Whaaaambulance Alert – Kaci Hickox: “Stop calling me the Ebola Nurse”…

kaci hickox 2Ms. Hickox, the insufferable, delicate, ‘all about me’ wallflower, who returned to the U.S. then gave everyone the middle finger when asked to self-quarantine, has been very vocal. She wrote:

“I never had Ebola. I never had symptoms of Ebola. I tested negative for Ebola the first night I stayed in New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s private prison in Newark. I am now past the incubation period – meaning that I will not develop symptoms of Ebola.

I never had Ebola, so please stop calling me “the Ebola Nurse” – now!”

Via Canada Globe and Mail – […]  The woman [EBOLA NURSE] who became known in news headlines as “The Ebola Nurse” is now free to move around, after clearing the 21-day virus-free period. She [EBOLA NURSE] was interviewed this week as she [EBOLA NURSE] packed a trailer for her move across the state of Maine, to Freeport.

And, yes, she’d [EBOLA NURSE] heard about Canada’s clampdown on travel from parts of West Africa. The federal government has imposed far more aggressive rules than most countries, banning visas from Ebola-affected Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“I had this terrible gut reaction,” Hickox [EBOLA NURSE] said in an interview.

“Discriminating against these entire countries, and groups of people that really need our help more than ever and need our support and our compassion more than ever, is quite shameful, actually.”

Hickox’s [EBOLA NURSE] return from Sierra Leone made her [EBOLA NURSE] a cause celebre to some Americans, and a bete noir to others. The debate closely followed political lines, as her [EBOLA NURSE] case landed in the middle of midterm elections.

Big majorities have told pollsters that they want severe travel restrictions, similar to the measures imposed in Canada. But the U.S. government has resisted, saying those measures would be more harmful than helpful.  (read more)

Kaci Hickox

Kaci “THE EBOLA NURSE” Hickox !

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103 Responses to Whaaaambulance Alert – Kaci Hickox: “Stop calling me the Ebola Nurse”…

  1. nyetneetot says:

    Back in the early 70’s, wasn’t there a school house rock song that played Saturday mornings after Electro Woman and Dyino Girl?; “EBOLA NURSE! EBOLA NURSE! Eveybody’s seen EBOLA NURSE, from East to West, From North to South, EBOLA NURSE is there…

    Or something like that. I don’t know. The sugar in the Buc-Weats and Pixie and Dixie are messing me up.

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  2. allhail2 says:

    Let the mock mock mocking begin.

    After she’s done being called various other names, “Ebola Nurse”will be much more endearing.

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  3. EbolaNursePlus15 says:

    She is just trying to get another 15 minutes……

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    • polk8dot says:

      Right on the nose, EbolaNursePlus15.
      There were several other people who came back to the US either suspected of being Ebola carriers or truly infected, who asked the CDC not to release their info. Due to HIPAA and other patient privacy protections, such requests, when expressed, are being followed to the T. Thus Kaci The Ebola Nurse Hickox would NEVER have been known, talked about, given nicknames, and eventually despised by a big block of the population, had she not intentionally and with full forethought and planning sought publicity, forcibly inserted herself into the national Ebola narrative and policy discussions, and used every last second of her clawed after 15 minutes of Ebola fame.
      She rode that train with spiteful joy and careless abandon, conspicuously grabbing at every tiniest publicity opportunity, brazenly condescending to the public and government officials, demanding society’s worship, and shamelessly pushing her private political and healthcare ideas onto the community at large.
      Kaci The Ebola Nurse Hickox has been all about herself all the time, and only about herself. She chased after the media interviews, tried to stay firmly planted in camera view of news crews, paraded herself and her boyfriend around for public consumption, and openly courted the media in an attempt to make herself into a public figure, build herself a platform from which to expound on her personal and thus fallible opinions, and to parlay her diminishing ‘public recognition’ quotient into multiple and diverse employment and advancement opportunities.
      The selfish idiot Kaci The Ebola Nurse Hickox behaved like a famew#@re and there is absolutely no surprise in this latest attempt to yet again insert herself into the national psyche and force all of us to partake in her self-love and self-adoration feast. And when this fails, you better believe she is going to find some other means of prolonging her insta-fame or rather insta-notoriety.

