10/19/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

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47 Responses to 10/19/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Mr. Izz says:

    Even after all of this information being released there are still people defending Michael Brown, still believing every lie coming from Crump’s mouth, and still hoping for the “execution” of Officer Wilson.

    I’m really close to chanting “No justice, no peace” myself. I’m tired of these low-lifes.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      They will never look at the evidence and see the truth. They still defend Trayvon Martin.

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      • Tkim says:

        I was afraid for my country when I read and heard the outcry about “Poor Trayvon.” But when I read and saw how Rachel Jeantel was embraced I felt like fleeing to the Fiji Islands.

        It wasn’t until then then I truly understood that it was only conservatives who would not only say the Emperor has no clothes, but would also say that if Trayvon and Rachel are the darlings of thug culture, then my tax dollars have created a monster far worse than Dr Frankenstein could ever imagine.

        Sometimes when progressives speak about blacks it is as if they are discussing Special Olympians. Please understand I am not denigrating the challenged, I am making a point about the unique language progs use for African-Americans. Trayvon was “brave” and loved his candy. Rachel was “articulate” as well as “brave” and a darling girl who lost the object of her “puppy love” at the hands of a bad man.

        Big Mike was a gentle giant ever so scared of the klan cop. The occupies are trying to make do with what they have “to live in dignity.” Jesse Matthew will probably be described as a boy who felt so guilty for wanting the girls he felt were so far above him he killed them in a panic fueled by white racism.

        The amazing thing is that truly mentally challenged people want to learn, want to do things on their own, are loving, gentle and sweet people.

        Thugs choose to be undereducated, criminal, threatening, hateful. And the progs say,”Aw, they don’t want to be those things but white people force them to be that way!”

        Anybody ever been to the Fiji Islands? I’m about ready (to paraphrase Truman) to get the grips down from the attic.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          Their talking points never cease to amaze me. Notice how it is the conservatives who came forward with evidence and tried to stand up and help George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson. Conservatives aren’t bogged down with white guilt.

          No, I have never been to the Fiji Islands but I really loved Bermuda.

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  2. csno says:

    Maybe this is why the feds are allowing this to fester. Bet they cannot decide if the GJ does not return a bill, should it be announced pre/post election day….

    WASHINGTON — The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted “crushing Democratic losses across the country” if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls.

    “African-American surge voters came out in force in 2008 and 2012, but they are not well positioned to do so again in 2014,” Cornell Belcher, the pollster, wrote in the memo, dated Oct. 1. “In fact, over half aren’t even sure when the midterm elections are taking place.”

    Over 1/2 don’t know when the midterms are, Geez


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  3. csno says:

    Attention Walmart Shoppers? Or something new?

    deray mckesson ‏@deray · 31m31 minutes ago
    Y’all, tomorrow afternoon. 1:30pm. Get ready. Details later. #Ferguson

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  4. csno says:

    Congrats to Fantasia…she’s made the list.

    David ‏@TheZOMB · 8m8 minutes ago
    @Fantasiaj14 <— #blockthetroll affiliated with nothiefsallowed. they are spreading disinformation. conspiring against #ferguson protesters

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  5. No money for mammy and pappy. Their ‘little’ boy was a thug pure and simple.


  6. stormyeyesc says:

    Wait………..All this crap in Keene NH and the pumpkinfest? Someone explain to me how organized radical live streamers knew this was going to happen and were there? Listen to the comments, he makes Bella seem pleasant. Orchestrated obviously………political much?



    • CCG says:

      I’m just as disgusted by these thugs as the thugs in Ferguson. There is no excuse for this, just like there is no excuse for the behavior in Ferguson. And if the behavior in New Hampshire continued for days, I would hope the police would be able to put a stop to it without restrictions. Color isn’t the issue, behavior is.

      The Ferguson protesters are complaining the media is treating the Pumpkinfest violence differently. Maybe because there is no real agenda for the media to follow in the Pumpkinfest violence.

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      • stormyeyesc says:

        The cops used the same teargas and riot police. Arrested several. Same as Ferguson, but immediately, on the same night and without the FTP chants. The college will expel all students involved. No ‘favoritism’, though that’s no the spin today.

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  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Mid October has come and passed and, in doing so, took with it any chance for me winning the TreeHouse lottery about when the GJ would release their findings in the Darren Wilson case. I had opted for Wed the 15th.

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  8. stormyeyesc says:

    Dogs pee on memorials. They are no longer allowed in America (new law made by WH- pen & phone). Harry Reid was quoted as saying, “this oppression of memorials cannot be tolerated in a free country. Any compassionate person should hand any that they already own.”. Nancy Pelosi offered to “assist with the eradication of these evil beasts”.


  9. jason says:

    Prayers she is found


  10. stormyeyesc says:

    O M G! I don’t get the tweet…….they are saying she’s been missing for 2 months or sumthin

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  11. jason says:


  12. stormyeyesc says:


  13. jason says:


  14. stormyeyesc says:

    Are you losing the debate? Shout RACIST! LOL

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  15. jason says:

    ‘Peaceful Protesters’ get arrested at Rams game after spitting on fans – with video (language warning)


  16. Tkim says:

    The protestors who brought their children should be arrested for endangerment. (Remember, Sweetie, Officer Friendly is not your friend. Like this man’s shirt says, F*** the Police. Daddy will explain what that means when you’re older).


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