Ferguson Protestors Cheer For Wounded Police Officers To Die…

The Ferguson protestors continue to record themselves in various live streams during their protests. Last night we were able to capture some of the video, and when you watch it you get a good idea of what the Ferguson Police Department is up against.

First The Back Story – Last night in/around Ferguson Missouri two police officers were shot. The first officer was on routine patrol at a community center when he is reported to have encountered two suspects in the act of committing a burglary on a business. The Officer came under gunfire and was shot in the arm.  The primary suspect described as a black male, 5’11”, with dreadlocks.

Minutes Later an Ambush Shooting – While a search was still underway for the shooter an even more troubling event happened.   A police officer -having finished his shift- was leaving the Ferguson scene when he became the subject of an ambush drive-by shooting. Three black male suspects in a black Dodge Charger pulled along side the uniformed officer and opened fire. Fortunately the bullets missed, and he was only slightly injured by the shattering glass. He was able to return fire as the suspects fled.

As word quickly spread of the first police officer shot, the Ferguson protesters recorded themselves as they cheered the news. Watch the video:

“I hope that bitch die” … “We praying that he die”.

However, someone in the crowd uploading the streamed video soon realized the “optics” of what was taking place.  Not only were they cheering for death, but they were broadcasting threats.   Do they really want all of the country to know their ideology?  Alarmed to their senses someone told the protestors to quit recording. Watch:

Here is the full up-streamed broadcast:

The first shooting was apparently unrelated to the Ferguson protestors.

However, the second AMBUSH shooting seems directly tied to the calls for “street justice” and “vengeance” as seen in this picture:

anderson cooper ferguson

You’ll note today the media emphasis will be on the first shooting, as they are ideologically bound to try and protect the image of the protestors.

The media will avoid reporting about the second shooting, the ambush shooting.

We have documented some of the social media threats against the Ferguson Police Officers HERE.   Adding to the concern is the DOJ stating last Friday that Ferguson must publicize the names of the police officers to the community.

Given the threats have now become more than words – do you think perhaps the DOJ will rethink their demand to broadcast the identity of the police who are being threatened?

Nah, me neither.


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290 Responses to Ferguson Protestors Cheer For Wounded Police Officers To Die…

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  2. justice099 says:

    Seems the story of the one officer shootings changed ‘miraculously.’ How would an officer that got shot have gotten so many of the details wrong and suddenly the story becomes closer to the conspiracy theories of the protesters?


    And of course, body camera wasn’t on.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Could the problem be that the officer never got the details wrong, but that the reporters did?

      But the body cam was off? Very stupid on the officer’s part, IMO

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      • justfactsplz says:

        The officers may have been told to leave them off for now by the CRS. We can’t have any video of black people committing crimes now can we?


    • oldiadguy says:

      Maybe “fog of war.” The two chief’s may have gotten their information from someone else at the scene who screwed up the info. Don’t know, but I’ve seen it happen before. Yes, it does not look very professional.

      The body cameras a bit of a mystery to me. The body cams only have so much storage space for the video. Do they have enough for 8 plus hours or do the officers need to turn them on only when they in contact with the public. Also, the video has to be down loaded after each shift and stored for some specified period of time. Who is down loading the video, where is it being stored and for how long.

      Another problem I foresee with the body cams is the location they are situated on the officer’s body. The body cams are mounted on the center of the officer’s chest. Now clasp your hands and place them out in front of you like you are going to fire a handgun. What is the camera going to show?

      I fear the solution they selected is going to cause almost as many problems as they were supposed solve.


  3. maggiemoowho says:

    Ferguson instigators are asking people of Ferguson to join the Palestine Contingent in Ferguson. Terrorists supporting terrorists.



  4. cajunkelly says:

    The idiocy was so thick last night, starting immediately upon seeing those dozens of cop cars screaming in, and got thicker with every different municipality noted on the sides of those cop cars. They were screaming about cops “from 15 miles away!” responding.

    You could hear the excitement in the early seconds, they wanted drama;
    “they blockin’ us in on all sides!”
    “something’s about to go down up in here!”
    “get your gas masks and cameras ready ya’ll! it’s ’bout to get real up in here!”
    “they got the dawgs ya’ll! gonna turn the dogs loose on us like we animals!”
    (I did see one of the live streamers open the back hatch on his car to get his mask, and witness body armor lying there….the desert/digital type camo to be exact.)

    Then there were claims that “a black boy shot dead”, then that morphed to the claim that “12 year old boy killed by cop” and “cop dead and black boy dead”, then “dead cop is female” and “they got the shooter surrounded in a house right up there” and this one topped them all, when the cops were telling them to disperse:

    And this was after Johnson came out and told them there was only one person shot, in the arm, and it was a cop…..

    “yeah, he lyin’ to us, they want us to leave so they can bring that little black boy’s dead body outta there”.

    I was disgusted with the demands that they leave the cop who was shot “in the middle of the street for 4 hours”. They were livid when they saw the wounded cop being taken out in an ambulance so quickly, with “five cop cars, two in front and three in back!” escorting the ambulance. Someone claimed they heard “target down” on the police scanner, which to them was PROOF that a black person died “cuz if it was a pig they’d have said “officer down”.

    Some also celebrated that 5 car escort, proclaiming that to be PROOF that a “pig was shot” cuz you know they ain’t gone give a wounded little boy that kinda escort!”

    I saw/heard some of them chanting in regards to the LEO in the ambulance: there goes a pig in a blanket.

    It does not amaze me that their very psyche is so obviously off kilter. Reminds me of a quote:
    hate is like acid, it can damage the vessel in which it is stored

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I guess they can’t figure out that an ambulance isn’t needed to pick up a corpse.


      • cajunkelly says:

        I don’t think they have the ability to think rationally, much less figure something out. They are running on the adrenalin of pure, undiluted hate. They love using the word “dialogue” as a verb, but there is no dialogue with them. You’re required to simply stand there and listen to them scream in unison, spitting on you and projecting their own self hatred on to you.
        This is why I say these LEOs will need mental/emotional health counseling when this is over if they haven’t been taught the technique of being a conduit, not absorbing the hatred and negativity but making sure it passes over, around, or through and out of them.


  5. cajunkelly says:

    At 3:01 of this video;

    This is the woman I described earlier today; the white woman, short, stocky with the bob style hair cut. There is something printed on the left shoulder of the black polo shirt she’s wearing today.

    Can someone capture that and perhaps enhance the picture?


    • cajunkelly says:

      There is a really close shot of that shirt at 13:19 but the pixels blur the two middle letters.


    • Angie says:

      Did you want a picture of the woman or the shirt? Last night, I was able to get one of who I think was the woman. I sent it in an email here to to whichever mod was on watch. The reason is because I’m not 100% sure she was the right woman.
      On I A Mike Brown livestream, I’m 95% sure the guy said that the woman I took the picture of works for Legal Observers. One of the Black people asked him who she was because apparently there’s a lot of mistrust of the white people on the street last night.. She had just been there and asked him where Rebelutionary_z went.


  6. stobberdobber says:

    This is kinda funny if you know what I mean. They are providing definitive proof of their character to us by live streaming this yet rant that they are discriminated by people not wanting to be around them or distrust them on sight. Very telling in my opinion.


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  8. Greg R says:

    I don’t understand why are people burning up your own black business and where you have to live.And the Brown family asked you to protest peacefully. What your during is not what the family wants you to do. When break in places and steal from your own people that’s not good that’s what the some white people love to see. Wake up people get your point across the right way that’s in peace. May God bless you you all!!


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