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4 Responses to cat5

  1. C R Lord says:

    You cut me off and all I was doing was answering about thirty comments thrown at me. I didn’t see any request to quit speaking from Sundance so I don’t understand why you cut me off. Perhaps you could explain.


    • Sharon says:

      I. Did. Not. Post. Either. The. Letters. Cat5. Or that photo. Apparently I posted that photo four years ago. I. Did. Not. Post. It. Today.

      So – No.

      I cannot explain, since I did not cut you off.


      • Sharon says:

        It also may (likely) be another Sharon, so maybe I didn’t post that photo four years – – – since there is no Meadowlark in view. I have no idea.

        Sorry I didn’t respond sooner here. Working in the yard today – blowing leaves, edging the lawn, mowing. moving firewood, splitting logs –


      • C R Lord says:

        I thought I was posting where Sundance could read it. I was cut off from a discussion on one of the topics he wrote.


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