse some of the bad, even if they don’t engage in it themselves. But there are others who aren’t like that at all, who are accepting of everyone and would never support some of Islam’s violent tendencies. Of course such people probably aren’t considered “real” Muslims by the hateful Muslims, but…


        • Mrs. Carifidy says:

          As someone mentioned up-thread, it’s down to one darling minority vs another. Wonder if CAIR will get involved. Probably not, since the affected family doesn’t seem like card carrying members.


  9. mcfyre2012 says:

    They think all whites are alike. They’ll find out the hard way that Bosnian are not to be toyed with.

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  10. Tkim says:

    I will have to watch The View this morning. I am sure Rosie O’Donnell will weep that Bosnian American young men are an endangered species. (From her saddled unicorn).


  11. Brett says:

    I read (90 miles from Tyranny, I think) once that when black people riot, cities burn. When white people riot, continents burn. I sure hope that we do not have to find out whether this is true, but I will say that white people are fed up with being blamed, accused, allowed to be targeted for crime, taxed to fund minority welfare programs, and expected to feel guilt for the actions of others. The double-standard is sickening, and thanks to certain racially divisive people in positions of ‘authority’ we have come full circle and now speak in terms of “whites” and every other race…again.

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  12. chick20112011 says:

    I didn’t know (BECAUSE OF THE SPARSE COVERAGE IN THE MSM) that this man was killed in front of his WIFE. (i apologize if this has already been posted)

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  13. whodoneit says:

    Dotson stated “There is no indication that the gentleman was targeted because he was Bosnian”. No shit, Sherlock! He was attacked because he was WHITE, which is RACIAL targeting – pure and simple. Now, step up and take it from there. You might even want to put in a call to Holder, who you can find at Yobama’s “black rage” meeting today.

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  14. xschild says:

    @ Whodonei.t White guy?. Sharpton and POTUS and DOJ fomenting racial unrest and pavement peoples cannot identify who is who. Aug. 09 I think. How long will this country cling to this story. Shut it off now and arrest the criminals now. Knock outs and beatings and oh wells, justified. Burnings and beatings justified. MSM talking heads say all is justified. Thought USA and people civilized and human beings. POTUS DOJ and SHARPIE all say we are wrong. Get rid of BGI and those that travel the world on an Obama phone to foment agitation and you will be good to go. Begin to boycott all Black music, movies, commercials, PBS series, boycott every thing to with African Americans and anything they make money from. Blacks did it long ago and changed the entire face of the nation. Major industrial cities fell and many small townships failed. 13 % or less of the population did this . So if you want fairness in your life you do the same.
    After all you as tax payers support all of the Michael Brown fiasco. Hello Feds, Governor, Mayor, and city police. MSNBS FN CNN ABC CBS NBS all are running your business on the world stage. Guess what your property taxes are coming up soon . Check out how much you pay in taxes. Do you know where that money goes? Had Cornish game hens cooked in fireplace for Thanksgiving.
    Sent out dinners to four families that could not celebrate. Do you think the Ferguson people did.
    Seasons Greetings. I’ll do Merry Christmas at my house. Don’t really know what ISIS-ISIL will do.
    New Heads new soft murders with burials in the sands. Looking for a place in the woods to move to because this is not my America and don’t think it is yours either.


  15. gringz says:

    Why are none of these articles mentioning the OTHER white man who had been attacked by hammer wielding “youths” earlier the same night? I remember seeing an article the day it happened, I’ve been reading dozens of accounts and finally found the article and video that I had seen previously.

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    • moogey says:

      You have a killing at the hands of the poor oppressed black youth who are peacefully protesting and they got a little carried away, they didn’t mean it, it was the white man’s fault. But….you have four black youth who go on a rampage with hammers, IMO, it becomes much more difficult to cry race. It’s Obama & Holder Media, if it makes the WH look bad, don’t report.


    • It’s late for my reply now, gringz, so you probably already know it is the same person. Two different news reports.


