Unreal: President Obama Sends White House Aide To Beheader’s Oklahoma Mosque To Deliver Personal Message of Appreciation…

There will be those who say this is just poor timing, or was previously timed, and obfuscate their excuses around a premise this was accidentally bad.


These White House delegations are planned, vetted and relentlessly poured through the prism of “what and how would it look if we do thus“.

This is not a “mistake”. This is intentional. FULLSTOP.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Muslims marked the end of the yearly pilgrimage to mecca with communal prayer and celebration called Eid Ul-Adha on Saturday.

Jah keen Israel

Leaders of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City say it’s been a tough month for Muslims here in Oklahoma after being associated with the beheading at Vaughan foods in Moore.

But the Muslim community received the highest form of praise from the White House for their hard work in helping rebuild the Moore community after a destructive tornado tore through the city in 2013.

Today, an official from Washington D.C. flew in to Oklahoma to present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation.

He read a message from President Barrack Obama, extending warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday.

“Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,” President Barack Obama said.

The Imam, the leader of the prayer service, stated during his sermon that the Muslim faith has been called a “cancer that needs to be cut off from the American society.”

Now, with the recent praise, Oklahoma Muslims have been reassured that they are apart of the American society.  (read more)

and then

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67 Responses to Unreal: President Obama Sends White House Aide To Beheader’s Oklahoma Mosque To Deliver Personal Message of Appreciation…

  1. carterzest says:

    Just amazing. I am certain he let them know what a great job Jah’Kheem Unreal did for his greater cause….

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  2. Lucille says:

    “…warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday.”

    Warm greetings? From the American people? What a barf-up joke!

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  3. DarPot says:

    Funny, I never saw or heard of a single Muslim Mosque helping out with Tornado destruction of Moore and surrounding areas. However, did see, hear, and talked to a lot of Christian Churches helping out.

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    • So where is the thanks for the help from Christians.

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    • Dan says:

      I was THERE! I was in Dallas on business when the storm went through. Myself and several other coworkers trained in SAR jumped in a company truck, bought tools and supplies then hauled ass north. We brought along a set of wheels setup with no flat skid steer tires. We were one of the few vehicles able to travel the debris strewn roads , everyone else got flat tires instantly from all the metal & glass shards.

      I was there for the first 72 hours. I saw no towel heads during that time.


      • michellc says:

        I don’t remember seeing any either.
        That’s the way they work though. Take for instance ISIS, they were pretty much mum on ISIS until Rep. Bennett’s comments on FB then all of a sudden they were on the streets protesting ISIS, although they were doing more to say they’re peaceful and John Bennett was a hater.
        Now take the beheading, instead of truly speaking out on no Muslim should be a radical and they’re ashamed a Muslim in a Muslim mosque took the Koran to behead someone, they instead immediately lied that he didn’t attend the mosque. Then as soon as the FB pictures proved them to be liars they claimed oh some people saw him, but he really wasn’t a Muslim and the old tired line of we’re peaceful and we help people.

        They’re still spouting their nonsense while claiming they’re the victim and are hated because people are stupid.
        A few recent quotes following the link. Read the last quote and then tell me why Muslim conversions increase after a beheading?
        Then tell me if these peaceful people are truly outraged about a beheading?
        Obama didn’t tell them they were apart of the American society. He told them to keep up the good work and soon they would take over America, one beheading at a time.

        “It’s something we’ve dealt with historically,” Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR-Oklahoma, said of fear of Muslims. “It’s the same hate that’s been around for decades (against other groups). We’re just the new target.”

        Soltani said violent emails and voicemails are two things CAIR is no stranger to. He said he’s answered the phone a handful of times, only to find an angry stranger on the other end.

        “For us at CAIR, because we’re an advocacy group, we’ve always had (messages like this),” Soltani said. “But this is the first time I’ve ever seen so many to the Islamic Society of Oklahoma City. It’s concerning that they have so many threats.”

        “I think it’s just a general fear of the unknown,” he said. “What makes people fear Islam or fear Muslims is the same thing that made people fear African-Americans in our country, or fear Japanese-Americans after World War II, and to fear the current influx of Hispanic immigrants.

