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Mississippi Tea Party Finds At Least 800 Illegal Votes (so far) In Hinds County Alone… McDaniels Tells Sean Hannity More Than 1,000 illegal votes found in first day of review…

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –  The Mississippi Tea Party President says they’ve found evidence that nearly 800 voters crossed over in Tuesday’s runoff election that should not have been allowed to vote Republican.

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Senior White House Officials Tell Congress They Did Not See ISIL Coming – Did Not Anticipate Rise of ISIS/ISIL In Syria and Iraq…

For *this* specific White House to make such a claim, against the visible history of their previous positions, one can only reasonably conclude the “Bathtub Principle” is being applied to the current al-Qaeda situation in Iraq. This administration only feigns ignorance when feigning ignorance … Continue reading

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Don’t Let The Losers Ruin Your Day!

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It Might Not Be Over In Mississippi… Multiple Examples of Fraudulent Ballots Turning Up as Conservatives Mount Investigations….

Two distinct political type investigations are going on simultaneously in Mississippi.   The first is to identify exactly who was behind the racist Robocall to democrats in an effort to manipulate the vote counts; and also identify the people behind the racist … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Collapsing Narratives – Hillary Clinton’s Book Sales Drop By 43% Week #2… Selling 48,000 copies

After two weeks they’ve sold far less than 150,00 copies of Hard Choices (Possibly as low as 120,000 and that’s counting ebooks).  Numerous earlier reports reflected that Simon & Schuster printed a million advance copies, and paid Clinton a $14 million advance. This is a MAJOR failure….  … Continue reading

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Another “I’m A Victim” Hoax Surfaces – Family Who Claimed Poor Treatment At KFC Caught Lying About Even Going To Restaurant…

THE SETUP – The original victim claim was a family asked to leave Kentucky Fried Chicken -by a KFC employee- because a heavily scarred youngster was scaring the other customers.  KFC apologized and offered $30k, a sympathy fundraising effort raised over $135k, now a … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Unnerving Attack In New Jersey – Bystanders Watch/Record As Horrific Assault Takes Place… *update* Police Still Searching As story Spreads….

UPDATE in New York Daily News – CLICK HERE SALEM, N.J. (CBS) — A fast-food worker in full uniform viciously attacked a young mother in front of the victim’s young son and the entire attack was caught on tape. The … Continue reading

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BREAKING: President Obama’s NLRB Recess Appointments Ruled Illegal – SCOTUS Unamious Decision Rules Unconstitutional

Now the question becomes… if the board appointments were illegal, then what happens to all those NLRB rules -2 years worth- that have been instituted since the Labor Board Members were unconstitutionally appointed. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has … Continue reading

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NAACP Tells GOP Thad Cochran He Owes Them For His Mississippi Re-Election – NAACP Requests “Reciprocity”…

MISSISSIPPI – Black voters played a huge role in helping Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) fend off tea party challenger Chris McDaniel in a runoff election Tuesday, and now the state NAACP is asking the six-term senator to return the favor. … Continue reading

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