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State Dept Spokeswoman: Iraqis “Have To Pull Themselves Together” And Stop Being Victims Of ISIS…

More brilliance from the simultaneously firing synapses of The Harf. (Via PJ Media) Another classic from the “promise of hashtag” crowd. During today’s State Department press briefing, deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf addressed the unfolding crisis in Iraq. That crisis has many … Continue reading

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Obama Voters Personified

Fuck, @CNN! I was enjoying The Sixties segment! You better bring it back after Obama's speech! — chris (@chocobear_) August 8, 2014 Aw man, I was watching The Sixties on CNN and they had to interrupt for Obama! — Jason … Continue reading

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Update *video added* BREAKING: During White House Speech President Obama Announces Airstrikes Against ISIL and Aid To Assist Northern Iraqi Population, Kurds, Christians and Religious Minorities…

It’s about friggin’ time !   President Obama says the action is to prevent “genocide” and provide relief to thousands of Iraqi religious minorities who have fled to the Northern mountains of Iraq.  [Video ADDED 9:50pm EST More updates will follow … Continue reading

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LOL – White House Tweets Picture of Obama In The Situation Room Today….

Against a backdrop of horrendous polling, and amid a fury of simultaneous crisis while the electorate hold opinion of the president as detached and disconnected, the transparency is obvious. President Obama meets with his national security team today in the Situation Room. … Continue reading

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Meanwhile As No-One Is Paying Attention – Egypt Finds Islamists Weapons Cache With 25 Grad Rockets and 500 SAAM’s…

Bookmark this one for Trey Gowdy – This is like a reverse operation Zero Footprint.   Egyptian military forces locate a weapons cache’ located in the upper Egyptian mountainous region near Aswan.   Why this is important is several fold: Firstly, because … Continue reading

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Hunch: The New York Times Reports The Wrong Nation Acting In Northern Iraq ?…

The New York Times is reporting -based on ground sources in the region- that the U.S. is bombing ISIS positions in Northern Iraq. However, I share with an abundance of caution -and I can most certainly be wrong-  but my hunch … Continue reading

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Question To White House: Is Preventing Genocide In America’s Core Interest? (video)

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