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United Nations Declares Detroit Guilty of Human Rights Violations For Turning Off Water Service Due To Unpaid Bills…

Blue helmets soon to arrive on city streets ?  Nothing would please the Obama administration, and the progressive movement more…..  (MICHIGAN) United Nations experts said Wednesday that Detroit’s decision to cut off water to residents who haven’t paid their bills may … Continue reading

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Mark Levin Talks To Chris McDaniel About The Professional GOP Tactics To Manipulate Mississippi Election…. (Audio/Video)

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Smidgen Alert – Lois Lerner Coordinated Efforts To Target GOP Senator Chuck Grassley For IRS Audits…

Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) targeting of conservative individuals includes a sitting United States Senator. According to emails reviewed by the Committee under its Section 6103 authority, … Continue reading

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ISIS Fights For Control Over Balad Airforce Base – Largest Base in Iraq – Key Strategically

IRAQ – In its march to Baghdad, ISIS seized the heavy weapons of a modern army. Now, the jihadists are attacking Iraq’s biggest air base – and could soon be able to attack from the sky. The Islamic State of … Continue reading

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Mississippi Democrats Request Payment From GOP For Services Rendered In Delivering Election For Thad Cochran…

The irony will be lost on the professional political class. Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson asks GOP Thad Cochran to repay the Democrats in Mississippi for helping him win his re-election. MISSISSIPPI – Senator Thad Cochran (R., Miss.) needs to reward … Continue reading

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The Benghazi Brief – “Operation Zero Footprint” – What We Know About The Benghazi Mission, And Subsequent Attack…

As with all complex stories the valuable discoveries come with time. We now have a pretty good understanding of who, what, where, and why surrounding the 9/11/12 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi Libya. We are also better positioned … Continue reading

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“Expanding The Electorate”….Because Electoral Fraud Sounds So Crass

Today Mitch McConnell, K Street lobbyists, and the NRSC are all backslaps and smiles…congratulating one another on their ability to get out the black vote in Mississippi.  Why?  Because they couldn’t have maintained their hold on the Republican Party without … Continue reading

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First Quarter GDP Revised Again -2.9% Worst Economic Contraction in Five Years…

WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy contracted at a worse pace than previously estimated in the first quarter, marking its sharpest pullback since the recession ended five years ago. "It marked the second biggest downward revision from the agency's second GDP … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Soon This Same Agency Will Control All Your Healthcare Options – Officials seeking shelter for young illegal immigrants thought Island hotel was vacant

(Boom-Chica-Waa-Waa) Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa is a 263-room hotel in Grand Island, New York. The resort is fully booked for most of the summer. Government officials, however, apparently thought it was the perfect place to house undocumented children. You … Continue reading

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