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Got All The Bases Covered He Does….

Too easily predictable: Che’ T-Shirt   √ Hipster Doofus Bag  √ Palestinian Keffieh  √ Glasses  √ Sign comparing Nazi’s  √ Raised Fist  √ Optional creepy moustache  √  

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Dem Civil Rights Commission Wants College Restrictions On Free Speech Because Student Brains Not Formed…

A former senior advisor to Nancy Pelosi, now on the Civil Rights Commission, wants to restrict free speech on campus because college student brains are not completely formed….. …. which begs the ultimate “D’oh” question: So why allow them to vote … Continue reading

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Two U.S. Ebola Patients Arrive At Emory Medical Center for Quarantined Treatment

ATLANTA (AP) — The first person infected with Ebola to be brought to the United States from Africa was safely escorted into a specialized isolation unit Saturday at one of the nation’s best hospitals, where doctors said they are confident … Continue reading

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Netanyahu: “Don’t second guess me again”…

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Egypt’s Khalil el-Sisi just need to be left alone and they will ultimately deal with Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood.   The U.S. and EU just need to butt out.  [And we are genuinely serious when we say … Continue reading

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In The 6th Summer Of Obama, Let the _______________s Do It

The southern border is collapsing. Ebola is spreading. Russia is on the rise. U.S. infrastructure is crumbling. The electrical grid is in jeopardy. Can the republic suffer another year of the Obama Administration without help? If the Obama Administration can’t … Continue reading

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My First Job (What was yours?)

The admins here at the Treehouse were chit-chatting yesterday (as we often do), and Menagerie called our attention to an article, Seven Signs You’re Too Smart For Your Job. Menagerie said she noticed it because it was linked to by … Continue reading

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Are We Being Lied To ? – Detainment Center At Artesia New Mexico Claims Lockdown Due To Chicken Pox… But Something Is Not Adding Up

A few days ago we shared the Washington Times story about a facility in New Mexico being closed due to a Chicken Pox outbreak.  However, a little more research into the Artesia, New Mexico, Detainment Center and you can find out … Continue reading

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