Day #31 The Siege of Kobane (Kobani) – Kurdish Forces Have Pushed ISIS From Kobane Syria….

Well lookie here:  US AIR DROPS

After coming to the reality the Kurds were going to hold the city at all costs the Pentagon appears to be trying to save face. After reading many of the reports from the region it appears the political strategy of the White House is also coming clear.

kobane resupply

In order to protect themselves from the natural questions which would flow from President Obama and President Erdogan’s prior position of refusing aide for the Kurds in Kobane – the White House needs a political explanation. My hunch is you’ll hear the White House claim they were intentionally luring ISIS into amassing around Kobane so they could target the enemy in one centrally located area. In addition, the ploy -per se- will be sold as pinning ISIS to a singular geography and then targeting their resupply efforts.

Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

It’s an explanation just like the White House intentionally drawing the Syrian WMD “red line” because Secretary Kerry knew Russia would step in to take charge of removing the Assad WMD stockpiles. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

SYRIA – […]  US Secretary of State John Kerry said the appointment of defence and interior ministers after weeks of delay was a ‘very positive step forward’ in the fightback against ISIS in Iraq, which Washington has made its priority.

But US-led warplanes kept up their strikes on the jihadists around Kobane on Syria’s northern border with Turkey, helping the town’s Kurdish defenders to repulse a new attempt to cut their supply lines.

kurdish women fightersThe Kurdish fighters, who have been under attack from ISIS for more than a month, weathered fierce street fighting and at least two jihadist suicide bombings but the front line remained unchanged today, a Kurdish official said.

‘(ISIS) brought in reinforcements… and attacked hard,’ Idris Nassen said .

‘But thanks to air strikes and (the Kurdish fighters’) response, they did not make any progress.’

The ISIS fighters suffered heavy losses in their effort to seal the battle for the town, which has become a key prize as it is being fought under the gaze of the world’s press massed just over the border in Turkey.

From Saturday into this morning, a total of 31 jihadists died in the battle, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Coalition air strikes killed 15, while another 16 died in the ground fighting, including two suicide bombers. (read more)

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33 Responses to Day #31 The Siege of Kobane (Kobani) – Kurdish Forces Have Pushed ISIS From Kobane Syria….

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Let’s hope this “airdrop” is more substantive than the previous “airstrikes” we’ve been told about. I would hate to think that all they got was a couple dozen bottles of Deer Park water, a bottle of Tylenol, and a few Red Ryder air rifles.

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  2. God Bless and preserve the Kurds. Obola and Erdogan will stand before the ONE True God one day. Pray for the Kurds…….pray for Israel….pray for our Republic!

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  3. jason says:

    pretty sure one of the other Treepers posted this in one of the other Kobane threads, but good read and makes some good connections for when and why we/Obama decided to change course and actually assist the Kobane


  4. BertDilbert says:

    Obama probably did not want to deal with the loss of Kobane before the election.

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  5. Scott Angell says:

    US credibility was at stake. If the US could not sustain a beleaguered garrison putting up stiff resistance against a large but not overwhelming Islamic State force then what was our purpose in declaring war against the Caliph and who would dare align themselves with the US against the Islamic State.

    That said, this is an extraordinarily wasteful way to wage war against the Caliph. Using B-1 bombers flying in from God only knows where to take out a pickup truck or a sniper position is like using a sledge hammer to drive a tack. Of course with Turkey denying us the use of its airbases or allowing the shipment of weapons to the Kurds in Kobane this was the only way to put a lot of firepower over the city and keep it there long enough to find targets since we had no ‘boots on the ground to call in airstrikes. We cannot continue to operate in Syria this way against ISIS!


  6. jason says:

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  7. lovemygirl says:

    I am hoping we will use a different version of the AC-130 to support the Kurds, some of the Spooky or Spectre genre. That might help with the close air support that they need.

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    • BertDilbert says:

      But thanks to the US they have surface to air missiles.


