Townhall Conversations Show Immigration Enforcement To Be A Winning Subject Amid American Electorate…

As we have repeated, the professional left and their cohorts in the liberal media know the reality of public sentiment is diametrically opposite from what they have been saying selling.  Elected officials are noticing in their town hall meetings…

immigration townhall

(Via Truth Revolt) Pushback over the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants is mounting across the country—not just in conservative border states, but also in California, Oregon, Colorado, and New York. Democratic and Republican lawmakers are finding their town hall meetings consumed by more and more constituents angered by Washington’s mishandling of immigration, most calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration and the securing of the southern border.

“I hear it everywhere I go,” said Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican and chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. What once was mainly a conservative debate about immigration policies, Walden explained, has now “morphed into something bigger”:

“It’s morphed into something bigger than a debate over fixing our broken immigration system—it’s a piece of the overall sense that things are on the wrong track in this country”.

Texas Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling echoed Walden’s experience, saying, “The anger is palpable… there’s a lot of fear about that, about a president who has a pen and a phone, but doesn’t seem to have a copy of the Constitution.”

And it’s not just a Republican phenomenon. Similar reports have come in from Democratic lawmakers all over the country, including California, Oregon, New York, and Colorado. Reuters reports: (read more)

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28 Responses to Townhall Conversations Show Immigration Enforcement To Be A Winning Subject Amid American Electorate…

  1. John Galt says:

    Incumbent Dem Senator Udall is in a dead heat with GOP candidate Gardner in Colorado because of Udall’s support for Obama Care and amnesty via Zero’s pen.

    “If Republicans in Congress won’t act on behalf of Colorado families and businesses or the millions of immigrants living in the shadows, then the president should take action to stop tearing apart families whose only crime is seeking a better life for themselves,” Udall said.”


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      The Dems are attracted to the heady promise of gaining millions of pro-left votes, just like moths are attracted to the bug zappers on the front porch. Let’s just hope that the American electorate doesn’t fail to throw the switch come November.

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      Cory is an excellent candidate and puts Colorado, which was considered a safe State, into play, Scot Brown’s move over into New Hampshire is another good one, after Obama’s EO on Immigration happens, both should come out on top


    • joshua says:

      whoever came up with the phrase “living in the shaddows” should get the propaganda extremist award of the century….NONE of these illegals live in any shaddows…just go look at any work crew line in the morning of illegals lined up for contractors to come pick them up for day work….not too shaddowy…but the CONTRACTORS darn sure LIVE IN THE SHADDOWS of illegal hiring.


      • michellc says:

        You can see them on just about any new home construction, roofing crew, road crews, pig farms, chicken farms, landscaping, nurseries and tree farms, mexican restaurants, etc. You can see the women and kids flocking to yard sales, resale shops, walmart, etc. Walk into almost any ER at night and you will see a waiting room full of them.
        People claim they’re just doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, which is another lie. Two of the largest and oldest nurseries in NE Oklahoma 20 years ago was 100% American men and women. Now you see an American as the foreman and the rest are brown people speaking Spanish. The same for the pig farms and chicken farms. I’ve known many construction people who lost their jobs to illegals. A funny thing happened when Oklahoma first passed their immigration reform and the illegals started leaving by the truck/van loads. These same illegals we were told were legal Mexican Americans, told that most were born in America. Funny to me why legal Mexican Americans including all these American born Mexicans fled the state. Anyway, these nurseries/tree farms had almost 100% labor jobs to fill and Americans/Oklahomans lined up to fill those jobs. Although they were just minimum wage jobs, but they were minimum wage jobs with lots of overtime.
        You don’t need anything but common sense to know that these illegals were working overtime too and that the benefit in hiring them was the owners didn’t have to pay them minimum wage or overtime. They didn’t have to pay work comp or unemployment insurance for them.

        I often find myself most angry at the business owners. They’re willing to sell their country out to pocket more money.


