Team McDaniel Exposes The Decepticon – FEC Filings Reveal Karl Rove As A Liar – American Crossroads DID Contribute To Thad Cochran In The Mississippi Run off….

Karl Rove

This might not come as a surprise to many, heck, actually anyone who knows the depths the Republican Establishment class of professional liars;  but thanks to the continued digging and efforts of Charles C Johnson, and Team McDaniel in Mississippi, Karl Rove is exposed yet again.   LIAR !

Rove is not called a “Decepticon” for nothing:

american crossroads

Reconcile the above 6/20/2014 contribution of $50,000 from Karl Rove and American Crossroads with their prior statements:

June 11th – […]  In effect — the GOP establishment is doing what they are supposed to do — going all in for one of their own.

The push comes after the high profile American Crossroads super PAC announced it would not put money towards Cochran’s campaign to fend off McDaniel in the June 24 run-off. Outside groups spent more than $8 million in the primary, an extraordinary amount in Mississippi.

Defending incumbents in primaries this cycle has been a focus for Republican leadership and the NRSC since the start of 2013. (link)

Or this one…

June 6th – […]  The senator, [Cochran] however, looks to be getting a boost from his colleagues in Washington, many of whom have said they plan to again donate the maximum amount to his campaign. His fellow Mississippian, Sen. Roger Wicker (R), said he’s already making fundraising calls for the incumbent.

And that help will be pivotal to his chances of holding on to the seat.

While national conservative groups have offered their support for McDaniel’s bid, establishment Republicans have been somewhat more lukewarm about supporting Cochran, who enters the race the underdog. At least one major establishment spending group, American Crossroads, is sitting the race out.

But the NRSC and the Chamber of Commerce are backing Cochran, wary of the chance that, if McDaniel wins the nomination, he could put the seat in play for Democrats. They’re running former Rep. Travis Childers in case of such an outcome. (link)

karl rove emporer

 How dare you question our power, POWER….

….”the republic must fail” !

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23 Responses to Team McDaniel Exposes The Decepticon – FEC Filings Reveal Karl Rove As A Liar – American Crossroads DID Contribute To Thad Cochran In The Mississippi Run off….

  1. Spar Harmon says:

    Hey! No fair! Now that you got the kiddies all scared witchure scary horror stories? — — — Great job, but where is the BOO! moment to let’em all know it’s jus’ for fun??? Not fair!!


  2. justfactsplz says:

    It seems to me that there is an epidemic of telling lies going on in our country in these times and it’s not just politicians even though they are some of the worst offenders. Teachers, preachers, lawyers, judges, medical professionals, parents, and children are afflicted with this outbreak. People have become numb to the effect of hearing lies as if it is normal. Shame on America for sinking to this all time low. This involves one of the ten commandments.


    • rashomon says:

      Thank you. Mendacity will kill this country faster than Obama and krewe.


    • Sibyl S. says:

      Truly, the McCain, McConnell, Rubio, Rove, et al type Republicans have become tools and enablers of the destroyer Democrats….and thus are far more despicable.
      They are not guardians of the nation and protectors and respecters of the rule of law, but outlaws. They are not statesmen, but political power-mongers and robbers.


    • doodahdaze says:

      We are in trouble. We will pay a heavy price. Everything is now based on graft. Trillions are at stake. The scramble is on for the last scraps before the Big Boom.


    • Attorney says:

      I have been thinking the same thing, more and more. Include corporations as well. People no longer feel compelled to keep their word. Phony, plastic banana nonsense.

      We are going to be so richly deserving of what is coming.


      • Spar Harmon says:

        This lying thing, as we see it, is the patina over another layer of lies: the lies they tell themselves // and under that the lies which they have bought into // and so on to the mushy, sewage at the core.
        ctdar, used the single word ‘Pimps’. Excellent example. I have known a few actual, for reals Pimps. I sat for a month in a jail once and listened to a recent arrest batch of pimps from a city cleanup sweep, listened to them out-pimping each other, giving and receiving advice on pimping technique, especially the care, feeding, and handling of your stable of bitches, and, well, it is all based on a layered tapestry of rotten-fibered lies just like I outlined.
        PIMPS, indeed, ctdar…


        • Spar Harmon says:

          There is an inherent weakness. The structures built by such creatures are doomed to collapse. At the core of each is and insane, drowning, paranoid, screaming human being. Try to stay free of the wreckage, if you can. Praying helps. Cultivating peaceful relations with your fellows helps. And don’t harden your heart to those who are dying in such self-inflicted agony. There but for the grace of God go I


          • Pam says:

            “Staying free of the wreckage” is at this point a very difficult thing to do. I live about 15 miles from the heart of the lying, bloody heart of this monstrous beast that is orchestrating the death of our Republic. But most of my life was lived in the South, in smaller communities in GA, NC, FL, SC and AL. There is a huge difference in lifestyle, belief and outlook.

            I believe I understand some of the thought process of the people out there in our country who still live in areas where the majority of their community believes in freedom, justice, God, etc. While I was down there, I still felt relatively safe and free, surrounded by many who shared my core beliefs. Living here in northern VA has been a surreal, mind-blowing experience for me.

            The progressive/socialist/marxist rot that has infected our country has been working its way down into every community in our land. They have been at this for a very long time.

            I think that, with this latest outrage of illegals being secretly shipped all over the country, more people are starting to see that there may be no place to hide from the reach of the “bad guys.”


            • Spar Harmon says:

              Boy do I know it, Pam. On of the reasons I don’t indulge too much in regular media is because it so corrupting as you describe, and at least here I can see and relate to much goodness in people around me; and of course there is a lot of old garbage to be cleaned out of me, too. You guys gotta get outta that place, girl! But if you can’t, God is still with you, the Rock to withstand all waves, and once you accept It, and I know you have, you will not be abandoned.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Yes, corporations for sure needed to be on that list.


  3. Sibyl S. says:

    Must read: Debasing the Currency of Truth by Alan Haley, Esq., a Christian and Harvard-educated canon lawyer.

    There are many great articles at the Anglican Curmudgeon’s website, including dating the Birth of Jesus.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    They are vying for management. They are better managers of the decline and fall of America. That is why they call Obama incompetent.


  5. LetJusticePrevail" says:


    “[Cochran] however, looks to be getting a boost from his colleagues in Washington, many of whom have said they plan to again donate the maximum amount to his campaign.”

    And all this time I thought that Senators were elected to serve the citizens of their respective states, and not themselves, or the elitist “clique” that wants to rule with impunity. Who knew…


  6. Josh says:

    I can’t look at Rove’s right nostril and NOT see a booger 😦


  7. SoonerBoomer says:

    I just read this on the Red State website too. So I copied it and pasted it on John Cornyn’s Facebook page. This stinks.


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