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Unreal: President Obama Sends White House Aide To Beheader’s Oklahoma Mosque To Deliver Personal Message of Appreciation…

There will be those who say this is just poor timing, or was previously timed, and obfuscate their excuses around a premise this was accidentally bad. HORSEPUCKY! These White House delegations are planned, vetted and relentlessly poured through the prism … Continue reading

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Oh Brother – Now The U.S. Secret Service Is Racist…

These professional political race-baiters are something else.  The Washington Free Beacon can now add new item to their ongoing list…. WASHINGTON DC – As a lengthy record of U.S. Secret Service security lapses has been exposed, skepticism of the agency among African-Americans is … Continue reading

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Brit Hume Sniffing The Bloom Coming Off The Ruse?….

Is the bloom coming off the ruse? Is Mr. Hume waking up and smelling the coffee? It’s a fools paradise, Captain Obvious. Actions speak louder than words. President Obama has been leading the media down the primrose path… There is … Continue reading

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They Got To Him Just Before He Picked Up a Stick….

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All We Ever Needed To Know About President Obama and ISIS We Are Learning In Kobane….

The position of Turkey’s Prime Minister is crystal clear, Recep Erdogan supports ISIS. Erdogan hates Bashir Assad more than he dislikes the methods of the radical Islamists destroying Syria. As a consequence Erdogan is willing to watch the Syrian Kurds … Continue reading

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Obama Is Complicit In The Murder of Five Children – Illegal South American Immigrants Introduce Deadly Virus To U.S. Children…

Don’t think this is related to Obama’s Illegal Immigrants ?   Fortunately 4 months ago we began to assemble the locations of the UAC’s.   Overlay the maps and you’ll find the connection.   Kansas City Missouri and Chicago Illinois were the first … Continue reading

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Judge Jeanine Discusses Ebola – “Wake Up America”… “This Is Insane”

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Recep Erdogan’s Islamist Mask Slip May Cost Him Dearly….

By now there is no doubt where Turkey’s Prime Minister Sunni ideology is resting… EGYPT – President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s insistent criticism of Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who was elected president after ousting a democratically elected president via a military … Continue reading

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More DHS Corruption and Bribery Surrounding Immigration Kickbacks…

WASHINGTON DC – A U.S. immigration officer was sentenced on October 3, 2014 to two and a half years in federal prison, for accepting bribes in the form of cash and egg rolls from applicants seeking citizenship and green cards. … Continue reading

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10/5/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

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