Ferguson Decision – The High Probability Decision Zone Starts Today…

With the election in the rear view the probability calendar for the Saint Louis Grand Jury decision is now at the apex and will remain there for the next two weekends.

saint louis flag burning 3

saint louis flag burning 2The Grand Jury decision is anticipated either this weekend or next, with the highest probability being this weekend preceding Veterans Day Tuesday November 11th.   For those unfamiliar with the pre-planning here’s what to expect and what to look for?

First, it’s important to remember the broad stroke strategy was roughly planned out in August with the details filling in along the way.  You really didn’t think that civil war CMH award yesterday was just some random calendar pick did you?

Most of the references you’ll see in the media will mention the Department of Justice or DOJ, however it’s also important to draw a distinction between the DOJ and the actual agency being discussed, the “Community Relations Service”, or CRS, which is within the DOJ.

When the media reference the DOJ in this phase what they are really highlighting is the CRS.   You will not see blue windbreaker jackets with bold yellow FBI written on the back; that’s not how the CRS works.

The CRS is essentially a shadow entity within the civil rights division of the DOJ, they are sometimes called “the peacekeepers“.   However, it’s important to understand the CRS as written, vs the CRS as actually practiced.

[2012]  Under President Obama, the group’s mission has expanded substantially.   Officials are permitted to take on a more aggressive role, moving from a “reactionary” to a “preventative” stance, CRS Director Ondray Harris told the website Main Justice.


saint louis flag burning 5

The CRS activity as written would have you believe they are a civil rights entity whose primary purpose is to keep the peace and racial harmony amid potentially explosive social events like the Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown shootings.

Historically that’s a fair interpretation of their original intents.  However, since Attorney General Eric Holder took charge of the DOJ they have taken on a divergent goal.

The former head of the CRS, Ondray Harris, (quoted in the above statement) actually quit working for the federal government because President Obama and Eric Holder forced a very specific racial agenda into the agency.   The CRS was changed from aiding and assisting civil rights challenges, to a position of advocating for the professionally black.

The CRS is now primarily focused on controlling the “optics” of the various civil rights groups; they are, in essence, in the public relations business.   In the Eric Holder era we have to change the descriptions to give more accuracy to the new reality.

Post 2007/08 the various professional civil rights groups are more accurately identified as the Black Grievance Industry, or BGI.   Likewise the civil rights division of the DOJ, using the CRS, has modified its mission statement to become the protector of the public image within the various BGI affiliates:  NAACP, NAN, NBPP, “Dream Defenders” etc.

So what you will see play out in Ferguson Missouri will be the CRS (Community Relations Service) playing the role of image handler for the various protests and racial grievance activists who form the larger BGI (Black Grievance Industry).  That’s why they met with Obama in the White House on Wednesday.

Wherever you see or hear DOJ in a print of broadcast outlet, you can replace the term with CRS.   The DOJ is the CRS for all of the reports in the foreseeable future around Ferguson and Saint Louis Missouri, albeit – as mentioned – without the blue windbreakers etc.

So who are they ?

grande LumGrande Lum is the current head of the slippery and secretive CRS.   The events you will witness over the next week to ten days will all be carried out by people who report to Grande Lum.

In similar fashion Lum then reports to Eric Holder, who reports to the White House.  If things go horribly wrong with the execution of the plan, Lum is the guy who will take the fall to protect the administration.

So he plays an important role.

[December 2012] This week, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., formally installed Grande H. Lum as the ninth Director of the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service (CRS). See the press release here.

Grande Lum 1

Grande Lum 2

Grande Lum and Barack Obama were classmates at Harvard, and interestingly he was solicited to work for the administration at an event you might be familiar with.

[August 2008]It started innocently enough when a friend invited me to an Obama event that she was co-hosting in San Francisco soon after he announced he was running for President. We were all classmates at Harvard Law School, though I was in only one class with Obama and would say hi in the hallways, but that was about it” – Grande Lum (link)

That San Francisco event was when perhaps candidate Obama’s most famous phrase was made in his speech to the audience containing Mr. Lum.  Obama’s famous San Francisco “Bitterclingers” speech:

You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them,” Obama said. “And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

– Senator Barack Obama, San Fran 4/6/08 

Officially The Community Relations Service (CRS) is an agency created within the U.S. Department of Justice by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At the time of its inception, CRS worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders to address tensions arising from differences of race, color and national origin.

CRS continues that work today, and pursuant to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, supports local efforts to prevent and respond to violent hate crimes committed on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

[…] The agency is often the Justice Department’s first responders to community conflict. CRS’ conciliators help build trust and bridges where there is distrust between communities, law enforcement and government.

The Community Relations Service is known as the U.S. Department of Justice’s “Peacemaker” and is neither a law enforcement agency nor a prosecutorial authority. CRS conciliation specialists build bridges by enhancing communication and building relationships.

The Community Relations Service is statutorily required to provide its’ services impartially and in confidence. The Agency’s staff is composed of individuals with professional backgrounds in law enforcement, human rights, mediation, psychology, business and other disciplines. (link)

Now remember what Mr. Ondray Harris said:….  “[2012]  Under President Obama, the group’s mission has expanded substantially.   Officials are permitted to take on a more aggressive role, moving from a “reactionary” to a “preventative” stance, CRS Director Ondray Harris told the website Main Justice“…..  Shortly before Harris quit in disgust.

holder and obama

So far, for the CRS, the Saint Louis/Ferguson mobs have been difficult to protect from their own broadcasted image.  But they are expending massive resources in/around the area to diffuse the imagery of rioting and looting black mob violence ahead of the Grand Jury no-bill decision.

