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Question: If Iraq Did NOT Have WMD, Then Why Is Media Reporting Today ISIS Has Taken Over WMD Facilities in Iraq ?…

Why are liberal news papers reporting the ISIL al-Qaeda Islamists have taken control of WMD stockpiles in Iraq today,… if liberal news papers were previously reporting there were no Iraqi WMD’s in 2003/04 ? Iraqi chemical weapons complex in extremist … Continue reading

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GZ Civil Case – Judge Debra Nelson Throws Out One Aspect of Zimmerman V NBC Lawsuit… Pondering The Other Three

The same judge from the 3/16/12 911 call audio tape release injunction. The same judge from the Zimmerman trial fiasco. The same judge overturned TWICE by 5th Circuit court of appeals on pretrial rulings. … now presiding over the civil … Continue reading

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President Obama Announces 300 Military “Advisors” Heading To Iraq To “Protect U.S. Interests”… (video)

You can tell by the way President Obama frames the introduction his team is worried about the “optics” of his recent disconnect.

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FOIA Documents Reveal Obama White House Trying To Coordinate With Muslim Brotherhood – Embarrassingly Misjudged Ideology and Intent of Muslim Brotherhood in 2010, 2011, 2012…

….Or they correctly identified the Brotherhood risks and chose to engage with them because of it;  it depends on how you look at these discoveries. To contextualize this information, and understand why it’s all important, remember – you can replace the label “Libyan Muslim Brotherhood” … Continue reading

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The Fix Is In – McCarthy Wins Race To Replace Cantor…

Steve Scalise (R-La.) wins Majority Whip on the first ballot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again the powers that be chose to back the Republican in name only candidate over the conservative Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador.  Once again the lesson was not learned.  … Continue reading

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Former Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer: My “Gaydar” Goes Off When I See Eric Cantor, Southern Men Are “Effeminate”….

This guy was thought to be a potential Dem alternative to nominating Hillary Clinton.  His “gaydar” goes off ?   Do you think the gay mafia and their cohorts in the media will beat him senseless for his insensitivity and homophobic commentary.   … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Apres Moi, Le Deluge

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IRS Officials Now Saying Lois Lerner Computer “Hard Drives” Destroyed….

Repeat after me: Emails are not stored on “Hard Drives”; they are stored on “servers”. If your computer crashes, you log onto another computer and access your e-mail. E-mail is not dependent on the workstation. WASHINGTON DC – Ex-IRS official … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama: Immigrants, Just Like Founding Fathers, Not “Born American”…

You know something… I bet Michelle Obama actually believes this stuff.   It’s probably the water-cooler conversation around the liberal indoctrination centers because they don’t actually study history, they interpret it.    Ergo “the Constitution” is an evolving document.   The reality is … Continue reading

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