Research Request – Crowdsourcing Assistance – Clint Texas Facility To House 3,500 Illegal Aliens ??

Light BulbWhat can be found out about the following report?   The Houston Chronicle report is behind a pay-wall.  HERE 

Who is the New York Company ?   Who are the principals ?

My hunch is these folks connect back to BCFS – any assistance is appreciated ? 

CLINT, Texas (AP) — Authorities are considering a bid to build a shelter in West Texas that would be the largest in the U.S. to hold unaccompanied children who enter the country illegally.

A number of sites in Texas and elsewhere are being considered as detention facilities for many of the more than 57,000 unaccompanied children who have entered the U.S. since October.

But with 3,500 beds, the proposed Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge southeast of El Paso would be far larger than other centers. A temporary processing facility in McAllen holds about 1,000 children.

The lodge’s marketing director, Charles McGuire, tells the Houston Chronicle ( ) that the principal backers [New York ? ] of the bid previously have invested in housing for oil workers in Texas.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is reviewing the proposal. (link)

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25 Responses to Research Request – Crowdsourcing Assistance – Clint Texas Facility To House 3,500 Illegal Aliens ??

  1. labrat says:

    OMG – the other day I joked in a comment on another site that we should just build them a nice resort on the border! Someone liked the idea?


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Sounds like a vote farm.


  3. Cetera says:


    Is it permissable to post a link to a publicly accessible and open version of the article that isn’t behind the paywall? Google is your friend… except for the data collection piece…

    I’m starting to search for you now.


  4. LHLaredo says:

    It might be Southwest Key Programs, they have a base in Clint, Texas.


  5. jetstream says:

    sundance, here are various links to information that you might incorporate with your other research or future posts:

    BCFS: The State of Texas tasked BCFS EMD to build Alternate Care Site (ACS) capacity in 20 cities and rural communities across the state. Ultimately, BCFS EMD increased Texas’ ACS capacity to more than 15,000 beds across the state.

    BCFS: Start work in San Antonio immediately, with the possibility of deployment anywhere in the nation in the future. 250 positions.

    BCFS: ETV Program for education:

    Check the BCFS Twitter Feed for interesting tidbits of info such as this:

    or this:

    Even given cars:

    (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services / Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate

    USCIS: Citizenship and Integration Grant Program

    USCIS: And just before the general election, another 10,000 democrat votes?…
    USCIS will resume issuing U visas on Oct. 1, 2014, the first day of fiscal year 2015, when visas become available again.


  6. Cetera says:

    Email away with some very minor info direct from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.


  7. jetstream says:

    Interactive Map: Federal Children’s Shelters in Texas

    Looks like Southwest Key runs that facility in Clint, TX called Casita Del Valle which, according to the map link above and info below, houses 97 children.

    Also see other facilities in the El Paso region, with detailed info about the facility, from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS):

    Other illegals related info:

    Rio Grande Valley: In Event of Emergency, Illegals to be Evacuated Before Citizens
    Before the public gets their mandatory evacuation, the plan is to get all these unaccompanied women and children out of the Valley and to safer ground.


  8. bob e says:

    ‘abraham lincoln transitional lodge’ ?? gimme a break ..


    • sundance says:

      My initial thought exactly. {{{eyeroll}}}


      • bob e says:

        i feel very honored with your reply .. i am there
        at the site, at least 3 times a day. what a place !!
        i am so lucky to have found all you stout
        patriots. praying i can get some extra funds
        & send it to HQ .. honestly, i could sit here & thanks for a month, non stop.. see ya


  9. It looks to me like the backers being based in New York is a conjecture, or possibility but not for certain. The financial backers would be working in conjunction with an entity that would actually do the remodeling and/or operate the facility. While I think BCFS is a possibility, I followed the clues regarding the Texas oilfield housing.

    Target Logistics is based in Boston (east coast, as NY?) and have also done work with DHS, FEMA, FBI, Justice, Defense, EPA, INS, and Customs and Border Protection. They worked with North Dakota Development to develop “lodges” in the Baaken, and operate other housing facilities in Texas.

    Target Logistics operates 16 properties in the US and Canada with more than 5,300 beds.

    I believe they would have a “client” who would be an intermediary in Texas, such as El Paso Children’s Center- or, perhaps even BCFS.

    Just a guess, but did a fair amount of research on it. Another possibility would be High Ground Properties, but their primary office for investment opportunity is in the UK – But they did win awards for North Dakota oil field housing. Last financial backing possibility is Richman Group in NY, but I didn’t find a lot of information connecting them anywhere as strongly as Target Logistics.

    Someone might call Texas DFPS. They say on their site they uphold the concept of transparency but who knows WTH that even means anymore.


  10. Cetera says:

    OK, I just emailed the application submitted to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) by Sergio Medina to Sundance via the site email address. Should be some good info there.

    The operation mailing address for the Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge is:
    453 South Broadway,
    Nyack, NY 10960.
    Anyone able to track that down, and see what is there?

    Sergio Medina himself is based in San Francisco. It may be his personal address on the form, so I’ll let Sundance post that and the entire document as he sees fit.

    Sergio lists himself as the CEO, Center Director, Governing Body Member, and Licensed Administrator of this proposed facility. He currently works at Covenant House in Oakland.

    Ding ding ding! He worked for Catholic Charities for 5 years, from 2008-2013, for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services from 2004-2008 (in Baltimore, MD), and for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, International Catholic Migration Commission from Sept 2013-Jan 2014. Looks like he’s done several gigs for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and was assisting them when he was at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee service.

    Charles McGuire is also listed as the CEO of the Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge, again at that New York address, and the CEO of Watford Ranch. Charles McGuire is also listed as the Governing Body Designee for the Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge.

    Street view of that Nyack, NY address is residential:,+Nyack,+NY+10960/@41.074884,-73.922287,3a,90y,88.59h,95.93t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sIIryo4CUwDHu6GVVbw5WZw!2e0!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x89c2ea3b0e5afd27:0x44b0184609cec48f!2s453+S+Broadway,+Nyack,+NY+10960!3b1!3m1!1s0x89c2ea3b0e5afd27:0x44b0184609cec48f!6m1!1e1

    Kelly Hering is also listed at that NY address, as the name of a Designee of Governing Body for Watford Ranch, and COO of the Abraham Lincoln Transitional Lodge.


  11. Cetera says:

    I also just got a tip on who owns the land:
    Tornillo Land Co. owns the plot, 15.6 acres. No building permits required in El Paso County, so there’s nothing to chase there.


  12. lida rose says:

    Are you interested in the actual full print story from the Chronicle? I don’t have access to it, but I believe I have a family member who does. They would also have the article if it was in the print version of the paper. I could have it sometime tomorrow and at the least email a transcription or possibly scan and email a copy.


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