The imagery is the most important aspect, this will be the primary focus.  Remember the CRS is no longer in the business of racial healing – their mission objectives now are to protect the public image of the black grievance industry; they are the PR firm.

CRS members are difficult to spot, but if you know what too look for -and you remember the goals- you will be able to identify the CRS members as they appear.

They are usually AME church members, civic leaders, or professional leftists and community organizers, many from the immediate area who are focused -primarily- on racial issues.   About half of the CRS activists will be from the outside Saint Louis as they operate based on regional areas of responsibility; the other half will be contracted and paid from within the local community.

If you identify a name or description of a person who is focused on, engaged in, or participating on some aspect of controlling the imagery of the raging horde, they are more than likely under the employ or direction of the CRS.

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder


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125 Responses to Ferguson Decision – The High Probability Decision Zone Starts Today…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    The Federal Government is now in the business of planning and directing riots. They need credits to roll prior to network news coverage.
    Special Effects: Don Lemon and Al Sharpton
    Screenplay by: Eric Holder
    Written by: Grande Lum
    Directed by: Benjamin “Calhoun” Crump
    Produced by: Barak Hussein Obama

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    • I love it! And how pitiful is it when we know that what we’re seeing as “news” is manufactured content? Propaganda much? I can hardly believe this is what the U.S. has been reduced to. So very sad.

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      • joanfoster says:

        Count yourself lucky that you recognize this propaganda for what it is. Much of the country is totally ignoring it and many believe it is justified. Until I found the Treehouse, I had no idea that a law firm in Florida had wrecked so much havoc in race relations and managed to not only hijack the press, but shakedown entire communities and government agencies in the meantime. Much of the country is totally oblivious to this.

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      • fred says:

        If you thought it could not get worse I just read Baseem Masri was invited to be on a police reform committee by the DOJ or some wing of it. That says it all. Now we have hamas in there too. When will the cops say enough is enough.


        • doodahdaze says:

          Bring out the Baseem-O-Matic!! A Friday night dump might be the way to go but I doubt yet. Teh 14th is the night to watch IMO.


  2. I had a good laugh at this one:

    America’s Peacemaker Community Relation Service Annual Report
    FY 2011 (p18)

    Rumor Control
    CRS assists in establishing rumor control measures following community incidents, protests,
    police investigations, jury verdicts, and other developments that contribute to the elevation of racial tension and the potential for violent hate crimes. CRS offers technical assistance on how to control inflammatory rumors with accurate and credible information by employing a proactive and coordinated approach to publicity, formalized community notification processes, and other appropriate information dissemination measures.

    Don’t forget these guys:

    “To assist on this front, the Department will be dispatching additional representatives from the Community Relations Service, including Director Grande Lum, to Ferguson. These officials will continue to convene stakeholders whose cooperation is critical to keeping the peace. Furthermore, as the President has announced, Ron Davis, our Director of the COPS office, will arrive on the ground in Ferguson Tuesday. Ron has been in touch with local and state officials since last week, providing technical assistance on crowd control techniques and facilitating communications between Missouri officials and other law enforcement officials whose communities have faced similar challenges in the past.”

    COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services)

    I guess they had no need for the CRS regional office in Kansas City? I mean since they sent the head honchos and all. Still trying to find out who’s heading that office.


  3. doodahdaze says:

    I was wondering how the medal was awarded. I thought a commander had to recommend it. Of course this disgusting creature in the WH had to politicize even the Medal of Honor.


  4. Chip Bennett says:

    I vote for this weekend. I’m at home, taking the girls to a movie and sighting in a new deer rifle. Just make sure the fires are put out by Tuesday.

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  5. Rusty abbe says:

    I shudder to think how all this would have played out without the robbery video….

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    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      Every step of the way it appears that Ferguson PD have access to the BGI playbook.. AND it looks like they’re almost always ONE PAGE AHEAD.. pretty sure the video was ready to play just about the same time “gentle giant” was uttered the first time.. seems the only stumbles they had was when outside race agitators (including the MO GOV apparently) attempted to hamstring them. The misdirection to discredit the “Shahidists” , not looking defensive with the bullcrap brown team autopsy, withholding wilsons name, keeping the cruiser bullet indent pictures out of the spotlight.. if I could kiss chief Jackson I would. On the flip side, in theory, if I could kick gov. nixon where he’s SUPPOSED to have some testicular fortitude.. I’d get a running start first.

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      • These are good points, talkaftercarefulthought. I wonder who was advising them? I have a guess. The behavior of the Ferguson PD should have been a clue to the Election Night Wave and the realization that most Americans have decided not to put up with this cr*p any more.

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        • talkaftercarefulthought says:

          I sure do hope so… in my opinion the second that nixon said he hopes that Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson will receive a “vigorous prosecution” I personally would have started a recall petition to get that POS out of office.. however I’m on the other side of the state and the way the news covers Ferguson most people I know have completely forgotted about it

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          • Lottacats says:

            Nixon, what an ASS!
            I’d kiss Chief Jackson too. He must have seen what went on with Bill Lee and Traythug in FL. and got a learning from that HI. Good man!

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      • lorac says:

        lol I just noticed something – if you used the initials of your screen name as an abbreviation, it would be TACT – and tact could be defined as talking after careful thought 🙂


    • Bob, Esq. says:

      What I found and find astonishing are the attempts to depict the video as defamatory to Brown.

      This is how they explained it to Geneva:

      “Other police statements reportedly contained false justifications for the teen’s murder, including the release of unrelated video footage maligning the victim.”

      As Quint from “Jaws” would say “Jesus H. Christ chief!”


    • lovemygirl says:

      My thoughts are that McCulloch played a huge part by sending it to the Grand Jury and basically hamstringing them with that move. The BGI desperately wanted to do something but were basically stuck once it was in the GJ’s hands.

