Unsung Hero – The Man Who Didn’t Record It, He Did Something About It…

This is a pet peeve of mine. It seems like nowadays people are more interested in recording a crisis on their phones than actually doing something to help the people in the crisis. Thank GOD this man did not hold that popular predisposition.

“Get My Dad” !! An unknown hero pulls a girls father from a fire.

the man who didn't record

CALIFORNIA – A man in Fresno, California, is being called a hero after he calmly walked into a roaring house fire and pulled another man to safety.

A bystander captured the scene on cellphone video Saturday as flames consumed the home. A woman can be heard calling: “Get my dad!” The rescuer walks into the home and, moments later, emerges with the woman’s father slung over his shoulder.

There was no word Sunday on the identity of the rescuer, pictured in the video in a blue baseball cap. (video of rescue here)

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16 Responses to Unsung Hero – The Man Who Didn’t Record It, He Did Something About It…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    God Bless this man.

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  2. John Galt says:

    A little bit longer video, featuring explosions (is that typical ?) during the house fire:


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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    Too many people are just too attached to their phones..We all saw it in the Ferguson mess. With all the people who saw what was going on, why was no one calling 911 or trying to help out the officer…

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  4. Chip Bennett says:

    Our society is losing its soul. Thankfully, we still have people such as this hero.

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    • michellc says:

      I believer you’re right Chip and I often feel as if it has already lost it, that’s what is good about stories like this, it reminds me that there is still a lot of good folks left in society.

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  5. stella says:

    Reminds me of a story I saw earlier today. This guy was on his way to work, and rescued three people from a burning car. They all have minor injuries, but the car burned to a crisp after he pulled them out.


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  6. czarowniczy says:

    Those who can, do; those who can’t…take pictures

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  7. jason says:


    And hate how you see these videos of terrible things happening and most/all just want to get it on tape rather than help 😦

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  8. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    “There was no word Sunday on the identity of the rescuer, pictured in the video in a blue baseball cap.”

    Real heroic people don’t go around tooting their own horn.

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    • mikayla825 says:

      They are speculating this hero may be an illegal alien afraid to identify himself. If that’s true, this is California, he has NOTHING to fear.


  9. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  10. Attorney says:

    Awesome story. What an amazing guy!


  11. Ted Dubin says:

    A true “sheepdog” (look up the reference “sheep, wolves and sheepdogs” if not familiar). Way to go!


  12. What I didn’t understand is why SHE didn’t go in after him OR at least yell that he has oxygen, so it could be shut off and not endanger someone else further? I am glad nobody was hurt.

    You’d be surprised how many fires are started by smoking near oxygen (IDK what caused this fire – just a cautionary fingerwag)


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