Four Questions – Why Is Everyone, Including Mike Brown Investigators, Ignoring The Obvious Cohort Contradictions And His Bracelet?…

bosley and Johnson

♦ #1) Mike Brown’s cigarillo robbery cohort, Dorian Johnson, claims in his grand jury testimony he and Mike Brown initially met up that Saturday morning around 7am.

However, the robbery at the Ferguson Liquor Store and Market didn’t take place until 11:40am.  The store is only a 10-15 minute walk.  (GJ Vol #4, Page 25)

dorian page 25

So what did they do for four hours?

Dorian’s Grand Jury testimony offers no answers. 

♦ #2) Yesterday we discovered Mike Brown was at that same liquor store at 1:16am that same Saturday morning, August 9th.  10 hours before the return visit to steal the cigars.   Again, Dorian says they met up at 7:00am.  (Investigator Report Page 172)


Did Mike Brown even go to sleep that Friday night into Saturday morning?

♦ #3) Dorian says that he and Mike Brown were going to smoke some weed, but needed the cigarillos to make blunts.   Mike was going to “match” Dorian.  (GJ Vol #4, Page #27)

dorian page 27

Yet, if they only needed cigarillos  why walk all the way to the liquor store, when there was a Quick Trip convenience store much closer.  They actually walked past the convenience store to get to the Ferguson Market and Liquors.  Why?

big mike 3

♦ #4) Lastly, and this one REALLY stuns me, in that no-one in the media has picked up on it: why is Dorian Johnson allowed to get away with denying his physical involvement in attacking Darren Wilson?

Especially when there is absolute physical evidence that proves Dorian was an active participant in the physical assault.

Dorian was wearing a yellow and black bracelet when he was in the Liquor Store.  It is clearly evident on his right wrist.

bracelet 2

bracelet evidence 3

bracelet evidence 2

There’s no way Dorian lost his bracelet as a mere inactive static witness to Mike Brown struggling with Officer Darren Wilson.  (he actually lost two bracelets)

Dorian says he was standing on the Right Side of Mike Brown.  Between the rear drivers side door and the drivers door (Vol #7, page #48):

dorian page 48

He later claims to have run around the rear of the SUV to hide behind a White Monte Carlo.

bracelet evidence 3

So how does a bracelet, that was on his *right* wrist, as he is standing on the *right side* of Mike Brown, mysteriously fall from his hand, as he was never doing anything except just standing there, end up in exactly the opposite location from where he claims to be standing?

Furthermore, why has NO-ONE, not a single media source, ever picked up on this aspect to the story?

It might be understandable back in August, when we first brought it up, because there was a possibility we were wrong when pointing out the object on the ground – which we felt confident was a bracelet, but could not be 100%.

But now there is ABSOLUTE PROOF we were correct.

bracelet evidence

So what gives?

Why is nobody talking about this absolutely damning evidence that Dorian was more than just a bystander/observer to the incident? 

And why would a good source tell us the FBI sought, received, and used a court order to remove the High Definition versions of the Ferguson CCTV video from the internet?

Is it because the bracelet is most easily identifiable in the High Definition video, and someone doesn’t want that aspect of the physical evidence known -that information in the media – because Dorian is not supposed to be (according to plan) complicit or charged?

High Def Vid screengrab:

bracelet 2

Non High Def Vid Screengrab:

Darian Johnson Bracelet

Dorian johnson giving statement

Someone doesn’t want Dorian Johnson’s full involvement known.


…Until we know who, we can’t find out why.

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224 Responses to Four Questions – Why Is Everyone, Including Mike Brown Investigators, Ignoring The Obvious Cohort Contradictions And His Bracelet?…

  1. John Galt says:

    5) Why didn’t anybody ask Dorian what he did with the stolen cigarillos?

    6) Why didn’t anybody confront Dorian about his clothes change story?

    7) Why didn’t anybody ask Dorian about his weed sales activities?

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  2. sundance says:


    • SD, the dots point to DJ rolling over and turning state evidence against a dead MB to protect himself…. and as a result a PIG walked…..he broke the code of the street big time….he’s more scared then most of us can dare to comprehend…..his friends and family are all targets and tonight my prayers are with them all…..may GOD please bless Ferguson……and give peace on earth to all. In the name of Jesus. amen


  3. Mr. Izz says:

    Sorry, don’t know where to put this. But I’m really starting to dislike professional athletes.

