Arrested Development ? – Another Mom Arrested For Leaving Her Child In Vehicle – But This One is….

Well, you decide.

democrat_donkey_on-target1( via iOTW) A mother in Bristol, Connecticut, was charged with leaving a child unsupervised in a car Wednesday. How old was the helpless tyke?


Why was she in the car? She asked her mom if she could stay there.

Was she in danger of boiling to death? According to WFSB:

When officers opened the car doors, they said the child was responsive and not in distress, and that the car was not “excessively hot.”

In other words, the 11-year-old girl was indisputably fine. Not overheated, not abandoned, not upset—nothing.

So don’t just ask why the mom was charged with a crime, ask why is this a crime?  Why does the law get to decide how a mom should raise her kids? Why does the law treat a self-sufficient 11 year old as a helpless forsaken baby? Why does the law allow cops to harass tweens and moms just going about their day?  (continue reading)

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18 Responses to Arrested Development ? – Another Mom Arrested For Leaving Her Child In Vehicle – But This One is….

  1. William Eddy says:

    What is the age you can leave a kid in the car by themselves ?


  2. tappin52 says:

    What kind of moron would call the police over an eleven year old sitting in the car?


  3. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    My grandson is 11 and he often goes with me while I run errands or do my shopping. Having come from FL, I’m also very aware of how quickly a car interior heats up, and how this can cause heat prostration,etc. But I know my grand, ,and I know he’s not stupid enough to sit in a car until his brain cooks, so I know he will either roll down the window, or simply get out. THAT is why I always make him come into the store, bank etc, with me. NOT because of the heat, ,but because of the possibility that some cretin might see him alone and take advantage of his vulnerability. He won’t become another “Adam Walsh” on my watch.


    • michellc says:

      I have a funny story. One day my daughter and I were running around town. I needed to go to the bank and she stayed in the car. Now she is grown and married. A police car parked next to her and the cop got out and came to her window and asked her if she was okay. She told him that she was fine. He asked her how long she had been in the car. She asked him why it mattered to him. About that time I walked out and he asked me if that was my daughter and I told him yes and he asked me if I realized it was 90 degrees today and I told him yes I did. He then told me I shouldn’t be leaving my teenager in the car. I laughed and told him she wasn’t a teenager, she was a grown, married woman who was soon to be a mother herself. He turned red and said he was sorry. I told him, but even if she was still a teenager, my teenagers had enough sense to not fry their brain in a hot car. He mumbled an apology to us both and walked on into the bank.
      We laughed about it the rest of the day.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Yes, that IS a funny story.


        • michellc says:

          To be fair she does look a lot younger than she is. However, I would hope a teenager would have enough sense to get out of a hot car.

          This car business is getting downright silly. I understand stupid people leaving their babies and pets in the car until they almost die or do die, but not all of us are stupid and are going to leave our kids in the car until they die. When my kids were younger I was guilty of running in to pay for gas and leave them in the car, but I never left them long enough for them to get too hot.


          • scaretactics says:

            The same people who complain that an 11 year old is left in a car by herself are the very same people who support abortion 100% of the time. Go figure.


            • michellc says:

              When I was 11 I drove a hay truck, it had no a/c, and I often spent hours in it. It’s much nicer driving the truck then it is to be the one loading the truck and trailer with hay.

              Like I said I can understand babies, but at some point a child is old enough to realize it’s hot and roll down a window or get out of the vehicle.
              I’m getting so tired of hearing on the news about how to protect your children and pets from the heat. It’s not even that hot this summer, it’s actually been very mild this year but every time my husband has on the news I hear how to make sure your children are hydrated and watch for signs of heat exhaustion. Keep your pets in the shade or air conditioning, make sure they have access to fresh, cool water. I’m like my goodness is everyone stupid today and need to know how to not get too hot and since when did pets and people become so fragile 90 degree weather is going to kill them? Who doesn’t know to drink water and provide water to animals?
              Why must we all suffer for stupid people?


  4. Michael H. Albiniak says:

    The post poses the question”why is this a crime?”, and then gives a very convincing rational answer. Mine is a little less elegant perhaps, but I think it’s because law enforcement (the police and the courts) have power and power corrupts. It’s easier to exercise power than it is to exercise common sense.


  5. did you hear about the libtard that locked his keys in his car?
    took him 2 hrs to get his wife out


  6. czarowniczy says:

    It’s not the police and it’s not the courts – go to the people who DRAFTED the law. I’m going to take a look at the city code (when I don’t have something more pressing to do-it’s 1180 pages long) but it wasn’t specified as to whether she was cited under ‘city’, county or state laws. She was issue a misdemeanor summons to appear ( a ‘ticket’) and not arrested (arrested as in taken into custody, to be picky). The windows were up and I’m betting (wasn’t specified) someone had made a complaint. Police arrive and they are in a hot spot themselves. There were undoubtedly bystanders and had they not done something the news would have been saying that they left an unattended child in a car with the windows up in hot weather.
    I’m betting that the ordinance was a knee-jerk response to some news case of a child dying in a car and the drafters felt pressure to address the issue locally. What I’m looking for is the SPECIFICS in the drafted ordinance: what ages are specified in the definition of children, what temperatures are specified and are officers issued thermometers (and what are the standards/calibration/trainings specified for the thermometer) to assess the temperatures both outside and inside of the car, does the ordinance specifically define ‘unattended’ and under what circumstances and for what purposes, dos the ordinance specify for what period of time (contiguous and/or separate but within a certain period of time) – you can see where I’m going. I’m looking at this as one of those knee-jerk ordinances as the charge she’s looking at is a misdemeanor and not a felony – leave a baby, let’s say, in your car under the same circumstances and what would the charge be? The cop really is just doing his/her job and passing the action to the judge. Elected toads WRITE the laws, police ENFORCE the laws and the judiciary actually DETERMINES if a law has been broken. Had that cop not have written the ticket and some citizen(s) have complained you can bet your bootie that someone from the Chief to the City pols would have offered him up for ritual sacrifice.
    This is good in a way, this is how those fuzzy-assed knee-jerk laws written by pols to make themselves look on-the-job to the public get fleshed out. Most of the toads we elect couldn’t write a coherent law if their lives depended on it, it’s up to the judges who hear the cases to knock all of the rough edges off, or just quash the whole thing. It’s a misdemeanor charge and I’m betting the judge hearing this will not only let her off but give the pols the how the reg should be changed so that they won’t be wasting his time again.


    • rashomon says:

      “Most of the toads we elect couldn’t write a coherent law if their lives depended on it…”

      I.e.; Obamacare, multiple immigration and EPA laws, VA regulations, etc., etc., etc.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Exactly. At the Fed/State level they pass proposed laws around to see if anyone objects to anything in it and at the local level they pass gas.
        Here’s the cite I was told she was charged under:

        Note it puts the discretion upon the officer. Read that as ‘it puts the onus on the officer if he uses common sense and some bystander in desperate need of a life complains’. It’s a state-level knee-jerk response that helps clog court agendas.


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