      Uggghhh, just go away.

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    • joshua says:

      Would Obama ride her bicycle to show his manly disdain for her criticizers and his courage against the evil Ebola virus? Heck, it IS a girl’s bike, anyway.


  4. ZurichMike says:

    OK, I’ll call you “self-absorbed media whore” instead.

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  5. MaryfromMarin says:

    I think there should be a series of books: Kaci Hickox, Ebola Nurse.

    You know, in the mold of Cherry Ames, Student Nurse ? Well, maybe the anti-mold.

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  6. wolfmoon1776 says:



  7. Bomb says:

    “Stop calling me Ebola Nurse” = please talk about me again.

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  8. Gary says:

    She characterized it as racist, saying Canada would never have considered banning visas from Europe, even though there were tens of thousands of measles cases and dozens of deaths a few years back.

    We have been vaccinated for measles in Canada. I had to prove my vaccination before I could get a visa to work with kids in the U.S.


  9. tappin52 says:

    How did she (Ebola nurse) manage to flag down a member of the media to listen to her (Ebola nurse’s) whining?


  10. waltherppk says:

    We need an Ebola Nurse action figure doll kind of like a dunce capped Barbie on a bicycle.

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  11. allhail2 says:

    I’d like to see an old SNL Landshark skit. Except it would be Ebola Nurse hocking candy grams

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  12. libby says:

    They need our help?
    We happen to have an extra ebola nurse who would just love to help

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  13. TexasRanger says:

    Stop calling me “the Ebola Nurse” – now!

    Kaci Hickox – the Ebola Nurse is upset at being called the Ebola Nurse and wants it stopped Now!

    Know it All Ms Kaci Hickox – the Ebola Nurse says “MY liberty, MY interests and consequently MY civil rights were ignored because some ambitious governors saw an opportunity to use an age-old political tactic: fear“.


    This Ebola Nurse should return to West Africa and stay there!


    • Tkim says:

      BTW what ever happened to that broad from Maine– you know, Ebola Nurse?


      • waltherppk says:

        I understand she recently moved and has a new address. Is she still living in an alternate universe? Did they quarantine her for safety when she arrived there?
        Or is she already there all the time, no matter where she goes?


    • QuadGMoto says:

      You know, we could be nice to her [Ebola Nurse] and grant her [Ebola Nurse’s] request and call her [Ebola Nurse] Kaci “Formerly known as ‘Ebola Nurse'” Hickox. If Prince can do it, why can’t she [Formerly known as ‘Ebola Nurse’]?


    • wau says:

      No merci. Please keep her. Did that convulsing African child survive after Nurse Kaci Ebola shoved the pills down her throat? What kind of crazy nursing is that? Didn’t Nurse Kaci Ebola help maintain quarantine on Africans?
      In Mali, a real nurse died of ebola last week. Ebola, the nurse-killer, manages to get all the real nurses.


  14. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    She’s partially right. Since she never actually had Ebola, she’s not the “Ebola Nurse.” She actually the: “When it was possible that I had Ebola and could have theoretically started an epidemic that could take thousands of lives, I just didn’t give a damn about anybody but myself nurse.”

    But that’s hard to remember, so I’ll just shorten that to “Selfish Pig”

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    • 7delta says:

      But that’s hard to remember, so I’ll just shorten that to “Selfish Pig”

      That works, LJP. Before I got to your last line, I was kinda thinking it could be shortened to the Fluke You Nurse, since they’re the same person, right? With different colored hair?

      Do progressives like this take classes in “Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!” or is it just a natural predisposition to delusions of grandeur and self-absorption that leads them to progressivism? Does Professor Gruber teach this class or is it part of the music department (me, me, me, me, me in all scales)? With the stroke of his pen and a phone call, has obama settled the science of all disputes through the new Superior Intellectual Class Declarations Unquestionably Must Be Obeyed Act (SICDUMBO)yet?