    There was an article on ESPN about all of these pro stars standing up for Michael Brown. Some of these athletes they constantly remark about how intelligent they are, how smart they are, etc. etc. How can sports stars, who are supposedly mini geniuses, but so dumb?

    And now the St. Louis Rams have gotten in on the mix today.


  4. boutis says:

    Why did the authorities remove the Oath Keepers who were on the roofs of the buildings which had not been burned down? The protesters had very strange objections which the police accepted and said the volunteer militias did not have licenses. What license is required? The protesters specific complaint involved the volunteers not being paid and not owning the property. What the heck does that matter to “protesters”.

    How much of this is about an extortion and protection racket by local gangs? Did Brown and Johnson bypass another convenience store to target that specific store because of who provided protection? What are the ins and outs of which stores are fair game and those who are not. Were stores burned and looted because of this while others were left alone. Is all of this burning, looting and casual strong arm robbery part of a turf war between gangs and possibly the police? Remember that the Ferguson Market owners were very freaked out after the strong arm video was released and vehemently (and terrified) denied calling the police on Brown to report the robbery which would fall in line with them paying protection money to a gang and knowing possibly who Brown and/or Johnson was related to.

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  5. The Johnny Person says:

    I did a brief search to see if this has been mentioned elsewhere. Directly from Fakebook, Dorian mentions himself being shot about 6 years ago? Any ideas? “When it get cold like this I start rubbing my bullet wound , I remember that night I got shot like it was yesterday its been 6yrs”


  6. Bob Stone says:

    Have At It; a Public Defender attempting to discredit the Grand Jury finding

    “As San Francisco Public Defender, I am deeply disappointed with the grand jury’s failure to indict Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. A series of questionable, and in my opinion, biased legal and ethical decisions in the investigation and prosecution of the case presented to the grand jury led to this unjust result, most notably allowing a local prosecutor with strong family connections to police supervise the investigation and presentation of the evidence. This ethical failure resulted in the exceedingly rare step of the prosecuting attorney refusing to recommend an indictment against the police officer he was prosecuting. The police investigation and inquiry itself were rife with problems:

    1) Because it was a grand jury inquiry and not a trial, Wilson took the stand in secrecy and without benefit of a cross-examination. Prosecutors not only failed to probe his incredible testimony but frequently appeared to be bolstering his claim of self-defense. Transcripts reveal that witnesses whose accounts contradicted Wilson’s were rigorously questioned by prosecutors.

    2) Dorian Johnson, the key witness who was standing next to Brown during the encounter, provided strong testimony that called into question Wilson’s claim that he was defending his life against a deranged aggressor. Johnson testified that Wilson, enraged that the young men did not obey his order to get on the sidewalk, threw his patrol car into reverse. While Wilson claimed Brown prevented him from opening his door, Johnson testified that the officer smacked them with the door after nearly hitting the pair. Johnson described the ensuing struggle as Wilson attempting to pull Brown through the car window by his neck and shirt, and Brown pulling away. Johnson never saw Brown reach for Wilson’s gun or punch the officer. Johnson testified that he watched a wounded Brown partially raise his hands and say, “I don’t have a gun” before being fatally shot.

    3) Wilson’s description of Brown as a “demon” with superhuman strength and unremitting rage, and his description of the neighborhood as “hostile,” illustrate implicit racial bias that taints use-of-force decisions. These biases surely contribute to the fact that African Americans are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than whites in the U.S., but the statement’s racial implications remained unexamined.

    4) Prosecutors never asked Wilson why he did not attempt to drive away while Brown was allegedly reaching through his vehicle window or to reconcile the contradiction between his claim that Brown punched the left side of his face and the documented injuries which appear on his right side.Wilson, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 210 pounds, is never asked to explain why he “felt like a five-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan” during his struggle with Brown, who is Wilson’s height and 290 pounds.


    • Bob Stone says:

      Aren’t the Brown supporters happy that the prosecutor didn’t cross examine Dorian Johnson about his lies; much less introduce his prior conviction for lying to police?


    • StormyeyesC says:

      The guys is a San Francisco public defender. That explains his opinion. He is just another Bay Area Granola, all nuts & fruits.


      • Bob Stone says:

        I’m being called everything from an apologist to an authoritarian for defending Wilson. It’s one thing when people lie to themselves because of their political bent; it’s quite another to lie to yourself and others in a manner that puts an innocent man in fear for his life. These Brown supporters don’t seem to get it.