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      • Lottacats says:

        Yes, a huge part. He’s the man! Job well done(Trayvon) actually doesn’t offend me as much now that McCulloch and Chief Jackson UN done it.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        McCullough has sent 100% of all murder cases in his jurisdiction to the GJ This was not even remotely unusual for him. 100% ……………..

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  6. bitterlyclinging says:

    The next two years under Barack Obama will be the worst since the Civil War. He will underscore his displeasure with Tuesday’s vote by allowing the Ferguson protestors to burn all things white in the St Louis environs to the ground. Then Obama will move on to extract his revenge in other venues-for those 63 per cent of the voters who chose not to vote in support of Obama’s policies.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      He is writing his Ferguson Address.
      Six years ago, I brought forth upon the country, a new fundamental change. Conceived in the mind of Karl Marx, and dedicated to the proposition that all men should end up equally miserable no matter what.

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      • partyzantski says:

        All men are miserable, but some men are more miserable than others.
        Discuss amongst yourselves who is assigned which role by the CRS and the Regime.
        One can either play the role foisted upon one, or lead your life as an individual who knows Liberty.

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    • Don’t agree, bitterly. Have you ever faced down a bully? What do bullies do when they meet fierce, determined resistance? Right. They back down, sometimes run away. They rarely bother you again. I just hope the newly-victorious Rs know/remember this!


    • DarPot says:

      Narcissist “Stompy Feet”, is going to get all Wee-Wee’d up, and throw an Epic temper-tantrum.


  7. coeurdaleneman says:

    Mediation usually means treating both sides fairly. But this rogue outfit is a money conduit to the cockroach faction, and works with antipathy againt the legitimate interests of the other side. It’s obvious that Darren Wilson attacked and is a victim and is innocent … how many dollars has he gotten?

    Corrupt government is the product of a corrupt society.


  8. Tkim says:

    Watching the persecution of a cop certainly bolsters their anti gun agenda. NOT.

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  9. Shipwreck says:

    I think they should release the GJ decision when Ms. McSpadden arrives in Geneva. That way she’ll have to scramble back to her little crap hole in the hood.

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  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    Obama and Hole have done such a disservice to blacks in America. Instead of getting programs to help them, he has given them permission to be moral less gangbangering animals.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      If blacks ever wise up to what the democrats have done to them over the last 50 years…the democrat 2016 convention will be like 1968. But it won’t be ant-war protestors. It would be Black Protestors. The blacks in Ferguson are protesting the wrong thing.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        They are not only being used by the Democrats, they are being used by Black Democrats. To me that takes it to another “Yuck” level and is so sick.
        They need to look around and see where and how the Black Politicians are living, while they are getting Squat.

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        • arttart1983 says:

          kinthenorthwest ~ your comment “they are being used by Black Democrats” was used as a commercial against our Senator, Mary L. this time, “the commercial ask Blacks what Mary L. had done for them?” Besides loading them up on school buses & taking them to the polls to vote for her, she’s done little. Hopefully some are finally getting it, pray she’ll likely lose the run off Dec. 6th for Senate. The South is rising again!

          Seems many of those that will gather to raise hell/protest over the GJ decision have long lost sight of why they ever protested to start with but mostly importanly, they don’t care..

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      • joanfoster says:

        Considering that Hillary called Al Sharptongue to wish him a happy birthday recently, she will not be able to extricate herself from him nor his ilk. The more blacks act out, the more Democrats have to shake off in 2016. It may actually be a blessing in a strange sort of way if the Ferguson crowd takes sole responsibility for defeating the Democrat machine.

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      • Attorney says:

        From your lips to God’s ears re the 2016 convention. Peacefully, of course.

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    • Prof. Woland says:

      The Europeans are finally getting a taste, thanks to diverse immigration, of what Americans have had to deal with for centuries. The leftists will make as much hay as possible but that is becoming harder to do now that they are enriched.

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    • lovemygirl says:

      I’m sorry, this may be immature and such but when I read “Hole” I knew exactly who it was immediately and started laughing. I’m sure that has been printed many, many times and places but it was my first. 😉

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    • DarPot says:

      Not just Permission to be moral less, but Golfer and Hole have encouraged them.
      Golfer and Hole have acted Criminally, inciting trouble. Being Golfer and Hole, have conspired and acted with NAACP, along with numerous other Professional agitation groups; RICO should be applied.

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  11. jason says:

    wtf… Bassem appointed to DOJ’s reform board that will be ‘negotiating’ reform for the local PD departments. Unfriggenbelievable 😡



    • jason says:

      this is the guy our government believes will help provide insight and thoughtful recommendations for how policing can be improved.


    • There will most likely be a Black Protocol and a Non-Black protocol.

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      • partyzantski says:

        This would violate the 14th Amendment equal protection clause in any normal, rational and objectively fact based world.

        I guess that the BGI and the Oval Orifice had use for Brown v. Board of Education, until it no longer suited them. Brown v. Board has been a cultural touchstone that is taught in public school as a cornerstone of the civil rights era… now, it is found mutilated and de-jointed in multiple trash bags, strewn along some lonely and sad stretch of an industrial river in the night?

        I guess the separate is inherently unequal is/was bad, until it was seen as an operational principle and a benefit to the BGI.

        We have the government we have not because the Constitution forbids it, but rather that it permits it to exist.

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        • kinthenorthwest says:

          I keep looking at it this way–How many Black Colleges do we still have, How many Black Beauty Contests(Mrs, and Mr.), Black Music Awards, Black TV stations and the list goes on.
          Yet heaven forbid if there is a “White” ???.