        “There’s a general fear of losing the status quo, maybe.”

        “One way to move forward is by working along with other faiths. If people see Muslims working with other religious groups, maybe they’ll decide to sit down with us. If they see various other groups working with us freely, they’ll see that maybe we aren’t so scary.”

        Another way — perhaps the most effective way, Soltani said — is to build a connection to communities in non-religion based ways.

        “Last year when the Moore tornado hit, we were one of the first faith groups to gather supplies,” Soltani said of CAIR.

        “We were told by people ‘I never had met a Muslim person before, but now that I met you, I love you. I can see Islam is a beautiful religion.’

        “I don’t think there’s any other possible way. When you find someone in a time of need and can help them, you can change their mind.”

        “Every single time, without exception, when there’s something negative done by people who claim to be Muslim, or something done against Muslims, conversions go up,” she said. “We’re already seeing conversions. Because people have questions and are coming to us with those questions.”


        • 7delta says:

          “We were told by people ‘I never had met a Muslim person before, but now that I met you, I love you. I can see Islam is a beautiful religion.’

          “Every single time, without exception, when there’s something negative done by people who claim to be Muslim, or something done against Muslims, conversions go up,” she said. “We’re already seeing conversions. Because people have questions and are coming to us with those questions.”

          Oh, for dog’s sake. Yeah, no one in American can get around anymore because of the long line of grateful people waiting out in the streets to get into the mosques so they can convert to post 9-11 amnesia.

          What has this woman been smoking?


          • michellc says:

            If there are conversions after a beheading then I think people better start thinking why.

            I think like all liars, they or she slipped up a little here about how they advertise for converts.
            One thing I learned before they shut down the beheader’s FB was that many of his friends and/or friends of friends were Muslim converts as well, many of them black American friends with long rap sheets.

            So yeah it is a spreading cancer that needs to be cut out before it cuts us out.

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            • 7delta says:

              If there are conversions after a beheading then I think people better start thinking why.

              I think it’s her imagination. The whole lyin’ thing.

              Muslims are still less than 1% of the population, but I would very much be in favor of reclassifying Islam from a religion to a political ideology of conquest and subjugation (which it is), limiting the number of the total population within the country to below 1% and stopping Islamic prison ‘ministries’. That would put a knot in their tail, but a small population is manageable as long as they have to abide by our laws and can’t use them against us.

              Italy tried to reclassify it, I think, several years ago, but European countries have let this stuff go on too long and now have populations large enough to be quite a problem.

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  4. Aslan's Girl says:

    I’m gobsmacked. We’re in a living nightmare. Worse than any horror movie.

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    • mikayla825 says:

      I know what you mean, I feel like I’m living out the whole Left Behind storyline. I re-watched Tribulation Force today and the story seemed not nearly as far-fetched as it once did. 😦

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  5. myopiafree says:

    More words of Islamic support from our, BoneHead in Chief.


  6. jason says:

    reading this mosque participated in assistance. but so did others (one of 7 or so?). So yeah.. pretty freakin blatant.. cant believe he does it so openly, and worse, that others in position to do something about it just sit idly


  7. Well I guarantee that ‘we’ was him and the mouse in his freaking pocket. Certainly does not represent an enormous preponderance of Americans, I’m sure.

    Definitely doesn’t apply to Oklahoma lawmakers, either:

    After a facebook warning to Christians to be wary of muslims and relating what the Koran says about lying to gain an ends, CAIR is now pushing hard for the resignation of Representative John Bennett.

    He doubled down:
    “A lot can be deduced about a group by who they choose to associated with and CAIR Oklahoma associates with a number of questionable individuals,” Bennett said. “CAIR’s intentions and motivations are right out of the Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum on the strategy for North America as factually presented in the U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation trial. In this memorandum CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood organizations are directed to act and have displayed these directives. In the memorandum CAIR has followed the directives by “Co-Opting Key leadership” (like the ACLU and NAACP), “Subverting Religious Organizations” (like Oklahoma Conference of Churches), “Condemning “slander” against Islam”, “Claiming Victimization/demanding Accommodation,” “Fighting all Counterterrorism efforts” and subverting the U.S. education system. For these reasons, CAIR or any other organization linked to terrorism should not be allowed in Oklahoma.”

