Well, Well, Well – The Saint Louis Swisher Of Sweets Cohort Dorian Johnson

bracelet 2

You already know the outline, if you don’t – REFRESH HERE – The only thing missing was the pre August 9th 2014 confirmation of a gold and black bracelet.  Dorian ownership.

While looking very closely at this picture:

Wilson truck with shell casing highlighted

The challenge began to zero in for something like this – something similar:

bracelet zoombracelet 3

Well, well, well….


Abandoned Twitter Account for Dorian JohnsonLINK


Dorian johnson bracelet

There it is.  IMAGE LINK

Now it comes together even more:

Canfield Map 5 Evidence Markers and Witnesses

Canfield Map 6 Evidence Markers - Witnesses - White Vehicle

From the absolutely ridiculous Washington Post article today:

Dorian Johnson had just moved from his mother’s house in St. Louis to a two-bedroom spot in the Canfield Green Apartments that he was sharing with his then-pregnant girlfriend and another roommate.

Sometime in March, a buddy stopped by with a stranger.

“Wow,” Johnson said, “that’s a big dude.”

The dude, Michael Brown, was 6-foot-4, and he had brushed past Johnson with barely a hello as he headed to the video-game console and began to play.

screenshot dorian tweet

Dorian 2

Dorian 3

Dorian 1

dorian johnson 2

Dorian johnson eviction.

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370 Responses to Well, Well, Well – The Saint Louis Swisher Of Sweets Cohort Dorian Johnson

  1. sundance says:

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  2. No tweets from March and April? Jail? Rehab?


    • Sandra says:

      The girlfriend was 6 months pregnant in December 2013, so she probably had the baby in March. Maybe they went away for a few months?


  3. Amber says:

    Going through the CCTV footage because of the bracelett thing.

    I ended up noticing this:

    Also, I think that the golden band could be a duster of some sort.

    When DJ puts the stuff back on the counter it isn’t over his thumb – just his palm.

    Also, why doesn’t DJ use his left arm at all throughout the whole thing?
    (With the exception of when he is leaving the store)

    Did he have something in his pocket?

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    • TeddyOn20th says:

      Perhaps a gun? And Dorian is probably left-handed because his watch is on his right hand (can’t help but notice; I too am a southpaw). So it’s a little unusual to see someone keep their dominant hand in reserve like that.

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  4. Fantasia says:

    Is it me? Dorian appears to be handcuffed, but the cuffs are hidden, much like they are required to do when hiding cuffs from a jury in court.

    Are there any other images from this scene, showing Dorians’ hands free?



  5. P.Spinach says:

    So Brown was upset and wanted to talk, Dorian says he’s going to the store and tells Brown to join him. We see them later at the store, where Dorian buys nothing but Brown is actively engaged in ripping off the entire box of cigarillo wraps. Turns out Dorian manipulated Brown while he was needy and emotionally upset at the time to conduct illegal robbery for him while he stays in the background. He definitely is responsible. Brown is an adult at 18 and also has to be held accountable in this fatal shooting for his own demise. Dorian is a nasty, dirty piece of trash being 22, 4 years older, and using dumb bozo of 18 for his size. It’s sickening. Keep blaming whitey for troubles. Whitey made them do this. Dorian is a midget next to Brown in that video. They knew what their roles were. Dorian the thieving sneak and Brown the body thrower.


  6. Terry in GA says:

    From what I see in Jacksonville news, Crump is close to getting a new investigation on the deputy who was accused of killing his girlfriend. Deputy possibly killed g/f with his service weapon and set the scene to appear as suicide. Deputy and g/f brother are buddies and g/f brother is defending deputy. Forced re-hire of deputy who had been fired for the shooting, but family of g/f has been pushing for investigating, alleging cover-up by law enforcement.

    For some unknown reason, the g/f family hired crumpets after the Trayvon debacle. Would think she would have seen through the charade Crump and his schemers created.


  7. Truth&Justice says:

    So it appears Dorain is not the young innocent a role model “Poster Boy” that his handlers and the media made him out to be and we now have a clear motive for infamous Strong Arm Robbery.

    So let’s see if Dorain’s Consent Judgment and Eviction Notice are accurately reported on NBC and CNN.


  8. Fantasia says:

    Busted!!! I KNEW I saw a video of Piaget saying she knew Michael personally! Hete it is!


    This video has a LOT of historical changes from her later statements. If anyone is capable of saving this video, it is a MUST. This video is rare.

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  9. Amber says:

    Weird. I am trying to post the pic of DJ in the store wearing something on his right hand.

    http:// i m g u r. com /a/ x S Q j r

    It is at the above link (remove the spaces. not sure why it wont work…)


  10. rumpole2 says:

    I can’t buy into the bracelet at crime scene thing.

    DJ is seen in MANY photos with a hair elastic. Granted that is on his left wrist in photos I have seen, but not unreasonable to imagine he might wear it on either wrist.
    During the robbery I see a band on DJ right wrist and nothing on his left. Ocam’s razor: that is his “dreds elastic”.
    There is an object in crime scene photos that looks metallic. Hard to gauge its size, but I think too small to be a bracelet and MUCH too small to be DJ’s big clunky watch. Not also in the photo above of DJ at MB funeral….
    HE IS STILL WEARING A WATCH. (likely same watch) so it is NOT the item near DW’s SUV.

    MY guess at something case related is that the metallic object is actually two objects… two shell casings?


  11. doodahdaze says:

    Obama Star Witness…DJ…HAhahahaha!


  12. kathyca says:

    Don’t know if these are the real deal, but putting them out there because it seems likely based on their public social media.

    Dorian’s instagram. It’s private. http://websta.me/n/isthatyoudorian
    It lists wifey’s instagram, too (@milliegang). Also, private.


  13. The WaPo said that DJ’s girlfriend was pregnant in March and that is around the time he met MB but there’s a pic on his twitter feed linked above that shows him and his daughter dated April 12, 2012…….his kid is 2 yrs old


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