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        • seeingeye2 says:

          I actually saw a post on the “Justice for Mike Brown” FB page that maintained all their problems were caused by the constitution and “white supremacy.” So I guess now, in addition to burning the flag, they’ll be burning the constitution?


    • partyzantski says:

      If this plays out, it will prove that Law is non-operational. Law will then be an item of negotiation, not black letter Law anymore.

      Local PD can certainly live on without Federal money. They’ll just have to go back to doing it the old way; without multiple SWAT teams (armor, automatic weapons), armored vehicles from surplus Pentagon sales/grants and so on.

      Now, just ask yourselves if your local Police Dept has suppressors and NV(night vision). Think not?… Think again. Ask yourselves what those would/will be used for. Ask yourselves if they would have that if not for the helpful clerks of the DoJ and the Pentagon. Still have doubts? Ask a cop friend who you have known a while, preferably on a SWAT unit. Pay attention to the body language when you ask and as they answer. That will sometimes be more useful than the words they emit.


    • benzy says:

      One can only hope (as unlikely as it might be) that this “appointment” to the DOJ board is nothing more than a sting operation so that the FBI can arrest Bassem in a remote location and question his oft repeated claims of being a part of Hamas.


    • kc10lvr says:

      Do you really believe his BS? I, for one, do not! As he is losing ‘fans’, he’s trying to find a way to regain footing…make himself look important. JMO.


    • lovemygirl says:

      I am hoping it is just his ego but one never knows. Unqualified appointed citizens making real decisions frightens me. If it is just a nonsense “let them vent” board whose recommendations are “considered” then not so scary, just annoying. Last night he was talking about them deciding who to prosecute as well which would definitely be unconstitutional and stupid.


  12. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Here is a very interesting contrast. They speak out of both sides of the mouth.

    On one hand, these communists believe they need to infiltrate various groups and form and steer views, messages, and attitudes. This CRS stuff is one example.

    Another example is: withholding the grand jury MB results until after this recent election.

    Another example is the data dump that just got to Issa that indicates at least that Holder was not happy about Issa wanting to investigate Fast and Furious – when the data dump could have gotten to Issa/congress long before the 2014 elections.

    Why this pattern? To avoid the influence upon elections.


    These same elitist totalitarians supposedly value a concept captured by a couple of their pet terms, Deliberative Democracy or Participative Democracy.

    Mark Lloyd, Obama’s Chief Diversity Officer at FCC, and Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Regulatory Czar, are both fans of this concept I will present here, on their behalf.

    Their argument has two steps.
    First: a functioning democracy (little d; citizens deliberate and vote upon issues and leadership) depends upon two things: first is a democratic government structure (public hearings, votes for leaders and for ballot initiatives), and the second is citizens that have the awareness of issues and ideas upon which to deliberate/discuss/debate/be guided in voting.
    Without various points of view getting to the populace, you may have a democratic government structure, but the citizens will be unable to carry out their role of deliberating over choices and ideas.

    So, with one of the two necessary components missing, you don’t have a democracy.

    This idea about our need for information is a bona fide good, American idea. We get info through: 1 frank liberty which we have in general (at least for a little while longer), 2 freedom of speech, specifically, 3. freedom of assembly, specifically. Freedom of speech includes the media, and many fans of civics recognize that we have to have a media that is largely free to function without restrictions or governance, beyond pragmatics and other issues such as obscenity.

    Second Step:
    The elitist intellectuals by nature want to be in control of our lives. In this deliberative democracy idea, they have found their angle: the concept of the “echo chamber.”

    They claim that as we go farther into tailored digital media, and by our own desires to seek out similar voices, “we” generally have become drastically MORE limited in the information we receive, and so NOW, we have crossed a line where we citizens generally no longer have the information base nor the debate-environments necessary to uphold our part of “democracy;” we have lost the ability to receive and deliberate over information and ideas.

    DO NOT FRET. The Harvard-trained Elitist Intellectuals have a solution.

    Yes, it is the return of the fairness doctrine, with a vengeance.

    The government will appoint a “diverse” panel to require and promote “diverse” views in various media. Media will NOT be able to function unless they participate in this.

    Problem Solved. The Echo Chamber has been busted.

    All we have to do is turn the media over to the government.

    If you google those phrases and names, you will find this line of thinking: Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, deliberative democracy, participatory democracy, echo chamber.

    –Now, you ask, “hey, The Last Democrat, the only one who is not actually a communist, how does this relate to the OP (original post), about releasing the MB grand jury decision?”

    Glad you asked.


    Just as we needed info on Fast and Furious, the IRS/DOJ anti-Tea-Party scandal, etc.

    This is what FOI/open government/transparency is ALL about.

    The elitist intellectuals believe that we citizens NEED info to be able to fulfill our role in democracy, but then again they don’t. They are rank hypocrites.

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  13. jason says:

    stuck in moderation,, sorry if too many links


  14. Attorney says:

    I live in a fairly safe city. Were I in the danger zones, i.e., any inner city urban area, my planning would consist of me evacuating myself or in the alternative, loading of my .38 and 12 gauge and locking the doors.


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      I used to live in a very safe area, until this current administration. Houses in my zip code start at about $1MM and go up to about $2MM.

      Now we have a gang of “BMAs” who are robbing people–in front of their million-dollar homes–at gunpoint


      Just two days ago there was another report:

      Armed Robbery. SNY DPS w/ victim of chain snatch. Bleeding from head. 2 BMAs White shirts.LS towards 550 Remington

      We have security cameras on our house now (8 of them), solid doors with steel frames, and lots of motion lights. Only 4 of our cameras are very visible–so the hidden ones catch things. We caught the two Black Male Adults and one Black Female lookout burglarize the house across the street from us on the cameras–they made a wide birth around our visible cameras, but didn’t see the hidden ones.