    Hope he lives long enough to run for president one day in the long term, and hope his house doesn’t burn down in the short term.

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  8. joanfoster says:

    I have no words – I cannot even begin to formulate the proper thoughts to express the total disgust and outrage. Is there nothing this cretin can do that the MSM will finally wake up to and call him to account? All we can do is pray that our siege will not last much longer.

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    • Hughes Angell says:

      Apparently not but one wonders how these type of things play in below our radar ethno/religious communities. Allow Africans to stay in the US and provide fee care to those who arrive with Ebola. May disgust us but it may drive turnout up for Democrats in November within that community. Send a nice note to an Oklahoma mosque that had a head chopper in the congregation may infuriate the Christian right but then they don’t vote for Obama anyway and Obama needs to get out the convenience store/Subway franchisee vote.


  9. Col.(R) Ken says:

    I’m at a loss for words.

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  10. benzy says:

    “Greetings from the American people”??? Just where does Barack Obama think Oklahoma is located? He already knows there are 57 states (guess he got that from Ketchup boy Kerry) and yet he isn’t aware that Oklahoma IS one of them? Good grief

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  11. polk8dot says:

    ‘it’s been a tough month for Muslims here in Oklahoma…’
    Well, my heart is bleeding for you, boo. You poor, innocent, God and Peace Loving moo-slime you. All those awful people looking at you crooked just because you are raising and brainwashing PSYCHOPATHIC BEHEADING-obsessed MURDERERS in you midst. Aw, the injustice of it!

    You know what would make you feel better? Tie your shoelaces together and run around with scissor for a while, or better yet a couple of those desert knives your followers love so much. Try touching your tongue to the ice cube tray. Or grab a stapler and bang the business end on your forehead. I hear any of these are great for your general wellbeing and perfect WWMDs (What Would Muhammad Do?).
    Too freaking bad for the 2 women your brother in Allah knifed, right? Too bad for the poor grandma he beheaded. Too bad for the one who survived, damaged for life. Too bad for their families who will never get over the trauma and horror of it. Too effing bad, but they are not moo-slime so they deserved whatever they got. TOOOO BAAAAD! They had it easy! No one knows what true suffering is until you look at the poor, persecuted, peace loving American ISLAMISTS and all the harassment, discrimination, beheadings, pogroms, mass executions, racism, crucifixions, hate crimes against them!
    ……..Ummmm,…..ahhhwww, …ummmhh…Well – they happen! Every day!! In the mind of a muslim!!! Which is just like real life….
    { /s. It was either rant or start punching myself in the face so… These vicious, inbred flee-infested savages drive me to helpless fury}

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    • Daniel says:

      Islam was FOUNDED by a psychopathic murderer. Muhammad was a freaking warlord. I think it is key to remind anyone and everyone this simple fact. Warlords know nothing of peace. Warlords no nothing of civilization. They destroy and kill to get what they want and do nothing to build, develop or create.

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      • You left out opium addict.


        • 7delta says:

          Pedophile. Did anybody mention pedophile?

          I have read that there are religious scholars who have evaluated what is known about him and think he may have been epileptic. At the moment, I can’t think of the type of epilepsy, but there is a variation that during seizures, the person thinks they’re having divine visitations or experiences. The movie “Agnes of God” was about this sort of seizure.

          I have no idea, if seizures were an issue, but it would make sense. Untreated seizures that progressively worsen also progressively cause brain damage. Observation of most of his followers certainly supports disturbing mental dysfunctions premised in the original source.

          There is also the take that simply proposes the Angel Gabriel in his tale was just the Demon Wheezy all dressed up in some spiffy new duds.

          Another theory is that the latter period of the Koran, where it really goes off the rails, was added after he died by successor warlords to ensure totalitarian control and to justify their lust for bloody conquest.

