New Black Panthers Take Over Ferguson March – Death Chants For Officer Darren Wilson – Law Enforcement Do NOTHING !!

Looks like Darren Wilson is getting the full Zimmerman treatment.   This completes the circle of similarity as we predicted.   In the video below you see Black Panter Leader Malik Shabazz leading the protest crowd in their chant:

What do we want?  Darren Wilson

How Do We Want Him ?  DEAD 

Here it becomes important to recognize what’s going on. Remember, this community asked for -and received- the DOJ intervening. Right now the Civil Rights Division is within the group doing the chant. Yes, that’s correct, the DOJ group known as the Community Relations Service are the actual marchers you are listening to and witnessing.

The CRS is there at taxpayer cost with all expenses paid for by the federal government. So ask yourself this: “why is Eric Holder allowing this type of racial animus”? Why isn’t the police or local law enforcement stopping these visible requests for the death of a public official?

The obvious answer is they agree with it. If they did not accept and agree with it, it would not be allowed.

This is the same thing that happened in 2012 at Fort Mellon Park in Sanford Florida.

Mellon Park Black Panthers with Flyers at Sharpton RallyMellon Park Rally 3

Mellon Park Rally

Mellon Park FlyerMellon Park Black Panthers with Flyers at Sharpton Rally

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287 Responses to New Black Panthers Take Over Ferguson March – Death Chants For Officer Darren Wilson – Law Enforcement Do NOTHING !!

  1. maggiemoowho says:

    Question, if I came across a tweet during a general tweet search even though its not a public figure and I don’t know who the person is, can it be shared or would that be considered doxing. It was in the twitter universe so I’m not sure.


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  4. Attorney says:

    DOJ is comprised of absolute savages, intellectual morons, and banana republic thugs. Proof a law degree don’t mean much anymore.

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  5. elvischupacabra says:

    If Officer Wilson is indicted, a fair trial as guaranteed by the US Constitution cannot occur when these things are covered world-wide 24/7. Yes, there will be a show-trial with a “judge” like they had for the Zim Zam Man in Flawwwww’rida before guilt is pronounced. But on appeal is when things get very scrutinized. That occurs in the real world, but with this Øbama-created dystopian mass psychosis we’re living, anything can happen.

    If nothing else, Holder’s Department of Just Us® will have their own Stalinesque show trial, probably with a transgendered prosecutor on a po-go stick and the judge in layered, bright red robes presiding over a hand-picked jury, all sufficiently anesthetized against reason, logic and facts.

    It ain’t my American anymore….

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  6. Ed in TX says:

    Sounded to me like “In Jail” rather than “dead.” Listen closely.


  7. Ricky says:

    You must believe – …., this is where the silent majority TRULY LIVES – nothing like Tricky Dick Nixon had in mind so many moons ago …..


  8. J. Wilkinson says:

    Can’ t the police and all of law enforcement go on strike across the nation for the persecution that this police officer is getting from Obama and Eric Holder for doing his job and defending his life? Police everywhere should be very angry about how they are being treated and how all they are showing more concern for the criminals than they are for the law abiders and the police? In fact, all of us should stand up for the police and for this persecuted policeman in Fergesen, MO.



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