      The idiot voters in my city voted in gun restrictions, and the idiot voters in my stated just voted to let about 50,000 criminals out of jail. Twice, they’ve softened our “three strikes” law. And crime is going up and up even in good areas. The disproportionate number of these criminals are black males.

      An aside: Cameras work! They do deter crime, and help solve them. Security footage may have saved the life of Officer Wilson (the robbery video). I urge all of you to put up security cameras and fortify your houses. It’s only going to get worse.

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      • fred says:

        I live in CA. and have the same setup but definitely not a million dollar home. They will go after anything and anyone. We get it from mostly brown and a smattering of black. High crime here now lots of gangs and drugs. It takes lights for motion cameras to prove who it was lots of signs like no trespassing and a dog preferably a mean one that bites the back of the legs. I lived here 60 years and shocked at how it’s turned out. Oh we are supposed to retreat if an intruder comes in.

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      • Lottacats says:

        Cameras and lighting. Pretty cheap too these days.


        • Orlandocon says:

          Yep, no million dollar houses anywhere NEAR my house, makes no difference, we have cameras all over and monitor mounted in the livingroom, no need to step out of my door if I don’t recognize the person, 6ft fence all around and dogs in the yard plenty of guns and ammo inside. We’re no ones fools, we’re no ones victims, step in the yard without an invitation, it’s the last thing they’ll do


  15. maggiemoowho says:

    Is the CRS part of Obamas Global Peace Operations Inititiative(GPOI). I know they have a lot to do with the UN and Obama seems to be leading this initiative for the UN.



  16. IMO, the government is scared. All it will take in St. L is one protester shooting at the police from the crowd and a police going “full -auto” to stop a riot.


  17. hound13 says:

    I pretty much believe the announcement will come this wkend. rams are on the road in az., back home next wkend (11/16) Doubt rams management wants their fans and “peaceful” protesters mingling again…


  18. Bob, Esq. says:

    Excellent post. And excellent coverage of the Ondray Harris affair.


  19. Rachelle says:

    CRS = BROWNSHIRTS. Federal employees are NOT exempt from state criminal laws. It the CRS activists actively incite more rioting they should be arrested and jailed. Holder and Obama have no prosecutorial discretion to exercise over state criminal charges.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Yeah, I would LOVE to see one of those Brownshirts scooped up in a net full of protesters during the upcoming thug riot that results from a “No True Bill” decision. Complete with Mugshots, arrest report, and vids of the “Walk of Shame”.


  20. roux says:

    They were probably around during the completely contrived incident in Jena (pronounced Gina) Louisiana a few year back.

    FYI The American Red Cross provided bottled water to the protestors.


  21. Tkim says:

    The DOJ can do its part to foment a riot and once the video gets seen by millions of shell shocked Americans, the POTUS can stand before a podium and mildly chide the criminals while also suggesting that when “we are disappointed” with a grand jury decision we “must seek other avenues” (besides murdering folks and arson).

    It will be so presidential we will all think Reagan is back.


  22. Shipwreck says:

    Where has Zuki Bukkake been lately? He’s been really quiet.


  23. lovemygirl says:

    (CRS) They are usually AME church members… Isn’t that a violation of the precious separation of Church & State the Lefties always whine about?

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  24. polk8dot says:

    In the vein of ‘News from a parallel universe’ – where officer Darren Wilson is always ‘guilty’, no matter what, Big Thug Brown is always ‘innocent’ and ‘murdered’, the protesters are always ‘civil rights activists’ and the Ferguson LEOs are always ‘racisssss, power abusing criminals’, there came news that Big Thru Brown’s ‘mother’ “Leslie McSpadden, accompanied by one of the family’s lawyers and a handful of local activists and human rights advocatesis taking her son’s case (…) to the UN Committee Against Torture, the body tasked with preventing torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment and punishment around the world.(…) The group is still hoping to raise $11,000 for the trip.”.

    United Nations Human Rights Committee Against Torture – UNHR CAT

    According to all available session schedules and minutes, the Ferguson contingent has not been allotted any time for an address in person to the 10–person CAT. But they were allowed to submit a written report, on which any and all CAT findings and recommendation they asked to be based, were there to be any.

    CAT working session agenda Nov 3-28, 2014

    Detailed agenda, by member state grievances, including oral presentations, written reports and statements etc. for the Nov 3-28, 2014 session. http://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/treatybodyexternal/SessionDetails1.aspx?SessionID=930&Lang=en

    Below are some excerpts from the 13-page statement which McFadden, her lawyers and all the hanger-on ‘activists’ want the UNHR CAT to use to pressure the us government, the Missouri governor and other powerbrokers, and the Ferguson Police Dept. into finally giving them what they wanted all along – a monetary settlement in award for Big Thug’s death, an arrest and prosecution of officer Wilson, and swift and harsh disciplinary actions against all law enforcement agencies involved, and local government.
    In light of all the facts and evidence that were unearthed by the outstanding work of The Conservative Tree House site, Sundance and all other contributors and commenters, as well as elsewhere within the digital media sphere, it is not just troubling but outrageous that the lies, falsehoods, smears, slander and personal attacks by the Big Thug Brown supporters and family are still being perpetrated. And not only are they allowed to continue, spitting in the face of law and justice, fairness and honesty, truth and responsibility, but they are being afforded bigger and bigger stages on which to air their false ‘grievances’ , thus effecting greater and greater impact on actual lives, livelihoods and futures of persons, organizations and communities who were forcefully dragged into the BLACK GUILT INDUSTRY-instigated and supported campaign for personal enrichment and for complete annihilation of anyone and anything that stands in the way of them getting their ‘rewards’.
    The extremely egregious manner in which this campaign is being waged, the callousness and willful disregard for all the damage they are causing by their own lies and criminal misconduct are what should be highlighted; and rewarding their racist, violent, criminal behavior, blackmail of the whole community and incitement of violence, looting, riots and lawlessness – especially the shooting of 2 Ferguson police officers in proclaimed retribution for Big Thug’s death and riots being put down – this behavior should NEVER be rewarded by proving them a stage before the UN, for the whole world to see, to perpetuate their calumnies and slander, and by the UNHR CAT actually getting involved and ‘investigating’ the matter.

