The Washington Post’s Obama/Trayvon – Zimmerman Impeachment Cartoon

A bunch of people have shared a recent Washington Post cartoon depicting President Obama as Trayvon Martin and the threat of impeachment as George Zimmerman.

Generally right-sided opinions’ appear to view this imagery as “offensive”.

Not us.

WaPo Cartoon

I would totally agree with BigFurHat at iOTW – The Washington Post doesn’t realize how accurate this is.   READ HERE

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27 Responses to The Washington Post’s Obama/Trayvon – Zimmerman Impeachment Cartoon

  1. justfactsplz says:

    I think the Obama Trayvon picture should be saying, “How do you like me now?” George would probably get a kick out of this now. I wonder if he has rethought his politics?


  2. doodahdaze says:

    What do Travon and Bergdhal have in common?


    • arttart1983 says:

      Both TM/Bergdhal have families that misrepresented who they actually were to the Media, the parent’s all too imo, misrepresented who they were as parent’s & their knowledge of what both sons were actually about. The fact of what each young man was/is, was not so pretty.

      Hence, imo, is why TM’s grifter parent’s didn’t file a Civil Suit against GZ, they likely would not have won, they didn’t want MORE trash/facts/pictures coming out about the person TM was & when more facts came to life about what a “thug” TM aspired to be/was,. Th TM foundation most likely gets plenty of grants, Ms. Candy/Sybrina & Tracy get paid for speaking engagements in addition to writing a bucket load off through their TM Foundation.

      We have yet to know everything about Bergdgal,


  3. ZurichMike says:

    The leftist media will scream that conservatives ultimately want to “take the law into their own hands” and shoot him.


  4. John Galt says:

    Zero should be on top of GZ (USA), beating his head (Constitution) against the sidewalk. GZ is yelling “Help me, Help me” while the neighbours (Boehner – RINOs) cower trembling with fear inside the town houses, peeking out between the curtains.

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  5. Yakmaster says:

    The cartoonist must be suffering from creative block.


  6. libby says:

    In the small minds of the racist libs, voting to impeach is the same in the false narrative sense (and both episodes got a false narrative).
    Traythug didnt wear light colored clothes, cuz he didnt want to be seen with his slimjim hidimg in the shadows


  7. maggiemoowho says:

    I love this cartoon, Obama allowed a Domestic Terrorist group (NBPP) to put a bounty out on an American citizen. He essentially droned George and his family without a trial, their lives will never be the same, who knows how many campaign dollars he made illegally off this trial. He stripped George of all his Constitutional rights. Obama convicted George with out a trial and never accepted Georges innocent verdict. He used George to start a race war(if TM was white, Obama wouldn’t even know his name)He ruined an innocent mans life to get votes. He should be impeached, toss him and the rest of the trash out of the White House. Go George!!!

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    • Sibyl S. says:

      The whole GZ St Trayvon utterly despicable of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, NBPP, Crump, Jackson, Corey, and the rest of their sorry selves.


      • partyzantski says:

        Something tells me that Ebola will be a great leveler, as it will take on low and high alike. The aura of “first whatever” will be dwarfed by the tsunami of misery. I pray that I am wrong, I really do. But in the end, microbes and virions care not a whit.

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  8. maggiemoowho says:

    (Sorry if this posts twice) I love this cartoon. Obama striped George of all his Constitutional Rights. He allowed a bounty to be put on an Americans head. He used George to get votes(Obama wouldn’t even have known who TM was if TM was white) and who knows how much campaign money he made off of this trial, legal or illegal money. Obama should have been impeached for what he did to George and his family.


  9. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    So white hispanic democrats want to impeach 0bama?

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  10. Moroni Breitbart says:

    Oh no…there’s a short, fat, white hispanic male following me! I’m just a timid frightened pansy lib…what can I do?


  11. nomorebsplease says:

    This is a nice cartoon of a white hispanic. Can somebody show me one of a ‘hispanic white’ ?


  12. P.Spinach says:

    It’s perfect! God’s woork. The artist should bow in humility for being touched by the Hand of the Super Artist.

    I have a few critiques though for the lowly human part who missed the details: Trayvon should be carrying a couple of joints in his kangaroo pouch, a burglary tool which he threw away in the bush nearby to hide his subversiveness, along with his knapsack containing burglarized jewelry from the middle class (Obama hates this group the utmost for their hard work and family values), and a book titled Dreams of my Absent Father.

    Otoh, George as a hispanic-looking black American is ironic. We can only hope, can’t we, that one of his own will get mad enough about the real injustices Obama unleashed on his human subjects.

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  13. Moishe Pipik says:

    BTW: Obama’s attempt to to interfere with the trial of George Zimmerman, while maybe not an “impeachable” offense, is grounds for disbarment! Too bad the bar of the state of Illinois is left-leaning.


  14. I’ve often wondered how the characterization of White Hispanic became so mainstream and was easily accepted by the masses. Considering there are plenty of black people that are light skinned, I wonder if they would be okay with being called “White Black”.


  15. bob e says:

    cool cartoon ..
    .. . don’t forget to wish barry o’fraud a happy birff-day ..
    it’s either a happy kenyan birff-day, happy hawaiian birff-day, happy
    indonesian birff-day, or mebbe’ a wash state happy birff-day ..
    the exact day no one really is sure, so i guess it refers to a SPAN
    of days in this month or last ..


    • Fantasia says:

      I noticed that. It was not a birff day celebration, it was his birff day WEEK celebration. Who, besides Barry-O, spends and entire week celbrating their birff day?

      On the cartoon, priceless. As someone so aptly put, from God to the artists’ hands. Sometimes, things come through art that were unintended. We shall never know, intended or not, most likely, but it matters not. What is done is done. I like the impact, however. What else is to be said?


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