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The Clinton Foundation, The Hamas Terror Group and Joint State Dept/CIA Operation Zero Footprint – Have the Same Funding Source…

Huh, funny that….  I wonder if they underwrite Chelsea’s $75,000+ speaking fees too ? (Via WFB) The Clinton Foundation and the terror group Hamas share a key donor: The government of Qatar, a leading backer of terror groups that has … Continue reading

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IRS – Truth and Consequence

If you tell your neighbor your favorite color is blue, and tell your spouse your favorite color is green, it really doesn’t matter.   Either could be true at a given moment in time. While owning a singular pet – If you … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Another Federal Judge Tells IRS They Need To “Explain” Via Affidavit The Missing Lerner Emails…

This story is developing – more will follow later – but I wanted to point out the IRS legal position in front of Judge Reggie Walton: The IRS lawyers are claiming True The Vote cannot “prove” any Lerner emails were lost, … Continue reading

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Murrieta WINS ! Feds Announce They Will No Longer Send Busloads Of Illegals To Southern California…

Despite the media narrative to the contrary, the recent poll by Investors Business Daily tells the story of how -and why- Murrieta was successful against the full weight of the Obama Regime and pravdaesque media that were attacking them. The … Continue reading

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Survey: 60% Of American Electorate Want “Unaccompanied Alien Children” Deported…

(IBD)  Three in five Americans say the tens of thousands of minors who have crossed the border “should be ordered to leave the U.S.” What about that do the Congress and president not understand? The latest IBD/TIPP Poll, conducted June 24 … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens Claim BILLIONS in IRS Tax Credits for Children IN MEXICO!

crossthread42 just asked an interesting question (one that may also have occurred to you): One other thing that bothers Me… How does One, or a Family, AQUIRE the MONIES to make the trip, MUCH less pay a “smuggler”, or Coyote, … Continue reading

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Good News! U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia

In spite of the EPA and the rest of the greenie weenies in Washington DC, the great American private industry dynamo has triumphed once again. The American entrepreneurs, the progeny of the pioneers that founded this great nation, demonstrate once … Continue reading

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