      Just wondering, since I see a reoccurring theme among certain political associates.


  15. Lulu says:

    How about Homely Ebola Nurse? She and her dud of a loser boyfriend deserve each other. Youth has slipped away and they are left scrabbling around, looking for fame in all the wrong places.


  16. ensitue says:

    What’s her Boy Friend’s name, Geri? Kari? Merri? That must be an interesting relationship.


  17. scaretactics says:

    Doesn’t she know that the more you say not to do something, the more people will say it?

    Especially if you’re rude about it.


  18. Chicks with no eyebrows are usually wacky as hell, if not totally crazy.


    • screwauger says:

      Saw this posted on FB page:
      Hi. I’m Kaci Hickox. Most of you know me as the “Ebola Nurse,” ginger-curled champion of the self-righteous. Although I’m now famous, life for me hasn’t changed all that much. All my life I’ve been fighting the scourge of humanity that threatens to infect us all. It’s a battle that we’re losing. But we can’t give up. I’m talking about EAS — Eyebrow Ablation Syndrome. Voluntary mutilation of eyebrows affects more than 15 million women in America each year. While EAS resembles self-inflicted wounding, its causes run much deeper. I was bullied as a child. “Wildbrow Hickox” is a name that will be with me always, undermining my self-esteem. I pursued over-plucking and razor scalping in an attempt to mimic a “normal” appearance in denial of my hirsute self. But as with all victims of EAS, that was not enough. It became an obsession in an ever-growing drive to assert control in my life. Extreme sculpting and shaping progressed into the “full monty” — ultimate removal by waxing, acids, electrolysis, and more until, in my late-stage EAS, I finally surrendered my mammalian identity altogether. We’re working hard towards a cure. But in the meantime, its victims have learned to manage their symptoms to lead productive lives. It begins with you. Remember: eyebrows are optional. Even though they signal the changing moods of their owners, it is up to you to learn to read the reptilian face. The entitlement and self-indulgence EAS fosters needs to be supported and embraced. Only through celebration can we defeat the bigotry that hurts us all. Thank you.


  19. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  20. Funny thing. The Doctor that just died tested negative on his first few tests. And he’s DEAD from EBOLA!!

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  21. auscitizenmom says:

    Ebola Nurse, Ebola Nurse, Ebola Nurse. Pffffft. And, yes, I do have a childish side.

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    • janc1955 says:

      That was EXACTLY my response when I read her latest whiny demand. Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse Ebola Nurse.


  22. Lee Jan says:

    The little whiner conveniently forgets she had a FEVER when she landed at Newark Airport. The quarantine was the proper course of action. Rather than being thankful that she escaped the deadly disease she spends her time whining. Not only will she forever be known as the ebola nurse but the ebola WHINER nurse. Grow up, loser.

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  23. ensitue says:

    In other news woman snags Charlie Manson as husband…Kaci furious!


  24. John Galt says:

    Ebola Nurse? I’m confused. I thought that Debbie Wasserman Schultz finally got her teeth fixed.


  25. czarowniczy says:

    Yet another Pepé Le Pew trying to paint out that white stripe – only problem is she put the stripe there in the first place. Sorta like Jeff Dahmer complaining that he doesn’t want to be called a cannibal anymore, he prefers the term ‘humanist’.

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  26. Mike says:

    Odd. I never got past Narcissist. And, was she not in Africa trating Ebola sufferers,,, as a nurse? So she is, in fact, an Ebola Nurse. Liberals always seem to have a problem with meaning.

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  27. Moishe Pipik says:


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  28. pspinach says:

    Hey, aren’t you that Ebola Nurse from Maine? What are you doing in Alaska living in a trailer with your dumkomf boyfriend who was kicked out of nursing school at age 48 by college-age students, whining about how they wouldn’t sit near him in class? Bet you miss your house for 21 days now! Grow the heck up!!


