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The PURGE In Real Life – Alarming Report From Kentucky: Louisville police respond to ‘Purge’ threats…

If you have not paid attention to an earlier explosive development in Louisville, which you wouldn’t know about because the MSM buried it, you might downplay this latest police response as an overreaction.   Alas, there’s way more alarm within this story, … Continue reading

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The “JJ Witness Video” – Eye Witness Audio of Mike Brown Shooting States: “Brown Doubled Back Toward POlice”…

I’m going to call this the “J J Video” because a sharp Treeper catches the background conversation within a video of the Mike Brown shooting scene.  The video was uploaded by a U-Tube account “Black Canseco“. The video was taken … Continue reading

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CONFIRMED – Officer Darren Wilson Did Know Mike Brown Was Suspect In Robbery, and Did See Stolen Cigars In His Hands Prior To Attempting Questioning….

Things are adding up rather quickly now. First the full video from the convenience store robbery by Mike Brown and Darian Johnson: Contrary to popular media spin, Police Chief Tom Jackson confirms that Officer Darren Wilson did see cigars in the … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

An oldie but goodie!

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*UPDATE* Michael Brown Robbed Convenience Store Just Prior To Encounter With Police and Shooting – Robbery Confirmed by Eye Witness In Home Video

*Update* Friend of Officer Darren Wilson speaks out with different side of story (below) (Via TPM) Michael Brown, the African-American teen who was shot by Ferguson, Mo., police Saturday, was the primary suspect for an alleged robbery that occurred at … Continue reading

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A Smidge Too Far – HHS Smidgen Official Marilyn Tavenner: “Please Delete This Email”…

(Sharyl Attkisson) An email obtained by Congress shows the top official for Healthcare.gov at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under the Department of Health and Human Services, Marilyn Tavenner, instructed the agency’s top spokesman to “Please delete this … Continue reading

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Progressivism, And The Battle Against Educated Citizens

The Struggle For Stupidity And Standard, State, Stupidity at that   What 8th-Graders Were Expected To Know in 1910

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