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From Bastogne To Kobane – What A Distance We’ve Traveled….

The Kurdish forces trapped and fighting for Kobane (Kobani) will not surrender, will not relent, and will go to their deaths fighting the Islamic slime that is ISIS. Meanwhile President Obama and Prime Minister Erdogan willingly watch the slaughter.  In … Continue reading

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Moonbat Ferguferloozers (aka Ferguson October) Begins Tonight – Open Discussion Thread…

Popcorn at the ready as darkness falls upon the city of Saint Louis in anticipation of “FerguFerLoozer 2014”.    In preparation for the Moonbat Swarm the County of Saint Louis has activated the Emergency Action Center. Overnight Discussion Thread    JUST IN: St. … Continue reading

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Austrian Teen Girls Who Left To Join ISIS – Now Pregnant And Want To Come Home: “We Made A Big Mistake”…

Gee, ya think? Unfortunately, once you get on the jihadi bus – you dress in beekeeper outfits – and you don’t get off until the rides over…. SYRIA – The teenage girls who abandoned their families in Austria to become … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Erdogan and Obama – Krauthammer Discusses The Images Behind The Masks…

Charles Krauthammer pens analysis about the fraud that is Obama and Erdogan’s Sunni Syria / Iraq  strategy.   Both Islamic leaders willing to allow Sunni ISIS full control of Syria and Iraq in the grand hopes to resurrect the Ottoman empire with Erdogan at the … Continue reading

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“In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass” – Ebola Officials Breaking Glass

Does anyone else notice how China and Russia appear completely ambivalent to the “crisis” and potential threat that is Ebola ? (Sharyl Attkisson) Public health and policy officials believe a big part of their job is preventing panic: Panic breeds behavior … Continue reading

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E-Mail Requests

We receive many hundreds of emails each week – a lot of them from peeps who think we will always know why they are forwarding a link and who may also believe we are available to do research for hours – sometimes these … Continue reading

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