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Day #2 – Four Airstrikes Launched Against ISIL… “JV Squad”

IRAQ – U.S. military forces conducted four more airstrikes on Islamic militants in Iraq Saturday, taking out armored carriers firing ‘indiscriminately’ on civilians, US military officials said. U.S. Central Command said the strikes on the Islamic State (IS), the militant … Continue reading

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Egyptian Court Rules Muslim Brotherhood, As A Political Party, Officially Banned In Egypt…

No more religion based political parties, good move. EGYPT – A court in Egypt has dissolved the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing. The ruling will effectively prevent the banned Islamist movement from formally participating in parliamentary … Continue reading

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“Dead Broke” Clintons Working The Circuit While On Vacation At Their $100,000/Month Vacation House….

New York – Hillary and Bill Clinton will be the toast of the Hamptons this weekend as they move into their $100,000 Amagansett August rental. Saturday, the couple, along with daughter Chelsea, will be fêted at the Water Mill home … Continue reading

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Moonbats On Parade – Pelosi Says “Hamas is Humanitarian” and Elizabeth Warren Says “Must Negotiate Solution With ISIL”…. (Graphic Image Warning)

[Warning Graphic Imagery] If you ever wondered whether or not applied Liberalism can factually disconnect brain synapses these two recent examples should answer the question. The United States has factually and officially considered Hamas a terrorist organization since 1997.  In … Continue reading

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40,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children Mysteriously Vanish – Border Patrol and Executive Office Of Immigration Review’s Numbers Don’t Match…

Eventually the TRUTH comes out.  It always does.   The only question becomes “is anyone paying attention to it” ? Readers will note that since the word of the border crisis hit the media our research has indicated the entire construct … Continue reading

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The Benghazi Brief – The Entire Story Of Operation “Zero Footprint” In Libya and Why Further Benghazi Committee Hearings Are Futile…

As with all complex stories the valuable discoveries come with time. This Brief has been updated to include the newly spotlighted research on Syria and ISIL.  Most importantly the previously unknown “Second Presidential Finding Memo” to the CIA in 2012 specifically … Continue reading

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He’s Merely Phoning it In Now – A Failing President Obama Talks To New York Times For An Hour Before Heading Off On Vacation….

President Obama gave Thomas Friedman an hour long interview before heading off on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.    Within the interview the failure of a cohesive Obama foreign policy shines through despite the attempted cover from liberal reporters. There’s actually two … Continue reading

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