Mississippi Update – Hinds County Review Finds 1,500 Invalid Voters, McDaniel Team Continues County By County Review Despite Obstacles…

thad cochran - chris mcdaniel(Via Daily Caller) Volunteers working for tea party challenger Chris McDaniel in Mississippi say they have already found 20 percent of the invalid double-votes they need to cancel Sen. Thad Cochran’s business-funded runoff victory.

“We’re finished with Hinds County, and we’re up to 1,500” invalid votes, said Noel Fritsch, Daniel’s press aide.

That’s critical because McDaniel can force another runoff if he can find more invalid votes than Cochran’s roughly 7,000-vote margin-of-victory on June 24. Votes are invalidated if voters cast ballots in both the Democrats’ June 3 primary and the GOP’s run-off on June 24.

However, McDaniel can also force another election even if he can’t find 7,000 invalid ballots, said Fritsch.

“We don’t have to prove that we have 7,000 [invalid] votes…. all there needs to be is enough doubt about the election, and we’re confident about that,” he said.

That “cancel by doubt” strategy gives the McDaniel campaign an incentive to collect evidence about possible vote-buying and other potentially unethical behavior by Cochran’s campaign.

So far, there are many reports about shady outreach to Democratic voters supposedly undertaken by Cochran and his allies, particularly done by relatives of former Gov. Haley Barbour.

For example, The Daily Caller reported that Henry Barbour, the head of the Mississippi Conservatives PAC and the nephew of Haley Barbour, paid Democratic operative Mitzi Bickers “to make paid calls to potential Cochran supporters.” Those calls may have spurred many loyal Democrats to cast invalid votes. (read more)

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12 Responses to Mississippi Update – Hinds County Review Finds 1,500 Invalid Voters, McDaniel Team Continues County By County Review Despite Obstacles…

  1. canadacan says:

    I truly believe that McDaniel has more than a fighting chance to get a new election


  2. Daniel says:

    I predict that in order to not expose the corruption, either the election will be conceded or they will support another run-off with enthusiasm. Of course they will claim “in light of the problems identified, we too would prefer to see a fair and untainted election process.” To allow them to continue to investigate would be bad for both Democrats and establishment Republicans.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      After this turmoil first arose, it was reported that Cochran’s camp intended to stall off any challenge by asking election officials in the various counties to delay certification of the counts until the last possible moment, minimizing McDaniel’s time to file an official, legal challenge to the results. Now it seems (from the article above) that certain local election officials are doing their best to stall McDaniel volunteers and prevent them from examining the Poll Books.

      So, no, I don’t agree that the Cochran camp (or party apparatchiks of either persuasion) will be so magnanimous as to support a new run-off. They will fight this tooth and nail, every step of the way. They will just obfuscate and mudsling their way through this to make it look like something other than it is.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I wonder if the State of Mississippi has anticipated this case and begun “headhunting” for a new judge to hear it. Debra Nelson’s work seems to be done in FL, so she might be on their “short-list”


  3. Pamela says:

    Let’s believe the perfect resolution is here. McDaniel’s wins!


    • MATTHEWM says:

      The establishment has the perfect opportunity to lose this seat. Just keep alienating the average working class and middle class voters. Split the party and give the seat to the Dems.

      McDaniel’s can unify the party and bring home a win.


  4. waltherppk says:

    There should be criminal prosecutions for election tampering. This kind of brazenly unlawful conduct goes beyond just being dirty politics and reaches that level of tampering where people involved in conspiracy should go to jail for the criminal fraud that undermines the legitimate operation of government as would be done by those who are by definition subversives.


    • Years ago Haley Barbour was a respected conservative Republican. Was he always corrupt or did power corrupt him?

      I am sickened by the tactics he and his machine utilized in the runoff. The Tea Party is truly kicking the establishment Republican leadership butt if they must resort to Democrat Party operative behavior. Wouldn’t it be something to see these efforts fail in the end?

      I pray for that!


    • justfactsplz says:

      I totally agree. This is criminal what they’ve done. Send the to jail and don’t pas go! Hang in their McDaniel. I hope something can be done to overcome the stalling of letting them have the poll books.


  5. Liberty says:

    Yeah, except it is a fabrication. 192 invalid votes claimed in one precinct, but only 37 voted in the Democratic primary on June 3. The MOST invalid votes possible would be 37, and that would be if every single Democratic primary voter voted for Cochran in the runoff, and the poll workers missed every one of those while checking the books. Sorry, but this is going to blow up on McDaniel.


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