Whoopsie: Buzzfeed Super-Exposes Their Leftist Bias In Pro-Obamacare Uber Article….

obama shadowThe important aspect to this Buzzfeed story is not Über rising to say how wonderful ObamaCare is for their business model.  The important aspect is revealing, yet again, the insufferable biases within media outlets.

Against an avalanche of newly fueled Gruber ObamaCare sunlight, the far-left moonbats are trying to find ways to point out the glory of ObamaCare despite the fact it was constructed around lies and falsehoods.   In essence, and as typical, ‘the ends justify the means’.

Into this need steps the media enterprise Buzzfeed.  A quasi-journalistic source of social media and current event information which passes itself off as ‘journalism’.   Buzzfeed starts off with this paragraph:

The CEO of Uber said Friday that Obamacare has played a crucial role for his army of drivers, an unusual, partial endorsement of the president’s signature policy from a man often cast as a hero of anti-government libertarianism.

The rest of the article is explaining how.

Wow, a company benefitting from ObamaCare and willing to take a policy and strategic media approach to announce as such…… Or is there something missing

What’s missing?  How about this little annoying factoid from August:

David Plouffe, the former campaign manager and White House adviser to President Barack Obama, is taking his political secret sauce to Uber late next month as senior vice president of policy and strategy, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told POLITICO in an interview Tuesday.

Kalanick said from the ride-matching company’s headquarters in San Francisco that Uber “is trying to win hearts and minds,” adding: “There’s an incumbent … the big-taxi cartel … and we’re the challenger.”  (link)

Well, now that you put it that way – it kinda makes sense a company whose VP of policy and strategy would push the praises of a law he aided to fruition as the #1 go-to guy for political Obama.

Apparently Buzzfeed doesn’t find that little motive factoid important.

Carney and Plouffe facepalm

Jay Carney and David “Facepalm” Plouffe

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5 Responses to Whoopsie: Buzzfeed Super-Exposes Their Leftist Bias In Pro-Obamacare Uber Article….

  1. whodoneit says:

    The mainstream media are just, once again, showing their true colors – BLUE, with a substantial touch of YELLOW. From now on I think I’ll refer to them as the GREENstream media.


  2. John Denney says:

    A professional taxi driver’s take on Uber. Salty language, but good points.

    “What . . . most Uber drivers don’t understand is that being a taxi is a very hard life for a car. I can easily drive a thousand miles in a week. In fact, I don’t get an oil change every four thousand miles, I just get one at the beginning of every month… easier to keep track of. The first time an Uber driver has to drop $1,000 for a transmission rebuild, he is going to realize how bad [his] payscale sucks. I have an envelope stashed in my house with $2,000 in cash inside, at the ready for the next time I have to replace an engine or I need a new transmission or four new tires. I just dropped $360 to get my power door fixed after a drunk broke it. You Uber drivers aren’t calculating the cost of 250 pairs of dirty shoes on your carpets every week, and those four fat [guys] that are destroying your shocks. Your new Kia Soul is sustaining hundreds of dollars of damage per week, even if you can’t see it, and you aren’t making enough money to fix it. All those leftist morons and Occutards that decry capitalism and the “slave wages” of Wal-Mart should be up in arms for you Uber drivers… you are being f*****d, by a giant faceless multi-billion dollar global mega-corporation that you can’t even call on the phone.”



  3. Federale says:

    Also, Uber does not provide any benefits to its drivers. Those drivers are contractors, not employees. Therefore the drivers need the taxpayers to buy their insurance for them.


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