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Art and Symbolism….

Full Story and More Pictures HERE

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Chipotle – Not Exactly Serving Brain Food

(Via Moonbattery)  We already knew the folks running Chipotle are barking moonbats, so ideologically deranged that they have claimed conspicuously nonexistent global warming will prevent them from serving guacamole. But this is over the top: (continue reading)

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“When Your Kid Gets Chicken Pox, They Don’t Shut The School”….

I’m reposting this because late this evening I finally heard back from a resource with first-hand information.   I asked the question – his answer is the “new headline”. A few days ago we shared the Washington Times story about a facility … Continue reading

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CDC Says Low Probability Odds Of Ebola Becoming A Problem For U.S…..

(Via Washington Free Beacon)  The Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Tom Frieden, appeared on four Sunday programs to quell fears that the United States may be at risk for an Ebola outbreak. “We know that there … Continue reading

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Breaking: Ebola Outbreak Comes To London England ? Woman Deboarding Plane From Sierra Leone Collapses In Gatwick Airport and Dies…

Clear as mud. An update to the original article now adds: “At around 11pm on Sunday, the Department of Health said that tests for the deadly Ebola virus on the woman who died at Gatwick had proved negative”… I’m looking … Continue reading

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Palestinian Arab Supporters Chant: “All Hail Hitler”…

Close your eyes as you listen to the end of this video. If the crowd chanting “all hail Hitler, all hail Hitler” were not Arabs, but instead white male skinheads, what do you think the political left would be saying about … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns–The Skies Over Israel

Today’s MBOB is a repeat from two years ago and considering current situations, perhaps a good reminder. The immediate reason for doing a repeat is that I poured boiling rhubarb jam on my thumb yesterday as I was filling jars, using … Continue reading

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