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Not The One We Thought Would Be Next – Benghazi Suspect, al-Chalabi, Found Dead in Marj…

Al Marj is located just North of Benghazi on the road to Darnah… Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Faraj al-Shibli, who was suspected of involvement in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, has been found dead, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Reporter Fired For Being Politically Incorrect – Stated Many Young Black Males In Inner City Do Not Have Fathers…

(Via The Blaze)  […]  A source with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed to TheBlaze on Monday that Bergin has, in fact, been suspended over his remarks about the black community and may end up being fired. The source said Bergin … Continue reading

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Party Smidgen – IRS April Sands: “I don’t understand how anyone but straight white men can vote Republican”

WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, today pressed the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on yet another hard drive crash of an employee who disparaged Republicans and … Continue reading

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Treehouse Poll: Who Is More Likely To Be Trusted In a Brokered Peace Deal Between Israel and the Hamas-Fatah government ?

This question highlights the actual substance of the policy issue. Who would be the best broker, considering each side’s position, for peace? USA’s Obama/Kerry, or Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ?

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We Are Now Offically A Society Of Idiots – Mom Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park Unsupervised

At 9-years-old the only summertime I ever heard the phrase: “where are your parents”, was when we sat on the bar stool at the soda fountain and ordered 8 banana splits for both of us.   Well, ok… then, and that one … Continue reading

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Jonathan Karl’s IRS Tax Audit Coming In 3…. 2…. 1…..

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Pro-Palestinian Attackers Spit On, Assault, Israel Supporters During LA Support For Israel Rally…

Another example of Palestinian supporters violently attacking a peaceful Pro-Israel rally in LA.   Ask yourself when was the last time you heard of Pro-Israel groups attacking Palestinian Rallies;  like the one in front of the White House last week….  Or the … Continue reading

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