    (~~~all emphasis mine~~~)
    ~~~~ “Written statement on the police shooting of Michael Brown and ensuing police violence against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri”, (…) Submitted by the Family of Michael Brown, HandsUpUnited, Organization for Black Struggle (OBS), & Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) – US Human Rights Network #17″. ~~~~

    II. “Issues Summary:
    This report addresses both the killing of 18 year-old unarmed black male Michael (“Mike”) Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, and the excessive use of force by police officers on peaceful protesters in the weeks following Brown’s killing. Both issues represent violations of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

    a) “Murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer:

    Midday on August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an 18 year-old black male, was walking down a
    small street in the middle of an apartment complex with a friend when they were approached by a white police officer. According to his friend, the closest witness to the afternoon’s events, the officer approached them in his SUV police vehicle, told them to “get the [expletive] off the sidewalk,” which then escalated into a confrontation. After a struggle, the officer began to shoot the teen. Brown ran away, as he was hit by the officer’s bullets. The officer chased the teen on foot, and according to multiple witnesses, even after Michael Brown raised his hands to surrender and begged the officer not to shoot, the officer continued to fire. No witness reported any orders being given to Brown as these shots were fired.

    As evidenced by audio recordings of the shooting, Officer Wilson fired approximately six
    bullets, and then after several seconds, fired an additional four times. The teenager was hit by at least six shots according to an autopsy conducted by a pathologist not affiliated with the government. The autopsy further revealed that the final shots included one that entered his eye, and another at the top of the head, which may have indicated his head was lowered as he collapsed or kneeled to surrender. The intentional, arbitrary killing of Michael Brown, shot to death by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, amounts to torture under Article 1 of the Convention.

    Following his murder, Michael Brown’s body was left uncovered in the middle of the street that
    runs through the Canfield Green Apartments, a densely populated apartment complex, for over four hours. This treatment of his body, grotesquely mutilated by the six bullets and left bleeding in the street in plain view, traumatized countless neighbors who witnessed either the shooting, its aftermath, or both. This trauma was all the more intense for Michael Brown’s family, who came to the scene only to find their young son’s remains quickly decomposing on the hot summer street. Given the history of racial tensions in the city of Ferguson, this particularly disrespectful treatment of Brown’s body and callous disregard for the trauma it could cause Ferguson residents repeated and reinforced the longstanding degrading treatment of black racial minorities by an overwhelmingly white police force. Not only did the abandonment of the body convey to residents that the police officer regarded the black youth as less than human, but it also illustrated the officer’s brazen confidence that he would not be punished for such unwarranted violence. One local leader noted that this action was a message from the police that “we can do this to you any day, any time, in broad daylight, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” A local resident shared her belief that these efforts were done to “set an example” and that “they shot a black man, and they left his body in the street to let you all know this could be you.”

    The intimidation caused by the shooting of Michael Brown and the disrespect for his body was
    amplified by the impunity that followed. Officer Wilson has not been arrested, and public officials have shown a clear reluctance to actively pursue his prosecution. The police department incident report drafted following the shooting contains few details about the event, contrary to typical practices, and the veracity of other reports released is dubious. Other police statements reportedly contained false justifications for the teen’s murder, including the release of unrelated video footage maligning the victim.

    Additionally, the manner in which Darren Wilson’s prosecution has proceeded and the concerning decisions of the prosecutor have raised questions as to government bias in favor of the police. For example, rather than filing a set of potential charges that the grand jury would endorse, as is typical practice, the state prosecutor in this case, Robert McCulloch is allowing the grand jury maximum discretion to decide the appropriate charge. McCulloch is viewed to be biased towards the police because he has “support[ed] police officers in another police misconduct case” and other indications of bias in favor of the police including close family ties to policing. Of particular concern is the prosecutor’s decision to present every witness and every shred of evidence to the grand jury as the prosecutor’s office receives it, without waiting for county and federal investigations to be completed, as prosecutors typically do In addition to applying this legal but infrequently used process, the prosecutor has sought an atypical amount of time for the grand jury decision to be announced. Grand jury panels within that jurisdiction usually sit for four months, meeting in private sessions on a weekly basis to hear evidence on cases, but that term for the current jury has already expired. The state court judge extended the term for two additional months, and added 60 days to that, to give the grand jury the maximum possible time under Missouri law. While the grand jury need not take all of that time to reach a finding on this case, the only one on their docket, it can if it deems it necessary. Community members widely believe that this is an effort to delay the announcement of an indictment decision, and an effort for McCulloch (an elected officer) to avoid any political backlash from its outcome. At the same time, an indictment by the Grand Jury is uncertain, as Missouri’s Defense of Justification for the use of force statute gives broad discretion for law enforcement to use deadly force to effect an arrest. Some commentators have noted that this might be unconstitutional after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Tennessee v. Garner, cited in the U.S. government reports. In the meantime, Officer Darren Wilson continues to take home a paycheck, on paid administrative leave pending a grand jury verdict.

