The Turbulent Summer Of 2014 – Victor Davis Hanson

If your children are old enough to be in college, they probably think the country they were born into is falling apart.  If you’re a Baby Boomer like myself, you know the country you were born into is already gone.  It’s a hard thing to thwart the general feeling of optimism shared by most Americans during a beautiful summer season.  But, if you stop and take a thoughtful assessment of the disasters currently befalling our world, perhaps you’ll see that the fall might be closer than you think.



The summer of 2014 will go down in history as the season when America fell apart. Let’s take a tour of the disasters…

nsa-obama-spying-angela-merkels-phone(Townhall)…Germany in 2008 enthusiastically hosted candidate Barack Obama for his so-called “Victory Column” speech. Now, Germans suddenly sound as if they are near-enemies of the U.S. Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly was furious that her cell phone was tapped by American intelligence agents. She just kicked the top CIA official out of Germany, further enraged that the U.S. had recruited at least one German official to provide intelligence on the German government. Polls show that Germans find Vladimir Putin’s Russian tyranny almost as popular as Barack Obama’s America.

Japan is becoming similarly frustrated with the U.S. It is rearming like crazy to confront an aggressive China. Both Asian powers apparently assume that Obama won’t guarantee the security of the Japanese as America had in the past.

243291-iraq-isil-fighters-afpThe Middle East is dissolving. Taking U.S. peacekeepers out of Iraq proved a disaster. The radical jihadists of ISIS are overrunning Syria and Iraq, as they extend their destruction even to the mute stones of religious sanctuaries.

War looms between Israel and the Palestinians as they exchange rockets and bombs. Older Americans had an idea of what Afghanistan will look like by 2016 after Obama announced a pullout of all U.S. troops. They remember Saigon of 1975 all too well.

putinlabelsobama-idiotCrimea has become a Russian satellite. The fate of the Ukraine hangs in the balance. In between his conquests, Russia’s Putin openly ridicules the impotence of the U.S. He is often called to the Middle East on the perception that he can address problems that America runs away from.

From his sanctuary perch in Russia, National Security Agency turncoat Edward Snowden is once again releasing top-secret data that shreds the credibility of the Obama administration.

Foreign leaders don’t trust the U.S. They are baffled as to whether America is guilty of incompetence in hiring such a roguish dropout snoop in the first place, or guilty of cynically spying on America’s best friends — or both.

The economy shrank last quarter. Record numbers of adult Americans are still not working. Zero interest rates have destroyed the tradition of passbook savings and the very idea of thrift.  No-interest financial policies ignited a stampede to the stock market that has further enriched the one-percenters — an artificial boom that everyone believes will soon bust.


The borrowing of $7 trillion has proved no stimulus. A natural American recovery was stymied by vast federal borrowing, by the addition of more incomprehensible regulations, and by an Obamacare package that proved to be the opposite of almost everything that was promised. Inflation is said to be manageable, but only by not counting soaring food, gas and electricity costs that do the most to erode family budgets. It is funny how they get fat and we get poorer. They should undergo gastric sleeve surgery because of their money obesity. Kindly refer to cheap steroids.

U.S. immigration law simply no longer exists. Incoming foreign nationals more likely welcome arrest than fear it. Tens of thousands of newly arrived immigrants expect that the cynical coalition of commercial interests, ethnic activists and political operatives have subverted existing federal law. America is now wide open. Almost anyone can cross the border and receive subsidized sanctuary. If you object, you are a nativist, racist or xenophobe — take your pick.


No one denies that top IRS officials lost or destroyed key documents concerning the agency’s election-time efforts to subvert conservative organizations. The unbiased IRS that we once knew has vanished. It has become an appendage of the ruling government that punishes enemies and rewards friends — and dodges a high-level audit by lying in the same fashion as the tax cheats it goes after.

Americans accept the fact that a video never had anything to do with the killing of four American officials in Benghazi and know that the Obama administration knew precisely that when it assured them otherwise.

vdhNo one has heard anything lately from Private Bowe Bergdahl, who was traded for five of the most dangerous jihadists the U.S. had in its custody. The less we know about why Bergdahl went AWOL, the administration thinks, the better.

The scandals now come so fast and furiously that we no sooner hear of one than yet another new mess makes us forget it.

What keeps the country afloat this terrible summer?

