President Obama On Ferguson: The “I Didn’t Build This” Segment…

President Obama sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a fellow traveler and ideological compatriot for Democrat political administrations, to frame their collective narrative and discuss their united approach.   The Hill published an article about it.

During the recorded, edited and broadcast, conversation the subject of Ferguson Missouri came up.  Of course it did.  Controlling the forward narrative is now of paramount concern.

For those who willingly digest the manipulation much buffet was offered.  For others, those who see the larger picture, the falsehoods were a stark contrast.

We have previously shared how both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, created the goals for Ferguson back in August and September.  Those who are high information viewers, the trumpeters, will see the obvious lies as they are broadcast.

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder

Yes, President Obama “sent” AG Holder to Missouri, but alas no, Holder never met with a single member of the Ferguson government, Ferguson Mayor, nor the Ferguson police chief.   Those people were not, and are not, part of the goal – even to this day.

AG Holder did meet with various Democrat officials in/around Saint Louis who share an ideological alignment with the overall grievance objectives.

In addition, and to provide some semblance of validity, Holder met with position players including Highway Patrol Captain, Ron Johnson.

However, the fires of grievance were politically beneficial pre-election and all part of a larger goal, an obvious goal.

DNC flyer 1

The Anger Games

Now, given the potential for serious consequence fueled within the fires of rage, hate and division, President Obama is trying to gain some plausible deniability for the outcomes.

Ferguson and Saint Louis may indeed explode.  Wiping fingerprints from the detonator is critical to the needed avoidance.

When eyes are cast toward the rubble, the origins must be concealed.

It has always been thus:

Margaret Sanger Quote - Founder Planned Parenthood

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31 Responses to President Obama On Ferguson: The “I Didn’t Build This” Segment…

  1. angie says:

    Gosh I’m glad that I found this site, thanks for the sanity, Sundance! I love the way you cut through the fat and get right at the meat.
    Obama’s lips were moving again.

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    • DarPot says:

      Obama is very adept at side stepping questions by qualifying his remarks.
      If you listen closely to Obama’s responses, he almost always leaves himself “wiggle room”. Obama often uses leading wording, allowing people to assume he said something he never did.
      In above video Obama is asked about decline of race Relations. Obama sly says in his experience it has improved.

      Obama is also very good at subtlety working a point into his remarks. Obama’s points a pseudo subliminal in nature.
      In above video, Obama repeatedly comments about Law Enforcement to make them appear to be the problem. Obama barely touches on real problem of areas gone Criminal and Thuggery / Violence.

      Obama is also an expert at manipulative wording. A common tag line in Obama’s (and Democrats) lecturing calls for action is “common sense”. We have heard that tag line on everything from Obamacare, to Gun Confiscation, to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

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  2. fred says:

    Yeah this site is like hold the vegetables no potatos right to the red meat. I surely wish there were more places to read unbiased reports and well researched. I don’t agree with it all but happy to disagree if it’s civil. In fact I love fighting over politics especially with my neighbor it’s like a movie when we get going.

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  3. doodahdaze says:

    How he does it. He is evil, but can not allow it to be exposed right out in the open. They way the evil one works is by staking out an AMORAL position. Thus he allows evil, to be the equal of good, in his argument. We have an evil man in the WH and he must be removed.

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    • whodoneit says:

      doodahdaze – Your comment snagged me big time. Back when this atrocity we are forced to call our president first showed up in the political spotlight, I cringed with horror because I had an instant, unmistakable feeling of doom. I have despised the self proclaimed progressive, Hillary Clinton, since she first arrived on the scene as First Lady – but this guy disturbed me terribly. And very early on, when I was asked why I was so extremely repelled by the prospect of him becoming the president – the only answer I had to offer was “Because he’s evil.” This was very early, and I couldn’t even put my finger on why I knew – I just did. Since then, I have met two other people who felt exactly the same way. And, of course, since then – many Americans have found it out the hard way. You tend to clown around a lot – but I just wanted to let you know that I consider your take on this to be right on the money. Well said – well spoken.

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      • wgraham52014 says:

        You both nailed it. “whodoneit”… you said you met two people who felt the same way. Add me to your list.


        • doodahdaze says:

          I knew from the start. A couple things. First, his book and his mentoring by Frank Marshall Davis. I knew who Davis was. Second, his work in Chicago. I checked his background and was horrified. His mother was a devout communist. But nobody would listen when I tried to tell them.

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          Me, too.


      • doodahdaze says:

        This all started on CNN with the “Crossfire” show. Elevating clear wrong to the equal level of right, and then arguing about it. Thus allowing evil a foothold and a place on the stage. It can be done with any level of evil. Now we are arguing whether or not the law and the constitution “count.” I find it amazing.

