Megyn Kelly Interview With Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers To Air Tonight

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are ideological leftist compadres with the Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrnboston 12.1

Both pairs used explosive devices to further their ideological cause. Both pairs would willingly kill U.S. citizens to prove their commitment to their cause. Both pairs believe in a system of leftist construct.  Both pairs have committed murder.   For both pairs the ideological ends justify the means.

Megyn Kelly interviews Bill Ayers tonight at 9:00pm on Fox.

Bill-AyersBill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn In New York 1982

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24 Responses to Megyn Kelly Interview With Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers To Air Tonight

  1. ctdar says:

    “Not true, just not true, no idea, that’s not how it happened, etc, etc.”
    Give it up Bill, it was MURDER, not properly damage.
    Not fair to stir it up???

    Lol Megyn just referred to him as similar to a Osama bin Laden


  2. carterzest says:

    Amazing. So far, he and his girlfriend/wife had nothing to do with anything at any time in any way…
    Megyn seems to be doing a really good job so far.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      What he is doing is avoiding an utterance that could be construed as a confession, which could cause charges to be brought against him. (like Holder would ever go there) But, since there’s no statute of limitations for murder….


  3. Megyn is doing a good job, but I don’t believe one word that man is saying. He belongs in a mental institution instead of living the high life. To now say that his girlfriend died because she was trying to stop the bombing is unbelievable. And now he is saying he didn’t write his book. What kind of fools does he think we are?! I’m gonna need another shower when this is over.


    • doodahdaze says:

      I wonder why they did not let Tim McVeigh become a professor at college? Obamas pal. But everyone knew and still it did not matter. The interview should be from his cell in Super Max with the rest of them.


    • realitycheck says:

      Sound like anyone else we know? Deny, deny, deny … I didn’t know …. I didn’t plan …No mistakes … It’s not my fault …..


  4. froggielegs says:

    Deny, deny, deny. Wash, rinse, repeat. That’s all I got out of it.


  5. sundance says:

    “Kill the Pigs”…. This dirtbag, Bill Ayers, has skated for years of obfuscation by shifting the argument to one of justification…. He’s never been held to account.

    Slimy, liar, will say anything…. Just like his Columbia fellow traveler Barry Soetoro


  6. harrydweeks says:

    With all the important issues facing this country …… Why in the world would Megyn Kelly give this scumbag any air time? I’m beginning to dislike her more and more. She has no substance just another talking head.


    • janc1955 says:

      For what it’s worth, according to Megyn on The Five today, she watched a debate between Dinesh D’Souza and Ayers and was fascinated, so she suggested to her producers that they do something similar for July 4th (especially with D’Souza’s new movie “America” set for release on July 2nd). For some reason, Ayers agreed, and that “debate” will air on July 4th (D’Souza, Kelly, Ayers). Meantime, she also recorded some footage with just Ayers, which is what is airing ahead of the July 4th show. There’s more tomorrow between Kelly/Ayers, apparently, and one of the subjects is Ayers’ relationship with Obama. Like I said … for what it’s worth.


      • scaretactics says:

        I’m with you, Harry. I used to like Megyn Kelly until she was incredibly rude to VP Cheney in an interview. No more.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Sigh – I remember we had Weathermen targets back in the early 70s, made from the FBI posters. Every law enforcement officer in the US would have loved to see Mssr Ayers over a real set of sights. Ah well, if I gave a rat’s nether end I’d go over to hos WordPress blog and give him a shout-out – if I didn’t consider it a waste of finger movement pother than the one I have in mind for him. Screw you, Bill – freedom of speech.


  8. lovemygirl says:

    I had to double check his status at UIC since I’m headed there Wed. He is retired so I don’t need to worry about running into him and what I might say/do.


  9. yankeeintx says:

    I saw the debate he did with Dinesh D’Souza. Megyn is doing good pinning him down, but that’s the prosecutor in her. He is sly and slick and has his tactics down pat. I once watched a documentary about Charles Manson and it included a long interview with him. I was surprised at just how intelligent he was, almost hypnotic, and watching Bill Ayers reminded me of how much they are alike. Tonight was Megyn on the attack, but watch the debate. Ayers can spin and twist and it is very convincing if you don’t know the facts (and many of the college students didn’t know the facts from 40 years ago).


  10. Bill says:

    Harry, tomorrow night she’s going to make the connection between him and Telepromter Jesus. That plus the film America and the 4th coming up…should be a good time had by all.


  11. eweturn says:

    I was struck by the fact that he hated that government, and over reaching authority of the police in 1970’s, which pale in comparison to today.


    • Gary says:

      You have no idea how many people hated the government and the police back then. Pale in comparison? Not by a long shot.


  12. Jean Kennedy says:

    When Obama was running for President the first time, and I heard he was in with Bill Ayers, that they were friends; in that moment I knew I would never vote for him. I followed the news as everyone did when Bill Ayers was young and I disliked him then because I hated terrorism and terrorist, they wanted to destroy our rights then and loss of lives and property didn’t matter. As terrorist today do, they would do anything to accomplish their ends. I love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I love this land. I love its people. We all have worries in life; but’ until Obama’s
    Rule, freedom was freedom. Even Obama’s health care has ways built into it to eliminate our freedoms. Healthcare, religion, union membership should be built into our freedoms, not eliminated because force is built into law. I pray we can repair the damage done by liberalism in support of the Bill Ayers philosophy; bullied into practice by Obama. I have a question: WHY are people like Ayers teaching our young people?


    • A patriot says:

      Because our Academia, for the most part, are as far left as they come, The sad part is our young people (college age particularly) are so vulnerable that they are sucked into this radical left ideology.. Their ability to comprehend is still in infancy.and they are fair game for the Marxist teaching of these anti American educators. It has been planned this way for some time by certain elements of our society.


  13. CharlesMartel says:

    How do we propose to stop the likes of Ayers and Dohrn before they inflict anymore destruction and fascist indoctrination and anymore takeing over of institutions?

    Writing your local congressman,senator,or representative?
    Senate Investigation?

    Spare me. It’s TOO DAMN LATE for destroying them with anything resembling a fair fight – after all, they didn’t achieve their power “fighting fair”,legally, “constitutionally”,et al….did they?

    I hear you saying: don’t lower yourself to their level to defeat them, you’ll end up morally,psychologically,as corrupt as them.

    To which I say: when you have always been far more morally superior than they ever will be, you CAN lower yourself to their level,destroy them, and your soul and psyche will end up nowhere as corrupted as theirs have always been – which is since the day they were born.

    Now GO GET THEM.


  14. Greg says:

    Bill Ayers is going to a well deserved padded cell.


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