        • Attorney says:

          Exactly. I would add that I could care less about their skin color, it is the illegality of the presence that frosts me. And the GOP’s being in bed with the Chamber.

          Both parties should be sued after the first terrorist attack occurs. Scary stuff.

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          Another aspect of that problem is that when the workers speak only Spanish, the supervisor has to speak Spanish. I remember back around 2005, reading comments from women whose husbands lost their jobs or had trouble getting a new job because they couldn’t speak Spanish. That seemed to be a big problem out West.


        • John Galt says:

          “Although they were just minimum wage jobs, but they were minimum wage jobs with lots of overtime.”

          I was pretty familiar with the construction labor market circa the credit crash of 2008. Illegal Mexicans were framing for $4 per hour.


      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        They come out of the “shadows” every day to go shop at Walmart.

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      • joanfoster says:

        You are so right. They don’t live in the shadows. They are all over the town I live in, filling doctors’ offices, emergency rooms, construction businesses, lawn care, and sadly plenty of Spanish Spoken Here signs to go with them.

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    • vickie says:

      I left Colorado after being born there and living there for 60 years because of Illegals. In Denver they push you around. They are hardly in the shadows there, they are in your face.


      • John Galt says:

        I have a friend who bought a house a couple of years ago a block off Federal on the North side. He learned that lesson the hard way. House is now for sale.


  2. Angie says:

    Mary Landrieu has a tough race in LA. She’s weak on immigration reform. On her statement of candidacy, she registered her DC address but on her qualifying for ballot papers in Louisiana, she listed a New Orleans address. Turns out that is her parents home address. She lamely tried to say that she and her siblings own share under a corporation but it is definitely not her residence. Hopefully, that will turn off voters.


    • John Galt says:

      I tend to get her confused with Mary Letourneau.

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    • arttart1983 says:

      Angie ~ Many of us in La. want to send Mary Landrieu packing & have for years.. Landrieu’s in trouble w/her residency BUT this only comes after a couple of weeks ago Mary L. was in trouble w/her air travel charging the taxpayers for her campaign stops. BUT! She claimed it was an oversight & the monies would be repaid. Mary Landrieu’s daddy “Moon Landrieu” who made the family fortune was a corrupt Politician/former Mayor Of New Orleans & right hand grunt to Edwin Edwards.

      It’s always irksome when the dishonest get caught yet claim to be so sorry. Sorry they were caught!

      Scott Brown came up in the polls w/his attack on Obama/Sheehan in his attack adds on immigration. KUDOS to S Brown.


  3. tappin52 says:

    The anger is palpable… there’s a lot of fear about that, about a president who has a pen and a phone, but doesn’t seem to have a copy of the Constitution.”

    Tell him to take out his phone and call you. You can read the Constitution to him and he can use his pen to write it down.

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  4. Attorney says:

    I think that this issue will do more to galvanize “traditional” Americans than any other one out there, even Obamacare. We face an existential threat to our way of life due to illegal immigration, including the threat of terrorism. This is huge. The GOP sadly is so corrupt on the matter that it is only tepid in getting a very definite winning message out.


    • Coast says:

      My thoughts too. If I was a politician, I would be running on this issue as loudly and as boldly as possible. If the average American citizen asked themselves, what’s in it for me, my family, and my children’s children to allow this country to be overtaken by illegal’s and excessive legal immigration. The answer of course in NOTHING, nothing but destruction of our country. Why would anyone want that?

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  5. justice099 says:

    We live in a country where our government does NOT represent the will of the people, yet our media machine would have us believe that they do. It causes cognitive dissonance among the average person and makes them believe the majority must be crazy. It’s the same methodology of advertising that I first noticed with Nike in the 80’s. They release a new product and claim the entire country loves this product, while the reality is that hardly anyone has even seen the product. But, everyone desperate to not be seen as square, falls for it and thus fads and trends are manufactured, not spontaneous. The same with music. The music industry simply says some new band is the hottest thing, and sure enough, some out of tune creepy nobody is suddenly the hottest singer in NA. People that usually have absolutely NO background of doing clubs, etc.. like how bands used to grow.

