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With Mike Brown Meme Established: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Eric Holder Dispatches DOJ To Ferguson, Missouri…

Nothing says social justice like the backdrop of a cloud of teargas against the running silhouette of an impoverished lad clutching a freshly looted flat screen TV. Into the valley in the shadow of plunder rides the DOJ to Ferguson Missouri:

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The Fifth Crusade ? – Pope Francis Calls For Armed Christian Crusades Against Islam….

Rut Roh, what are the progs gonna do now ?   The libs were in a generally swoony state with the “progressive” Pope Francis.   However, now he’s calling up round #5 of the modern crusades – oh my. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic … Continue reading

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RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014

Robin Williams On of the funniest, and most talented comedians of our generation has passed.  Few people were as skilled at the art of improvisation. So incredibly sad.

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Predicting The BGI Exploits of The Michael Brown Shooting – Understanding The Benjamin Crump Playbook…

First, let me clearly state our severe aversion to engaging in following another exhibition of the professional playbook for racial exploitation.   However, that said, for those who do choose to follow the path we can outline the expectation. Remember, for Benjamin … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

A variation on one we’ve seen before, but still an important point.

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Must Watch Video – Game, Set, Match,…. Walk off Homer…. Good Night !

. This video reflects the reason why President Obama is so twitchy as he vacations in Martha’s Vineyard…   The narrative is politically dangerous in the extreme.

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Brilliant – Sharyl Attkisson: If Nixon’s Watergate Were A Scandal Today…

Sharyl Attkisson masterfully overlays President Nixon’s White House scandal -and the media response- atop President Obama’s White House, and the media’s duplicity in allowing the non-response. The progs at the table were flummoxed !!

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