          America isn’t new to conflicts with Islam. Our first brush, as a nation, came soon after independence with the Barbary Pirates. After over two decades of trying to negotiate with the Mohammedan and paying ‘tribute’, which eventually was 20% of the federal budget, Jefferson sent the newly established Marines to the ‘shores of Tripoli’, because of the extortion, unprovoked wars, and the kidnappings, enslavement, and murders of American sailors on merchant ships by the Mohammedan. Before deciding to end the federal payments and to respond militarily, Jefferson read the Koran for himself. Know your enemies. Afterwards, Jefferson bluntly described Islam as irrational.

          There are probably other theories as to how Islam developed. Who knows for certain where this thing went off the cliff, but over the ledge of sanity it has been since it was first conceived. Other than strategy, little has changed with Islam. We, however, have lost our minds.

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          • “Who knows for certain where this thing went off the cliff, but over the ledge of sanity it has been since it was first conceived. Other than strategy, little has changed with Islam. We, however, have lost our minds.”

            Truer words…


          • THELORDIS MYSHEPHERD says:

            You, and others with similar commentary are SO right! I hate these moo-slime! Obama is one of them! Obama is a muslim! The man would not endorse the National Day of Prayer because it was organized by Christians, and this was in 2008! Yet, he said he was a Christian! Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!!!! GOD, please help us! No one said a word!!! Why hasn’t he been impeached? He is constantly on vacation. I worked 30 years and never had a vacation or made enough money to enjoy one. The head of the free world on vacation during war time??? Are you kidding!!!!!!! He invites imams to WH, but never invited Dr. James Dobson, whose wife, Shirley, leads the Nat’l Day of Prayer. The head of the free world gives m/billions to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt??? Never sought to console the family of the woman beheaded??? I could VOMIT!!!!!!!! I feel so sick!!!!!!! I hate these moo-slime!!!!!!!!! BTW, if you live in NYC, for 40 years they have built a stronghold in this city. NYC is built over an inter-boro train system. Every underground, and above-ground newsstand is owned and operated by them!!! Every corner vegetable stand is owned and operated by them!!! Somebody told me that SNAPPLE was owned by them! All I drink is water!!!! They own major real estate in NYC!!! I was in Italy a few years ago and a shopkeeper told me that they (the moo-slime) demanded that the Italians stop selling pork and cease promoting pork in the school lunch program. The shopkeeper told me that she wishes “they” would get out of Italy!!! My sentiment exactly!!! If you can, please get a copy of BLINDSIDED by Michael Youseff. I gave a copy to my Jewish dentist, and he was almost in tears!!!! These moo-slime are not playing!! Lying to your face is how they operate. They are taught to make it appear as though they are your friends, so they will say they do not agree with “radicalism”! This is BS! There is no such thing as a moderate moo-slime, just like the is no such thing as a moderate Christian. You are in or out! Christians are taught to love enemies, by that is meant to have goodwill toward all persons – do not cause hurt, harm or injury to another person. The moo-slime are slimy as was their leader was slimy!!! Yet, the leader of the free world makes friends with those who hate us!!! He is one of them!!! Why won’t Hannity, O’Reilly and all of FOX NEWS crew come out and say it??? Why won’t congress impeach this man??? AMERICA, COME BACK TO GOD! RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS A NATION! THE BIBLE SAYS, “WHEN A man’s WAYS PLEASE GOD, GOD WILL MAKE man’s enemies to be at peace with him!!! Since there are enemies all around us, we must be doing something wrong! GOD help us!


            • 7delta says:

              Shepherd, I agree that they’re not playing. I have nothing good to say about Islam. I’ve read their ‘wholly’ books and by golly, I agree with Mr. Jefferson. It’s irrational. I despise evil. Islam is the spawn of the proprietor of the putrid pits of perdition.