    • Oh Yeck Yes!! While in Nam, I enjoyed many different displays of Air Power, Cobra, F4, even B52 which were ALL awesome, but Spooky with it’s circling and SUSTAINED engagements was like being a six yearold with a front row seat at the circus with the seltzer bottle spraying and spitting out colored paper from the confetti canon. It not only made the hair on your arms stand up by the incredible display of complete POWER, but created a “roller coaster” feeling in one’s gut! We felt comforted by their presence, as we did from ALL the Air Angels, but for me, those guys were almost as loved as the Medivac chopper pilots. God Bless them ALL….in the air, on the sea and “boots on the ground” ! Just sorry for those serving under this fraudulent CIC…..(three nephews myself). May God Bless and preserve them each and everyone, and their families who can only wait. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!

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  8. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  9. czarowniczy says:

    Let’s talk casualties here – I’m seeing different numbers of dead ISIS depending upon which one’s reporting. Most of what I’m seeing appears to be more anecdotal and aimed at US/Europeans consumers – just about all seem to be from Kurd-leaning sources. About the highest one I’ve seen is some 70 KIA but remember that they (ISIS) look at casualties far differently than we do – remember, they have suicide bombers and we don’t. Let’s say that 70 were killed just in one day – we have to remember that these religious fanatics think that getting killed in battle gets them a penthouse in Club Paradise with full room service. Look at it from our side – so 70 were killed, ISIS is said to have 3 battle groups, some 10,000 at least, converging on Korbane.
    Then we have the Turks (here I go again) who swear they will never arm the Kurdish forces in Korbane as they see them as part-in-parcel with the PKK. There have been a number of reports of the Turkish government/military even supplying ISIS forces attacking Korbane, though no one (it seems) wishes to investigate and have those charges confirmed. I sure would love to know where our C-130s resupplying the Kurds are flying out of, not to many options when you start looking at the various airspaces they’d have to cross and their ranges. US isn’t saying and the Turks are mum.
    Korbane site right atop a major ISIS supply line and they ain’t gonna be giving it up easily – to lose it would cost them more strategically than the value of those lives they’d lose taking it. If they are quick they can get in and wrap the captive civilian population around them to protect them from airstrikes.
    Korbane isn’t a whim, it’s strategically vital to ISIS to capture it and they’ll take heavy casualties to do so. Turkey is holding all of the cards here, they get ISIS help in solving part of their Kurd problem, the ISIS is Sunni and their presence in Syria brings a Sunni attack on the Alawi regime that Turkey so desperately wants to see gone, the fighting as both the US and the EU crawling to Turkey for favors, the Turks see a possible Ottoman II in the offing, the Gulf states that also look kindly on a Shia/Alawite cleansing are ( for the first time in decades) not looking at Turkey like the last broad in the bar at closing time – this just goes on and on.
    We are not being told exactly what military supplies in what quantities are being delivered – nor are we being told what the Kurd requirements are and what percent we are managing to supply. We also aren’t being told what the ISIS equipment/supplies usage rates are and how well their needs are being met. It takes a lot of supplies and equipment to attack and they don’t seem to be slowing down. More of this sizzle and not much steak.
    This would be the perfect time fro Russia to use its military assets that are in Syria, just a bit to the westish of Kobane to attack ISIS supply lines and positions; however, Russia seems as disinterested in attacking ISIS as ISIS is in attacking Russian interests – and Russia holds itself out as a Assad supporter.
    Let’s see who’s cheering in a week.


    • jason says:

      can’t find it but saw tweet from pro kurd source estimating ISIS KIA at 1294 and estimated their (YPG?) losses at 133? so definitely take with a pound of salt. Still, at least put some potential numbers on it.


      • John Galt says:

        A few accurate rifles would wreak havoc on ISIS.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I recall Vietnam where we sort of fudged the body counts to make our efforts seem good to the US public – the VN/VC/NVA really didn’t care. In our case it was estimated that the US fired some 25-30 thousands rounds of ammunition per enemy casualty – that was including recon by fire, suppression fire and direct fire, but that gives you an idea of the amount of ammunition needed in the Kobane case. The VC didn’t have the best resupply system, effective but not terribly efficient, but the forces at Kobane do have better resupply. One wag estimates the amount of spray-and-pray firing to be around 100-K per casualty but in any event I don’t see the Kurds going out into ISIS territory and doing any accurate body counts any more than the ISIS folks are. ISIS doesn’t care – it can get new bodies in the line and all it’s looking for is the last Kurd to stop firing. The Kurds have a real PR issue so they have a reason to fudge the count – either way this is going to be a matter of who’s the last Muslim standing.