    The actions of the police department and the local prosecutor come against the backdrop of deep racial divisions in the community and a history of racial bias in the Ferguson Police Department. While the population of Ferguson is 67% black, the police force that is 94% white. An annual state report on racial profiling in Ferguson notes that last year, 86% of police stops and 92% of police searches were on black people. In September 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it would be conducting a civil rights investigation into the Ferguson police, and is working with law enforcement in surrounding areas in efforts towards reform. The Department of Justice is also conducting its own investigation into the shooting of Michel Brown. The initiation of this investigation is a positive step and places pressure on local authorities to conduct a credible investigation as well. Nevertheless, DOJ investigations do not guarantee a prosecution, regardless of its findings, and research has shown that between 1986 and 2003, less than 2% of federal civil rights referrals to the DOJ were actually prosecuted. DOJ investigations can take years to complete, as evidenced by the investigation of another unarmed black teenager Ramarley Graham in early 2012, which is still ongoing. Moreover, Ferguson is but one of numerous cities in St. Louis County that have a longstanding racial profiling problem. The killing of Michael Brown brought to the surface a pattern of systematic targeting and harassment of racial minorities for fines and minor infractions by municipal police forces. A larger probe into the policies and practices of North St. Louis County police departments and indeed, nationwide, is required to begin addressing discriminatory policing problems.

    In addition, more concrete steps beyond investigations need to be taken to ensure that law
    enforcement is held accountable for racial profiling and excessive use of force. Not only do officers need to be prosecuted, but significant reform including more intensive training on racial bias, reporting and monitoring must be implemented to prevent rights abuses like the tragic killing of Michael Brown. Recent incidents of police brutality, including the choking death of 43 year-old black man Eric Garner by a New York police officer who used a chokehold banned by the NYPD, and the shooting death of 25 year-old unarmed black man Ezell Ford by a Los Angeles police officer underscore the U.S.’s failure to adequately address brutality and racial profiling by law enforcement.

    b) “Excessive use of force by law enforcement on protesters:

    The most egregious acts of excessive force by law enforcement in Ferguson took place during the protests in the weeks following Brown’s murder, when law enforcement officials donned riot gear, tanks, armored vehicles and other military-style armaments, and placed the town under siege in response to largely peaceful protests. Law enforcement officials used the few isolated incidents of property damage or violence as justification to engage in brutal repression of protesters and those living in the neighborhoods surrounding protest areas, using intimidation tactics and disproportionate force without distinction or regard for who would be harmed.” (….)

    “Despite the injuries tohundreds if not thousands of civilians in his state, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has not yet called for a state investigation into police violence on the protesters, thereby reinforcing the climate of impunity around police abuses and sanctioning the disproportionate and excessive use of force on people exercising their right to protest. Failure to investigate allegations of excessive use of force amounts to state acquiescence in police misconduct and sets a terrifying example of how an excessively militarized police force can commit abuses on individuals with impunity. Recently, Human Rights Watch sent an open letter to Governor Nixon detailing additional instances of excessive police violence and calling on the governor to open a state investigation.

    Law enforcement’s militarized response to protesters in Ferguson is part of widespread militarization of local police forces across the U.S., permitted, if not encouraged, by the federal
    government. The American Civil Liberties Union reported, “Every year, the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice funnel billions’ worth of dollars and military equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies to help them amass arsenals of combat-ready weaponry,” as detailed in its report War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing. It also follows a historical pattern of using excessive force against entire communities of racial minorities in crisis, as the Committee had previously recognized with respect to the violent and abusive response of law enforcement towards minority communities struggling to survive in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.” (……)

    IV. “Legal Framework – CAT Provisions and General Comments

    “While it is acknowledged that the U.S. Department of Justice has opened an investigation both
    into the killing of Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Department, Michael Brown’s killer still remains at large , and the aforementioned concerns regarding the conduct of the prosecution raise doubts as to the ability of local officials to undertake an impartial trial, if any. Local law enforcement’s disproportionate and indiscriminate response to protests following the killing of Michael Brown also merits a thorough investigation under Article 12. Moreover, the U.S. has failed to take any meaningful steps to remediate federal policies and practices that facilitated, and perhaps even encouraged, the militarized response to the protests.” (…….. )

    “The authors of this report support these recommendations as important steps to address this
    problem and reiterate the need for the U.S. government to take more decisive measures to address a very serious, enduring problem of police misconduct at all levels, which is most troublingly disproportionately directed towards racial minorities.

    VI. “Recommended Questions:

    “What steps has the U.S. taken, or what steps does it plan to take, to:
    Ensure that Michael Brown and other victims of torture and/or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment at the hands of law enforcement during the protests following Michael Brown’s murder obtain “redress” and “fair and adequate compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible,” as required by Article 14 of the Convention.

    VII. “uggested Recommendations:

    Ferguson-Specific Recommendations:
    1. Immediately arrest Officer Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown.
    2. Urge political accountability for the killing of Michael Brown and the excessive force on protesters by: (i) calling for the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson; (ii) placing the Ferguson Police Department under federal receivership to hold it accountable for systematically targeting and harassing residents of color in a predatory and degrading manner; (iii) calling upon Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to accept responsibility on behalf of the State of Missouri for the intimidation and excessive force used against protesters following Michael Brown’s murder, and provide for reparations for damages suffered; and (iv) offering amnesty to those protesters arrested while protesting the killing of Michael Brown.”

    ~~~~~~ end of citications ~~~~~~

    Is there even anything else to be said? Maybe only this – the chutzpah, the gall of the LIARS, the CRIMINALS, the BGI-egged on ‘aggrieved parties’, are staggeringly mind blowing. Their staunch refusal to abate in the disbursement of their pseudo-arguments, false ‘witness statements’, faux ‘autopsy results’ and unsupported, unjustified and nonexistent ‘facts’ is as disgusting on a human level as it should be criminal on a legal level. Parenthetically, just imagine how much hate and ill will has there got to be towards the United States within the UN as a whole, and CAT specifically, to even provide these lying bastards a venue in which to air their imagined grievances to the whole world.