              I understand your frustration and can see in your words how passionate you are. I agree with you that we have a serious problem. I just have a different range where I operate when I’m really serious. It’s more like an undercurrent, for lack of a better way to describe it. If I go off like an unmanned rocket, I’m not there, just really annoyed. The lower the current, the calmer and more focused I become. This is where I go with Islam. Because I’ve passed so far into the deepest darkest places of my own soul, I have to let go of control and let God direct me. I think most people have these dark nights of the soul moments. I just know mine well and know why I don’t let it lead me. And, believe it or not, I’m not a depressed person. Never have been. Overall, I’m pretty even keeled, on the happy side, but I know such depths can deprive our brains of oxygen. Mine, at least. So, I’m as clear as I can be with myself about whatever took me there is really about and what my responsibility is to my Savior. He’s kept me out of trouble throughout my life and kept me safe, in some ways that only Divine Intervention can explain.

              So, I always want to make it clear that I don’t hate Muslims, the people, as a collective. I can’t go there. I pray they will be freed from Islam’s chains and their souls will find rest in the truth. However, I hate what the ones who actually follow the Koran do, whether it’s jihad by stealth or jihad by the sword. I will not accept being colonized by a virulent strain of mass psychosis nor will I be silenced. Sadly, when I’m not being silent, I have a bad sarcasm habit and a fondness for alliterative insults that’s not always under control, but we all have our cross to bear.

              At any rate, we’re not all Ben Affleck. Some of us can read and have listen to what they say themselves to their homie ‘audience’. Truth doesn’t make me Islamophobic. In fact, I have no fear of them, because my God created bacon and it’s a dandy dip for hollow points. Allah created nothing, because he doesn’t exist. He’s just the false front guy for the sadistic serpent of spite.

              Hate them? No. Defend myself and mine? Yep. Without one second thought. All without one single moment of hate or fear…except for the healthy kind that reminds people to keep their head down.

              And remember this, evil thrives on fear and hate. May God give me the strength, I will not feed the beast, but, with God’s help, I will fight it to the bitter end.

              Shepherd, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but don’t be afraid or even emotionally angry. The righteous anger of the Lord will always direct us toward the true enemy. I know down to the tiniest speck of matter that connects my soul to all of creation, we win this. Thank Divine Providence, because we win. Evil’s victories are small in the hands of God and allowed so that evil is revealed. God always wins and when we’re on His side, so do we. There are more of us than there are of them. Believe it and pray for us to be strengthened. Jesus promised to be with us until the end of all things. Give Jesus the wheel. He’ll get you through. He’ll get all of us through.


    • 7delta says:

      Now, with the recent praise, Oklahoma Muslims have been reassured that they are apart of the American society

      Thank goodness. I was really worried that they might need some praise and reassurance that beheadings fit right in.

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    • Aslan's Girl says:

      Yes, we’re supposed to fell sorry for them! And we’re supposed to feel sorry for the Liberian family because they’re being “ostracized”. Boo-friggin’-hoo!

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      • polk8dot says:

        We’re also supposed to feel perpetually sorry, responsible for, and obligated towards the Liberians. I saw the video of some moron on AC360 and his words were: ‘we cannot ban flights from Liberia, we cannot block Liberians from coming, because that would put just too much unnecessary stress on them.’
        But the fact that the opposite puts too much unnecessary stress on us, that seems to be just fine with this crowd.
        What are we, chopped liver? Obama: ‘Not yet, but wait till Ebola gets you…’

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        • 7delta says:

          We’re also supposed to feel perpetually sorry, responsible for, and obligated towards the Liberians.

          Mr. Hammer meet Miss Nail.

          I would only add that it’s not only Liberians, but everything wrong since the dawn of man. Textbook progressive shtick. They project their emotions onto and into everything…because it’s so handy. It’s a great tool that stops people from constructive problem solving. It shuts up anyone who does think and might dare to point out the obvious. You know, those big meanies who are just scared of anybody who is different than them.

          When something bad does happens, it leaves people vulnerable. They’re blind-sided, have no strategy, and have lived with such a distorted world view that they have no actual knowledge about why or how this happened. I mean, other than it’s Bush’s fault. They’re frightened and unprepared mentally and physically to defend themselves. Their hearts full of remorse and hard cold reality collide.

          Oh no! Who’s going to save them? “I will,” said the sheep with the long silver nose and bristly tail.

          That always works out so well…

          Good post, polk8dot.