  16. Les says:

    I giggle when I see black Muslims because the Muslim words for blacks are the same as the words for “slave.” (Abd and Kaffir) And the light-skinned Muslims slaughter them in Sub-Saharan Africa. They seem to miss some really big social clues.

    If I were the families of the murdering thugs I would take the long way home after the arraignments. I don’t think they are going to get a pass this time, Muslim-ish or not. Ferguson and St. Louis ghettoites may have to find a new religion.

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    • Sharon says:

      That is what makes you giggle? Some sense of humor.


      • moogey says:

        I found that while I was reading the “Darwin Awards”, I “giggled” a lot. Some of us with mileage, remember the adage “Ignorance is not an excuse”. We are witnessing incredibly ignorant attacks. We are seeing the use of incredibly ignorant language, argument & action. IMO Les is pointing out that if the young men had educated themselves, they would not be in contention for a spot in the Darwin Awards. The “giggle”? It’s not about humor, it’s all about the cynicism.


  17. gringz says:
    “One hour before that attack, Seldin Dzananovic, 24, said he was attacked by a group of young men wielding hammers. He managed to escape with only a deep cut on his neck.”


    • lovelyd24 says:

      Thank you I had been looking for this. What we have here is barbarism front and center being swept under the rug. I wonder if Obama will say of the hammer wielders, “If I had a son he would look like the hammer wielder.” What a twisted world we have become.


  18. lovelyd24 says:

    And just look at the difference in the memorials, Begic’s is flowers and teddy bears. He was 32, the legal drinking age but apparently booze was not such a part of his life that folks thought it would be a good representation of Begic by loading his memorial up with booze bottles and thing associated with drug use. Frowny Brown an 18 year old who couldn’t even legally drink? Well his memorial speaks for itself.

    I am disgusted and taking a break from all the madness.


  19. lovelyd24 says:

    No they didn’t know Begic was Bosnian all they needed to know was that he was white.

    Warning Graphic Language


  20. ” Kako je to strašno i tragično! Molitve za svoju porodicu,
    Bog blagoslovio porodice,
    Duboko sam žao zbog vašeg gubitka, to je ujedno i naše. ”

    How terrible and tragic! Prayers for your family.
    God bless the family.
    I am deeply sorry for your loss, & it is ours also.
    God bless the Bosnian community & their families.

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  21. nimrodman says:

    The comments section in the St Louis Today article is well worth a read and is very telling: many, many people have awakened and know the score and are not fooled by the BS any longer.


  22. monroe says:

    This wasn’t racially motivated. The police said so, right? Minority youths just decided to hang out in an ethnic Bosnian neighborhood and attack cars, and when this guy got out to object, they beat him to death with hammers. Had it been a black drug dealer or pimp with 26″ rims and a car full of guns, they would have done the same.


  23. Tony T says:

    Where is the outrage holder, sharpeton, obama and all the other race baiters… and your ilk are the true racist! See the difference….peaceful protests over a true murder as opposed to riots and anarchy over the death, as unfortunate as it my be, of a bully and thug as we saw on the video in the deli and his attack on the police officer!


    • jello333 says:

      I’m trying to split up the URL for this picture, so it won’t post here. It’s that bad… I don’t want anyone to accidentally see it unless they explicitly want to. (just remove the spaces and “xxx” from the URL) These are pictures of Kelly Thomas, a young guy who was beaten to death by two cops in California a couple years ago. Two cops who were later acquitted of ALL charges. Remember when Sharpton and other scum like him called for the heads of those cops, and organized nationwide violent protests in the name of Kelly Thomas? Remember when Obama got all emotional talking about this? Hmm… neither to I… wonder why not.

      parrishmiller. comxxx/ blog/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2014/ 05/ kelly-thomas-before-and-after.jpg


  24. Big Bear says:

    Apparently, according to the foul media and the lamestream government officials, Zemir Begic was only in “the wrong place at the wrong time”. He wasn’t a “white cop” killing an “unarmed black teen” so no reason for anyone to be upset.

    I’ll translate their Newspeak: “Wrong place” = near Blacks. “Wrong time” = 24/7.


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