    • Tempest says:

      #3 “Demon” is accurate though –

      Michael Brown was showing all the symptoms of someone who had some kind of mental disorder:

      Evidence is:
      1. Schooling. He changed school multiple times & apparently found school difficult.
      2. Cannabis. Some people are genetically predisposed to bad reactions to Cannabis…that’s why you end up with some people who take it getting psychotic episodes as a result.
      3. Religion. With his familys recent conversion to Chistianity. Michaels conversation with the landscaper half an hour beforehand is key here. Michael reveals that he believes in a supernatural strength beyond himself – something that could explain his mental state when he kept aggressively running towards Darren Wilson.
      4. Lifestyle. The duplicity of the very life Michael lived – one minute gangster – the next gentle giant – could suggest he was schizophrenic.

      This is why we need to FOI those school records before they are locked away. Anyone recommend a good journalist who would be interested (the press can better justify access to these things)?


    • carterzest says:

      San Francisco Public Defender…Psshhhhhh!

      Get back in your Volvo with the Obama and Coexist sticker on the back you stinkfoot, birkenstock wearing fool!


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      those first two paragraphs sound almost verbaim to Parks yesterday on Face the Nation.


  7. zephyrbreeze says:

    Remember how leftists mocked George Bush for being “incurious”? The media has a nasty case of incuriositis.


  8. Tempest says:

    Jesse Lee Parson has written a brilliant article summarising the situation:


  9. StormyeyesC says:

    GJ #XX Page 11 Mike Brown’s pocket contained 2 Five dollar bills, 2 lighters, a baggie with weed, and A Piece OF Paper with SOME WRITING on it. I have to wonder what that paper says. Might this paper explain away some of the missing 4 -5 hours?


  10. jason says:

    Mike Brown’s Stepfather Arrested And Charged With Inciting A Riot – See more at:

    Hopefully I didn’t jump the gun but looks legit.


  11. StormyeyesC says:

    Says 2 days ago. I checked court records, nothing showing. Usually once booked, charges show on case net. Wondering about this …….need to do more checking


  12. StormyeyesC says:

    I should have noticed the source but i was excited…..national report duh……….


  13. Tempest says:

    Sundance, you gotta see this!

    …so, apparently there were rumours that Dorian Johnson had been killed following the Michael Brown shooting – along with witnesses supporting this claim.

    This video was taken on 10th August.


  14. jason says:

    Dorian wanna get paid!

    Don’t have direct link to video but from MSNBC interview. Both Dorian and his new lawyer push that Dorian had reason to fear Wilson was going to shoot him.

    Dorian “(Wilson) never said ‘Hey Dorian, I’m not trying to shoot you, I’m only trying to shoot Mike Brown'”
    Gray “No one says this, Officer Wilson was shooting at them as they were running away. There has be no mention of that during Mr. McCulloh’s long soliloquy” .

    Maybe no one’s mentioned that b/c by your own client’s admission, it’s totally untrue… Dorian reiterated in hi GJ testimony Wilson “never even looks at me.”


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Dorian speaking about Deandre:

      “He was a good kidwho never did no harm to nobody…”

      Same crap he was spouting about Mike Brown before the Ferguson Market video came out, and the same crap we heard about Trayvon Martin. I guess ALL black people are just earthbound angels who are widely misunderstood.


      • lurking2014 says:

        Disgusting how msnbc is trying to keep Johnson’s story alive.


      • lurking2014 says:

        Disgusting how hard msnbc is working to ignore the evidence while trying to keep Johnson’s story alive.


        • angie says:

          I’ve been debating a person since yesterday who I’m sure is an msnbc aficionado. The latest is about the tussle. Before I could even post testimony, she posted that testimony doesn’t mean anything and that she won’t believe Wilson’s story. She said even if I was an eyewitness it wouldn’t matter because my story would just add to the jumble of testimony. Just plain idiotic. I’m getting a kick out of annoying her though. The site is down but when I wake up later, I’m going back to play.


  15. StormyeyesC says:

    Dorian CANNOT be in protective custody. He is right there on Canfield, with people milling around.


  16. Elspeth says:

    One more question: Can this be for real? It shows men dressed in camo setting fire to a car near an auto parts store.