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  12. Daniel says:

    You know? Is it just me or is this gruesome and horrific murder somehow lessened by it being called simply “beheading”? It’s murder. It’s gruesome and groteque. Murder by firearm is bad enough but it’s usually cleaner, less personal and only requires an instant of misjudgement or insanity (and a lifetime of regret and remorse). But the act of killing by knife in this way? It takes time, a lot of energy and great effort. What’s more, it requires something that most people, I would argue, would be completely incapable of completing. Sure, the stabbing, the cutting but after the person is incapacited and/or immobile, to continue the act to conclusion requires so much more. In my mind, it is nothing shy of the most extreme example of psychopathy.

    You can still say beheading. But if you aren’t saying it with full knowledge of what it take for a person to carry out the act as desribed, then you simply aren’t stating the truth of the matter.

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    • Aslan's Girl says:

      I dunno, the very word “beheading” sends a shiver up my spine every single time I hear it. Catches me in my stomach, too.


    • michellc says:

      This guy used the force that it takes to do this, looked down at what he did and went to the next person to do the same.

      This like you say is way beyond shooting someone, stabbing someone or even slicing the throat of someone, which is horrible and personable enough. He might have learned to kill in his hood and in prison, he might have learned his hate for white people at the feet of his mother, but he learned to behead a person by the people of Islam.

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      • Quite succinct and very well phrased. I’ll remember your words if anyone within earshot downplays the islamic component in this horrific crime. It’s made me ill listening to the talking heads on tv doing so, or using that stepaside in their dismissing the crime as it not being terror but just another workplace violence event.


        • michellc says:

          Even Oklahoma media are starting to quit using the word ‘beheaded’ and are saying workplace violent act. Other than quoting the D.A. few have even talked about how he hated white people.


          • McGuffin says:

            I keep hearing about the blacks that hate white people for no reason other than the color of skin. They hate being black so much that they resent whites for being born white.


    • You are so right. Can you imagine? Thankfully, we can’t imagine.


  13. General P. Malaise says:

    I’m pretty sure that the mosques don’t help anyone outside their religion. it a one way street with them.

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    • I checked it out and yeah they did volunteer and raise funds for disaster relief.

      However, that is NOT to say they did it out of humanitarian persuasion. This is a tactic of embedment. In a time of grief or great need, who’s your benefactor? It’s an emotional hook used by wolves in sheep’s clothing as I see it. Their Developing 8, or D-8 was a counterpart to the Western G-12, and when they were really pushing these outreaches in 2008 it was pretty easy to see how the ‘pulling in’ through sporting, cultural and economic interactions functioned. Iran was the central coordinating country at that time. These were the seeds of way Islam would be pushed out into the world. In a microcosm, that’s what all the outreach in all the communities large and small is about. As an aside, it was this same activity that turned Turkey from being an ally to the US and the West to being what it has become.

      To view the side of the preening muzzies over their ‘outreach effort’ – read: they’re looking for CONVERTS – just do a search and you’ll see what pages come up first. Google: Joplin Volunteers Muslim

      A .pdf from the St. Louis Metrovoice goes into detail of another kindness by a representative of the UAE from the Washington, DC Embassy within days of the tornado: $500,000 for laptops for ALL of the high school students in Joplin. The pdf is difficult to link to, but you can find the article by googling its title: “Joplin is Under Seige by Islam” It’s a VERY interesting article.

      The Muslim mosque in Joplin was burned to the ground after a second arson incident in the summer of 2012. An Iraq veteran was accused of the arson. There’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth to be found on google about the bonfire, too. All the usual Islamaphobe accusers screaming about haters generalized well beyond one homeless (and apparently very broken) Iraq vet who liked to set fires to things like a mosque and Planned Parenthood.

      Anyway, in an oversized nutshell, this is the truth about what Obama is talking about in his gesture of appreciation for the Muslim outreach. It’s really about the spread of Islam. Come to your own conclusion about what the greater and less tangible message was.


      • doodahdaze says:

        A Muslim Woman’s place is in the kitchen in a Burka?

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      • mandy says:

        If one views the video of ALL the Muslims going to Joplin to help out, it is only two guys in a van. No one else following this van. A show of nothing is what this is by the St. Louis Cair. Two Muslims from the entire city of St Louis to help out.