        • Irish Eyes says:

          Czar, if things were going too well for the Kurds, do you think the Turks would go so far as to attack Kobane themselves? It would look bad, but I suspect the Turks wouldn’t give a damn, and once the election’s over Obama will have more flexibility to resume doing nothing,


          • czarowniczy says:

            I don’t think the Turks would attack the Kurds but they might attack ISIS and – in the fog of war – a lot of Kurds might get killed. Those dumb bombs are just that – they can’t recognize the diff between Kurd or ISIS, collateral damage. They might do what they been accused of doing – secretly supplying the ISIS with intel and weaponry so as to make their destruction of the Kurds that much more assured. Remember that the ISIS forces are depleted as they destroy the Kurds, a win-win for Turkey. And I’m still hung up on why Russian facilities smack in the ISIS area in Syria have not been touched. Both Turkey and Russia are within spitting distance of the ISIS battles and neither has been touched nor has touched ISIS.

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    • canadacan says:

      Point taken this is not just some obscure little border town that ISIS wants to capture just for pride.
      They been working at this for 15 months now.
      The Kurds are in serious trouble still.
      I don’t mind you playing the devil’s advocate Czar it keeps us informed.


      • czarowniczy says:

        No this isn’t some dinky border town, It is vital to teh ISIS access to Allepo Governorate, the most populated governorate in Syria and a major supply source. If the Kurds keep Kobane they will sit astride ISIS’s main supply route and that ain’t good. Note that there are three governorates across northern Syria and ISIS is very active in all three, trying to secure northern Syria and, note note, the entire southern Syrian-Turkish border. You’d think that if Turkey were that worried about ISIS it would be out in those ISIS-heavy governorates whacking an extended ISIS and blleding them by disrupting their LOCs. ISIS’s LOCs are so close to Turkey along Turkey’s southern border that the Turks could spit on them – but nada. The US was the nation who bombed the ISIS Hq in ar-Raqqa, not Turkey. The US had a long flight from any direction – the Turks could have lobbed the bombs over with a cartoon slingshot. Something stinks.


  10. I’m thrilled that the Kurds are getting much needed supplies. That being said, it didn’t escape notice that the U.S. served as the mule in the delivery of supplies without actually contributing to the cache. Optics – it’s all about optics. Obama wants to create the image of aiding the beleaguered Kurds without doing much to assist them against ISIS in reality.

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  11. Duck65 says:

    Reuters live stream just outside of Kobane is currently up
    (a bit sporadic and currently free)


  12. jason says:

    Turkey confirms it helps KRG Peshmerga reinforcements reach besieged Kobane


  13. bitterlyclinging says:

    “Dimitri, tell Vladimir to wait until after the election. I’ll have more flexibility then.”
    Vlad got a little tummy ache after MH17 went down, though.
    Wonder how Comrade Barack is going to explain, afterwards, to ISIS why he armed them and then started killing them? Oh! The vaguaries of those Democratic free elections. Things are so much neater with one party rule, like the Chicomms and the NoKo’s have.
    And Churchill was worried that FDR was going to get upset when he found about his and Stalin’s “Dirty Little Paper” after the war was over?


  14. jason says:


  15. canadacan says:

    It ain’t over till it’s over and there are actually values in this world that are worth fighting and dying for.

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  16. Dirk The Impailer says:

    You can’t fight a war without troops on the ground. Ovomit can bomb all day, and it does no good — just like EVERYONE with any military knowledge could have told him (and did tell him, which he chose to ignore).

    But in Kobane, you have Kurdish fighters actually on the ground fighting back. Combined with aerial bombing, it is an effective strategy.

    Anyone expect Ovomit to learn anything from this???


  17. jason says:


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