  29. waltherppk says:

    Hers doesn’t stink so why should she mind if people rub her nose in it.

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  30. polk8dot says:

    “Discriminating against these entire countries, and groups of people that really need our help more than ever and need our support and our compassion more than ever, is quite shameful, actually.”

    No, you self-deluded dipstick.
    Discrimination would be putting the UN peacekeeping troops on those multiple West African nations’ borders and not allowing anyone out, including healthy people; refusing medications and care to the sick due to their faith or skin color; ostracizing entire African societies long after the outbreak burned itself out, in fear of its reappearance.
    Refusing visas to foreigners because they come from Ebola hot zones is proceeding with caution, exercising good judgement and protecting you own.
    Just like putting you in quarantine is good public policy and not an assault on your civil rights.
    Just like you going to Africa is not selflessly volunteering but rather just taking a job overseas.
    Just like you walking around the Ebola hospital in full protective gear is not Heroic. Heroism is falling on a grenade to protect your brothers in arms.
    By your own logic, your working with Ebola patients while fully garbed in a hazmat suit is nothing but discrimination, condescension and racism on your part. It is shameful, really. Can’t you see how it frightens those sick people, you selfish American imperialist?
    😆 Aaaahhhh, Lib/Prog ‘logic’.


  31. whodoneit says:

    Apparently, EBOLA NURSE had become somewhat dismayed about the fading spotlight – so found the need to draw renewed attention to herself. Therefore, I think she should be constantly tracked – where she goes, what she does, what she eats and who she speaks to EVERY DAY. Like the ultimate reality show. And there could be regular announcements like “Look out Downtown Freeport – EBOLA NURSE is shopping today!” Give her more attention than she can handle, and she’ll be sorry she ever even opened her big fat mouth. I’ve heard the “Honey Boo Boo” slot is now open. Ebola Boo Boo?

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  32. Rachelle says:

    I am sure Freeport is delighted to hear she is on the way.

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  33. Tkim says:

    Oh Ebola Nurse we hardly knew ye.

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  35. Tkim says:

    I’d have been happy if she’d just been treed by a moose.

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  36. waltherppk says:

    She is white and obviously resents being associated with “that negro disease” so she is probably a closet racist.

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  37. Mr. Olorin says:

    Ebola Nurse in 2010 in her alumni magazine.

    ““I always felt a strong desire to work overseas with vulnerable populations, and nursing seemed to be a perfect avenue,” she says. “On top of that, I knew there was—and still is—a nursing shortage and that I would have job security.””



  38. lovemygirl says:

    What was in everyone’s coffee today? I’m just now getting in the swing of things and you guys have hit over 50 home runs!

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  39. happypappies says:

    She is the Monika Lewinsky of Ebola – all she needs is cigar


  40. ytz4mee says:

    Kaci Hickox is an anti-Canadian hater.
    She needs to check her “American” privilege. /s/


  41. eastern2western says:

    I call her the ebola biatch.


  42. eastern2western says:

    kind of stupid that she could had avoided all of these national attentions just by following the quarantine. I am sure that she would still get her regular pays during those 21 days. After the days are over, she could had still return to her job as a no body. Now, she is infamous and every one call her the ebola nurse.


  43. TwoLaine says:

    But I want you to be Princess Kaci Stompy Feet Ebola Nurse!
    And it’s my story!
    So there.
    Embrace the suck.


  44. Maggie says:

    Is it wrong to wish this stupid bi tch would die?


  45. CoffeeBreak says:

    She’s not quite a Kaci Gruber…not exactly a Kaci Biden (not really rock-stupid). Maybe Kaci Axelrod. You know, a leftist tool til everyone got sick of his stupid butt and got pushed out of the circle. Also, I’m reminded of Ricardo Montalban singing “Volare” (the car commercial). “Ebolaaaa!!! Whoa!!! Ebola!!! Whoa-oh-oh-oh!! Take a ride with Kaci today. Ride a bike just please ride away!” Something like that.


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