    Anyway, for me this is not a left or right thing and indeed I believe that is simply a distraction. It causes us to fight with each other while they do as they please. Take for example abortion. It is the huge issue on the table brought out every election, yet not one person actually has made a move in either direction since the Roe vs. Wade decision. Not one! And nobody is going to do anything about it because it is such a useful political tool to rally people. Yet, we elect our leaders based on this position. Immigration is the same way. Bush did absolutely nothing to curb illegal immigration. Yeah, he ‘funded’ a wall to be built that was never built and that money simply disappeared. And oddly, the right crowd that I hung around with was actually against it at the time defending him. I remember the whole debate being that republican business owners loved the cheap labor so they were against curbing it. So, the liberals wanted the borders closed. Now somehow, in some magic twilight zone reality, suddenly the issue switched sides. This is what they do while in reality, the leaders are all the same. All colluding to further a single goal. While we sit here arguing with each other over ‘party.’

    We are going to hell in a handbasket because people are just stuck on stupid and too easy to manipulate.

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  6. peachteachr says:

    It is about much more than labor and families. There were media reports of prayer rugs being among the refuse left behind in the refuse of these last illegals and now we are being told that there is a terror threat for the southwest this week. It has ALWAYS been my choice that we seal the border and then get back to me on immigration. As a sign of how wrong Obama is about this issue, he is now letting it wait until AFTER the midterm elections. So, it’s not that he doesn’t know that we are opposed to him legalizing them.


  7. Sentient says:

    Every candidate should be asked in a debate “Do you support immediately sealing the entire US-Mexico border with an impenetrable border fence?” Anyone of any party who answers that with a “no” or any sort of dissembling doesn’t deserve to be in office. That question is the best weapon for weak candidates like MN’s Mike McFadden (trying to unseat Al Franken) or NC’s Thom Tills (trying to unseat Kay Hagan). Weak candidates need strong issues. Aside from generalized discontent with politicians (which arguably cuts against both parties), the #1 issue is immigration/border The ISIS threats only demonstrate the illogic of leaving the border wide open – which EVERYONE knows if the official policy of the democrat party.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Don’t be fooled. I was watching the whole immigration fiasco when Bush was in. The Republicans didn’t want to close the border either.


      • joanfoster says:

        As so clearly pointed out on this site, the big business Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labor and are pushing hard for amnesty. It will not be cheap after the country pays the social costs of the ever increasing population. I am sick of hearing libs repeat the same talking points about the family values of Hispanics when their illegitimacy rate is now on par or perhaps higher than that of the AA community not to mention crime.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    I’m sure that the ‘conservatives’ running for office this fall will say the right things to the right crowds – it’s how the insects live and breathe. Are y’all gonna be on top of them when the election is over and they are back in office doing what they usually do – nothing good? I know two Senator who aren’t going to be sending me Season’s Greetings cards this year – half the time now I don’t even get a boilerplate reply on the letters/emails I send – I’m waiting for a ‘stalking’ restraining order to arrive right soon.
    I know that there are folks just waiting for the town hall meetings where the concerned candidate will address the voters’ concerns, planning neither on asking questions not on the pre-approved list nor accepting boilerplate, one-size-firs-all and ‘smelling too muck like the compost pile answers’. Problem is getting the press to honestly cover these dog and pony shows. I wouldn’t waste the opportunity though, might be your last chance to tell your grandchildren about what it was like to live in a free society.

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  9. harrydweeks says:

    The threat of ISIS crossing the open southern boarder is changing the minds of many Americans. More people in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are arming themselves. If the Feds. don’t doing anything, soon, the citizens will. Reports all along the boarder, that Border Agents should be on the look out for Muslims disguised as Mexicans.


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