  14. dustycowpoke says:

    Daniel I agree totally with you insight. Even in war this kind of action is totally mind boggling.


  15. hitrestart1 says:

    I had the option of clicking “read more” to actually read more, but I just couldn’t. Not another word.


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  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    OK All I can say is WTF….I am so shocked.


  18. michellc says:

    Well he kiss my Okie rear along with his Muslim friends.


  19. michellc says:

    I also just want to ask folks to put themselves in the shoes of the victim’s family. You had the beheader’s family coming real darn close to denying he did it. You did have them denying he was a Muslim. You had Muslims coming out and talking about themselves and how threatened they feel with no thought to the victim or her family. You have a police officer say that witnesses said he was repeating Islamic phrases. You have a D.A. say he hated white people. Yet, you also hear the authorities say he won’t be charged with terrorism and you have yet to hear that he will even be charged with a hate crime. Now you have the President of U.S. praising the same mosque who has taught jihad.
    I realize he will most likely be given the death penalty so they will see justice. I also realize nothing can compare to losing her and nothing will bring her back. However, I would feel like I had been kicked while I was down by his family, his Muslim brothers and my government.

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  20. Aslan's Girl says:

    Where’s Obama’s “personal message” to the family of Colleen Hufford? You know, the woman who was beheaded by a member of this very mosque!!

    Last I heard, WH said “no comment”.

    I actually liked “no comment” better than this personal message of thanks to the mosque!

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  21. doodahdaze says:

    Barak…..Hussein…..? Hmmm. Nahhh. Could not be.

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  22. He read a message from President Barrack Obama, extending warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday.

    “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,” President Barack Obama said.

    This sorry SOB has the audacity to group MY faith to Islam? There is NO correlation.

    It sounds like he’s sending a message to aliens – “Greetings from the American people – we come in peace.” Seriously????? Aren’t these Moo-slums in Oklahoma supposed to be Americans, too?

    And they way Obama is oh, so careful to get the Arabic pronunciation of cities, regions, terms, etc. correct makes me sick every time I hear him speak (which is as infrequent as possible.)

    How anyone – liberal, conservative or in between – can believe he’s anything OTHER than a Muslim is mind-boggling. Oh, he said he’s a Christian and he attends a Christian church so that settles it. Anyone who questions that is a racist. Really??

    There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

    From the Hadith (equivalent of the Christian Gospel):
    Bukhari (52:269) – “The Prophet said, ‘War is deceit.'” The context of this is thought to be the murder of Usayr ibn Zarim and his thirty unarmed men by Muhammad’s men after he “guaranteed” them safe passage.

    Bukhari (49:857) – “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” Lying is permitted when the end justifies the means.

    Bukhari (84:64-65) – Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying is permissible in order to deceive an “enemy.”

    From the Quran:
    Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.

    From Sharia Law:
    Reliance of the Traveler (p. 746 – 8.2) – “Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible (N:i.e. when the purpose of lying is to circumvent someone who is preventing one from doing something permissible), and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory… it is religiously precautionary in all cases to employ words that give a misleading impression…

    “One should compare the bad consequences entailed by lying to those entailed by telling the truth, and if the consequences of telling the truth are more damaging, one is entitled to lie.”

    But – Obama is a CHRISTIAN! Sure he is. Of course he is. His name means NOTHING. Nothing at all – nothing to see here, move along racist naysayers. He’s a good practicing Christian.

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  23. doodahdaze says:

    I would offer ISIS a deal. For every hostage they Behead I would obliterate Ten Mosque’s full of them. This is called Decimation. I mean total obliteration. 20 2k lb bombs per Mosque. Special D from a B-52. The I would make a video to put on the internet of the wipe out.

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  25. Janetoo says:

    The fact that they sent this the same week as her funeral is just so in your face arrogant. I have not heard whether or not they sent the family any condolence. In fact – I think they refused to comment on it at all.


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  28. Irwin Chusid says:

    “I’m not on the ballot this fall. But make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot.”


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