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      • L. E. King says:

        When Mr. Obama initially appeared on the national radar I also had a visceral reaction to him. This is an unusual reaction for me to people in general. When he was elected I went with the “no elected person is as good as or as bad as we might think they will be” Mr. Obama unfortunately has proven to be as bad as I feared he would be.


  4. barbi says:

    I caught part of Meet the Press on radio today as I drove part of the Central Valley of CA. I actually heard the new mouthpiece for NBC say that they needed trust in Ferguson and so “there needs to be a trial.” Yes, a journalist seemed not to know anything about Grand Juries and about how, when an officer has shot someone, the GJ needed to find out if that officer followed his training and protocols. In the earlier segment he let a mouthpiece for the perpetually aggrieved outshout Rudy Guliani. The Mayor, of course, made perfect sense, but NBC guy always returned to the screamer.


  5. justfactsplz says:

    Dear Leander is so sure police departments need more training about diversity. It would never occur to him that the problem is the criminal activity of the AA community. If they were lawful citizens there wouldn’t be a trust issue with law enforcement.

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  6. John Galt says:

    Obama: “Minority communities are typically subject to more crime. They need law enforcement more than anybody.” @ 1:45

    Yeah, we noticed. So why is the DOJ making war on cops in high crime majority black regions?

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Social Justice.

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    • DarPot says:

      Notice Obama never comments on cause of that crime.
      Obama instead suggests a “Band Aid” solution.

      Democrats – Creating monumental Crisis out of Mole hill problem, demanding immediate action, while deeming only solution is Democrat’s SOP of more power, control, and MONEY.


  7. doodahdaze says:

    Question…Is a protest that is managed, scripted, funded, directed, and produced by, the government, really a protest?

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  8. whodoneit says:

    Oh, brother! Communities of “color” seem to have problems with law enforcement – no shit – guess why. And law enforcement needs to be trained to understand the sensitivities of minorities. What? Law enforcement’s sole job is to be “sensitive” to stopping crime and protecting law abiding citizens across the board – not to be giving special “allowances” to certain types who have difficulties handling their shit. Get real. And when asked about the belief of “people of color” that race relations have gone down hill since 2009 (note the year) Yobama thinks they have actually improved since then. Yeah – improved for his purposes – sure. And just who’s talking about behavior that is “contrary to the law”? Hello, Yobama – remember the Constitution?

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  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    Ferguson riots and looting is one event Obama can TOTALLY claim that he built all by himself…
    Obama did an excellent job of building up the hate and division between the blacks and the police department.

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    • DarPot says:

      While Obama continues his hate building division between whites, blacks, and other. A hatred that was almost non existent before 2009. Two words that will forever be associated with Obama Regime – “Knockout Game”.

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  10. PatrickSMcNally says:

    A major difference which separates this case from the Zimmerman one, apart from Zimmerman going to trial, is the fact that Obama is not going to be running in 2016. Perhaps Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate, though that’s just speculation. At the time in 2012 when it was announced that Zimmerman would be sent to trial, a lot of ordinary black people were still concerned about keeping things respectable for Obama’s reelection. As a consequence they mostly went along with the idea that Zimmerman should be tried through the legal system while they set to work on getting out the vote for Obama.

    Most of those same people are not really interested in getting out a vote for Clinton (or whoever it turns out to be), even though Obama and Holder certainly would want them to be concerned about this. The result is a set of uncontrolled elements which Obama wishes to avoid alienating from the Democratic Party but which somehow he needs to tame so that they can once more be respectable supporters, as they tried to be in 2012.


  11. 1hear2learn says:

    Another wasted opportunity to point out that perhaps, just perhaps, the officer in this case is innocent and if that’s what the GJ finds we need to respect that finding because they have seen all of the evidence and the rest of us have not. And then he can go into his shtick about underlying reasons of why the community was so eager to jump to the wrong conclusion (of course then he would have to maybe out his dear friend Al, and MSM, as part of the reason – yeah right).

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Seems to me that the cops themselves might be working on this case. Just from what we have found here at CTH I think the cops could put this down before it gets started if they wish. Someone has tied their hands.


  12. …and nary a word about how real justice works in this country, innocent until proven guilty, Wilson’s rights. For someone who claims to like teachable moments, this guy sure misses a whole lot of em.

    And another thing, what’s up with the set they did this on? A library that has the potus flag? Low stuff for little kids??? The lack of “finish” makes me go hmmmmmmmmm….

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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      I noticed that too, aren’t the chairs awfully small? There is something very odd about the optics.
      Also is this supposed to be comical because seriously did he actually say the cops need to be better trained in sensitivity and should be able to tell the difference between gangbangers and a regular guy wearing a hoodie. What? Isn’t that what we would call “profiling” and that is what the black community is all riled up about?
      He talks out of both sides of his a$$. SMH.

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  13. barbi says:

    That pic of him, the close up: “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.”


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