    Now More Than Ever I AM DARREN WILSON.

    Good links provide maximum information and make such long comments unnecessary. Those who are interested in the material will usually click through and read the lengthy material at its source. Admin

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    • Mr. Izz says:

      Didn’t know it could be called a murder before it actually went to trial. You should never let a little thing like the facts get in the way of pushing an agenda.

      I’m happy they haven’t been given any time to give some lying speech in front of a panel. We’ll see if that sticks though.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        H3LL Brown’s mother should be charged with murder for not raising her son to respect others, laws and law enforcement.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Obamas Last Stand!


    • PatrickSMcNally says:

      —> told them to “get … off the sidewalk”

      I can only hope that someone at the UN has the brains to point out that this is a brazen lie. They were told to get off the street and onto the sidewalk, not to get off of the sidewalk.


  25. kinthenorthwest says:

    At the end of the day it comes down to one thing $$$$$MONEY$$$$$$
    At least Trayvon’s mom was smart enough to keep her nose clean, and Trayvon’s dad at least cleaned up some of his tats.
    Neither one deserved anything for the death of their sons, however McSpadden’s actions have proven really not helped show that she a decent job with the raising of her son.


  26. DarPot says:

    Time to cut through Black Grievance Bull $h!t — Michael Brown is dead by his own stupidity.

    Michael Brown robs a store, and assaults a store clerk.
    Michael Brown then decides to parade down middle of a street.

    Michael Brown decides to ignore a Police Officer’s Lawful request to get out of street.
    Michael Brown then decides to continue to ignore Police Officer’s further commands.

    Michael Brown would be alive today if he had not stupidly chose to ignore Police Officer’s first command to get out of middle of street.


  27. Moishe Pipik says:

    Let’s hope this woman can’t go to the U.N. because she’s in jail!


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  28. michellc says:

    Gateway Pundit says this evening. Reporting that a company has been telling employees to pack their bags and that 4 National Guard helicopters were seen headed to Ferguson.


  29. StormyeyesC says:

    Yes I just read that police will not respond to calls for help for fear of being ambushed. Those that are in the area, or areas like Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago etc. need to be prepared for outbreaks. Stay home, stay safe, stay locked & loaded.

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  30. StormyeyesC says:

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  31. StormyeyesC says:


  32. coeurdaleneman says:

    Update ** Status/Action Alert ** Coeur d’ Alene HQ

    Nothing much to report here. Quiet. No tanks on the move The garlic shrimp at the Asian restaurant at First and Sherman Ave.is firing up. At the other end of Sherman, I had brew at noon outside at the crafted beer place that anchors the other end pf the tourist strip. For a full ops representation of what I encounter on a regular basis, go to google maps and enter “605 West Lakeshore Drive Coeur d’ Alene ID” and take the street view. It’s chilling.except to the most experienced of us.

    I’ll get back to everyone at the first sign of trouble. Keep us updated at your location whenever something breaking happens. This is going to be a rough patch.


  33. csno says:

    They should pull the trigger before more outside agitators arrive and they get all trained up

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    • DarPot says:

      Nah, get all of them there, and in one area.
      Lot less collateral damage, and damage is confined.
      If you get my drift…


    • lovemygirl says:

      Ever time I follow a nutcases tweet I am amazed. I guess this guy is also part of the “prison abolition” movement. Let me guess, putting the bad guys in prison only makes them worse.


  34. DarPot says:

    “A coalition of roughly 50 groups concerned about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown on Wednesday asked police to agree to “rules of engagement” for the response to the upcoming grand jury decision about the shooting and announced their own plans.”

    Un-fraking believable. These P.o.S. are calling for suspension of law and order, and for Police to stop being Police.

    If I were Governor I would propose a counter set of “Rules of Engagement”.
    1) Peaceful protestors will be tolerated.
    2) UnPeaceful protestors will not be tolerated.
    3) Violent / radical protestors will be met with physical force and when necessary deadly force will be used.

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  35. StormyeyesC says:


    • DarPot says:

      Stench of Desperation. They got to Hype this to the Max.

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    • lovemygirl says:

      These losers were talking big like they were going to war. Yet they support having the “enemy” not being allowed to use force and safe “Base” to run to when chased. I’ll bet most of them still live with Mommy.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        I resent this nonsense about “while we will protest peacefully, there is the likelihood that a few outside people will use this as an opportunity to be unlawful and that is what the police are hoping for so they can have a militarized response.”. Seriously? They believe that crap? So, the cops should shuffle through the crowds trying to figure out who have the guns, who have the explosives, who set the fires? If you are there, you are guilty by association. Don’t put it on the cops!


  36. StormyeyesC says:

    CNN opened 6 pm news by saying Ferguson GJ decision due soon, tensions high yadda yadda yadda


  37. kathyca says:

    Sorry if I missed it above, but I KNEW this CMH recipient was familiar to me. I read his story and the story of how he got his medal a LONG time ago.



  38. StormyeyesC says:

    some people may have nightmares tonight!


  39. justfactsplz says:

    I remember picking out who I thought was part of the CRS in George’s case. I hope that after Obama leaves office something can be done to remove all of that power from the CRS that Obama gave them and return them to what they originally were meant to be. They have been guiding the narrative at SLU and Ferguson until it is sickening.


  40. Pingback: Radical UHURU Black Power Group Puts Bounty On Officer Darren Wilson and Family’s Heads – Where’s Holder? | Nice Deb

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