  17. Bob Stone says:

    Yet another provable lie of Johnson’s:

    “An expert in DNA from the St. Louis County Police Department Crime Law testified that Michael Brown’s DNA was later found on Wilson’s firearm. (Vol. 19, 182:16). It was not possible to determine whether this was due to contact with Brown’s skin, blood, or some other bodily fluid. The interior left front door panel of Wilson’s car also had DNA from Michael Brown on it (185:9). On the other hand, the DNA expert did not find Wilson’s DNA on Michael Brown’s shirt (191:15).”

    Johnson’s GJ Testimony:

    Q: Okay. So do you know where his hands are when the officer is saying, I’ll shoot?

    Johnson: I can still see both Darren Wilson’s hand and Big Mike’s hands.

    Q: Tell us about it?

    Johnson: Big Mike’s left hand was still on like right above the side mirror, right up under that, right up under the side mirror. His other arm now because of the tug of war pull, the officer’s grip come up, from up on his neck, to the shirt collar, to the shoulder, to basically he never let go.

    Wow, looks like Johnson lied yet again. What a shocker.


  18. LHLaredo says:

    why is Dorian Johnson allowed to get away with denying his physical involvement in attacking Darren Wilson?

    While I’m in agreement with you, being that it’s a guaranteed fact that if a death occurs while in the committing of a crime any additional suspects involved, whether physically or materialistically, the state will charge with murder.

    But.. In this case, the DA will not and I mean will not pursue anything not even jaywalking charges against him.

    Why, because everyone want’s to cover their asses “self-preservation” and would permit the prolongation of this atmosphere to continue.

    Let’s just say for the sake of arguing, the DA charged Dorian. The DA would have to use the Grand Jury evidence for the provable cause indictment. This would make all this evidence subject to cross examination and scrutiny. This where the problem lies.

    For instance.
    Would the physical evidence be valid? Considering the now known fact the forensic analyst failed to properly document the crime scene. He failed in personally take crime scene photos “because he’s camera had no battery power – he personally didn’t take the measurements of the logistics of the physical evidence.” Officer Wilson was left to leave the crime scene without securing his crime scene evidence, such as gun for suspects finger prints, etc., clothing for DNA evidence, and lastly he was permitted to clean potential evidence from his person.
    What about the witness testimony? Considering the fact the aggression towards “snitches,” it would be logical to assume the witness might change their stories again or state that were influenced by the prosecutor to adjust their statement.
    What about Officer Wilson? This would be the hardest part, It would place Wilsons statements to cross examination and his would life would be available to scrutiny, from his childhood, to his mothers criminal past, to his divorce, plus the fact that he waited 2 1/2 hours and only after consulting with his attorney is critical – that he was willing to provide a statement but not a written or tape one.
    What about the DA bias? This would also be damaging information to the jury, considering the DA prior manipulation of witness and evidence in a prior case involving the death of two black suspect by police officers. The fact that his own aspiration as a child was to be a police officer and the fact that his father a police officer was killed by a black criminal. This would give the allure of being a DA with a pre dispositional bias towards law enforcement and against a specific group in society.

    So in all, the DA failure to go after Dorian is more of an exercise in self preservation, that in seeing the rule of law being upheld.


  19. Bob Stone says:

    Here’s a quote from a Brown supporter, in absolute denial, that I’ve found worthy of framing:

    “Personally, I’m laughing pretty hard at your attempt to impeach Mr. Johnson’s testimony”


  20. lurking2014 says:

    I knew there was something off about Johnson’s claim to have run immediately to tell Brown’s family about the shooting. In a St. Louis media interview August 13th with Farrah Fazal of KDSK he had a completely different story:

    FF: When did Mike’s family know that he was dead?

    DJ: It took them… I guessed they picked up via social media because it almost took everybody in my complex came out and saw and it was almost over 100 people before they came out. Before we heard the initial cry for pain. And we knew it was his family members.

    FF: So several hours later is when they found out Mike was dead?

    DJ: I wouldn’t say several, just a few. Like a few hours. Like an hour or two.


    • John Galt says:

      pathological liar: an individual who habitually tells lies so exaggerated or bizarre that they are suggestive of mental disorder


  21. Bob Stone says:

    August 13th Interview with Dorian Johnson on Local TV

    “[Big Mike] wasn’t reaching for his belt line.”

    I can’t recall any witness statements prior to August 13th that stated Brown was “reaching for his belt line.”

    Am I wrong, or is Johnson bolstering a lie by denying his actual memory of events — as they match Wilson’s?


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