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Moderates Be Damned – The U.S. Sides With Islamists – Perhaps John Kerry Is Not Clueless, Perhaps He and Obama Actually Do Support the Muslim Brotherhood…

A really odd dynamic surfaces yet again in the realm of the Obama administration’s remarkable list of “firsts”.   President Obama has become the first U.S. administration ever to factually side with radical islamists – like al-Qaeda, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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Research Request – Crowdsourcing Assistance – Clint Texas Facility To House 3,500 Illegal Aliens ??

What can be found out about the following report?   The Houston Chronicle report is behind a pay-wall.  HERE  Who is the New York Company ?   Who are the principals ? My hunch is these folks connect back to BCFS – any assistance is … Continue reading

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Establishment Republicans DO NOT Want Control Of The Senate….

For several years we have continually tried to warn mainstream Republican supporters that actual and empirical evidence does not reflect any GOP desire to lessen the governmental burden on its citizenry. Toward that end we coined the term “Decepticons” to … Continue reading

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New York Governor Cuomo Disbands Corruption Commission When The Commission Follows Corruption In His Own Administration…

NEW YORK – With Albany rocked by a seemingly endless barrage of scandals and arrests, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo set up a high-powered commission last summer to root out corruption in state politics. It was barely two months old when … Continue reading

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Steadfast – Prime Minister Netanyahu Tells Israel To Be “Prepared For A Prolonged Campaign” To Crush Hamas…

There was, and for many still is, a considerable amount of Stockholm Syndrome type anxiety amid the general population of Israel when it comes to decisions to mount defensive strategies using offensive engagements. However, even the most dovish of the Israeli population recognized the … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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White House Furious That Israel Dismisses John Kerry’s Impertinent Buttinsky Behavior – White House Tells Israel If Kerry Is Criticized They Will Not Be Friends…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama administration officials were fuming Monday over a torrent of Israeli criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. In unusually harsh language, officials said the criticism of … Continue reading

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Prominent “Tip of Spear” Ebola Hospitals Closing To Reduce Clustering Patients

Treatment of infectious diseases creates “clustering” of patients – as those people who show symptoms flow to a common geographical source for treatment.   However, just like actual cells in a virus, the clustering behavior of people can become the problem.   As the size … Continue reading

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First Principles – Love and Acts of the Will, by Treeper Cetera

Cetera is an avid reader and friend of the Tree House, and an occasional commenter.  He currently resides in Wyoming, having given up on Colorado after ten years and deciding to move his family to a more politically friendly state.  He … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens Tell Border Patrol: “Obama will take care of us”…

McALLEN, Texas – In an exclusive interview with WND and Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, a 13-year Border Patrol veteran revealed many in the recent surge of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, are coming prepared to game the U.S. immigration system, … Continue reading

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