Some American companies produce more gas and oil than ever despite, not because of, the Obama administration. Most Americans still get up every day, work hard and pay more taxes than they receive in subsidies. American soldiers remain the most formidable in the world despite the confusion of their superiors. The law, regardless of the administration, is still followed by most. And most do not duck out on their daily responsibilities to golf, play pool or go on junkets.

It is still a hard thing to derail America in a summer — but then again, we have a long way to go until fall.


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39 Responses to The Turbulent Summer Of 2014 – Victor Davis Hanson

  1. labrat says:

    Fund-raising is “hard work”. So our fearless leader is headed to Camp David for a much needed weekend get-away. No kidding. Sure wish he’d take a permanent vacation.


  2. William Eddy says:

    I keep the hope that this November things will begin to get better 🙂


  3. I guess the “Bengazi tire” fell off the truck.

    Hey BHO, don’t look so sad, you got a “phone” so call “AAA” to come change your tire because we know that is below your paygrade and then you can use your “pen” to write them a check.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    Good article, Ad rem. To see the whole collection of scandals all in one place like this just reinforces how bad he is. Another good thing is all the Constitution loving, America loving, and freedom loving patriots like Treepers. That is a very good thing.


  5. Sharon says:

    When Victor Davis Hanson speaks, I listen. Sobering.


  6. michellc says:

    I laugh at the government claiming no inflation. I guess government employees don’t shop for groceries, clothes and shoes and never pay a utility bill or fill their car up with gas.

    I used to have hope for the future, I’ve lost that hope as far as this country and this world goes. I don’t expect to ever see the country I grew up in again. I expect times to get much harder and I’m not such talking about financially.


    • Ad rem says:

      Exactly…..what a farce it is to have an inflation index that ignores the price of food and energy.


    • Ad rem says:

      I found an interesting site… “Shadow Government Statistics” –
      It highlights what today’s inflation rate (CPI) would be were it computed using the 1990 guidelines.
       photo cpi_zps3351be34.png
      Notice…we’d be at 6% verses the 2% they now quote.

      Now….if you’d like to go back to the way they computed the CPI in 1980, things look even worse. We’re really at 10%!
       photo cpi1_zps9f32aef6.png
      They just keep rigging the numbers, so the CPI is really no longer a “constant” measure of your standard of living. 👿


      • rashomon says:

        That last chart is the “real world” for nonliving in LaLaLand. The government has messed around with their figures to protect their tails so you can’t compare apples with apples.


      • michellc says:

        They want us to believe lies, lies that any of us who have paying bills and running households know are lies.


        • Ad rem says:

          I feel the same way regarding the future as you do. I used to dream of being able to travel to far off places and have a new car when the DH retired. Now…all I do is scrimp and save, so that I can leave my daughter and SIL the wherewithal to build for an uncertain future. I don’t want my future grandchildren to be forced into a big-city public school system or substandard housing.


          • michellc says:

            Now that I have a grandchild coming I worry about such things as well. I want him/her to have a better life than I had or even my children had, but the future looks so bleak that it doesn’t seem possible for him/her to have it as good as we had it.


  7. A Curtin says:

    Hanson nails it.Problem is,this is exactly what Obummer set out to do.


  8. P.Spinach says:

    This is the world without the United States of America.

    It is ironic that the First Black POTUS transforms the Land of Opportunity and Plentifulness into just another bland, generic, poverty-stricken country much like Africa or S. America. I was oftimes told Africa suffered droughts, hence their poverty. S. America limped along because of drugs. My friends, it is neither. It is the Founding Fathers and freedom granted by their Constitution Under In God We Trust that built a strong country. Without the U.S. Constitution, trampled under by the dead shark-eyed B Hussein Obama, America is no longer. POX ON HIM AND HIS ENABLERS. Put the sun light on satan.


  9. I admire Professor Hanson greatly. His ability to synthesize disparate events in an undistorted, perspicacious narrative reminds me of…. Sundance.

    He also seems to be conservative because he is more erudite than any liberal, not because he would ignore things he doesn’t like. He was wrong on occasion (unlike the rest of us, condemned to perfection (-: ) but his batting average is otherwise verging on superb.

    With Professor Hanson distant history comes alive, while the contemporary detail is always cogently interpreted as part of History. The man has a beautiful brain.


  10. Marian says:

    What’s worse to me than the liberal democrat wrecking ball is the fact that there is another party (supposedly) that absolutely will not oppose or call out this criminal activity for fear of losing their own gravy train. THIS is what is enabling our country to crumble faster. Cowards.


  11. JAS says:

    In 2008 I told my then very young kids: “Learn Mandarin”.


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